Sony confirms no KitKat release for Xperia SP

by XB on 10th September 2014

in Android, Firmware, Xperia SP

Xperia SP Final versionSony Mobile has this morning confirmed that the Xperia SP will not be upgraded to Android KitKat. The product page for the handset shows that Android 4.3 Jelly Bean will be the final software update, so unfortunately Xperia SP owners will not be treated to Android KitKat – at least not officially. This means the handset is effectively EoL (end-of-life). The last update that was released was firmware build 12.1.A.1.207 in early August 2014.

Xperia SP Final version

Thanks nklive!

  • sp user

    1 2 3. And go

  • Oh wow

    And now let the rage fest begin!

  • LancerEX

    Wow. I was really close to getting this over the ZR because apparently, they said it WILL get 4.4 before when it was still new.

  • clarkharry86

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  • boy

    Fuck you Sony :(

  • Doubleyoupee

    Yap, here we go

  • onez

    Brace yourself for second time. Mourning time for SP user..

  • Xperia


  • Doubleyoupee

    Well, looks like 4.4 is final for Z & ZL too!!

    No Android L

  • Stanley Lu


  • Doubleyoupee

    Whoops, please remove.. my bad

  • time to purchase new phone

    eat that~!! SP users

  • Constantine

    Finally, everyone will shut up.

  • Goh Kaixuan

    There’d better be a good bug-free firmware

  • Coolkid

    Let the games begin… Grabs pop-corn….:D :D :D :D :D :D

  • LOL



    Yeah, this is the last Sony product i will buy. Fkin charlatans.

  • Darkholme95_

    Sony Ends Support for Xperia SP

  • Tóth Gergely

    Hát ez nagyon elszomorít.

  • Patrol619

    Middle finger from Sony as standard :)

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  • Alexey

    Checkmate :(

  • ????????? ?????????

    Shit. I have nothing to say anymore.

  • ????????? ?????????

    But at least now it would be justified.

  • ayoub

    Fuc you sony I bought this phone because I wanted kitjat. Now I understand that sony is a crap. It just wants to sell phone not to satisfy the users

  • ROOT


  • pars71

    So, i buy Samsung Galaxy and never buy any Sony device and don’t recommend Sony to any one .

  • ZXcorr


  • Constantine

    good luck with that shitty samsung.

  • JaY-ed

    it’s not like you can’t get rid of SP and buy another Kitkat phone, right ?
    it ain’t doomsday, chill, and have a kitkat~~

    it’s not SONY’s fault, next time, just spend more money and buy a freaking flagship phone

  • zeesh

    Time to unlock the bootloader for custom roms

  • Lakshan Hirumal Kuruppuarachch

    Fuck you Sony. All faith lost. Fuck you. All the updates you gave us were full of bugs. And Fuck you again.

  • Hellmaster

    fuck you sony i’ll never buy sony phone again

  • darannechelle

    Did galaxy duos, mega, giga get into kitkat??? I dont think so

  • darannechelle

    What you pay is what you get!!! Hahaha

    My z ultra still rockin with every updates

  • nklive

    Now we can just ROOT to kitkat then

  • xperiaspuser

    Let’s just say thank god for cyanogenmod 11 we can atleast expect a stable version of 4.4 from them

  • Rikimaru

    SP was not a flagship so it’s not a surprise. And 4.3 works pretty well. the interest to jump to 4.4 was for get new sony app camera developed for Z series… So you will miss nothing. But if you really need to see 4.4 in your phone, you will probably found a custom rom. Jump to a Z3 and you will get Android L ;)

  • Kevin

    Thank you Sony for making empty promise when selling the phone… Arigato!!!

  • Rikimaru

    It’s amazing to see how SP user rage to don’t have long support. if you want longest support just buy flagship. I was 4.2 now 4.4 and the few change you got from android it’s self is almost not noticeable, only new sony app made a change,.. So stop crying because yu don’t get new android every 6 months. You still able to use ll apps you downloaded…

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  • FXXK


  • Alexey

    Durign my choise of Xperia SP I checked the firmware roadmap and KitKat was as next version. Now Sony changes their mind and decide no KitKat.
    I guess I will try to get money back as Warranty is not finished yet and we still have several software defects that will never be fixed.

  • adel

    fuck sony.I never buy sony becuse have bug. and dont support

  • Micro

    Oh dear, poor SP owners… Sony just officially made their phones completely useless! They broke all the phones with only one digit after the other digit in the firmware, it wouldn’t make any noticeable difference to the phone itself anyway, but this single digit made all SP phones die at once and never turn on again! Even the device design will disappear now! And there will be no money refund! Oh no! SP-ers paid real world money for the lifetime support, a now the phones are gone! What a tragedy!
    Let’s hate Sony! Hail Samsung! Hail Apple! Hail Nokia! Never again Sony! I am so sorry for your loss!

  • pars71

    i buy 2014 Samsung that run Kit Kat out of the box … with great UI and good features like app2SD

  • mrninko

    this was just stupid lie from sony

  • mrninko

    the point is, at the begining there was newxt version, later under investigation and now nothing, by numbers: 100% -> 50 % -> 0% and many people buy it because it should get kitkat

  • Jerry Berglund

    This is actually not ok. SOny has promised to update phone within 18 months. That isnt 18 months. Thats less than a year. And its nothing within the hardware that says, its not possible. So I am sorry for you SP owners.

  • Jed T

    Ladies, first of all is that you have to understand that your whining isn’t going to change anything in the future.

