Sony ends support for the Xperia T, TX and V

by XB on 22nd August 2014

in Firmware, Xperia T, Xperia V

Xperia T Final software_Thumb

The time has come for Sony Xperia T, Xperia TX and Xperia V owners. Android 4.3 Jelly Bean will be the last major Android version for these handsets as the company has confirmed on its software support pages that this is the final version (EoL).

Xperia SP owners will have to wait to see whether they will get KitKat as Sony says this version is still “under investigation“.

Xperia T Final software

Xperia TX Final software

Xperia V Final software

Thanks bartek010 and Kenny!

  • zam

    :( shit ! was hoping for kitkat ! DISAPPOINTED !! i am upset SONY!

  • LOOOOOOOOOOL :D That’s why i changed my V on Z1 Compact :(

  • Ambroos

    To be honest, this is fine really. Two major updates over two years. The T, TX and V are almost two years old!

    And 4.3 is plenty fine, there are very few differences.

  • Razvanxpsp

    Same will be applied for SP but in October :-)

  • lon

    How sad haha my xperia v is good but i change my phone to lg g3 so i can’t miss any software updates

  • adeceku

    thats fine, unless they also cut the support for Xperia X10…

  • Caio Faria


  • Dakota

    Good thing developers haven’t dropped support

  • Loizos Aristides

    Oh God don’t say that… ;-;

  • Razvanxpsp

    I know…but it’s so predictable!!!! :-(

  • Well, let’s say that they were released with android 4.0 because Sony was lagging behind, because the other flagships were already on android 4.1. So the update to 4.1 was due, and I consider it to be just one major release.
    I own an Xperia V and the 4.3 is not fine at all. Yes, it’s fine for general use, but there are some bugs which are important, bugs that Sony should be ashamed of. The most important is the background noise in videos, which now we know it will never be fixed.
    It was clear that we would never get kitkat, and not a problem for me.
    But at least I expected a fully working 4.3, not a half-baked version just to please users that wanted an upgrade.

  • aXedL

    No overview for the Xperia L. :( Xperia M got a 4.3 update last April, while we’re waiting for at least a bug-fixing update. Any news, XB? :(

  • Caio Faria

    But Sony not even removed the bugs from the last version of Xperia T

  • Yehaa Afandy

    come on R.i.P with me > Xperia S said :D

  • Caio Faria

    Yes, I never be able to record Full HD videos with my Xperia T, because the videos are slow and locking. FUCK YOU SONY

  • Clarence Alvarado

    Xperia L was released in line with SP.

  • Emil Oskarsson

    Why even expect a company to update a budget handset?? Not even HTC, Samsung or LG do that so why would Sony? Buy a flagship model from the manufacturers if you want longer updates :p

  • ash

    I can’t agree more on this with you. 2 major update is fine for any mobile. I think my xperia z1 compact will end xperia L. And I am ok with that

  • Akuma

    kinda new this was coming

  • Akuma

    now waiting for cynogenmod android L rom…fuck sony

  • Eman Philic

    after so many close rumors about KK, sony finally ended the support ?? ok fine. i will end my support for sony now onwards.
    some bastards saying 4.3jb is great enough for XV,XT,…. but u fucking dont know that camera quality, text alignment while installing apps and small app manager in status bar bugs are still annoying bugssss in 4.3jb that has not fixed and finally gave up!!!

  • Loizos Aristides

    Pls no :c

  • xperiaDROID

    This isn’t what I expected, I expected Sony to update T, TX and V to Android 4.4 as the last update. This is just too quick. I know these three phones are old, but isn’t it stupid to upgrade the lower end E1 to 4.4 and abandon T, TX and V on 4.3? If you wanted to end support for T, TX and V in the first place, you should’ve end it earlier instead of giving hopes to the owners.

    I hope Sony will improve how they update their phones. I also hope that my Z will get updated to Android L, don’t suddenly end the support on 4.4.4.

  • AlexperiaT

    no coming soon (4.4)… with new bugs… sony left us 4.3 with old bugs.

  • xperiaDROID

    Well, Motorola update their budget phone too, Moto E got updated to Android 4.4.4 and most likely will get Android L.

