Xperia Z3 (D6616) headed to T-Mobile US; will carry 32GB storage

by XB on 3rd September 2014

in Xperia Z3 series

Xperia Z3_2T-Mobile US has announced that it will be offering the Xperia Z3 (D6616) on its network this fall. The handset will be available in black only, but will see a boost to the internal storage from 16GB to 32GB. The D6616 variant will support LTE bands 2, 4, 12. No specific timing or pricing details have been announced so far, we’ll bring you news as we have it.

  • Vignesh Raja

    Well, No 32GB for all. Thats not good.

  • LuvMusic

    This is good news, wish Tmo was offering the copper finish!


    Copper finish is Verizon exclusive :)

  • Widget

    16Gb and freedom or 32Gb and locked bootloader… your choice Neo…

    In 2 months T-Mobile users will come cry here when the first build of CyanogenMod will be released ;)

  • Jiyeon90

    screw you sony, i want 32gb too!

  • Guest

    Here is an Unboxing video of T-Mobil Version

  • Xyor

    Black only.

  • Link
  • Xyor

    No one would cry for not getting somewhat malfunctioning Cymod anymore

  • Xyor

    I would like to see the silver green….

  • Widget

    Dude, when I said CyanogenMod, I mean… all things you can get with unlocked bootloader, and you CAN’T get with a locked bootloader. Roms, tweaks; etc … Don’t stop your mind on only one word “CyanogenMod”. Please stop only read comments and start to understand them too :) Peace

  • Minch

    Man. Why only Black? I want some of that copper goodness!

  • DBS

    This 32GB only on T-Mobile thing is deeply stupid. Haven’t they noticed every other flagship comes with 32GB as standard or at least with a 32GB version to chose from?

    They better have put the T2 move-to-SD-card feature on the Z3-family too otherwise it will brake the deal to a lot of people.

  • Adrian969

    Why not put 32gb in all z3? Can’t be that expensive.

  • el_sur

    Black only?!?! Damn you Tmobile.

  • Xyor

    For one, I wouldn’t mind using stock Sony firmware. It’s generally nice, fast and stable enough to use. And not all potential customers, in fact most of them, would even know what unlockable bootloader capable of. I simply saying that most people who eventually would order Z3 in TMo wouldn’t be bothered by the locked bootloader.
    P.s. what you had commented included only Cymod which I considered as sort of unstable “extended support.” Just don’t assume that people know exactly what you were thinking or implying, not even psychics can do that…lol

  • Xyor

    No color options

  • LuvMusic

    Band 12…….I believe that is 700mhz – A Block!?

  • vcsg01

    why is Sony obsessed with Tmobile?

  • Guest

    Too bad it will be T-Mobile only. Bummer.

  • Tech Gospel

    I hope the Z3 Tablet Compact will make it to the US/T-Mobile as well. :)

  • Danny

    Why just black? But at least T-Mobile will bring the Z3 here to US. 32GB, that’s awesome, but should be standard by now on top-end smartphones. btw, Sprint USA is also carrying the Z3, or was it just rumors?

  • Danny

    I think Sprint is also carrying it, but don’t know if it’s official.

  • BruceLeeRoyJenkins

    Once you go copper you’ll never feel proper…. With any other color

  • Rifqi Al Fariz

    Now this is EXACTLY what I am affraid of.
    No global 32gb. Crap..

  • Robert Terry

    I have the Z1s, does the Z3 for T-Mobile support any LTE bands that the Z1s doesn’t? If so are those bands even widely used? Trying to see if there’s any sort of coverage benefit in upgrading. Also, does the unlocked version support all the same bands? If so, it might be worth getting it from Sony, to have color options and faster updates.

  • Robert Terry

    Thank you!

  • Wolf0491

    oh good hopefully I won’t have to import for an absurd price now. Always like $899 for like 2 months..

  • blitz_arc

    maybe they have some contract. that really backfire sony.
    damn you Tmobile.

  • kduke1

    WHOA Z3? Yeahhhhh….nope.

  • kduke1

    WHOA Z3 IS OUT?! Yeah…..nope. Just more of the same thing.

  • Jeremy

    Why does it backfire? 90 plus speed test all day in Houston.

  • Renato Laporte

    Only for US? -.-

    I want 32GB for LTE europe.


    i think same will happen with xperia z3 compact i saw on many site
    z3 compact have 2 diff no. D5803, & D5833 i will be 16GB and 32GB version

  • Ziich

    if it gets to tmobile users within two months color me surprised

  • fsured

    Tmobile gave Sony a chance with the Xperia Z. ATT dropped them because they were just starting out their revamped cell phone line and the products were not as refined. They don’t move the kind of inventory as Apple, Samsung, or HTC.

  • Rikimaru

    Sony do great but 16go… It’s more than time to purpose 32go minimum.


    Sony will never reach their potential in the U.S. market if they continue to make their phones exclusive to T-Mobile.

  • LuvMusic

    I don’t believe there is a 32gb international version though.

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  • The Z3C whitepaper specs show compatibility for all US LTE bands between AT&T and T-Mobile. If I hadn’t just gotten a Z2 2 months ago, I’d seriously be considering it right now…

  • Sean

    I think not including LTE band 17 is rather short-sighted. Many people want to use this phone on AT&T instead of T-Mobile. They shouldn’t be forced down to 16GB, and to wait for 9 months until Sony has it available for direct purchase, to do so.