    I never thought the SP would get to 4.4 Kitkat so I actually bought the original Xperia Z instead. It’s quite obvious 4.4 would have never arrived. I mean seriously, it was 50% cheaper than the flagship XZ, of course you would expect something lesser.

    To be fair, no one asked you to buy the SP. You should’ve thought twice before purchasing. Non-flagships were never meant to exceed this amount of updates in the first place..

    If I were you, I’d quit whining, suck it up, and get on with life. You’re only wasting your time complaining. Even contacting Sony isn’t going to make any of a change. What’s final is final.

  • If you wanted KitKat you would’ve bought a nexus

  • Akira Y? (??)

    if you desperately want kitkat then there is a way! developers will be always there to save your Kitkat-craving balls… :)

  • Wouter van Vliet

    Quite sad actually, as Sony did promise the update. And a promise made should be a promise kept.

    Curious to see if they’ll ever come with a statement as to why.

  • xperiaDROID

    SP owners, you got trolled by Sony lol. But it’s no big deal, Cyanogenmod welcomes you.

  • This is ludicrous. This is how Sony treats its best mid range smartphone!

  • Jed T

    Either way, even if they did release 4.4, the children would complain how slow it would take for their providers(which they blame Sony instead for) to be able to receive it.

  • Micro

    SP was launched in ~May 2013, so it would be more like 16 months, and afaik the year have 12 months.. or did I miss something?

  • xperiaDROID

    “We want you to buy our newer phones! We want you to leave our old phones! We want you to give us more money! If there’s none of this you can do, you will get nothing! NOTHING I SAY! NOTHING! NO KITKAT FOR YOU!”
    That’s what most likely Sony is telling their customers.

  • Lg

    f*ck sony I was love you but F*ck off Now I love LG

  • xperiaDROID

    …or just get a Nexus or a Motorola phone.

  • ????????? ?????????

    it’s not about kitkat
    it’s about sony’s lie

  • ????????? ?????????

    same sh*t, bro

  • Jed T

    That’s okay little one, Sony never loved you in the first place.

  • David Hvatov


  • Wouter van Vliet

    In the defense of “the children” – the rollout process does tend to take very long, without any clear information on if the update is availlable on your market/provider yet.

    Would be nice if one could zoom in to a country and provider and read something like “rollout started, 5% – expected time to 100%: 5 weeks”. But that’s as much of an Android thing as is a Sony thing.


    It hasn’t passed two years from it’s relese and they cut off updates?!
    Not to mention that SP is fully capable of running 4.4+ without issues..

  • Jed T

    Well, we can’t quite blame Sony since it could possibly be Qualcomm not providing the drivers for the update(not 100% sure, but have had such cases) such and such, or there was no point providing the update for the users. Phones were never made to last.

    On the other hand, think about older flagships which never even had more than 2 or so updates, such as the original Galaxy S. People should be happy for what they have received with this mid-ranger.

  • János Jenei

    go windows phone ! Nokia . Shit sony!!!

  • Wouter van Vliet

    Not sure if what you’re saying there matches with their strategy to offer support to the Open Source community, easy steps to unlock the bootloader and such.

    Anybody with an SP who really wants KitKat should head over to Cyanogen Mod, the FreeXperia project or the candy store and get theirs there.

  • MyLive

    Dear my beloved SP.. I loved you very much.. But you look very very tired right now.. So have a deep deep rest.. Just remember… I really can’t forget all those moment we had together.. With all respect..

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  • Dusty

    I’m angry

  • Dante the great

    I honestly believe that KitKat is overrated. When I updated my Z1 to KitKat, I was soooo excited. But after using it for a week, it felt like such a letdown to be honest. If the phone is cool and stable on 4.3, I recommend it stay on 4.3. Just my 2 cents.

  • Dusty

    I’m angry

  • Akuma

    Don’t be…flash yo phone with CM11 rom and get 4.4.4 kit kat

  • Dusty

    I don’t want it.

  • Ethan ‘blaze’ Parker

    Its a mid ranger, what more do you expect.

  • Akuma

    Then keep eating beans and stop complaining

  • Reynaldi Sutrisno

    Ah finally, what a relieved!
    Finally they state a statement instead of damn “under investigation”

    As an Xperia SP user, thank you for support from Sony to us. 4.3 to 4.4 is not really big impact. Let’s stay on 4.3 but with perfect 4.3 (bugless)

    I am going to buy Z3 soon to get all premium treatments. :)

  • hithere

    Excuse me sir, would you like to tell me what alternative phone you would have bought rather than the SP?
    Because how could I say.. I was damn happy an year and half ago to buy a good device for 300€.. you can’t just compare it with nowadays phones..

  • Hideg Jen? Péter

    Yeah, agree it. I’l upgrade for Z3 Compact.
    I’m giving to my parents with my SP.
    SP users, Why reason is poor peoples who can’t afford Z3 Compact, Get to work.

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  • Fodor Dávid

    Dear Sony, Xperience the brilliance of my middle finger inside and outside!


  • Fapples Christos Karadimas

    If you want many updates you must buy expensive smartphones

  • ???? ????????

    First – is bagged and poorly-running 4.3, and now the cancellation KitKat?
    Sony! Burn in hell!!!

  • Neil

    No more SP spamming!! :D

    P.S: SP users if y’all are offended idgaf! :’D

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  • KLC

    bye SP crybabies users. :D #buyapplepliths whahaha :D

  • mustafa

    People should’ve bought the phone for what it was at the time, not what it might be in a years time

  • Xperia SP fans coming in… 3… 2… 1…

  • mrninko

    time of life sony´s phones are 18 months

  • Rakshak

    No more Sony phones for me……..

