Report: Sprint and SoftBank to carry the Xperia Z3

by XB on 29th August 2014

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softbanksprintSony Mobile’s big focus is to get greater carrier support for its mobile devices. Whilst the company has had good support in Europe and parts of Asia, it hardly has any presence in the United States.

Well it looks like Sony will get support from Sprint in the US and SoftBank in Japan for an upcoming model (SoftBank and Sprint announced a merger last year). Reuters is reporting that a Sony Xperia handset will be sold on both carriers for the very first time, likely to be the Xperia Z3.

What is unclear at this stage is whether this is an exclusive arrangement in the US, much like T-Mobile has had in the past, or whether this is a first indication of wider US carrier support for one of Sony’s handsets. Reuters reports that four of its sources say Sony’s next flagship phone will be available in time “for the winter holiday season in both countries.

Thanks Hendra!

  • XperiaSP

    Dear sony,
    Give us first a 4.4 update and after you can lunch xperia z3

  • XperiaV

    Sony please give us 4.4 update for Xperia V and after that you can end the support..

  • Vuyo Ncube

    Sony was probably waiting for the SoftBank/Sprint merger the whole time

  • Robert Szombati

    I’d be happy if they’d release a bug fixing update for the current 4.3.. I guess this will not happen either.

  • Jay

    This would seem to be an indication of early December release:

  • Asshole#11

    All electronics I own are Sony. Huge fanboy here, but I’m not waiting for a December release. I owned Xperia Z and Z1s with tmobile. Z2 was not released with any US carrier and I hated to buy a new phone and see better one pop up a month later. I guess this time I will just buy samsuck or ipaidfornothing.

  • jonyah

    Big win for Sprint, but I’ll never go back to their pathetic network. Hopefully a gsm version will be available somehow. Then again I’m not buying one, so who cares. Just drop the Z2 price :)

  • jonyah

    Ya, but this would indicate otherwise. (available august 31st):

    Maybe the compact will be out later?

  • jonyah

    Even better. Maybe it’ll support cdma and gsm like the Nexus 5 does. It sure would make it easier than having different models with different bands. Just make one that supports everything.

  • Naos

    Hmm if you have a problem with it then I would suggest trying to refocus your attitute do life ;) I’m not worried at all if something better comes out, I’m happy with what I bought. There always will be better things coming out.

  • LiterofCola

    Well, if they can make a CMDA model for Sprint, there’s nothing stopping them from making a CDMA model for Verizon?

  • dert

    Why bother with Sony when they got superior Sharp? I wish they release their phones worldwide.

  • Danny

    That’s great, bit how about bringing some Sharp Aquos Android smartphones, too, Softbank and Sprint. Both carriers had Sharp phones before but never Sony Xperias. Now bring Sony Xperias and Sharp Aquos to US.

  • Alfie De Castro

    If you want to upgrade your XV open the bootloader

  • josesl16

    Sony please give us 4.4 update for Xperia X10 so that we will be happy forever, and then you can release Xperia Z3,

  • Agent_0

    Sony needs to pick 1 carrier or all the US carriers. ATM I have AT&T using a xperia TL. I might be switching to T-Mobile(can’t switch to any other network) to get the Z3. Its clear to see who Sony cares about in smartphones(not the US.) I guess I’ll get the iPhone 6 instead if z3 goes to sprint.

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