Xperia Z3 unveiled with 2 day battery life and PS4 Remote Play

by XB on 3rd September 2014

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Xperia Z3_6Sony has officially announced the Xperia Z3 (D66XX) at IFA 2014 with particular highlights including a 2 day battery life and exclusive PS4 Remote Play. The Xperia Z3 has a 3100mAh battery. Sony hasn’t gone into too much detail on how it has achieved a two day battery life, only referring to “unique power-saving technologies”.

PS4 Remote Play allows you to stream from the PlayStation 4 onto a mobile smartphone for the first time. This feature will remain a Sony Xperia exclusive which is a great way to differentiate from competitors. Sony has created a GCM10 Game Control Mount for the DUALSHOCK4 controller, which means you can mount your phone onto the game pad.

The Xperia Z3 does have more emphasis on the audio side, with more prominently placed stereo speakers (S-Force Front Surround) on the front and the support of Hi-Res Audio, Digital Noise Cancelling and DSEE HX audio upscaling. DSEE HX upscales your MP3/AAC music collection to near High-Resolution quality as well as playlists on Sony’s Music Unlimited service.

As seen in the many leaks, the Xperia Z3 sports a rounded aluminium frame. All of the Xperia Z3 series adopt the highest level of water and dust resistance with an IP rating of IP65/IP68.

The phone features the same 1/2.3-inch 20.7MP Exmor RS sensor as the Xperia Z2, including BIONZ™ for mobile processing engine and ISO 12,800 sensitivity. However, Sony says that the Xperia Z3 includes a new a 25mm wide angle “G Lens”. The Xperia Z3 also has a 2.2MP front-facing camera.

In terms of hard specs, the Xperia Z3 has a 5.2-inch (1080 x 1920) TRILUMINOS display with Live Colour LED and X-Reality for mobile. This relates to a 424 PPI pixel density and screen-to-phone ratio of 70.91% (ahead of the Xperia Z2 at 69.28%). It is powered by a Qualcomm Snapdragon 801 (MSM8974AC) chipset with 2.5 GHz quad-core processor and Adreno 330 graphics. Other specifications include 3GB RAM, 16GB internal storage (the T-Mobile US model will get 32GB) and microSD memory card support.

The Xperia Z3 has dimensions of 146 x 72 x 7.3 mm with a weight of 152 grams. Comparing this with the Xperia Z2 (146.8 x 73.3 x 8.2 mm and 163 gram) shows the impressive work that Sony’s engineers have done in reducing thickness and weight. The phone will launch with Android 4.4.4 KitKat in a choice of four colours (white, black, copper or silver green) later this month. A dual SIM variant of the Xperia Z3 will be on offer in select markets.

Xperia Z3 white papers

Xperia Z3 (D6603, D6633, D6643, D6653, D6616) white paper
Xperia Z3 (L55t) white paper
Xperia Z3 (L55u) white paper

Xperia Z3 series promotional videos

Xperia Z3 press pictures

Xperia Z3 Family

Xperia Z3_1

Xperia Z3_2

Xperia Z3_3

Xperia Z3_4

Xperia Z3_5

Xperia Z3_6

Xperia Z3_7

Xperia Z3_8

Xperia Z3_9

Via Sony Mobile Blog and Sony Developer World.

  • Niek van Rijswijk

    Looks really great. Still a shame that it takes so long to get it out for sale

  • Luca

    Hate what they did to the software. It is half AOSP now… The phone is just lame…

  • xperiax10.awesome

    Z2 still looks good, better than improvement as such PS4 gameplay will be a gimmick.
    I love Xperia Tab Z3 compact – buying for sure !!

  • J.K

    Which one better? Black or white?

  • Z3’s display looks great My hair standing now!!!

  • f35hunter

    when i saw the note4 i really disappointment

  • JP

    This is definitely a superb phone. It’s perfect for people who are planning to switch to Sony.

    However, as a Z1 Compact user, I don’t feel the need to upgrade. I’m quite satisfied with my smartphone. I guess I have to wait for Z4 or Z5 to really see the difference.

  • Luca

    White, obviously.