  • techielover

    Yes shut up for the beatiful beast phone being ignored from the starting!!

  • mrninko

    it looks like ur whole life is just switching phones, so saaaaaad man!!! i´m sorry for u, wait, i am not!

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  • ayoub

    i wanted the kitkat in my phone + sony features like walkman and others , look man sony made us a promise and now she s treating this phone like shit cuz if they update this phone to kitkat she ‘ll sell more units , in fact she wants to sell her xperia Z3 to gain money . i left samsung just becuz of this now i ll turn to google or HTC or even : keep calm and join apple .
    i dnt wanna kitkat just fix the xperia SP bugs ; Damn

  • guest

    People are crying like the SP was a flagship , but i dont blame them ,i also expected my xperia S to get at least 4.2 but it didnt happen and instead a year later i bought a Z1 . So with no more support for your SP either use it with CyanogenMod or buy another midrange phone from another company and lets see if they give you many updates in the years to come

  • ayoub

    i have a locked phone -_-

  • Kabuto Kouji

    cold blooded bastard!

  • ayoub

    i would prefer a moto G if i knew this will happen

  • guest

    I guess they should go for the moto g (2014)

  • dhinu

    No more sony in my life

  • your daddy

    Fuck you!

  • Constantine

    well. fuck you too. but that changes nothing.

  • Constantine

    mig-range phone, you expected more?

  • xperia sp

    Fuck you, from indonesia

  • Constantine

    Oh no! Don’t do this! Sony will not survive without you!

  • your daddy

    Fuck you!

  • Alessandro Romano

    Obviously XPeria SP users bought this phone only because the Kitkat update, not for the other features that they are already using . Yes yes.

  • Constantine

    no, thanks.

  • Constantine

    What lie?

  • your daddy

    Fuck your stink mouth!

  • Constantine

    your butt hurts so much, isn’t it?

  • ????????? ?????????

    SP users are famous not just for nothing. every update they’ve promised was delayed or canceled(and bugged by the way). it’s one great disappointment.
    The Grand Path from 4.1 to 4.3, isn’t it?

  • Bikoz

    Sony stop creating false hopes…….f*** sony…this would be last sony phone for me. Go to hell i’m switching to HTC or apple now. Disgusting support ever.

  • Vignesh Raja

    No, actually they are leaving

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  • Shaik Farooq


  • DBS

    Hail Nokia! Unfortunately Nokia has left the phone business and their phones are being now “supported” by Microsoft… Which means, obviously, they’ve started to drop users. If SP users are pissed at this, they should try get a Lumia 1020 and then listen to what things they’ll get with Microsoft’s “Denim” update. Then they’d see there are worse things than not getting KitKat from Sony.

  • Shaik Farooq


  • gunboat_d

    came here to laugh at SP users. would you rather have buggy kit kat or stable jelly bean?

  • Charles Henderson

    That’s precisely the problem. The last update was released in June 2014, so Sony has only supported the SP for 14 months, not 18. They’ve just let these last 4 months pass by, doing nothing.

    I’m just going to install CM11 as soon as they make a more stable release, which won’t take long, but I totally get why so many users are so pissed off and they have all the right in the world to be so: we’ve paid for a working phone with 18 months of support, and all we got was a half-working phone with 14 months of support. I’m pissed too, but I know there are better alternatives out there than waiting for an unreliable company to do their job.

  • ????????? ?????????

    we have no stable jb
    memory problems are still there

  • Evan

    They cut off updates ,,,,,,,, realy harted from sony. SP is fully capable of running 4.4+ without issues.. they want to sell there other big money phones, but if sp gets kitkat the big phones will cry ,,, fuking business.


    I don’t think LG is better in providing new android version for their mid range phone

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  • Sharath

    Sony fan boys can suck it. :P

  • Ruben Situmorang

    DON’T Buy Sony Product Anymore ..

  • Constantine

    Show me proof, where Sony officially promised KitKat to SP

  • arkroygt

    Trust me if it doesnt work, doesnt work im having the lagg/battery issue with the XZ 4.4.2 and i cant use the phone for more than 4 hours and i need to charge it almost 4 times a day, not good

  • Porco Dio

    Why didn’t they tell us before about this?? Since january they post on the official SP page about kitkat as a future version… Obviously i’m pi**ed off as a SP user, but this is clearly unfair, I can accept the fact that sony sucks on updates so they want to keep this midrange phone with 4.3, but they waited for the Z3 and Z3C presentation to just say after 9 MONTHS “sorry, we were just joking about kitkat”… I was thinking about buying a Z3 compact in the future but I think I will move to another company

  • 101cha


  • Constantine

    I know a lot, about smartphones and any kind of devices. Unlike u, who even has no arguments.

  • Fuck you!


  • anti-betrayal

    Finally, people will leave sony, they will ignor and never come back to sony.

  • Constantine

    No, they won’t. When you’re buying mid-range phone, you should understand, that it won’t get updates as flagship.

  • Averon

    First of all bro…its not about the kitkat update…if u mention in ur support page that next version is kitkat…then by any means u should have provided it…the first rule of a good business strategy is to please the customer and keep ur word…because trust is the most important thing that binds human being…and sorry to say sony…u broke it

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  • qinkun

    samsung s3 just get 4.4 update,see this.

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  • Loizos Aristides

    Fuck this.
    1) Google XperianZe rom xperia sp.
    2) Use that rom.
    3) “Official” kitkat :D
    But I’m very dissapointed with sony.

