New WALKMAN update (8.4.A.3.1) brings folder support

by XB on 12th August 2014

in Applications

WALKMAN 8.4.A.3.1_4An update is currently rolling out for the Sony WALKMAN application moving the build number from 8.4.A.1.4 to 8.4.A.3.1. One of the main changes is that you can now browse your music via folders. You will find this option in “My Library”, previously you could only sort by Artists, Albums and Songs.

The other addition mentioned in the changelog is “Walkman widget to work on Android default home screen,” although we’re not clear what this means. The widgets are the same as the previous update and worked on the home screen anyway. If anyone can enlighten us, please chip in below. The update is hitting a number of Sony Xperia devices right now apart from the Xperia Z2 and Z2 Tablet (at the time of publishing). The APK can be downloaded below.


WALKMAN 8.4.A.3.1_1 WALKMAN 8.4.A.3.1_2

WALKMAN 8.4.A.3.1_3 WALKMAN 8.4.A.3.1_4

WALKMAN 8.4.A.3.1_5

Thanks to all that sent this in!

  • XperiaSP

    HMM.. HOW ABOUT THE 4.4?

  • Clarence Alvarado

    What they meant with the widget is, for example, you use other Launchers aside from Xperia Home, no Walkman widget is seen (like I’ve used GEL and seen no Walkman widget on choices)…

  • Amaneneko???

    Not bad this update… No more crashes

  • Z flagship if u want updates.

    Xperia SP users are so annoying!!

  • Luca

    How ’bout you realizing Sony doesn’t read this?
    YES! Now stop spamming already!

  • Luca

    I am a SP user and I am ashamed of people like this destroying our reputation

  • tristi lumina

    Hi guys, anyone know how to make auto-background-colour following cover art in WALKMAN works on CM ROM??

  • Updates ? just buy a new phone

    FYI, this is not the official blog from Sony THEMSELVES, they won’t bother to read your comment, so, just cut the crap already

  • XperiaBlog

    But we’ve been able to add the Walkman widget using Nova Launcher with the older update?

  • Luca

    Perhaps Sony meant a lockscreen widget is now available as standalone, not only when music is playing?

  • tyler

    I hope Sony will. Improve album app as well it should support raw file and can view photos by name not just date

  • Vadim Katznelson

    I think it means that you can now use the Walkman widget if you’re on the Google Now Launcher instead of Xperia Home.

    Google launched their standard launcher a few weeks back, and I’ve been using it. It’s especially good if you have an Xperia Z1 Compact, as it makes the icons bigger, the folders better (vanilla android), and a bit smoother overall. Still a very clean look.

    The problem is that some sony widgets weren’t available like the Weather one (which is ok for me because although the weather widget looks good and is animated, I use google now for weather as it’s far more useful and shows more info), among others, like the Walkman one I believe, and thus that’s what it means by Android default homescreen (Google Now launcher) as opposed to Sony default homescreen (xperia home).

  • Vadim Katznelson

    So? This isn’t an official Sony blog/website. And don’t cross your fingers for the SP to get such a new firmware.

    Here –

    It says SP’s 4.4 update is “under investigation”, so that’s a 50-50 chance to make it to the user phones.

  • xperiaDROID

    Aww, I thought it was the Android 4.4.4 update. But oh well, better than nothing. Thanks Sony.

  • Olivier Steiner

    At the top it’s the new widget at the bottom it’s the old one.

  • NidouXperia

    Yes Sony, welldone! Keep polishing and improving apps and user experience!

  • Scarlet Witch

    Xperia SP don’t have the right to get kitkat but Xperia E did, why Sony is so fucking asshole like this? Nowaday Sony has few costumers to support but finally Sony still betrays those people, how dare they are?

    I gotta say “No More Sony”

  • XperiaSP

    Luca, Luca.
    I am doing whatever I want.
    SO SHH!

  • poenyaku

    as long as i remember,this is the first time browse by folder appear in SE or Sony Walkman app.
    usually,i store my song collection from different artis or album in one folder and named it jazz,slow rock,etc but walkman ruined it by sort the song based on artis or album

  • ash

    I smell android L preparation

  • Abu Saleq Rocky

    Album app should not show all the the picture in the starting. It makes the app slow. It should show folder and thumbnail view

  • SK

    Thank you for leaving. SOny will be happy company without ur service

  • rudimcd63

    Just got the update (UK Xperia Z) Thanks for the heads up

  • uuuuunbelievable how long it took Sony to bring this simple and very useful feature. The player still lacks sooo many options compared to Poweramp. Well, missing folder support was the ugliest of them all, seems like things are heading in the right direction.