  • Sui

    Well I’m thinking to buy a xperia phone and i guess the best option is the Z2 in terms of specs/price

  • Shravan SP

    the display of the Z3 looks so cool!!! but other than that its a disappointment… :/
    expected a s805 chipset and a brand new camera module with different processing…


    tap 2 wakeup yeah

  • unk

    hi, any news about walkman audio chip tech on z3,

  • oki

    the sound qaulity is the best ever from sony, almost better than m8 from htc, i have test the phone , so i know :)

  • Ziich

    why still 16gb sony why???

  • YuuriAyano

    Stereo speakers you mean? Please make a video!

  • those speaker slits are still there on the plus side seems it is waterproof in seawater now

  • rjavc

    Sad they didnt stick with the bottom speaker like the z2 :( Its really ugly. I think they did it so it wobt look like exactly like the Z2. They should just copied htc one’s boomsound speakers

  • AudioAw

    Negligible improvements over the Z2, but still welcomed improvements. Colour wise, the silver-green looks great and I wish there was a purple version. Not really a big fan of that copper color. and the black version also looks really plain (should’ve used a silver frame around it instead of it being black). All in all, a great release from sony, and a worthy upgrade for people coming from the Z1, and Z.

  • KMG

    Go away, Samsung zombie!

  • Dexter Moregan

    Got A little wow but not disappointed for me. High-res audio built-in and a integrated PS4 are 2 interested functions but I’m still Z2 Owner currently. Wait for Z4!

  • wared

    z3: SD801 2.5GHz adreno 330
    note 4: SD805 2.7GHz adreno 420
    sony give me one reason why i should buy the z3 not the note 4.

  • Carljn

    One reason? Waterproof.
    Tell me if you want more reasons..

  • Ayman F. Herzallah

    They’re keeping it for the Z4, you know they want $$$$$

  • Guest

    Because it’s a Sony.

  • Dexter Moregan

    Hi-res Audio built-in. You want more Samsung Fanboy?

  • Nguyen Vu

    God, I want this one

  • Ziich

    I’m pretty sure even the z4 will have 16gb

  • rvjaywaks

    As Z1 user, I’ll skip this one. Then yes I’ll same money

  • Mizukineko???

    purple or no

  • JohnZn_1989

    It’s a Sony! You want more?

  • bobeobi gzigzigzeo

    I’m also Z1 user, been waited for Z3 but it’s appeared the same as Z2, confused

  • Yujun Li Linwood Kinji

    Give me 10 more reasons why I should think of comparing the samsung with Sony?

  • rvjaywaks

    Need to buy PS4 first before this

  • nvier

    Aesthetically it looks so good!! Gotta wait for some hands-on reviews on the software, especially the camera and also wanna see how awesome those speakers are!

    On a side note I think the iPhone 6 build will be similar judging from leaks of it also having rounded edges as well

  • Danial A. Mahadi

    Still no walkman chip eh? oh well.. a pretty good phone nonetheless…

  • Chico88

    Z3 is a phone, note 4 is a phablet. Please stop comparing a phone and a phablet.

  • TimmY

    Note 4 is too damn big. Even Z3 is kinda big but I’m going for Z3C anyway.

  • Mohammed Furqaan
  • aerodynamic

    SONY is a premium brand. Samsung is a discounted brand.

  • J.

    ( i m not a samsung fan!)

  • Timbo1

    correction: Samsung is a discounted brand that charges premium prices

  • Timbo1

    This has the same software Sony has been using for a while now and it destroys AOSP has enough added features to differentiate from AOSP especially the camera software which is pathetic on AOSP

  • Ado Kanashii

    Hmm… I prefer the black front of the white Z2 istead of the white front of the Z3… feels like in the design matter they went “Backwards”….

  • XXXperiayyy

    +iso 128000 plus dedicated smart camera apps
    +2 days battery is a major selling point,

  • Thariq Mohammed

    not much waste as i thought, good looking curved design

  • wared

    Almost better than M8???
    It most be much better than m8

  • Lens-style Camera DSC-QX30 – go smarter.

  • wared

    There is a 32gb version

  • Ziich

    Your source please? Because the Sony mobile site says up to 16gb flash memory

  • Asa

    A friend of mine was very tempted to buy an Xperia Z2 at one point. He said he absolutely loved the gorgeous purple Z2, but despised the UI. In the end, he went for the LG G3 as he just could’nt stand the UI.

