SmartWatch 3 feels like an Android Wear stop-gap

by XB on 7th September 2014

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SmartWatch 3 SWR50_2Sony announced the SmartWatch 3 SWR50 earlier this week at the IFA 2014 tradeshow. One of the most interesting rumours around the watch before it was formerly announced was that it would run Android Wear. Just over five months ago, Sony was on record saying that it had no plans to adopt Android Wear in future SmartWatch products.

Well obviously something changed at Sony HQ, almost the realisation that it perhaps would have a difficult time growing its current SmartWatch ecosystem given the momentum behind Android Wear. The result is the SmartWatch 3 which includes GPS, 4GB internal storage, IP68 certification for dust and water resistance.

Specs-wise there is not much to fault the watch, however given how fast this wearable segment has moved since the SmartWatch 2 was launched a year ago, the design feels a bit underwhelming when compared to the likes of the Moto 360 and LG G Watch R.

Also, current SmartWatch 2 users may find less reason to upgrade given the inevitable lower battery life on the Smartwatch 3. The SmartWatch 3 has a 420mA battery which Sony says is good for “up to 2 days normal use”, however the SW2 can last for days on standby.

In terms of hardware specs, the SmartWatch 3 has a 1.6-inch (320 x 320) transflective TFT LCD display, 1.2 GHz, quad-core A7 processor, 512MB RAM, Accelerometer, Compass and Gyro and charges via micro USB. The watch is also compatible with Sony’s Lifelog application, which is the heart of Sony’s SmartWear experience. It also includes voice, touch and gesture input.

The SmartWatch 3 will be available in Classic (Black) and Sport (Lime) editions, however the SmartWatch 3 Wrist Strap SWR510 will also be available after launch with Pink and White strap options.

SmartWatch 3 (SWR50) white paper

SmartWatch 3 SWR50

SmartWatch 3 SWR50_8

SmartWatch 3 SWR50_1

SmartWatch 3 SWR50_2

SmartWatch 3 SWR50_3

SmartWatch 3 SWR50_4

SmartWatch 3 SWR50_5

SmartWatch 3 SWR50_6

SmartWatch 3 SWR50_7





SmartWatch 3 SWR510 Wrist Strap

SmartWatch 3 SWR510 Wrist Strap_1

SmartWatch 3 SWR510 Wrist Strap_2

Via Sony Mobile Blog and Sony Developer World.

  • m sacha

    this definitely looks like a beta, and sony wants us as customers to test it for them

  • Prateek Bhanushali

    Its looks a bit underwhelming compared to other smartwatches…. But it seems to be a quick decision change by Sony, as it doesn’t even has the signature powerkey….. May be its a testing version!!!

  • wared

    Sony smartwatch 1 was oled display, why the SW 3 display is TFT LCD?
    I just want to know how sony is thinking.

  • zakarea durgham

    Belive me there will be a another smartwatch3 but its runing sony os and a sony design with the power button signature

  • zakarea durgham


  • SnortWatch

    OMG Sony Lied?!! Cuz that never happens! Hahaha
    They might as well put a SIM slot in that and it’s as powerful as xperia arc. WTF? this is as ridiculous as those huge app tray icons.

  • Ethan ‘blaze’ Parker

    Not all devices have the signature powerkey. This is a part of new “smartwear for health” range of products, none of those have the signature powerkey.

  • Chainsmokers

    Sony was so ashamed of it they couldn’t bare to slap their logo on the front. I’d say good call. Some sony designers started smoking again after seeing this.

  • Felix

    I still don’t get how they managed not to do anything with being 2 years ahead in the smartwatch game. Anyway, without Android wear they wouldn’t have stood a chance at all, let’s wait for next years model, if short sighted managers don’t axe it because this years model is a joke.

  • This is probably the ugliest Sony device I have ever seen.

  • I had the Smart watch and Smart watch 2. The 1st one was meh… the 2nd one was awesome, and beautiful. I was looking forward to the 3rd release, but after seeing the design of this water, I feel Sony took a step backwards. I’m still curious about the watch itself, but the design throws me right off.

  • thoughts

    Well that would be a smart move from sony to watch for or not? You can clearly see there was less inspiration for a smartwatch with google than with sony own software but to develop your own software closed source and compete with google and samsung etc might prove to be difficult or impossible?!? Recources patents marketwise etc.

  • Porco Dio

    As a SW2 owner, this one looks very, very ugly… that metal core looks very cheap with that rubber wristbands which are very big… It has no style at all. In my opinion, they were thinking to a different product with their own software, but when they realized that Motorola, LG, Samsung and almost every serious company was releasing Android Wear devices they had to step back and project this s**t in a short time and maybe they didn’t invest a lot of money in this as they didn’t have any chance to challenge Moto360..