  • XperiaBlog

    Both widgets were available in version 8.4.A.1.4 too! See below from our Z2 running the older build.

  • XperiaBlog

    Both widgets were available in version 8.4.A.1.4 too! See below from our Z2 running the older build

  • XperiaBlog

    Thanks Vadim. However, we just tried sticking the older build of the Walkman Widget using Google Now Launcher and it works. It also works on Nova Launcher too, so we’re still struggling to see what has changed here! :?

  • bobeobi gzigzigzeo

    But the sound is great out of the box

  • Vadim Katznelson

    Then it’s nothing more than a typo, most probably. Nothing worth wrapping your head around. Folder browsing + more optimisation.

  • XperiaBlog

    True – it’s just that as Sony has mentioned it explicitly in the changelog, we feel there must be something different, but for now can’t work out what it is!

  • Muhd Ihsan

    for me,the new widget work on nova launcher,so it should work on GEL,maybe you should restart the launcher to see the widget

  • rudimcd63

    How i wish ppl would realise this isn’t an official Sony site but just someone in the know keeping us up to date,unlike Sony actually does. Be grateful for what they do & stop the whingeing :)

  • dan

    what the hell with you peoples all day long cry for updates, buy a new phone, i’ve had the sp too and didn’t care so much about updates, sold it and bought a z2, btw i was waitng so much for folder view

  • bobeobi gzigzigzeo

    New Widget without progress bar? eeeem….

  • darannechelle

    Finally no more browsing to hundreds of song just to create playlist

  • mado

    I hope the album app has a folders not all on all :

  • goldenblls

    Thanks a lot guys. Works ok on the Tablet Z.

  • dil2abu

    New Widget can be used in any third party launchers while old widget cannot..

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  • grav1ty

    Universal Sony Changelog: Bug fixes and performance enhancements.

  • Killian Khoo

    Getting the update here in Malaysia , Xperia ZR here btw ~
    Nice update , and the update rolling out faster than before ~
    I got the update right after I see this post and on my WIFI ~

  • yes, No doubt about that. Also the equalizer is on board for a while now. Noise cancelling worked very well during the last flight, plus Sony always packs very usable headphones to their top phones – I hate that the Z2 headphone doesn’t bring a button to pick calls though. Now with folder support the Sony Sound package looks quite complete to me.

  • P9

    still can’t queue artist…
    and movie should could be able to search by name too

  • Cool2B

    Finally!! Can browse the music via folder style, no need to fumble around to find the required song from the album list. thumbs up and well done once again. :)

  • AlexperiaT

    YES, finally. And the only one little feature that Sony has to add to the Walkman player – it is Timer for stop music play – it would be more convenient than Smart connect app.

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  • Clarence Alvarado

    Me for GEL, no. I think this is case-to-case basis with other launchers. I hardly see the Walkman widget on GEL before this update.

    Notice the two widgets on Xperia Home Widget choices, one with the running time (all caps) and one without (all small). On GEL, only the widget written in small letters is seen (one without the running time).

  • luqman_98

    You can, but please don’t spam here….. spam at the Sony Community Site instead…..

    You was too pathetic…..

  • luqman_98

    Xperia E C150x & C160x? Trolololololololo xD

  • eddymjj

    Now we can use walkman widget with Nova Launcher. Yes !

  • Rahul Singh

    Idk if you guys noticed… I guess this thing wasn’t there on the older versions..

    At the lock screen when you swipe down the Walkman widget.. The album art gets enlarged and the lock screen looks just too amazing ;)

  • Rene Pedroso

    Creating a playlist with folders ”Priceless”

  • Rene Pedroso

    I will continue to use the one with the progress bar

  • Tech Gospel

    It means you can now use the Walkman Widget on Apex!!!! Woohoo!

  • Tech Gospel

    Two more. Needs crossfsding too

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  • Alex

    Nice to see folders in Walkman
    Unfortunately I see no settings for the folder view like switch to folder hierarchy, sort by, etc.

  • Luca

    I understand that you want KitKat. I want it too. But please stop posting these comments, Sony isn’t reading these, Xperiablog is an UNOFFICIAL and INDEPENDENT blog. You can comment here as much as you can, but it’s not going to make any difference, you’re just annoying other readers. If you want to complain, go to talk.sonymobile.con and scream there.

  • Luca

    Xperiablog, can I get the link to your wallpaper?