    If Motorola can do it, why not Sony? Because of their bullshit business tactics by forcing their low end phone users to buy a newer phone from them to get the latest update?

  • aXedL

    Yeah and we’re still stuck with 4.2.

  • get a nexus

    i know this from the early. its ok, lets change to nexus~

  • aXedL

    Did you not read the second sentence? The Xperia M got 4.3, a lower-end device with almost the same internals as Xperia L and still we’re stuck with 4.2. That’s one half the reason why we are complaining, the other is that currently the Xperia L still has a lot of bugs. If I could buy a flagship device, I could had. But I don’t have the money.

  • Sanya Stashkov

    And until that time, and could have done KITKAT for T, TX, V and for SP! You are not worthy of their customers, SONY!

  • xperian

    and I did not receive the 4.3 on my V till now, despite it`s rolled out months ago and seems will not.

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  • Nguyen Eazy

    TX is a really good phone, Z4 will be my next good one

  • 1234

    SP, You’re next

  • Giovanni

    SP GET 4.4 UPDATE!!

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  • Nawi

    Vodafone Blog mention a new update on the horizon for Xperia Z =)

  • DooMLoRD

    So sad :(

    wanted to see official KitKat on my Xperia T…

    this almost certainly means that Xperia SP users wont see KitKat…

  • Concerned Nigerian

    no doomlord don’t jinx it lol

  • Timbo1

    I’m sure there will still be bug fix updates for a few months still or at least there should be.

  • Timbo1

    Sony has way too many phones to try to update. Motorola has what 3 phones? This is what Sony needs to do and not release 10 new phones a year.

  • Mr..X

    nup ,support for z1 compact will be like for another year and will end just with the next october(2015)…

  • Ryan Kumar-Jassi

    Sometimes I dont understand this company one minute they make a device such as the xperia e1 that has lower specs than the xperia v and sp next minute they give it kitkat and still investigate wether or not the sp should recieve the update and dont give the xperia v the update but ill give them credit for the fact that they got them to jelly bean

  • Concerned Nigerian

    sp is a very solid phone that sony didn’t mean to make that good and if they keep updating it will sell more than their flagships as it’s as powerful as the gs4 so to lure customers to their new range that will be getting more updates than the old system, they killing off the old solid devices

  • Danny

    I hope it doesn’t mean there wouldn’t be minor, bug-fixing updates, cuz I dont need 4.4 kitkat, but it damn needs a fully functioning 4.3 with no bugs.

  • Mohammed Khired

    moto E is not that old as XT or XV…

  • Mohammed Khired

    why ?

  • grav1ty

    Good news, i hope they’re true. If Sony really rollout this update, then Xperia Z will be the longest supported Smartphone from Sony when it comes to Updates!

  • Xperia Z user

    Meanwhile, a 2011 device, iPhone 4S is getting iOS8 at the release day…

  • Murad

    what to do DoomLord , thanks u and other developers who support these models )

  • Mohammed Khired

    premium phone = premium price

  • Luca Giorgetti

    4S “Premium phone” :)

  • Ambroos

    The CPU in the Xperia SP is a slightly refreshed version of the one in the T/TX/V. Likely to use the same drivers (none in this case).

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  • Amir

    Sony is likely to give 2 years support for flags and should. at least from the z line and beyond.

  • Looser99

    I am fine with 4.3 on my Xperia SP. But the ram management issue is most annoying. It forces me to restart my phone atleast once everyday. All of a sudden my phone becomes slow and shows free ram like 50-60mb. After restart the free ram again goes up to like 260-320 mb. I don’t want kitkat if this issue is fixed.

  • Maskdemort

    it’s same for me with my Xperia T

  • Guest

    Doomy, y u don’t have V :(

  • Pars

    Its the time to receive android 4.4 for Xperia SP …

  • spade

    Nah, it’s supposed to be just 1 major update only, come on buddy, we all know Sony in the past, always releases a phone with a later version of Android.

    TBH, i don’t bother with what version of Android, what’s bothering me the most is they left the phone with bugs, the consumers felt betrayed by that.

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  • Themis Soulas


  • Dante the great

    While I agree with most of your comment. The Xperia SP is nowhere as powerful as the GS4. This is assuming you mean the galaxy S4.