  • adeceku

    Poor SP users they said I had an old phone, but I will laugh at them when my X10 mini pro get Kit Kat update in the holydays.

  • Kyle Alexander

    To be honest I really don’t mind not having kit kat because my last phone, the Galaxy Ace 3 NEVER got a single update, and is still stock on jelly bean 4.2.2 Only to later find out that the next iteration, (Ace 4) has lower specs than the Ace 3 and has kit kat 4.4.4. So to be honest I think I still prefer Sony over Samsung.

  • ????????? ?????????

    I’m too tired to argue today, bro. I shouldn’t justify myself.
    Can you just stop rubbing salt into the wound, please?
    That information was shown on their official page. I can’t show you any proofs ’cause sony’ve already changed that page many times.

  • Constantine

    There were no “promises”, as you said. Only words “under investigation”, that mean nothing.

  • Raghu

    Born with Jelly Bean and Dies with a Jelly Bean

  • Shaik Farooq
  • ????????? ?????????

    Thx, I’ve run out of arguments :D

  • Giovanni

    expensive? i have buy this phone at 400euro!!

  • Constantine

    First string: “Sony Mobile has never officially confirmed that the Xperia SP is on the list to receive the future Android 4.4 KitKat upgrade.” As I said, there were no promises.

  • What’s interesting is that SP users stopped complaining. But were trumped in upvotes by users complaining about SP owners.


  • Constantine

    Scroll down, look how they “stopped complaining”.

  • Bad wording on my part. Usually in any article regarding updates, the first few highest rated comments were mocking SP users. Eventually you’ll see a comments from SP owners.

  • Averon

    See it for urself bro

  • PainGT

    see this for urself man

  • juliadi

    Galaxy mega 6.3 got kitkat tbf.

  • nzone

    I’m not upset it didn’t get an update. I understand that you have to pay more for better service. I am just disappointed that Sony didn’t held their promis. But I’m fine with 4.3

  • Rene Pedroso

    More like 6 months now, lol.

  • Timbo1

    no phone on the planet gets lifetime support! Pipe dreams!!

  • Timbo1

    how hard is it to read “under investigation” obviously Sony investigated and tested the device with Kit Kat and for whatever reason felt it wasnt an upgrade the phone could handle. The only thing they promised was an investigation on whether it will be upgraded or not.

  • Akira Y? (??)

    i have an idea for those people who wants KitKat on their SP but still want the Xperia UI. install CM 11, then since your phone is rooted, get the Xperia Z3 UI port (posted earlier in the blog) and install it on your device! voila! even though some features are missing and some other compromises but at least you get the Xperia UI that you love… :) …you can also use other custom roms that has Xperia features if you prefer that. :)

  • Shaik Farooq

    SONY Make.Believe
    only in Z series Please no more t,p,s,sp,E Nonsense
    Because you suck in midrange market when you can do good in high end segment.

  • Fapples Christos Karadimas

    when before 100 years

  • hwij

    Fuck you sony :(

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  • wthj

    yea yea I get it, richie rich.

  • roeshak

    I feel the pain of SP users. It’s been handled poorly by Sony. They kept users hanging for months allowing hopes to build up only to confirm the bad news at this very late hour.
    I think we all need to understand the company a bit better. They have a large and rapidly expanding portfolio of devices made worse by their 6 month cycle nonsense! Resources are stretched very thinly and in all honesty only flagship phones stand any chance of anything approaching good software support. It’s always the risk you run when purchasing mid to low end devices. That’s just the way it is with Sony

  • will you

    I beg you, please stop trolling here. If you like your other brand phone, fine but please don’t go butthurt here. I understand you have better or maybe best phone.

  • floren

    karepmu bro

  • Constantine

    No trolling, no other brand. Z2.

  • Shaik Farooq

    Glad i adviced my sister to buy g2 sony sucks even 2013 lg optimus l7 II gets kk.

  • Shaik Farooq

    WHY ALWAYS ME It Happened with Xperia RAY and Now this.

  • Sony never more!!!The way is migrate to Motorola.Fuck you Sony!

  • raj

    Cum on dude look at moto E.. Even a phone of Rs 3999 runs on kitkat.. This is simply ridiculous step fron sony..

  • Wolf0491

    This is the best news I read all day

  • Constantine

    Dude, Motorola is Googles company now, and gets updates like nexus.

  • Xperia SP User

    ?????? ????? ????????! ?????? ??? ??? ????? ?? ???? ?? ?????????!

  • TonyE

    Samsung S4 mini has KitKat, Lg G2 mini has KitKat.
    All in the same price range, Phony promised KitKat…

  • Constantine

    G2 mini was released in april, of course it has KitKat.

  • fuck sony

    sony fuck you

  • Black

    zecte ve?ký kooookooot :D

  • JRMoore

    Constantine, in the support page for the Xperia SP it used to say that it would receive KitKat in a future version.

    You can still see how that page looked like at the beginning of the year here:

    It then changed to under investigation for whatever reason, if you go to the snapshot of April you can see that already.

    So if you ask me I’d say it was promised, if I were to look for a new phone at that time I’d have considered the SP knowing it would eventually get 4.4.

  • TonyE

    and I should have bought that. My mistake and I wont do it again.

  • shakar

    hahahahahahaha fuck SP

  • Constantine

    Ok, but why don’t you install CM? And also, maybe hardware companies refused to make drivers for KitKat on SP.

  • Vignesh Raja

    Is that why SP users paid? To depend on CM? No!

