Sony Mobile taking steps to improve customer service globally

by XB on 21st August 2014

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Xperia CareSony Mobile is looking to improve on its customer service through a number of initiatives. First of all, the ‘Xperia Care’ app was recently updated to provide handy support info for your phone.

Also the company has started to roll a “My Support” function online that lets you keep track of warranty information, software updates and correspondence with support staff. This has been launched in most countries around the world although Arabic, Hebrew and Farsi languages will follow.

Within “My Support”, Sony has also launched a repair service in Sweden, France, UK and Spain. Germany and Singapore support is coming soon, with other markets to follow before the year is out. The idea is that customers can “hand in their device directly to us so they can get it repaired quickly and safely with a high quality service“.

Here is what Sony says about the new repair service:

“The first thing we want to find out is whether the phone needs a repair; therefore we have introduced a step-by-step guide that will determine whether the customer actually needs to return the phone, rather than receiving more general help and support.”

Repairs can also be tracked online. Good customer service is a great way to differentiate from other manufacturers, let’s hope Sony can deliver on these initiatives.

Via Sony Mobile Blog.

Thanks Deki!

  • grav1ty

    That’s the way i like it.. gj Sony

  • Jared

    I wish this was available in the US. My experience replacing my phone through the accidental damage warranty was terrible. Over five weeks of non-communication, losing my phone, and shipping it to unknown third parties are only a few of the problems I encountered. They’re lucky I’m a Sony-phile. They would have lost anyone new to the brand.

  • RealityCheck2013

    If you want to make me HAPPY SONY then get Google to update my Z1 so i can save my Apps to my Memory Card because that is all i want really(well for now anyway) :D

  • Loizos Aristides

    Use folder mount…
    Works perfectly, but it needs root :)

  • Prateek Bhanushali

    Woww great…. I had waited so long for sony to actually repair my Z’s broken screen, they asked me to replace the whole device with the prevailing amount as the device is non repairable…. I then replaced the display from the outer market. :(

  • Wolf0491

    Haha I like the phones but the customer service is awful. After repair people had my phone for 6 weeks… Four of which it had the same status which was that it needed be replaced and I kept calling asking if new one was shipped out yet a manager randomly called me one morning after seeing I called so many times saying sorry I have no idea what’s going on with your repair can I just put a new phone in mail for you… Lol. I was like why wasn’t it in mail 4 weeks ago. Guess they lost my phone and spent 4 weeks trying locate it..

  • Reynaldi Sutrisno

    Indonesia please!! Services takes 2-3 months globally.
    We can’t wait that long without playing Xperia :(

  • Malih

    Seeing as Sony Mobile sales is improving YoY, it’s time to improve that customer service so they can satisfy customers, get the positive word of mouth effect, and expand their market share.

  • Rifqi Al Fariz

    Well that’s new. Hope it brings back our trust coz sony service center is soo bad.

  • SonyMac

    Ditto here. Uninformed call centers and poor communication to customers on status of repairs…

  • Billy de Fretes

    stuju bro.. xperia Z gw layar retak biayanya juga bisa dpt xperia M2 T_T

  • Billy de Fretes

    the main question is…when it will be available for all ?
    My xperia Z need to change display but sony charge me for amount of Xperia M2 price and they cannot guarantee how long it will take to repair… so i decide not to repair it

  • How do you update the Xperia Care app?

  • Looser99

    About damn time fools… There is absolutely no official sales and service Centre of Sony in many countries as far as i know… And if there is, they got like 1 or 2 service center for the whole country. Sony’s after sales services are the worst among the other reputed smartphone manufacturers in my opinion…

  • jag

    That’s good news!

    In Singapore, I had my screen replaced last month and it only took 7 days for the repair with no cost at all. Fast and great service! Also they replaced the back glass and the aluminum frame of my z ultra. Even the power button was changed. I know because the scratches were gone and it’s like i have a new phone. They say it’s refurbished unit but as long as it is working well then I’m ok with it. Happy customer! ^^

  • Pars

    customers need no bugs on devices and features like app2sd for low storage devices and want upgrade of android . for example update SP to 4.4 with app2sd and your other 2013 devices or maybe older . it can be good not other useless works

  • What they should really do is introduce global warranty on their phones! It’s ridiculous I can’t get warranty service if I bought the phone in another country!

