Xperia Z3 heading to Verizon as the Xperia Z3v?

by XB on 4th September 2014

in Xperia Z3 series

verizon_logoIt was quite telling in yesterday’s T-Mobile Xperia Z3 announcement, that we couldn’t find any reference of T-Mobile having an exclusive on the handset in the US (even though this was referred to in the press conference). Well PCMag is reporting that the Xperia Z3 will also be heading to Verizon, which it plans to market as the Xperia Z3v.

PCMag has seen documents showing a Verizon variant of the Xperia Z3 with, unsurprisingly, a Verizon logo on the back. There are also references to the model having 32GB, much like T-Mobile’s model. This would make it Verizon’s first Sony Xperia phone since the beloved Xperia PLAY in 2011. We’ll let you know if anything comes of this.

  • Hugo Mathee

    The Sony Xperia zEE thrEE vEE, sounds great…

  • shark

    Xperia z3 will head to sprint ,verizon, tmobile,att ..yea …but where is snapdragon 805?! It has same processor as z2…2.3 Ghz sd 805 is better than 2.5 Ghz sd 801…

  • but the z3 will be available unlike the z2

  • phil g

    Hopefully Sony can release the US Z3 at the same time it’s released in Europe. It would be great if future Sony handsets were available on the 4 major carriers in the United States. Samsung and Apple need some competition.

  • Guest

    Waiting for the Xperia Z3a on AT&T.

  • cameron

    I would like to see more Sony products available at all carriers in the US like they are available in Europe.

  • anon

    what about Z3-Compact??? Just waiting on this

  • jmaxim917

    The Z3 was announced yesterday and this morning I received an email from Sony Mobile UK inviting me to pre-order the Z3. Along with word that T-Mobile will be carrying the Z3 and now Verizon, it seems Sony is on a roll to get these phones out prior to the release of the iPhone. Have also noticed that most of the Xperia videos by Sony focuses on the white Z3 or Z3 Compact. One cant deny they look a bit iPhoneish especially with the white front bezel (new for Xperia). I’m not complaining just saying overall seems like a new strategy by Sony.

  • phil g

    I agree cameron. Right now Sony has virtually no presence in the US mobile phone market.

  • Yehaa Afandy

    on sony mobile site says Xperia Z3 Dual Sim !? o.O


    If everything goes as planned it will go on pre-order the last week of September and release the first or second week of October


    Will not happen. AT&T demanded to many changes to the phone and Sony declined.


    As of now it is T-Mobile and Verizon only. Sprint should get and Xperia Q1 2015 and so should AT&T.

  • jonyah

    And now we find out the true difference between the Z2 and the Z3. Availability. Come on AT&T, you’re next….

  • Danny

    So T-Mobile 32GB Xperia Z3 is official, now rumors for Verizon and before, Sprint. I just hope it’s all true. It would be one of the things I would expect Sony to do in order to promote and raise sales in the USA. Sales of Xperias in Europe and Asia are good, but almost nil in USA and only scarce. A Carrier Exclusive certainly didn’t help.

    I thought that the Z3 weren’t gonna be a much better upgrade from the Z2, but glad I’m wrong. mainly for the availability and the upgraded 32GB. I would get the carriered Z3 if only for the 32GB. if the unlocked version have 32GB, I would get it rather than the carriered, no question.

  • iHuman

    Yeahhhh! Go Go Sony, hope its not too late

  • hm

    How is this much different than The Sony Xperia zEE thrEE cEE?

  • Hugo Mathee

    Firstly, I’m not American so I call it a Zed. And also, It’s called Compact, not C.

  • Brandon Dean

    Luckily for the first time The Z3 will come to an american carrier around the same time as it is released elswhere in the world. T-mobile said they are getting the phone in the same launch window as the other carriers globally.

  • LiterofCola

    If it doesn’t affect you then who cares.

  • Adam

    Super-sensitive touchscreen, Qi wireless charging, Playstation 4 streaming. Please be real. This is a lust-worthy device.

  • hm

    That makes no sense. Why would you then say “zEE” in your initial post when you just said you say “Zed?” Flip-flop much?

  • hm

    That makes no sense. Why would you then say “zEE” in your initial post when you just said you say “Zed?” Flip-flop much?

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