  • Sola Hoi

    What’s it all about? I’m using XZ1, and after updating to Kitkat I’ve found no noticeable difference… if you must have the latest OS on your phone, then you should buy a new one!

  • Obama Bin Laden

    Best comment I have seen so far!

  • Updater

    People, stop being so unrealistic. This is the price you pay when you don’t want to pay for a high end phone. People comparing the G3 or any other high end phone are idiots. It was updated from 4.1 to 4.3 which for midrange is standard on most. Hey i know, buy an Z3! All your problems fixed

  • Jacob

    Well then your dumbass never learned from the Xperia X10 days. Go fuck yourself “bro”

  • sidewinder_x5

    as soon as i saw this on another website, i came here to witness all the butthurt. at least the SP got some update, my old atrix lived off of nothing. wonder what sony will make to replace it though.

    ps. for all the butthurt

  • victor

    have fun licking google and sony ass lol , this news made my day.

  • Micro

    no phone but SP.. can’t you see that all around..?
    First Sony ruined their phones, now you just ruined their small, teen worlds.. don’t you think it’s too much to take in one day..? dude… have some mercy.. (please, at least don’t mention the Santa Clause)

  • Vignesh Raja

    Yes, 6 months release cycle is main cause.

  • asdasd

    Tony shut your fukn mouth u ugly cuunt

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  • kambing-busuk

    people, people, there’s always CM, or whatever custom ROM out there. learn to root, UB your phone and flash your fav kernel and rom. why limit your phone with stock ROM (that might be buggy, lag, battery-draining and such)? Do more.

    I have X8 before. I flashed custom rom even more than i changed my clothes. then I got XZ. As it still received update, I haven’t done anything. Once Sony declared it is no longer supported, I’d definitely use custom rom, instead of bitching to Sony.

    that’s why people use Android, isn’t it? To have freedom to customized, free from the restriction placed by manufacturers, like iOS.

    IF, you said that you’re too lazy to customize, get an iPhone please. I believe android phones are not suitable for you.


    Xperia Sp is by far the best in mid range devices. Although absence of KitKat is disappointing, but I must say 4.3 was the best update. For those who complain about absence of KitKat, no other android device can provide such awesome customized updates in the mid range like Sony does, rest all are just stock and boring.

  • justsaying

    Dude, if sony won’t give kitkat update to SP, they should’nt have promised it earlier.

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  • TonyE
  • Jinnn


  • Wesley

    Sony Mobile sucks! Telling lies about a future Kitkat update and giving Jellybean updates that reduce functions. I got my wife the SP and now I feel like a fool.

    Sony had better decide if it wants to be decent and support devices for at least 2 years like other Android manufacturers or it will lose my business in the future!

  • JIN

    Clearly you don’t understand the concept of the word “lifetime support” go on with your life and read some more little one

  • Wesley

    Galaxy S3 LTE has Kitkat for 4 months already.

  • lol

    no, google sells motorola to lenovo! they only want the patens

  • Stanley08


  • Guest


  • Guest


  • trolmaster

    you clearly don’t based on those pathetic comments your posting the xperia sp is a mid ranger but its able to compete with phones like the original z and etc…. dipshit!!!!

  • Joren Hipolito


  • goku

    NO MORE SONY. simple as that, my HTC ONE will arrive within 2 days

  • goku

    Xperia SP. the most troubled phone in mankind history

  • goku

    ahahahhah good one

  • Kunorishi

    How can you compare a mid range with a Flagship HTC ONE? HTC ONE is the same line as Xperia Z. People just complain about SONY, but never really thought what category of smartphone are they buying.

  • Kunorishi

    Yeap. True.

  • ash

    Sony never promised

  • Kunorishi

    Sony has tried their best I guess. They delayed the android 4.3 because it contains too much of bugs. They release with .266 then .192, then .201, then .205 and the latest is .207. If they would to release kit kat, I think it will contain more bugs then 4.3 and the 18 months support is ending.

  • Indian User

    Heyy……. i expected this to happen….. what am not able to understand is y the hell Sony is not pushing 12.1.A.1.207 update…. am still stuck in .205 :( :( :(

  • Vignesh Raja

    Or Sony should stop making fake promises about what it might be in a years time!

  • Vignesh Raja

    You made my day…… lol

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  • Egg Mall

    Xperia SP *dead

  • xsp

    did anyone has ported xperia z kitkat 4.4.2 for xperia sp…..can anyone give me a link

  • ghenceaRO

    People people hold your horses :D Bare in mind that this is Sony’s policy only 2 updates max for each model. So expect that when you spend 500-800 euros for a Sony. Personally I prefer a good camera and battery life than Android updates for ever. Even though they could do that too.

  • Aniam

    Can’t say I’m not disappointed, I will stay away from sony offerings for the foreseeable future. I was considering the Z3 tablet compact but now I’ll get the Nvidia shield tablet.The Chinese manufactures are offering some pretty compelling stuff, my next phone will either be the Iuni U3 if i can or the new moto x. I’ll keep the sp and experiment with custom roms. Will definitely not be buying any more sony androids.

  • ville672


  • Alexey

    SONY promised 4.4 for SP last year so we may expect KitKat from SONY.
    And yes the guy switched to a flagship from HTC and not from SONY because of software support.
    SONY loose one of their user and money.

  • MAdbUSU

    I’m very disappointed, i bought this phone with hope of getting kitkat….till now 4.3 it’s the worst update ….i got very bad battery life , in call quality voice it’s worst the any phone i use, camera it’s a disaster my x10 take 2 times better photos and let’s not forget about overheating (actually this thing it’s good on winter will keep my balls warm)…
    … thank you for your product sony and keep up the good work, when moto x reach my country SP will be so history !

