Video Unlimited update (13.0.B.0.4) hits select Xperia handsets

by XB on 31st August 2014

in Applications

Video Unlimited_13.0.B.0.4_5Sony is rolling out a new update for the Video Unlimited application to select handsets such as the Xperia M2. Video Unlimited has been updated to build number 13.0.B.0.4, with the same changelog that was seen in the last update (13.0.A.1.1). This includes an improved layout of titles within the Store home as well as improving the drawer menu and button design. The APK can be downloaded below.

DOWNLOAD: Video Unlimited (13.0.B.0.4) [Extract zip for APK file]

Video Unlimited_13.0.B.0.4_1 Video Unlimited_13.0.B.0.4_2

Video Unlimited_13.0.B.0.4_4 Video Unlimited_13.0.B.0.4_5

Video Unlimited_13.0.B.0.4_6 Video Unlimited_13.0.B.0.4_7

Video Unlimited_13.0.B.0.4_8 Video Unlimited_13.0.B.0.4_9

  • Asa

    Makes me wonder.. Does this, and Music Unlimited, actually make money for Sony?

  • Chris

    I don’t think it’s a very expensive setup. And if there’s no profit, it will stop soon enough.

  • Tjaldid

    If it does then it is theyre own fault

  • danycagiva

    Wait for it. Just like Playstation Mobile.

  • Stanley08

    WoW! I really care about Video Unlimited!

  • BarleyD

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