  • Tutzu

    The new widget can be added as a small app, though still not on lockscreen. Too lazy to upload a screenshot :<

  • Capitan_Beto

    Getting the update here in Argentina, I think because my Xperia ZR is from japan =$
    Nice update. Dont know if anyone here owns a X ZR. (This model isn’t in the catalog of sony argentina)

  • Stanley08

    I prefer the older widget with the Progress bar

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  • Luís Alberto Pérez

    Good update!

  • sarxion

    I have had the 4.4.4 update on my Z1 for a while now and frankly don’t bother updating. I’d downgrade if I could since the only noticeable feature it adds is a useless second option to the common Google search Home-swipe-up feature. It also adds a few security fixes here and there but nothing breaking. I’d stick with 4.4.3.

  • john

    Xperia SP not getting KitKat update, we got it, and don’t care frankly.
    Sony doesn’t read this forum so stop spamming ok? Sorry but you Xperia SP owners are getting annoying…

  • jake

    I’d like to see more a feature to view pictures by folders by default, I don’t think I’d ever use a feature to view photos by name since viewing them all in tiny thumbnails is just so much easier and faster for searching. Other than that, the app is fantastic as it is already being probably the most beautiful photos app by any OEM out there right now.

  • Gutt Grinder

    I love the new update.. It makes playing music more convenient because i do have a lot of songs in my device..

    Nice work sony.. I’ll wait for fix for the vid camera bug on my xperia v..

  • Mahinthan So

    Thanks for folder support.. Long expected feature now i don’t need the pain of cresting play lists

  • Wrestler Kishore Cena

    Topic:about sony xperia sp
    We got xperia sp only hoping android android kitkat,really for that purpose only i got this mobile.i already mailed you but no reply from you. Not only i am asking kitkat update whole sony xperia sp family is asking kitkat update with feature of moving apps to sd check out on every sites. This is how you cheat a people for money even Xperia E1 got kitkat update but not us. We waited many months for android 4.3 without recieving 4.2.2. First in the support page next version was android 4.4 and now it is in under investigation.if you not even able to give your promises then how the people will will believe in other products of sony and how they’ll buy it even micromax has given 4.4 update even for their low end phones.I give it as a complaint, if you failed to release the software update I will not buy any sony products anymore and not recommend any sony product to people.
    I definitely want a reply from or otherwise I will post this message in every blog and sites

  • Mike B

    Nice work Folder support. Now we only need Crossfade. Seems that Sony team has put an official thread on their forum.

  • Fan boy

    Podcasts please podcasts! Please put podcasts separately! Why folders and not podcasts!

  • azzido

    Walkman is the best portable music player ever.

  • June

    How come I’m not receiving any kind of update both for walkman and album after I have updated to .314 build? hmmm.. using Z2

  • Sam

    With each walkman update I get a little bit excited until I fire up the app, realise gapless playback STILL doesn’t work and go back to poweramp.

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  • Roger Carp

    With this update I have got a new bug. When I listen to music and open Album and scroll a bit the tracks crash and start skipping to the next ones. Also something ruined my sound drivers because sometimes I dot get sound from the earpiece or various sounds like keyboard sound. I can hear them if I plug my headphones but when I remove them, I am back to no sound

  • rakuen

    album art on new widget is clear, but on the old widget is blurred

  • ToniMontanasZigarre

    First when i got 8.4.A.1.4. The widget on my homescreen didnt showed the last played song but yet it does! I got it on my galaxy s3

  • Roger Carp

    My Walkman widget is shy. It shrinks pretty often

  • idrees

    It keeps saying parse error

  • Akshit Singla

    I hv updated in my xperia sp model unfortunately Walkman has stopped working so what could be the possible reason? Help me to fix it

  • Jame PT

    Tank You, installer bq aquaris 5HD kk

  • lloyd krick

    Hello. I h have the sony z2 and every time I plug my phone in the stock stereo in my car threw the head phone jack the music isn’t the greatest of quality. It’s very quiet even when I have all the settings on the phone changed to boost up the sound quality, and still doesn’t make a difference. Wondering if there was something I was missing out.

  • seham

    I have problem that my walkman Sony z1 compact is stopped!!
    I don’t know why?!
    When I click the button it’s bring to me message written “sorry the walkman stopped ”
    Can someone help me!

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  • Abhinav V

    God damn it.. Ruined the music LED flicker in my Sony Xperia SP.. Plz fix.this ASAP!! The light effects don’t Work!! How horrible to have my phone without this. The sole reason why I bought this

    Please fix!!

  • kwinchi

    i have a probleme on walkman menu .. only 8 playlists appear on the menu what to do ?

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