  • Wira Wijaya

    it’s NOT abou xperia sp as MIDRANGE … All Phone should at least got 2x major upgrade and launch with latest OS version –> lasy year Xperia always 1 generation behind at launch .
    note : Last year LG mid range got KITKAT so does Samsung …. IT’s not matter being MIDRANGE or Highend . Of course other Flagship got much loner attention .
    2012 – Xperia S did’t got Kitkat . But LG optimus G ( 2012 ) got Kitkat so do Samsung
    So it’s PROFF that SONY didn’t care much for aftersales .
    In my country , i need 2 month to fix my Xperia because of no Spareparts Stocked by Sony ….

    Xperia SP user – used sony since Sony Ericsson 2004

  • ck

    Lesson learned… If u want timely and latest updates, buy flagship model! And this applies to all brands, not only sony.

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  • Kunorishi

    Yeah. Sony didn’t fulfill what they said. They tried their best but couldn’t. Even we humans tried our best but sometimes we can’t get what we want.

  • roeshak

    Flagships are also let down from time to time. The z2 isn’t exactly over flowing with updates! We’ll only ever see good software support when manufacturers start reducing their product range.
    Don’t worry z1 and z1 compact are next in line for aggro once they see the 4.4.4 update for the z2.It’s an endless cycle. I’ve been there since the dark x10 days. The Xperia arc faired a bit better with updates mostly because Google didn’t do much in 2011 so there wasn’t much to update. Xperia S users had a very frustrating time, I know, I was one of them. The Z wasn’t too bad but I believe 4.4.4 will be its last. Come to think of it, there’s even an outside chance z1, z1c and z ultra users won’t see android L officially.
    Like I said, over the years I’ve seen a lot of update related drama across many devices including a few flagship devices like x10, xperia play, xperia s and ion. It’s just happening to sp users. Who’s next in line? The smartphone money should go on z1,z1c and z ultra users. That’s the arena for the next bit of high drama lol

  • Pingback: Xperia SP ? Xperia M ? Xperia L ?? ?????? ??? ????? KitKat()

  • Clever Fanboy

    Why Sony fanboys always dodge questions and dance around the real subject?

  • Marshall

    Hell no! last . 207 update is just for redesiged calculator app now THIS???? Gracias for this Sony! love your ps4 but not your phone anymore. nexus,Motorola and other brand is better for an software update

  • Constantine

    I don’t know, ask them.

  • Sony Xperia user

    Sony I know you will never look at our feedbacks because you are currently engaged in creating another bunch of little little erroneous smartphones for the year 2015;-)
    Keep it up! Carry on your good job :-)
    We will never tell you where we are switching but silently we will be disappeared… Oh sad!
    Haha, but we are also humans not your erroneous smartphones :-D
    Please customers don’t bye sony :-)
    Better, get invisible ;-)

  • TonyE

    I forgot HTC one mini has also KitKat, so Sony is the only 2013 mid-range that doesn’t have KitKat

  • Kippel

    I have more and better options to spend my money. A good travel, my son, a present to my wife ,a good dinner in a good restaurant, throw my bills into a campfire… Anything but another Xperia.


    Listen here stupid,does it FUCKING E1 FLAGSHIP??? Why does this piece of crap have fucking KITKAT update but SP does?

  • Red

    I don’t want kitkat……i would like a stable 4.3……sony left sp with bugs

  • Kippel

    As Xperia S, you mean…

  • Kippel

    The words “under invertigation” wasn´t there when I bought my phone. How hard is it to understand?

  • Kippel

    Don’t worry, lots of us won’t be “not surprised” again with Sony.

  • Timbo1

    Well that sucks for you and everyone else with an SP going in and expecting unlimited major upgrades. Obviously Sony felt the phone couldn’t handle Kit Kat to their liking for whatever reason. How hard is that to understand?

  • Kippel

    Z1? Your hour is near, mate.

  • Kippel

    NO, I don’t want “unlimited major upgrades”, I’m not an idiot. I want what I paid. And I paid for a mid-range phone that was going to be upgraded to kitkat. Not more, not less.

  • Fodor Dávid

    Thanks man…

  • walker


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  • Sanya Stashkov


  • Constantine

    S got update from 2.3 to 4.0, from 4.0 to 4.1. And also minor updates. It’s very good.

  • Sft

    released in april, so it has kitkat, how funny! u have vast knowledge about technology man :D

  • Sft

    May b u r a bloody labor of sony!

  • hffhjg

    Released in April -> working version was already released -> drivers were already released. Think before writing such xomments, man.

  • The Truth

    yeah! shitstantine, this stupid fan boy is nothing except licking sony’s balls, for fanboys, sony is always right.

    But i think in reality cus this sony’s ugly behaviors, they are losing support from their biggest friends, the costumers.

  • Jacob

    Yes you are an idiot. You got exactly what you deserve for being a cheap mother fucker.

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  • cyapalmos

    Guess I’ll wipe it, rebuild it, and see how long it lasts!

  • Kippel

    Go and buy a life, rat-child

  • Kippel

    Let’s forgive that the 2012 flagship started with 2.3.

  • Constantine

    It was OK for that time.

  • Daniel Andres

    happy with the updates on my xperia tablet z but disappointed with the updates on my xperia sp, Sony is of the brands that more care their products and this is good, this is one reason to choose sony, but after that i’ll search another brand

  • ?????