  • zaid

    no no no FUCK NO

  • Marcos Luigi


  • Jerry Berglund

    To be honest. No I dont think this is ok. Because the phone dont really work good on JB. It did need the better kitkat. But sure, I won’t yell and scream and make Sony go to hell over it though. But I do get the feeling they just waited till this 18 months was over, when they was, they got out with this news. There is phones from 2014 that has worse specs and did get kitkat. So to be honest. This isnt ok at all.

  • Jerry Berglund

    I agree. The phone works fine with JB (Xperia V) but to be honest. ICS worked better when it came to camera-usage. Sony never fixed the camera issues. When 4.1.2 came The came got real bad. And it never gotten fixed with 4.3.

  • Jerry Berglund

    Hmm…. Thats great. Maybe what we see is another distances from the Sony Ericsson era. 2012 years phones was developed by Sony Ericsson and not Sony. So maybe this means that SOny is going to treat their from 2013 and forward. We can only hope.

  • Jerry Berglund

    I don’t think that is the reason. Sony Ericsson have to say. I think they listend more to the community than Sony do. But it has nothing to do with to many phones. I think it has to do with that those phones were developed by Sony Ericsson and not Sony. They just want to get rid of the phone that still comes from the joint venture

  • thoughts

    Well every phone has a time that it is made, sold and supported. Sony should define a clear timeframe and share this information when they release a new device. So that that a potential buyer will know what support he will get with the device. 2 years warranty is standard in the eu so 2 years software updates will fit nicely also the maximum contract length is also 2 years. For a smartphone company to release 10 devices a year will mean they have to support 30 devices in a year with a 2 years timeframe i think that is a whole lot and will cost them a whole lot

  • thoughts

    next time try a new device before you buy ? Did you send a detailed and clear bug report to sony in the right way to the right place ? Or what ?

  • Naos

    I don’t agree. They should get the last Android version that was available in the 2 years time window, which was KitKat. KitKat has been released some time ago already and the two years are passing just now, so they should get KitKat.

  • Naos

    Their firmware is known to be not of the best quality sadly :/

    I still can’t understand why low-range Moto E phone is more smooth and snappy than my wife’s Xperia Z. And why Nexus 7 2013 is also more smooth than Xperia Z, even though they use the same CPU! The only difference is that Nexus 7 and Moto E both use vanilla Android.

    I like Sony skin by aesthetics, but it is horribly slow and should be finally fixed.

  • Naos

    Because Motorola doesn’t use crappy skins, they use almost vanilla Android. I recently compared smoothness and snappiness of Moto E (low spec phone) vs my wife’s Xperia Z. Day and night, Moto E wins.

  • Rizal Lovins

    yeah finally!!! next end support will be Xperia M, Xperia L, Xperia C, and maybe Xperia SP, SONY always give us PHP :v

    I don’t need Kitkat, for just an newer applications and newer bugs!!! i can do that by myself ;)

  • We sent hundreds of bug reports, Sony is perfectly aware of this issue. Just read their official support forum. Video recording was working fine with android 4.1 when we bought our devices, and is completely broken in 4.3. Sony officially stated on their website that the phone would be updated to android 4.3, otherwise I wouldn’t have bought it. What they didn’t say is that with the update we would lose such an important feature like decent video recording.
    The problem is simply that they don’t think it’s worthy to invest too much time to fix a bug on an old phone, even if the bug is so important. Pretty much the behaviour you would expect from an anonymous chinese manufacturer.

  • Marius-Cristian Dragan

    Doomlord could you please PM me on XDA? I have only 5 posts and I need at least 10 to be able to send you a PM. My username on XDA is bavarezul13 . Thank you!

  • gaben

    Eat shit sony

  • ash

    That will be nice. 2 major update is fine for any mobile. For flagship 3 is ok


    Google release Android 4.4 at Sep 2013, in that Time, T,Tx,V was one year old, it still in the 18 month for update version guarantee, I expect T,Tx,V get 4.4 certainly but Sony state at website say it is under investment about one year, give the hope to customers and Cheat the customers to waiting in this one year, today suddenly say it support end. Sony is alway make the customers disappoint. I never buy Sony mobile phone anymore and will suggest to all my friends don’t buy any Sony mobile product.
    SONY, FUCK YOU!!!!!!!!

