Sony Xperia flagship phones to use a metal-alloy chassis next year?

by XB on 29th August 2014

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Xperia metal frameSony’s flagship Xperia smartphones will utilise a metal-alloy chassis in 2015 according to a report from Digitimes. These phones will be manufactured by Foxconn Electronics in its northern China factory, with the chassis to be supplied by Foxconn Technology. The report states that many of Sony Mobile’s current models use a plastic chassis with metal-alloy edges made by Catcher Technology.

  • Cadbury

    Sounds good but the price sure will rise up…

  • bz

    Another same design

  • Kacho_ON

    I hope this also means no more glass backs, i prefer the back to be also metal.

  • Sadab Khan

    Same design with same cpu and gpu…..the number of xperia using crappy snapdragon 400 is too damn high. Xperia sp is way better than any of this year’s mid range models in terms of looks and performance.

  • dafaq??

    WTF… is the Xperia Z3 that much of a boring product that people are starting to talking about the Z4 and Z5 without Sony even officially announcing the Z3 yet??

  • xperiaDROID

    I wonder how do these people know that Sony’s next year flagship will have a “same design”, typical smartass.

  • Alex Norris

    Sony, what about new design vision…?! And don`t make very thin device body, like 7mm. We are not want 7 mm body. On the contrary, I would like 8-8.4 mm body. Thicker body fits comfortably in hand and it has less problems with overheating. I’d like, what you Sony – release the legendary K-seria Cyber-Shot

  • P9

    it should release both versions.. (I mean still use glass also)
    even should got a aluminum version one xD

  • ShinOrochiX

    Correct! I couldn’t of put it better myself. It truly deserves KitKat, I’d rather have a stable KitKat slightly late than have none. Hopefully the SP does get he update. Personally I feel optimistic that we do have a chance.

  • Anakin

    Agree, and smaller top/bottom bezel as well

  • Boonerski

    Also, thicker body means bigger battery.

  • RealityCheck2013

    All i really want from my next SONY phone is a really good ZOOM on the camera :( But without the phone looking cr*p like some other phones do when using a ZOOM lens thingy :D

  • Boonerski

    With all these past leaks, who can blame them??

  • Encom’s Employee

    I want new fresh design, give people a futuristic feeling and cool, something like from the Tron Legacy movie.

  • Killian Khoo

    I think it probably not Sony fault for SP not getting the update yet.
    Probably Qualcomm is not provide the driver for Xperia SP chipset as other phone with same chipset yet to get the update ~

  • Boonerski

    It would be practical if the glass isn’t to prone with fingerprint smudges and scratches . I have to frequently wipe my phone clean and at times it just made my Z1 alot smudgier. I do like Sony’s OmniBalance design overall, I just wish it would act more practical to the user than just look appealing.

    I also wish Sony’s UI would receive an overhaul with Android L coming up. Can’t wait to see the Material design-look on the upcoming Xperias.

  • Killian Khoo

    Blame that to qualcomm SoC monopoly not sony fault dude ~
    U said same cpu and gpu , do u have anything that better..
    I dont knw think so ~
    And I dont think the next year Z4 will have same chipset as Z2 and Z3.
    As the Snapdragon 810 is launching the next year Q1, and Z4 probably is the one of 1st flagship will use it ~

  • Maxnoob

    I prefer magnesium or titanium frame

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  • Fynjy7771

    Samsung’s nightmare))

  • Amir

    No, thicker body means that you got to place the rear camera more to the center of the phone which won’t leave much space for bigger battery unless the phone thickness is close to 10mm. battery has the most space with sony’s current design language = slim profile and thick top and bottom bezel.

  • Boonerski

    Okay so there’s that…

  • Amir

    maybe, just maybe, sony’s next curved sensor will be smaller and it will be more practical to try a small top and bottom bezel design. it’s just funny how people rant about bezel while not knowing basic facts in design and internals dimensions.

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  • Ethan ‘blaze’ Parker

    That’ll heat up too much.

  • i guess i will skip z3 too waited forever for a omnibalance design metal phone

  • sid

    I would advice Sony to release SP2 with Snapdragon 610/615 which are already tested by Quallcom. With screen<5'' IPS LCD with 720p or more resolution at right price will do the magic again atleast on Asian markets.

  • Vuyo Ncube

    People talk about the Note 5, iPhone 6s, LG G4, Next Nexus, HTC One M9 et cetera et cetera et cetera. Sony’s not alone.

  • Spidie
  • haha

    I want a new design

  • josesl16

    …Foxconn? Seriously, Sony?

  • josesl16

    Meaning it will overheat less.

  • BruceLeeRoyJenkins

    It sounds like a great idea if all of their flagships had a new design to them. Especially since Sony is gearing up to release an onslaught of mid range phones with IP Certification

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  • el_sur

    A metal frame doesn’t Mean a metal please phone. it can still use glass on the black plate

  • zymo

    Still waiting for the first graphene phones…..

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  • Tochi Nwodu

    What is with sp users freaked out about 4.4.4 when old Z series havent seen it yet…give it a rest plz….or get xperia compact and let’s enjoy reading some innovative information

  • Leé Anzüi

    waiting for z2 ultra

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  • Tech Gospel

    Ericsson’s phones used to have a magnesium frame. They were nice. I don’t mind the aluminum frame, just hoping more of the phone will be aluminum too

  • Tech Gospel

    Good luck with that

  • Tech Gospel


  • niclas

    same mATERIAL ON FLAgship as the tablet,hard plastic with plastic rubberish backside, very nice touch in the hand and no slippery then either:)

  • niclas

    ment ofc backside material, body metal, with hard metal rubberisjh backplate :) no slippery and no dropp in the floor,no more :)

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