  • YuuriAyano

    How does the app work?

  • ladams888

    If they really want to improve their Customer Service, they would allow us to disable apps that we don’t use – like the useless “What’s New” app

  • ash

    Not in india?

  • Alfino Setya

    Here, In Indonesia Sony is the second best selling smartphones just behind Samsung but Their Service Center is terrible, much more terrible than HTC and LG!

  • Dave Maudsley

    Give the Xperia SP blady KitKat then we’ll be happy. Customer service my foot.

  • walker

    please SONY global !,take improve service center on indonesia ,because in this country ,you must waiting phone after you bring it on service center about 2 month ,and this is fuck’n bullshit to wait along that without our Xperia !

  • Dean Weaver

    They really need to improve, SONYMOBILE provide awful service (sony are great)

  • Dean Weaver

    Wolf0491 – you are Spot-on. They lost my bluetooth headset & took 2 months to replace it. Not even any apology.. (& it was only because I contacted them every week – if I hadn’t, I dread to think….). Awful service.

  • sdasda sadad

    same here in india when they did like this…..i had to say them that i will break this facking device under warrenty of mine which is still unrepaired in FRONT of them and tell that their service sucks…and after that they repaired the device the next day and gave it to me

  • Gav

    Way to go Sony!! Great stuf!!

  • Utham

    i’ve got v1.0.17
    anybody newer?

  • Fadi Obaya

    I orderd a repair for my Z ultra Camera unit yesterday. It hangs on and then it says ‘ not working for the moment’ or something like that. Just got the shipping case to send it to them. :)

  • kirk

    xperia m2 Lte kitkat update now available!!!!

  • Abdul Ghani

    what sony needs to do is create a support for software care so they will know what bugs are in the firmware and then they could fix ti

  • ???????? ???????

    I’m hoping it’s not only words

  • LancerEX

    Terrible experience with Sony’s customer service here in PH, still bought my replacement phone (ZR) from them though after giving up my ray. :(

  • true

    So true bro. Eventho sony phones are not as easily go wrong as samsung :)

  • translate

    Mas tolong pake ENGLISH (meski inggrisnya compang camping ky pny sy) biar yang lain ngerti :) >> Agreed bro.. My xperia Z screen got cracked and the screen itself costs as much as Xperia M2 T_T

  • Jerry Berglund

    Ok. this do kinda sound good, but Sony just did the revers by not gving 2012 year old phone kitkat. Xperia T/V and so on, is out, and they still not fixed. So this do more sound like a lie. But I hope it might be true on 2013 phones and forward though.

  • Shravan SP

    Sony service centers in South India is one of the BEST!!
    Better than nokia and samsung…

  • josesl16

    Well, did you get your data back though?

  • arcwindz

    Yes, indonesia.
    Let me get us into perspective. In Jakarta (a big BIG city) there are only 2 places where you can drop your phone and 1 service center where it also handles 4 satellite cities.
    To get your phone within a month is pretty lucky, it’s more like 2-3 months. Can you imagine if we have 1 year warranty and of those, 2 months were taken on service?
    And believe me, i’m not the only one and right now i’m servicing my phone sudden death for the second time, it’s still week 1, last time it took 2 months, we’ll see…

  • jag

    Well, I’ve backed up my phone and did a factory reset before i gave my phone to them. So no problem for me about the data.

  • josesl16

    Oh, I thought the screen was dead. I see.

  • Loizos Aristides

    It moves the app’s data to the external sd card, and it keeps an empty folder on the internal storage. That way, it tricks the phone into thinking that the files are still there, but instead, they are on external sd card…
    I’ve been using it since I bought the phone, it works flawlessly :D

  • yyyy

    ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha sony good customer service thats funny they cant eve protect credit card info of their customers so how do they expect to achieve this

  • wira

    SONYMOBILE INDONESIA A phatetic after sales service, yuupp, it takes almost 2 – 4 months !!!, wanna buy sony xperia? in Indonesia?well, you have to pray a lot before you buy it. pray that it wouldn’t breakdown after 3 days, a week, a year of using. all sony mobile INDONESIA customer service officer need to improve their skills, knowledge, and also its agents. so they can treat customer like people.

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