  • jhayp sevilla

    But what about the unfixed bugs from this 4.3 update you should give us bug free final update. Specially the camera its suck

  • Stanley08

    Meanwhile Xperia Z1 users have 4.4.4, and Z2 users like me are still waiting for 4.4.4. Lol.
    IMO, SP is a fantastic device. Sony should provide KK for SP. They really should! :)

  • Alan

    Xperia S deja vu…LOL

  • Clamser

    The classification power consumption of smartphones

  • peter

    Certainly more premium than most Xperia devices. Just because you don’t consider it being premium, doesn’t mean it isn’t.

  • peter

    It’s not about the price. Sony makes too many phones, they simply cannot cope with the sheer number of updates therefore they shorten devices lifespans. Even Xperia Z is cut off now, and it,s 1.5 years old…

  • Adi

    hehehe…gak tau PHP orang luar bro…

  • Surya Teja

    What about xperia m

  • don’t realese too many phones

    and WALLPAPER BUG!!! in V and TX. I really hate this one because I change it a lot and I can’t get the fix wallpaper. you know what even the “official” wallpapers get bugged!

  • Luciano Secco Lazaretti
  • Shravan SP

    This Ram management issues made ppl to go to anger management classes lol… :D

  • crybabies

    If sony will update these phones to kitkat, then their new lower end smartphones like the E1 and M2 wont sell, its marketing strategy folks.

  • Timbo1

    Yeah that’s true I forgot those were Sony Ericsson phones but also it is expressive to update phones between testing and programming alone Sony and other companies for that matter could benefit customers who want major updates to not release a crazy amount of phones power year and expect to keep up with updating those devices especially if they don’t sell well.

  • Sharath

    Sony software support is sh*t,accept it. Those devices are really great and deserve kitkat.
    Also when they release updates, it will have bugs.

  • Timbo1

    It will get iOS 8 but it will be stripped down of features

  • Jerry Berglund

    Well we dont know, because Sony hasnt said a peep about this. They only updated their supportpages, kinda in secretly. I wonder if they were scared of the riot it might cause. lol. :-)

  • Jerry Berglund

    Hmm… really? That I am not sure about myself. When it comes to the Z-serie Sony has been quite good when it comes to updates. So I am certain Xperia Z will get 4.4 at least. But I will give you a big…. YOU WIN!, if you are right. :-)

  • Jerry Berglund

    Nah, not really lol. Xperia S almost never got any bugfixes. XPerias V had gotten quite many.

  • Nawi

    Xperia Z users are still waiting for 4.4.4 too ;)

  • Shams Hamdulay

    Well it’s ok sony not upgarding xperia v to kitkat but sony should give a bug free update, i am facing a bug while handling my mobile in landscape…. A black glitch comes in between…. I think sony should give a last bug free update and with the function to move apps data to move to sd card………

  • Weehaaw

    I had to sell my xperia z because of the battery drain bug that made the phone a pain to own. Couldn’t wait for Sony to fix it… Got a nexus 5 instead. Sony needs to be faster at fixing bugs or lose customers.

  • Vignesh Raja

    After this all mess we, Sony Mobile users are only expecting bug fixes instead of Android Updates. This that too hard for Sony? Really one thing is clear, too many devices with less employees is the main reason for this. Take a look at M2 and M2 Aqua. Was that necessary? Sony could have released only M2 Aqua. For people who are telling to buy flagship devices in order to get proper software support, I would like to remind Xperia S ( First “Sony” flagship) which never got Android updates in time, not even proper bug fixes. So, even if we buy Sony’s so called flagships there is no guarantee for satisfying updates. I’ve been Sony fan for very long time but not these days.

  • Ritwij

    I have an Xperia Z and I fixed that battery drain bug myself. Not a big issue actually.

  • Vignesh Raja

    Buy flagship to get longer updates? Can you explain Xperia S fate?

  • Ritwij

    I know that bro. I have Xperia S and Xperia Z both. Updates were good for Xperia Z for the first 6 months but now it’s pathetic. Both were flagships and now both have a crappy update. I had to downgrade my Xperia S to 2.3.7

  • Nicat Humbetov

    i think, kitkat must be coming Xperia SP because Xperia sp is young phone

  • Weehaaw

    Tried all the fixes posted online. Worked for a day or two then Google services was back to drain mode again.

