FlashTool version allows you to download Xperia firmware files

by XB on 1st September 2014

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FlashTool_0.9.18.1 _6FlashTool is one of the most powerful tools for Sony Xperia devices and has been around since the Xperia X10 days. The utility has been updated to version number, which brings a very useful new feature – the ability to download the latest firmware files for your Sony Xperia device.

Once you have downloaded the latest version, simply head over to the Update Checker part of the tool to select and download your firmware. In theory, this negates the need to use two tools (XperiFirm and FlashTool) to create a FTF firmware file as detailed in our recent guide. See some steps below in how to take advantage of this.

FlashTool changelog

– Updated Java8 to u20
– Update checker can now download the checked version (Devices -> Updates … choose the device … then double click on a table row
to get the latest version. Double click again to download. FTF bundler will open upon download)
– Towelroot hack implemented.

FlashTool ( – Steps to download firmware

You can download the latest version of FlashTool from the link below.

DOWNLOAD: FlashTool ( [Mirror]

FlashTool_0.9.18.1 _1

To check firware on your handset, go to “Devices” > “Check Updates”

FlashTool_0.9.18.1 _2

This will bring up the Device Selector for you to choose your mobile.

FlashTool_0.9.18.1 _3

Now click on your phone variant which will load a list of customisation versions for various carriers & regions. Click on the version to find out the latest firmware version.

FlashTool_0.9.18.1 _5

Once you have chosen your firmware, you can start the download by double-clicking on the firmware. The message at the bottom of the screen will then change to “Decrypting FileSets” and then “Creating Bundle”.

FlashTool_0.9.18.1 _6

This will then bring up the Bundler as seen in the screen below. Select all items on the left side of the screen, move it to the right and then click “Create” which will then create a FTF firmware file.

FlashTool_0.9.18.1 _9

  • Cris de Oliveira

    That’s very cool :D

  • BarleyD

    I just got paid

  • XperiaFirm + Flashtool


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  • Haldi

    That’s neat.
    But one should be aware that a FTF firmware can be up to 900mb in size.
    There is no overall Progressbar while downloading just from Part to Part and no download speed.

  • jbernardo

    This is great! All that is left now is an option to root the firmware before flashing… :)

  • Brendan Mold

    I always get this error:

    02/011/2014 14:11:38 – ERROR – Cannot delete C:Flashtool.firmwarespreparedloader.sin
    02/011/2014 14:11:38 – INFO – Cannot open bundle. Flash operation canceled

    Any ideas? I’m using Flashtool 64 with AMD E-450 and trying to flash Xperia Ray ST18a

  • Shakhawat Hossain

    Actually there is already a button available to root your Xperia device using flashtool. And with this new release, towelroot is also available, thanx to the brilliant devs out there.

  • Shakhawat Hossain

    Maybe your ftf is corrupted ? Have you tried another ftf ?

  • jbernardo

    Nice. I’ll need to see how it works with locked bootloader, but as a last option I can always unlock then relock it, as I backed up the partitions.

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  • kishankumar

    thanx dear
    give me flash tool for sony……

  • zayn


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  • Lucas Marotta

    How can we talk to developers? There are missing firmwares for Xperia Z3 model 6643 (witch has on XperiaFirm)

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  • melcis

    404 not found -_- plss help me im tired on my xperia j st26i i need this flash tool

  • asd

    click on the Mirror , it works on that

  • Thanks! =)

  • Erika

    404 not found

  • Andreana Ramdhani

    Thank you verymuch, verynice share :D

  • alejandra castro

    I have Xperia Tipo (ST21a) in Claro Argentina, but I need to move to Movistar Argentina. and if I download the firmware for Movistar Arge (directly) that will help me to unlock the device? greetings

  • Duke Omar

    i have lt18i

  • Guest

    Quick question, what is Customized UK/HK/KR etc? Are these unbranded stock region files?

  • Chirag

    yes they are

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  • Remi Andersen

    dear god let there be someone here, i get that ”drivers must be installed for Connected device” ”you can find them in the drivers of Flashtool” but i cant find any drivers *-*

  • Remi Andersen

    it wouldn’t let me install the drivers what should i do ? have D5803 (Z3C)

  • Reni

    You have to disable “Driver Signature Enforcement”
    1. Hit the Windows key and type “Change Advance Startup options”
    2. Hit restart now in the “Advance startup” section
    3. Navigate through Advance Options>Startup Settings
    4. On Startup Settings page, press 7.
    Now try installing the flashtool drivers

  • Alnor Socor

    i have phone sony xperia u st25i got bootloop can anyone can help me …

  • Alnor Socor

    i have phone sony xperia u st25i got bootloop can anyone help me ..

  • Román Rodríguez

    How can I root my device using flashtool? Can you explain please

  • Abdul Rahman

    thanks. its working. Good Work.

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  • Shubham

    I had to bring a SONY XPERIA E3 back to it’s original software.
    What can I do ??
    (Bootloader unlock)
    Reply me on shubhamgokool@gmail.com
    Thank You

  • Rajul Modi

    I need to bring a SONY XPERIA Miro back to it’s original software.

    What can I do ??

    (Bootloader unlock)

    Reply me on modirajul1988@gmail.com

    Thank You

  • I can’t find anything when selecting device, why ?


    the prog not found !!!

    download it from here

  • Raju Ahmed Talukder

    well, i downloaded this software. after installing when i start to flash its saying drivers need to be installed for the selcted device, and i install the drivers from the driver folder of flash tool. but errors are still coming.. do i have to download extra firmware for z ultra.?

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