    Will EoL means that’s impossible now to update Sony Apps like Walkman, Album etc.?

  • cDh

    Well the LG G Pro Lite was updated to 4.4 KitKat and it is a mid range phone.

  • cDh

    At least give SP users a bugfix update sony, .207 firmware is too buggy to deal with.

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  • Kabuto Kouji

    agree… sony…. youre killing your MOTHER here!!!!!

  • aekara21

    FUCK SONY!!!!!!!?? ????? ??? ????? ??? ?????????!!! ill”call sony service and tell them i ain’t gonna buy another sony mobile

  • Paul M

    my wife has an SP. she knows nothing about different versions of android. Her phone works the same today after this announcement as it did yesterday before Sony spoke up. Unless I explained why, she’d not really understand or care.

    of course, I am disappointed, as the phone isn’t really that old, and its certainly got sufficient RAM and flash.

    I’m sure the wonderful people at XDA will help extract updated packages from other Xperias and make them available for the SP.

  • sosmart

    r.i.p sony xperia sp, and soon sony itself :)

  • Stanley08

    WRONG! Motorola is owned by Lenovo

  • Pingback: Sony Xperia SP ficará no Android 4.3 Jelly Bean - 4GNews | Noticias Tecnologia e Reviews()

  • Danny

    disappointed. it’s only been more than a year, since March 2013, and already ending support? I thought Sony promised 2 years of support for all devices. Disappointing as there is still bugs that needs to be fix. Hell, Sony.

    So bring on the custom ROMs. I never root nor install a Custom Roms on any of my phones, I hope someone can help me.

  • Riyal

    Hopefully this should finally be also the EoL of the spammers of Xperiablog.

  • ff

    sony you out paradise g o to hell

  • PissedwithSony

    Fuck you Sony! Fuck you very much. You promised a 4.4 update, you sons of bitches. Never buying or recommending a Sony product again. Ever. Fuck you.

  • Hekmat Shammout

    Sony should have never promised to update to 4.4. That is the point here. We as SP owners should have been treated to kitkat but Sony let us down and gave us the finger. Good job Sony. Now switching to HTC m8.

  • Rakesh Nandi

    Sony is doing the wrong thing….they are releasing new flagships twice a year without letting old phone to get their proper update…..SP is fully capable of Kitkat….but still they are so deaf and dumb that they don’t understand this…..and they are expecting to capture the smartphone market with this kind of mentality……

  • johnylim

    SHAME! These XSP life support just same as XV, but XV better because its half year launched before SP. I should choose XV at that time, wrong decision, got bad screen, bad battery, bad support. Maybe at that price range, we should prefer China/Taiwan high end phone over this SONY midrange phone.

  • oleksy911

    I will never buy SONY’s product’s

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  • Hideg Jen? Péter

    I know, feel bro. Even…I had Xperia X8, Mini Pro when was i sold.
    Z3 Compact is perfect size, even very useful, but pricey. Ain’t bad.

  • TonyE

    This was just a scam to sell more phones, they were never going to update the software to KitKat.

  • InspectorGadget80

    Please quit your bytchin bout the SP update. If you hate it so much sell it and buy a different XPERIA phone or move along with another phone company. we don’t have to hear your cries. next time you will learn your lesson on buying a flagship or make sure the midrange will get the update.

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  • Calum Price

    And it looks like it’s the end for the light band at the bottom.

  • It’s official, I’m never buying another Sony smartphone, flagship or otherwise, I’ll just stick with the Nexus line. I bought this phone because they said the future version was going to be kitkat, now they give us this bullshit! I won’t make the same mistake twice Sony.

  • Milin Patel

    I want to say some thing here.
    As we all now know Xperia SP is not going to have Kikat update,
    And all of you are posting comments here on this un-official xperia blog,
    Instead of doing that lets convert every post here into an Email, requesting sony to bring the Kitkat update for SP at least they will think about it,
    And i know few Email won help but if we all together can bring our wish come true.
    Hope you all will help.
    And I have already sent my Email to sony !!!

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  • Tim

    Leaving Xperia was one of my smartest choices ever. Just got shocked that they keep treating their customers the way they’ve ever did. LOL

  • GimmeMoney

    Good, Sony doesn’t have to deal with idiots like you anymore. In fact, you did them a favour by eliminating a pleb like you off the community. Hope you don’t show your face here anymore since you aren’t a Sony customer anymore. Thumbs up to you

  • Xperiazzzzzzz

    If only everyone would think like you

  • Anup Patel

    Cheaters….. Not buying SONY anymore….. SP would get a kitkat update you said… You have no respect for customers.. Boycotting SONY…

  • Anup Patel

    Never gonna recommend sony to anyone….. Cheap gimmick to sell more phones… SP deserved an update…

  • aaaa

    Why are you complaining? you have CM11

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  • CyanogenMod 11S


  • xperia

    bc xperia e1 is new??

  • Petition


  • sattar

    fuck you sony!

  • SP user

    Good bye for 4.4 and hello for new phone YOU MOTHER FXXX(CENSORED)

  • Proximity

    If we can’t get the KiteKat officially could someone show us the tutorial step by step how to install flawless the Cyanogenmod 11 for Xperia SP? Is there a tested way to get it?

  • 4.3 user

    Bitch please am happy with my sp works fine

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  • Guest


  • AG


  • ayu

    go home & fuh your mom

  • ????????? ?????????

    No! Funk you!

  • buy a flagship


  • ToniDeLaPlata

    What a miserable life you must live.