  • The chances for SP to get a kitkat update are not more than 1% )

  • Emil Oskarsson

    Too old hardware Qualcomm stopped the support for snapdragon s3 so Sony couldn’t get new codes for newer android versions. Would cost Sony a lot of money and time to write their own codes and I would expect the software to be laggy if they did

  • Emil Oskarsson

    To save money I guess, maybe those phones didn’t sell as Sony expected them to do so there aren’t enough users for continuing support for their budget and mid rangers?

  • Emil Oskarsson

    Yeah but remember ios 7 on iPhone 4? Oh my god how laggy it was!

  • Emil Oskarsson

    It’s already on 4.4 but I guess you mean android 4.4.4?

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  • Ritwij

    Maybe. Everything worked perfectly for me though. I’m on . 230 firmware

  • Vignesh Raja

    You understood Sony’s strategy bro. Sony delays updates and wastes most of support period and at last end support for the device

  • Battal Aljadei

    Users should end their supports for sony .

  • Flavio Lemos


  • Ritwij

    I cleared the data and downgraded the Google Play Services then. But now Google Play Services 5.x is released and it fixed the battery drain issue.

  • Loizos Aristides

    Plot twist: Sony ends support on those phones but doesn’t end it for the SP so they can work on kitkat.
    Looks impossible tho :|

  • Flavio Lemos

    mine is showing that google play services is using 85% of batt. i´m with the last version. :/

  • zam

    yeah V to nexus , sony in BIN just for this ! -_- sony lover hating sony how cruel it can be

  • zam

    that looks like my plan nw

  • zam

    yeah they are working on sp , TO END THE SUPPORT :@@@

  • -_-ehsan-_-

    i am a Sp user..if sony update my phone i will try it and if not..i will use stock android L for few month and then go for other company flagships..i will never buy another sony!

  • Kashi

    This is how you can Backup Android .

  • Frustration

    Screw you mate. You work for Sony? We brought those phones with our pocket money and it deserves kit kat upgrade. It what you meant was true, buy every phone that manufactured by Sony! Support them even there are no upgrade…

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  • Ritwij

    Go to settings > apps > google play services > Uninstall updates.

    Then restart your phone, download the latest google play services apk and install it affer some time.

  • Gutt Grinder

    Hahahahahh!! This made my day.. At least sony is being honest and its already given that T,TX and V wont get KitKat update even though thier capable of getting the update.. Anyway for V users like me we just have to wait if sony will fix the camera bug…

  • josesl16

    Android 4.1 is already better than IOS 7 and probably IOS 8 in every aspect, sooo…

  • josesl16

    Did you come from the future? Wow :O /s

  • josesl16

    I would also like to remind you that the Xperia Z, Xperia Z Ultra, Xperia Z1, Xperia Z Compact, and perhaps even Xperia ZR and ZL got tons of support and is likely still going to do so. There is no guarantee that Sony won’t give users sufficient support and updates either. Heck, there are no guarantees in this world :d

  • skrug

    lol, and you switch to the the nexus 5 which has pretty a bad battery life.

  • Shanky Mantri

    I agree to your cmmnts…i had x10 which ended pathetic on 2.3.. I currently have Xperia Z…and the kitkat update sucks…till now 4.3 is the best…xperia z is much capable of kitkar and maybe sum future updates as its the first quad core phne 4m sony flagship which is being neglected should support flagship phones for atlst 2 years or 18 months as they say..atleast update them with last and stable updates specially…

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  • Zakoo

    I have 532 hours of uptime and 210mb of free ram… With facebook skype running on the background too. With the latest fully stock 4.3…

  • yoshiva

    The Best of Sony…

    Sony betrays its own customers
    What goes around comes around Sony!

    Release too much phone, no new innovation except bigger bezels and don’t care about software and updating! Wow who will buy Xperia

    People will choose iPhone and Galaxy over Xperia.