  • Brandon Dean

    T-mobile gave Sony a chance when the other carriers didn’t, so now Sony and T-mobile have a close relationship. Since both companies are on the upswing, they probably felt it was good to keep their wagons hitched together.

  • Brandon Dean

    Having a phone other than black is pretty overrated, everytime I’ve had a white or other colored phone, I have later wished it was the black version. Black looks better with the LCD panels.

  • Brandon Dean

    They are going to release a version of the Z3 on Verizon. The Z3v.

  • Brandon Dean


  • Brandon Dean

    If you are on Jump with T-mobile (the original jump plan, not the current one) then there is no reason NOT to upgrade.

  • Lily

    I am so mad that we’re only getting black. I was holding out and hoping for either copper or silver-green so I could get the Z3, but now I might just end up buying the purple version of the Z2 unlocked =/ I’m so frustrated that the US never gets any colors but white or black.

  • Lily

    Hell, I’d take anything other than black >_>

  • i love black i guess i am in the minority

  • JHMBB2

    YESSSS!!!! WHOOO HOOOOOOOOoooooooo!!!! I’m ok with black, really wanted purple or white though!!

  • Lily

    Haha no, you’re probably in the majority. I wish my Z1S wasn’t black…

  • kanakamaoli

    xyor, just buy a colored case of your liking.

  • Michael Nix

    Its branded and black! Ugh, can’t do it tmo.

  • look at the z ultra that one is stunning it’s black with a black frame that gives off a blue sparke in the sun

  • discbrake

    Z3 has LTE bands 2(1900 MHz PCS), 4(1700/2100 MHz AWS), and 12(700 MHz Block A). Band 12 is the newly acquired spectrum from Verizon to improve LTE speed and building penetration. Sony Xperia lacks bands 2 and 12. I have the Z1s that’s why getting the Z3 on the 1st day of release. ;)

  • discbrake

    Yes. T-Mobile’s Sony Xperia Z3 is the only Z3 in the world with LTE band 12 (700 MHz Black A). And it is the only Xperia Z3 that will have 32gb internal memory.

  • discbrake

    Sony Xperia Z2 (D6503) doesn’t have LTE band 12. LTE band 12 is the newly acquired spectrum from Verizon. It has faster LTE data speeds and improved building penetration. I suggest just get the Z3. T-Mobile USA’s Z3 is the only Z3 that has 32gb internal memory. The rest has 16gb only.

  • dontsh00tmesanta

    Removable battery band 12and sd card slot

  • Rifqi Al Fariz

    Someone just tell me how to get this D6616 version without t mobile dammit. :-(

    Really need that 32gb ver.. Seriously do I have to wait another 6 months?!

  • robertkoa

    Because I am on Metro/Tmobile and they want to make sure I don’t get a Samsung.

    Well , they already got me sold on Z3 Compact- Tmobile won’t carry it but Sony wisely included all the necessary bands on one version of Z3 Compact, so factory unlocked for USA.

    On the new Camera Apps – we need Pro Captions under Photos for Slideshow and Email Presentations, Sony Paid App in Google Play is fine to support Developers or Sony Software Engineers, and they can fine tune 20 Megapixel Manual Mode for Indoor Shots etc.
    Make excellent Camera great.

    Problem with Compact is Colors, Green and Orange are more fun, White and Black are Classy, lol.

  • robertkoa

    Some of the bands from Tmo are also used by Canadian Carriers ( 1700 and 2100 LTE Bands ) so there is a chance that Canada GSM will carry one.

    I am trying to get them to carry the Z3 Compact with all the TMo bands.

    For example if you go on their Site now they carry the Samsung S4 M919 factory unlocked !

  • vinnyjr

    I wanted my Sony in White.

  • Lola Divine

    Only in black ?!!!thats unfair and its pure injustice. why will you sell a phone that comes in so many beautiful colors in black only? tmobile sucks

  • meir cohen

    100% agree!!!
    fuck you sony!!!
    i want 32gb too!!!!

  • meir cohen

    FUCK YOU SONY!!!!!

  • meir

    darker= more fingerprint.
    god you sweet.

  • miror miror in the wall

    becuse they fuck them ass

  • Adolf bitler

    100% agree
    damm you sony!!!

  • supper’s ready

    i dont understand what’s going on here.
    i did buy the sony xperia z3 D6616 32GB in TEL AVIV
    (ISRAEL) just yesterday !!!!( white).
    i don’t understand why you so upset. sooner or later the sony xperia z3 D6616 32GB will be in evrywere. you just have to do the pay action.
    ( *sony israel has a good connection with sony japan)
    thank you

  • norman shindler

    you know what? i think that sony z3 with 16gb is better than other smartphone with more gb’s.
    sony z3 is a uniq smartphone and also has a great sd card option up to 172 gb (128gb its just official).
    you can put all your metirial music and photos and apps on the sd card so there is no pro at all.

  • John Kennedy
  • Abo Zahra

    fuck israel butchers motherfuckers

  • Abo Zahra

    your soldiers killing innocents and you whining for a phone go fuck yourself , all of you israel

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