    Now I’ve seen many more comments, even on the internet, of people who despise the UI of the Xperia line of phones. It’s time for a change, Sony.

    I’m glad to see that Sony is doing something new with the UI, but I don’t think this is enough. It’d be great if they shook their UI up a bit.

  • wared

    In gsmarena specifications and in phonearena review, but am still not very sure if there is a 32gb version

  • spade
  • Wolf0491

    Mother fucker they made the whole white one white!? Crazy haha. Guess that’s makes up for no purple. Still want my purple though.

  • nvier

    If I were to pick flaws with Sony’s phones, UI wouldn’t be in my list. I see nothing wrong with it. Fast, smooth and snappy, what’s there to despise? IMO LG’s UI is ugly.

  • Vuyo Ncube

    Z1 user here. The Z3 the best, most refined 1080p smartphone to exist IMO but I can wait until the Z4 comes.

  • wared

    Guys cool down I am a sony fan, I know that there is many reasons to buy the z3, but am feeling really angry that sony had used 801 processor again.

  • Tangent Lin

    Sony is telling me to stay with my xperia TX

  • ayub407

    Now that’s a worthy upgrade to Z3 from Z1. :D :’)

  • SopNaw

    Perfect for me. I will go with the Cu color (or green?) if I buy it.

  • Xyor

    Pretty sure the one that goes to TMo will sure be 32gb

  • LuvMusic

    If you follow the link provided above and read the additional “starred” comment, there is a reference to a 32gb version. My guess is that it will be the TMo / US version that has been announced. My TMo Zis has 32gb of memory.

  • Asa

    I don’t like LG either, proof of that is that I’ve never ever had an LG in any form or device :p.

    The people have spoken though. The UI of a phone leaves the first impression and there are lots of people who are turned off by Sony’s UI. When the first impression is bad, you’re basically out. Just like at a job interview.

  • LuvMusic

    Another reason, no Touch Wiz……just about stock android and the few customizations that are there are useful and attractive.

  • DanielGearSolid

    i wouldnt say backwards, more like horizontal

    Just a different design choice. some ppl like black front others like white front


    Because the Note is too big.

  • Nawi

    Why Sony uses Google Now Launcher?
    Already commented in some post?

  • Chaturanaga Manchanayake

    Well there’s the feature app2sd and sdcard slot

  • goodforlife

    looks very beautifully. but i do no like the color difference at the corners :(

  • whatever

    agree. I love the Z2 speaker design with the notification light. so unique, so SONY

  • ishu

    i bought xperia z2 , 2 weeks ago…. already feeling its very old… :D :D
    nice design of Z3, but could have done more better… :)

  • crazychef83

    I like the the looks and the specs. I’m a Z owner and am waiting for the 2015 flagship or the next Xperia Z ultra successor. I don’t understand all these tech lovers that are complaining about they should use this chip and that chip. Stop you crying and deal with it. because even if you just bought the Z2 and now want to buy the Z3 but are bitching about why does it not have this chip. Sony has it’s reasons why it doesn’t use that chip. And then are you going to be spending $700 or similar in other currencies every six months. If you do you might still be living in your mom and dad’s basement. Please stop your crying and bitching. If you don’t like what you see then move along or get a job at sony and try developing a phone, when your ideas get shut down just go postal and say they didn’t like my ideas. that’s why i did it.

  • MG

    Anybody knows where the notification led is? Is it like Z2 behind the speaker or just a small dot?

  • Solano
  • Ziich

    Ok I see but then your stuck with a locked boot loader

  • killuha

    grabage you mean 6 Things wich would have made the z3 even better.

  • LuvMusic

    Yup…..I’m liking that Cu (copper) finish. Will nicely match my Carhartt! ;)

  • rs guest

    Wow screen is great ,hi-res audio great , battery life which states 2 days with single charge is amazing and possibly better camera software
    Quite same like z2 but still a great phone
    Hope they bring this battery and camera sfotware update to previous z phones

  • LuvMusic

    I somewhat agree with you, I’m sure Sony has their reasons for staying with the same 801 processor. However, the 805 with the new GPU is suppose to be more efficient and faster. That said, I’m not sure if I would notice much of a difference between an 801 and 805 on a Sony phone. I’m still happy with the performance of the 800 chip on my Z1s.