  • Rene Pedroso

    I agree, Sony is marketing this as a fitness gadget w/smart technology

  • theskig

    Amen fratello
    (ho perso il mio amatissimo SW2 l’altro giorno… Ora non so che fare!)

  • bimmersonygasm

    So true! Sony is late to the game yet again. They were late to the MP3 player party, smartphone party, and late to the smartwatch party. Apple is going to put its huge foot through the door this Tuesday and google already has the moto. Can’t really blame them this time though. Only thing they should have backed android wear as soon it was announced and started the process earlier so we would have a real competitor to the moto. We can already see how popular moto is proving as it’s sold out. If Sony came with a better or equally good looking watch with longer battery life it would be sold out too! Come on Sony! Stop being late to every party especially when a new industry is about to be formed. (As in the android wear and the apple watch. I know the smartwatch has been around for a while)

  • it’s there first dibs on android wear so give them a bit of time with it, maybe a mighty smartwatch 4 is just looming right along side with the z4 series :)

  • vilun

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  • Sonyfan

    Oled displays have burn-in issue. Thus Android wear’s “always on” feature would exaggerate this.

  • Peter

    Android Wear needs to die quickly or change radically. It’s preposterous that basically any smartwatch before AW laster 4-5 days but now they all last 8-12 hours. And the features ? Sorry but AW doesn’t offer much more than Pebble or Sony SW2 so what’s the advantage ? The “OK Google” feature ? Sorry but this is completely pointless to me, I don’t intent to talk to my wrist…

    With a phone in my pocket – that I need to charge every day, another device on my wrist that needs charging every 12 hours is not a convenience – it’s a nuisance.

  • Jahan Khan Ward-Rashid

    As a fitness fanatic it looks like i’m the only one that likes the design, i cant wait to get my hands on it!

  • B. Alex

    It is ugly , and it is ok ! In 2-3 months , hopefully till december we will see another smartwatch from them . They kinda have a thing with earlly realeases . i mean they have a xperia z every 6 months , so yeah

  • AsadMulla

    totally agree

  • Nkansah Rexford

    One more reason from Sony, that the Moto360 is the most awesome so far!

  • hocestquisumus

    I don’t think it’s ugly. It’s just not very flashy and that is a good thing IMHO. Yet like all of those Smartwatches it’s too big.

  • wared

    Then they can use IPS LCD at least.

  • Tjaldid

    3 years :(

  • Kaostheory

    Give me a break. Apple sucks. If there’s any company that’s late to the game Apple wins hands down. Where Apple came through though was apps, and that’s how they’ve been able to hang on. Perfect example is it took Apple 3yrs to catch up with an 8mp camera. Sony’s problem is they can’t get their ecosystem up and running. We’re finally getting compatibility between ps4, vita, Z3,it’s pathetic. They released the hmz-t1 a few years ago and finally are turning it into the Morpheus. Sony’s still the leader (debatable) in electronics but they really need to bring it all together.

  • Santhusa, Ravihara Wijethunga

    Agreed 99.9%

  • Vincentius Phang

    what will happened to SW2 owner ? is there any chance for an android wear port to exist ?

  • Porco Dio

    Potrei anche pensare di venderti il mio :D ma non credo ne valga la pena… Fossi in te mi butterei sul moto360 oppure aspetterei la primavera… Questo sw3 fa proprio cagare, come anche il gear live o come cazzo si chiama a mia opinione…

  • theskig

    No Wear mi sa di vaccata e il 360 non mi ha mai convinto mi sa che prendo quello e-ink.

  • Porco Dio

    Ah si lo smartband talk non sembra male! Me lo prenderei pure io come alternativa… Poi come dicono questi la batteria non dura un cazzo con i dispositivi Android wear…

  • best SmartWatch i ever see.

  • Melfes Wired

    after comparison with G watch R and G watch, i think the screen resolution of SW3 is a little bit higher than both LG’s watch, but still i dont like wearing a watch, not even a watch that i have ti charge every week

  • Raphael

    I preferred the square screen of Smartwatch 2. Looked classier. The one-piece plastic strap fitting around the screen looks fugly. And SO massive. I’m a urban geek not a logger. I mean this device would fit my ankle, not my wrist.

  • Shubham Mutreja

    sony launched first smart watch
    then samsung copied it and named it as GEAR
    and then everybody else!!!!!

  • matticitt

    This is just super ugly to me. SW2 was way better than this.

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