    A 12.1.A.1.207 update, and then it’s good bye Sony xperia sp too…

  • Loizos Aristides

    Pls no :c

  • ghencea RO

    Another good move from Sony :D They want to see how determined the fans are still buying their phones by doing all the bad moves possible. James Bond would be very upset about removing T from the list. But hey, who’s James Bond? The next move will be to stick with the first version released for a new model and that’s it. Want a newer Android, buy another Sony. More expensive of course. And sooner because Google releases new versions every year almost or so. Many apps already run for JB and above only. So I guess Google’s efforts to release a version which can run on 512MB RAM devices was pretty much for nothing.

  • Jerry Berglund

    NO I mean 4.4.4 :-) Like I have on my Z1 compact. :-)

  • Tomaz Habulin

    Well I’m not really ok with it as I am still waiting for 4.3 on my xperia T.

  • Chris

    Stop bitching and roll back to 4.1. Don’t understand the fuzz… The firmwares are all over the place and flashing it is a piece of cake. Nobody is MAKING you use 4.3 or beyond. I don’t like 4.4.2 on my ZL, I roll back to 4.3. Nobody is forcing me to keep using 4.4.2

  • Moh@mmad Amin

    Haha That’s why I Changed my Phone from T to iPhone 5s
    Fuckin SONY Bastard
    I Hate u

  • Chris, are you trolling or what? You think I’m bitching? I think I’m just asking for a thing that Sony officially promised.
    I bought the V because I wanted Android 4.3 at least. I plan to buy an android wear smartwatch, and they require Android 4.3 or later.
    When I bought the V, it was still on 4.1, but Sony had officially announced the update to Android 4.3, even on their website.
    So, when I chose the V, I chose it because I knew, because Sony said it officially, that it would be updated. Otherwise, I would have bought something else.
    Then I discovered that the update brought a couple of important bugs that will never be fixed. Now I’ll have to buy an external microphone to solve the noise problem in videos, this means I have to spend 40 euros more, that I have to add to the price of the phone just because Sony messed the things up, what’s more I’ll have to carry the small additional microphone with me. Not a big problem, but I could have chosen a more expensive phone, or simply a different one, if I knew in advance that Sony would have delivered an update with such a big bug. And if you think I’m exaggerating the issue, either you never shoot videos, or you haven’t heard the background noise I’m talking about.

  • What’s more, the 4.1 software had several stability and reset issues that have been solved with the 4.3. Rolling back is not an option. You can’t even do it officially. The 4.1 firmware was so bad that I kept the phone only because I knew that the 4.3 update was coming. Now the phone is stable and works like a charm. Only problem is that… I have a feature less: video recording.

  • JRMoore

    I think it may have more to do with profitability and/or bug ironing than with driver availability.

    From what I see in the FreeXperia site there are builds of CM11 for Xperia T/TX/V as well as SP. Unless the unavailable drivers are related to the FM radio module which is probably what doesn’t work in those builds, KitKat is certainly possible to be run in those phones.

  • Vignesh Raja

    Yes, I agree Xperia S has old processor and Qualcomm has stopped supporting it. But, can we really believe that manufactures like Sony who buy billions of SoCs from Qualcomm doesn’t have any kind of info about the processor’s end of support times and other support details in prior? No, Sony knew it from the beginning. Even regarding Z2 just wait for few more months and see Z2 users shouting about latest Android and performance updates. ;)

  • Ritwij

    I don’t think Sony will bring Android L to Xperia Z, although it should. Xperia Z has a decent processor and 2GB RAM too. I was a really big fan of Sony but now shifted to HTC One M8, awesome software support by HTC!

  • Dmitry Perets

    With this last statement I cannot agree. 4.1 (1.140) was perfectly stable for me on Xperia V. I didn’t reboot the phone for nearly a year, except for cases when I didn’t charge the battery or had to replace SIM (those case were very rare). I think 4.1 and 4.2.2 (that didn’t come to V) were the most successful Sony Android releases.