  • roeshak

    After having watched a few hands on videos, I have to say it’s not really an upgrade but just another phone. The differences are so minimal, I was expecting more on the software side but even there apart from the welcome use of larger scaled icons like stock android, there’s not much else. They say the camera has better lowlight performance, we’ll have to see how improved things really are.
    All in all, it’s just a phone released so Sony has something fresh to offer this fall alongside other release.
    I think even on the design front, the z2 looks sleeker and more elegant with more character because of the metal accents on the sides. Why did they change the speaker design? Much uglier now.
    For me, the most impressive device from IFA is the note 4 edge. It’s more cutting edge.
    If you skipped the z2 because you’re waiting for more then you probably want to skip the z3 also and wait for the z4 next year.
    The only good I can see coming from this is that the z2 will get cheaper. The better buy in my opinion

  • Solano

    phone arena is talking about that. I was asking 6 things that other phones don’t have and Z3 does!!! LOL

  • Caio Faria

    Yes, I’m currently with the Xperia T and I see a great advantage in acquiring the Z3!

  • Chaturanaga Manchanayake

    I hope that Z2 users get PS4 connectivity. I want that so badly.

  • MikeBassMX

    Micro SD -> Problem solved!

  • Guest

    Z3 is still at 1080p. Note 4 is QHD, so it needs a faster CPU to drive it. For me, the Z3c’s 720p is good enough, so 1080p is about the max I can tolerate. Given the same battery capacity, driving 1080p should be easier on battery life than QHD.

  • Luca

    I hate Samsung, look at Z2’s software. Perfect. Now look at this crap.

  • BruceLeeRoyJenkins

    Switching up from my Z1 to the Z3

  • Mohammed Khired

    it’s up to you , but i advice you to wait next year , you won’t see any difference…

  • Nkansah Rexford

    Not surprised specs that came are almost same as z2 with even less battery juice when both are charged. Who says the z3 can last 2 days?

    If a company plans to release flagship phone every six months, I can’t expect Anything different from what Sony is doing

  • BruceLeeRoyJenkins

    For me personally it worth upgrading. Going from a Z1 to Z2 the hardware wasn’t too drastic, and that could even be said here with the Z3, but I like how everything’s a but more refined and focused. Of course I’ll watch all the reviews. AndroidAuthority, PhoneArena, TheVerge, Pockenow, TechnoBuffalo, Gizmodo, mkbhd, Griffin(if I’m bored, sorry fans).

    Sadly, as a Sony fan I realize there’s always one big flaw with every Sony flagship… Besides the bezels.

    The Z had the back panel rising up and which could sabotage the water resistance. The Z1 had huge bezels to screen ratio. Z2 was delayed for a while, plus the 20.7 MP Camera wasn’t really good or really bad, more of a slight improvement. Then the Z1 Compact was marketed as glass when it has a plastic backing.

  • djsilentg

    I agree with muhammad but it’s up to you. I have the z and I’m waiting until the z4 or what ever they decide to call the first half of next year flagship phone

  • Mohammed Khired

    but you paid a lot money in Z1 , i’d rather use my z1 until 2nd half of the next year or until become useless ( which already is , but it’s fast enough i tell ya that)

    any way if i found the price would be reasonable , i’ll buy the compact one , i’d rather use one hand again !



    just bougth a Xperia z2 . Can anyone confirm this?

  • BruceLeeRoyJenkins

    I’m with you, I’m glad Sony chose to focus on their 2 DAY BATTERY LIFE, and keep their screen at 1080 rather than 4k. My G3 sucks battery hard at a screen brightness of 100%. I would hope Sony improves on the battery life in the Z4 to a greater extent before going 4k. I don’t see the rush in going 4k unless you want to beef up your spec sheet.

