Xperia Z2 update (17.1.2.A.0.323) hits Vodafone UK and Germany owners

by XB on 20th August 2014

in Firmware, Xperia Z2

wpid-wp-1408567023668.jpegRecent firmware build 17.1.2.A.0.323 for the Xperia Z2 that was recently certified has now started to roll. The update has only landed for Vodafone owners in the UK and Germany. Changes include the addition of a video icon when receiving calls,  although hitting the button doesn’t appear to do anything right now. We don’t know at this stage whether this update will see a global release,  but we’ll keep you posted.

wpid-wp-1408567023668.jpeg wpid-wp-1408567029936.jpeg

Via XDA.

Thanks Rui!

  • Luca

    Battery percentage on the third picture…

  • Zack Mills


  • Constantine

    Come on Sony, where is 4.4.4 update for Z2. And app2sd…

  • Berkay

    I don’t get it they’ve already rolled out 4.4.4 for Z1 (a bit buggy) but not for the newer Z2

  • john

    For all UK sim-free Sony Xperia Z2 owners:

    I’ve just received a message in the update centre that firmware update 17.1.2.A.0.314 is now available. Finally! 5 weeks after everyone else.

    Sadly it’s not OTA. It says at the bottom of the message that ‘you can only use a computer to update your device’, so it must be through PC Companion you can update your Z2.

    Funny how after all this time we’re only now getting .314 yet it looks like .323 is about to hit the market for everyone else! Wonder how long it will take before UK sim-free Z2 owners receive that eh?

  • okipniano
  • Constantine

    Same. Got it today too. I think we will get major updates much more faster…

  • Concerned Nigerian

    this update is solely for vodafone and they support video calling so no hope of us getting it on other networks of unbranded phones

  • rygarto

    Frankly, if they can release 4.4.4 (a bit less buggy) somewhat later, I won’t really mind.

  • Toh Ler Kang

    Just received news from phone arena….a new selfie smartphone?

  • UK Z2 user

    I’ve got a EE Z2 an recieved. 314 a couple of weeks ago, had to use wifi too.
    The tap to wake & voice quality is much better.

  • luqman_98

    Maybe they schedule to update Z2 after updating other current Sony phones.

  • luqman_98

    Are you sure it is working? Why you keep spamming in post about updates?

  • Constantine

    So, the flagship will be updated last? That has no sense.

  • jdevora

    With all the bugs that they find in the other phones fixed ?? ;-)

  • aaar

    time to fap

  • the_black_dragon

    4.4.4 on Z1 buggy??? It is the best and Most stable firmware i ever had on my Z1… no bugs so far (at least after the 108 update in May

  • Abdul Ghani

    actully there is a bog for camera freezing and camera error messege in 4.4.4 this is happening in z1 z1c and z ultra

  • le_lutin

    I have that message too in my notifications, but when I download the update the it will tell me that it can’t verify the package (or something like that).
    I’m pretty sure it’s cos I’m rooted (and my bootloader is unlocked).
    So what’s the best way for me to update now?

  • John

    You really think so? UK sim-free Z2 owners get updates much faster? You’re living in cloud cuckooland. We’re always LAST! We’re not going to get anything quicker. We’ll be waiting another 4-6 weeks for .323 update. Trust me!

  • Constantine

    I mean we will get major updates same time as the rest Z2 owners. And I don’t care about .323 update, according to some posts it’s useless.

  • Max

    “off topic”

    hello guys, back in time to May-21 sony had rolled out the KK,…..230 for Z, Zl, ZR but till today I didn`t receive it and so in other countries, the worst is that sony never reply to the posts at their official blog as you can see through the link below. what to do with sony and their careless about their customers we are buying their mobiles at high prices but getting very poor service.

  • the_black_dragon

    never happened to me… Just do a wipe after every Android version upgrade and everything is fine

  • Anonymous

    They’re not gonna roll out an update untill they fix the majority of it! the 4.4.4 will be probably released by the Z3! but what i want above this all is the kernel sources to be updated whenever a new FW comes out! i’m on a UB Z2 and i’m using a stock ROM which is not my thing cuz i love the Custom Kernels also! anyways hope that this message will get there

  • RoberMC

    I have done a lot of wipes and refreshes and the bug still persist. Sometimes the camera just freeze, there were some other bugs like the launcher asking randomly which home would you like to use not remembering your choice, etc… Just read xda forums to see how stable 4.4.4 on the Z1 really is. I reverted back to latest 4.4.2 and enjoying a stable firmware.

  • RoberMC

    Bro, this update is only for Vodafone, and introduces a Vodafone only video call thing. Not a big deal. Also Z2 314 firmware is ROCK solid

  • Hi! Please someone explain me something. I have Z2 with 1279-0989_R3A ROM version and I always gets updates very late. For example right now I have 17.1.1.A.0.402 and nothing more. I found on google that my ROM version is described as “commercial&journalist” – what does it mean? Thanks in advance! :)

  • Slav

    das Problem liegt bei :
    WLAN aktiv – sehr akku schnell leer. Battery Monitor zeigt das leider nicht an !!! Update Xperia Z2 (Vodafone) auf 17.1.2.A.0.323 nicht zu empfehlen !

  • ash

    What’s that image, messaging thing

  • Robert Delahunty

    I’m still waiting for this update from Vodafone Ireland. Think I’ll be hitting the Sim free phones again. What a joke.

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