    The first 4.3 release (build 0.295) was literally terrible, it brought a lot of issues, including major stability issues (the phone was shutting down after charging, so you missed you alarm next morninig; it was also rebooting frequently etc.). The latest 4.3 build (2.5) is stable again, so it is again usable, and I am relatively pleased with it. BUT I do agree that it has several easily noticable bugs, like noises during video recording, black “flashes” while browsing in landscape mode and badly working GPS. Luckily, I don’t use first two things, so they don’t bother me (which doesn’t mean that those bugs are not important!). But GPS really bothers me, and I am pretty sure that it worked better with 4.1…

  • Yes, GPS is the other important thing that got worse with 4.3. It works, but on 4.1 it was a completely different thing. It was quicker to fix, more accurate and never lost the signal.

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  • xperianer

    i got 130euro for my Xperia T last month on ebay. that was fine for me. bought me a new Nexus 5 for 305euro (-130euro from XT) = 175euro for my nexus5.

    i knew they will not give kitkat after i used the 4.3 some weeks. if you be serious to yourself, you also knew it before this official announcement.

    the xperia T was such a nice piece of hardware and design…i still like the XT for being so sexy. but sony fucked up 4.3 firmware…for sure. thats not trolling, when saying that. its a fact from a power-/advanceduser like myself.

    if i can do it, you can do it too. get happy, buy a nexus.

    so my personal sony era ended last month,

    sold my xperia ray, sold my xperia T….and iam still happy.

    i consider coming back to sony when there is an aosp device in germany, arc for sure only

  • Tomaz Habulin

    Well 4.3 is only fine if your operator releases it. Still stuck on 4.1 on my xperia T.

  • sony

    go to hell sony . i will never any sony product anymore .

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  • Frode P. Bergsager

    I don’t care anymore, my V is relegated to be my spare phone now.
    Bluetooth bugs and only 1GB RAM forced me to buy an new phone, and delays in Android update cycles made me choose a LG Nexus 5 instead of another Sony Xperia.
    I have bought 6 Xperias till now, and may still buy a Nexus Z2/3 Compact next year if they persuade me that they update the software to to have the same quality as their hardware.

  • Concerned Nigerian

    i’m not talking about n paper i’m talking about real world performance the sp was faster and gpu more stable for gta4 on the 2 devices when it came out

  • Shanky Mantri

    Hmmmm nice…

  • babak

    Please ask sony to update xperia sp to KitKat.
    They will listen your advise…

  • Melfes Wired

    where is the 4.3 update for my Xperia SX ?!

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  • Akuma

    Jus installed CyanogenMod 11.0 M9 aka Kit Kat 4.4.4 on my Xperia T…In your face SONY…guess what…its way to dooopppeeeeee

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  • Akuma
  • Nikidroid

    My previous Xperia TX, region Indonesia was updated to Jelly Bean 4.3, it gave me baad RAM management, consumed so many RAMs with unknown apps that running. The downloaded apps runs I allow only BBM and WhatsApp, it gave me below 95 MB free RAMs. I think the ICS version was still better in RAM.

  • Well, it is old now, it is 2012, if Sony doesn’t release KitKat, it’s OK. Time to upgrade higher specification if user has more money.

  • Nice picture.

  • Weehaaw

    I knew that. But it’s better than expected. Lasts a full day for my usage. So. It’s all good.

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  • Caio Faria

    I’m thinking of also install on my Xperia T, you noticed a problem? There was an improvement in performance? I’m more concerned with the quality of the camera …

  • Akuma

    The performance is very remarkable… The camera is not as good as Sonys but trust me this RoM is dope…mind its stil a snapshot version the Stable version will coming soon

  • Caio Faria

    Thanks, I’ll wait for the stable version.

  • Akuma

    Cool…Sony really disappointed us mate… Xperia T wil be my last sony product… I wil be going for a nexus when it comes out

  • Caio Faria

    I do not mind the Xperia T not received KitKat, but Sony left us with a bad version, filled with bugs and did not care about that. I like the Xperia, but I have not success with the Xperia U and now the same with the Xperia T. Not sure if I’ll abandon the Sony, but at the moment I am enjoying the Galaxy S and Nexus line. Let’s wait the next releases!

  • Konstigt2

    I’m so happy that I never bought a Sony and instead happily getting my updates (very quickly) for my Nexus devices.. :)

  • XXxxx

    Poland is waiting :/

  • XXxxx

    Poland is waiting for update (Xperia T)a lot of months . :CCC

  • dhanushka sampath

    go to hell sony

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