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    My z2 only uses 7% battery a day only doing SMS,little web browsing and few calls

  • BruceLeeRoyJenkins

    It’s not about the speed for me. I just find that the all the improvements made upon the already great Z2 are worth upgrading from a year old Z1. Plus I really really want to try those stereo speakers, new screen and camera out. And even more so the noise cancelling earphones

  • Tony

    Have you had your hand on Z3 yet? How would you know there is no difference

  • Luxsaan06

    Sony Xperia Z3 and Sony Xperia Z3 Tablet Compact is a buy

  • Makiz

    after 17 months with the original Z I feel the need to change my phone..

  • Ado Kanashii

    i meant in terms of evolution they went backwards…

  • Maxnoob
  • ZoubIWah

    if you buy a phone solely based on the CPU and ignore all the other specs… yes get the note 4.
    in the real world there isnt much difference in speed between the two (arguably zero difference).
    heck having a good flash storage makes way more speed difference than those 2 chipsets.

  • Rey Trinidad

    Ps4 remote play???? 2 days battery life??? Sony Take my money bitch

  • Mohammed Khired

    of course there’s a difference , but it’s not that B.I.G. of a difference !

  • aks

    If you look at design of ui sony seems to be going back to stock android as u can see the apps key, the clock widget are no more sony ui they are stock android icons..

  • Christian

    not to mention the light refracted from the “glass” to the lens when using flash for Z1C, causing color tinge.. My Z1 is not so bad though.. I still enjoy it so much until now..

  • Danny

    Ok, I’m sold. while it’s not a big step up from the Z2, more than my current Z1s. However that T-Mobile 32GB version is my main point. Too bad they don’t offer 32GB for the international version, it really should be standard.

  • Christian

    it says “This feature will remain a Sony Xperia exclusive” and not “Xperia Z3 series exclusive, so really hoping it would come to other Sony devices..

  • Fynjy7771

    I am agree only in terms of stereo speakers: they looks much more expensive on Z2.

  • LG

    but The Truth is Z3 series cant win iPhone 6, Note 4 or even the LG G3

  • asdf

    the difference could be bad. good luck

  • asdf

    yeah. that sucks. better phone does not mean better market share. iphone is different though, ios is awesome.

  • LB

    No wireless Charging?:(

  • balantoy

    I think wared is concerned about 0.0000000000001 seconds of lag on processor thats totally negligible.

  • xperia Z4 32gb

    please have faith omg

  • z1user

    waiting for Z4 32gb and more improvements on the camera

  • Long

    I think the Z3 is aiming for Z owner or early Z1 owner. not Z2. For them, this will be quite a big upgrade. I am a Z1 owner and very happy with the phone now. Sony is giving everyone who is on 2 year contract something to buy at any given time.

    This is important, at least to me. back then, i was using SE, then when my contract expired, there was nothing worth buying from SE, then i switched to iphone for 4 years, then now back to Sony. With this cycle, i am sure there is always something for me to buy the next time my contract expires.

  • Rpk

    I am sure that i am not gonna buy z3.i mean they should give some wow factor to the device.
    Some thing i don’t understand about sony
    They have specifically a sound department so it’s time to put woofers in the stereo speakers
    They have their own tv brand.when sony gonna use LED displays?
    And camera.z2 has the best camera sensor.but image quality should be more sharper and better.i know what’s wrong with the software.
    And i wish sony maybe include a quad hd display in z4 in 5-5.2″ display.coz existing device has a giant display like phablet.i dont want phablet.i want a phone.
    Finger crossed.btw i am so happy with z2

  • Kindly Elaborate.

    Thank you.

  • Why not

    I don’t see why not. Unless there’s a new propitiatory controller chip that is in the Z3 that allows for such a functionality.

  • can i has..

    Source? Less the promotional video which I am inclined to believe. As well as the news where the Z2 is able to survive under the seabed for weeks. That’s likely just a fluke of luck.

  • nana

    why green color on xperia z3 not like z3 compact?
    i like the color on z3 compact :/

  • Jumbo

    The phone doesn’t have the impact when both the Z & Z1 was first announced.. but it’s definitely a great update from the Z. Not bad at all, but not the best either.

  • guest who

    yes, its cant win from killing phone, battery leak phone, and crack phone :D

  • wared

    am not talking because of me, am talking because of sony, sony can not compete the note 4 in the market with this processor.

  • Ayman F. Herzallah

    Well it’s a nice phone nobody can deny that, however that’s what should have been Z2

  • YuuriAyano

    I wonder what type of glass Sony used for the front and back. Does anyone know?

  • jag

    Hmm.. Good buy?

  • Kabuto Kouji

    yeap, the speakers on the Z2 are well hidden in the phone, but the z3 speackers look lame !!!

  • Peter

    I’m going to throw up.. IT’S PLASTIC!!!!! :(((
    I guess I’ll have to wait for the Z4, beacause I’m not upgrading form aluminium to plastic!

  • Patrol619

    I so want this phone *.* I think I will start collect money for it and then sell my SP and get this beast. But when I finally collect money for it, there will be Z5 or Z6 already haha :D

  • Solano

    If you want to put it that way… Here you go, I was waiting for this article to –

  • ranjeet

    Big sony fan but not happy with their latest flagship…. It’s almost same as Z2…apart from very minor changes!! No quad display.. No SD 805 which the other brands are using in their flagships. Sony has opted for the processor which has already been seen in previous flagships.. Can’t understand!! Somehow thinking they are lacking in technology somewhere.. Get the best out the world sony… Your six months flagship period is being criticised everywhere.. & then also you are not providing them with top of the line specs… NOTE 4 has beaten you hands-down…

  • Md Olyullah Akand

    It’s not plastic. It’s completely matel frame with colour coated.

  • Md Olyullah Akand

    I don’t understand why you people are blaming the handset manufacturers like Sony, Samsung etc for upgrading hardware for better performance??? Look at iPhone, they are too poor on race of hardware. But still they perform much better than android devices. Because of their OS. I think android phones have much more than enough power. If you people really want to push somebody to make your android phones great, you must push Google to make android more lighter like iOS. If android could be made lighter as iOS, then Snapdragon 801 chipset can kill upto IPhone 10 for sure. So please stop pushing to upgrade hardware and push Google to improve android performance making it less RAM and CPU eater. As per my thinking, google should take all responsibilities for fucking poor performance having more powerful hardware in compare to iPhone.

  • ranjeet

    If you are in the race you have to move ahead of your times…

  • I’m a guest

    I didn’t get the Xperia Z2, maybe I’ll consider this one. There’s still no audio chip ? I didn’t followed what happend in sony xperia world for months now

  • RoberMC

    After seeing the Note 4 and Edge… this Z3 is dissapointing. Tiny, tiny hardware evolution since Z1, while other brands are making cutting edge devices on each launch… at the same price tag.

    0,5 days more of battery thanks to “Stamina mode”?, come on, that is insulting, we need more battery while in use, not while sleeping.

  • RoberMC

    You cannot install apps to the SD card.16GB is simply too small if you use your phone for apps and ocasional gaming

  • Jon

    I’m also a Z1S user. But Sony is on a roll this year, Z3 will have remote play as well as the tablet. Not to mention the vita does it but then there will be Playstation TV coming out as well. It’s funny how the remote play experience will be better on mobile devices as opposed to the vita who’s sole purpose is gaming. If you ever used the vita the screen dims automatically after a couple of minutes. I’m more than certain that won’t happen on the new devices coming out.

    So with the Playstation TV you can remote play on another TV in the house and play vita games on the big screen, and with the new tablet and Z3 you can remote wherever in the house. It will make a great competitor to the Nvidia Shield tablet.

  • crazychef83

    I think the Z3 is not trying to compete against the Note 4. if it where competing against the Note 4 it would have made the Xperia Z ultra 2 or something like that. Then it would have crushed it.
    Wow samsung made a phone with a screen that goes over the edge. lets see how many people actually look at that and let us see and hear when people complain that the edge of the screen cracked.

  • Luxsaan06

    Up to Two Day battery life

  • Ayman F. Herzallah


  • John

    Oh gosh! I’m feeling compelled to upgrade. From SE mini pro, to the xperia p (which I broke the glass), to xperia Z1 (which I broke the glass again), and now to my 3 month old Z2.

  • Seif

    two version 16gb and 32gb… and sd card up to 128gb .. c’mon ain’t that enough :D

  • Seif

    also with app2sd feature.. if that what u worry about

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