  • Marshall


  • Roel Castañeda

    esta por salir android L y ios 8, sony siempre tan lenta en actualizaciones y ni asi nos llegara kit kat, estoy muy molesto e inconforme, el año anterior fue el movil mas vendido de su segmento no tiene tanto tiempo en el mercado y lo abandonan, tengo la ultima compilacion que tardo bastante en salir 12.1.A.1.207, se nota mas estabilidad pero aun me da ciertos culgues en app de la camara, cuando la mando llamar desde el boton dedicado, no vuelvo a comprar un movil sony jamas, mi proxima compra sera un xiaomi o un motorola

  • amin

    now i hate u sony!!

  • faraz

    fuck Sony ……

    Sony Liars

    When I bought the phone is updated to version 4.4

    Sony Liars

    Sony Liars

    Sony Liars

    Sony Liars

    Fuck Sony

  • Pingback: Telefoni Sony Xperia M, L in SP ostajajo na Android 4.3 oz 4.2 Jelly Bean | UPORABNA STRAN()

  • Sam S

    WAS a sony customization fan guess with this kind of crap support I’m better with stock androids ATLEAST I’ll get speed and updates. Simple question for sony if you can’t support your year old devices it’s time you shut operations.

  • Praveen Ram

    i know why the sp wont get the 4.4.4 kitkat update cos the battery backup and performance is really good that its newer phones like Z and others wont sell if this update comes, im having custom rom in my xperia sp and its far far more better now… the phones does not go above 30 degrees, the response time is super fast and battery backup u get 50% more than JB 4.3… my custom rom is XperienZe V3, it will void your warranty and if you are going for this do it at your own risk…

  • madulla

    Don’t make me jealous – I bought new an Xperia ST271 just a year ago – and it’s stuck at Android 2.3.7, even though an upgrade to JellyBean was promised imminently. Look, I use Linux (Lubuntu, mainly) on any number of PCs and laptops around the house, and rarely does a new version turn out unusable on old hardware. So I conclude that Android versioning is deliberately tied to planned obsolescence of cellphone systems in order to force hardware replacement purchasing. Black mark earned by phone manufacturers. I must see how the Jolla/Sailfish guys are progressing, maybe I can refresh my phone, without help from Sony, with a non-Android operating system with future prospects?

  • Sibtain

    Why doesn’t anyone understand? The Xperia SP is a mid-range device. Sony did go kinda wrong, by not upgrading it to 4.4. But, do you want to stay with a mid-range? And, to all those who say that even low-end devices like the Moto E got 4.4, that device came out way later than the SP. And, Google owned Motorola when the Moto E came out, and that device is practically stock Android, if it wasn’t for the Motorola add-ons. Overall, what Sony are saying is that it is probably time to move on. How long are you gonna live with a 2013 mid-range device? Add a few more pounds, dollars, rupees etc…. and you get a 2014 mid-range with KitKat and even possibly, Android 5.0 Lollipop. And, I’m not a Sony fanboy: I agree I love Sony for life, but not a fanboy.

  • Sibtain

    Anyonelooking for the Xperia Z3/Z3 Compact/Z3 Tablet Compact home launcher for your Android device? It looks better on an Xperia, but hey, the choice is yours! Well, first, you need an Android 4.2.2 (or over) device. The dev is working on the launcher for Android 4.1 and even, 4.0, if possible. Go to this link:- and if you scroll down, you will find the .apk. It includes some widgets, too! There is a ‘no-root’ apk and a ‘Superuser’ apk. If you are rooted, it will be better if you use the, ‘Superuser’ one, because you can use your stock widgets. Thank you, and please leave a reply if you need help, or anything.

  • Dhaval Makati

    Wrong step by Sony….

  • Dhaval Makati

    Just go to hell, u n Sony both

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  • xperia aida

    why finally for sp???????????
    I want kitkat :(((((

  • Giovani

    Really, this is ridiculous. I’ve bought plenty of Sony hardware during this year, Sp, a huge Bravia, my ps4, Vaio, headsets… Every time I needed to buy a gadget Sony theoretically offered the best device for the price range I was looking for. Then they fooled me twice, once with a supposed “motionflow 240hz” technology on Bravia that makes the screen too dim to be of any use when you activate it, and now ditching this update. When I bought my SP kitkat was listed as a future update for the device, then it was listed as “under investigation” and finally it was abandoned, as if they hadn’t promised it almost an year ago. Sony needs to get its shit together. I don’t think I’ll buy another Sony product after being fooled twice.

  • Micha? Qban Kubacki

    Hey guys, check out my Xperia SP here:


  • aritra mitra

    Sony always been my fav brand. But as I think about this decision I am in awe. I am moving out.
    I am actually waiting for KITKAT update for SP.
    As it not coming I am moving to Nokia Lumias. They are actually better and easy to use giving windows.

    Also all the mid-range phones are getting windows 10 update unlike sony.
    Sony actually taken a very BS decision. But F*** them I am buying Nokia with Good ‘ol Windows..

  • aritra mitra

    Mr. A**Crack
    U might not aware of the fact that SP is more than capable to receive and run kitkat version. But you will still talk SH*T like u always do.

  • aritra mitra

    again dude u are talking and creating another Sh*t Storm

  • aritra mitra

    as expected Sh*tting again

  • Sam

    intend to buy sony xperia sp c5303 in my country and gonna go to US next year. I wonder if c5303 can be used in US ?

  • guest

    Fuck Sony, I’ll never buy another Sony product. Bad developement, and worse treat to customers.

  • ash

    So,has google says that only my company product will get a update not other……Google says that only few companies like htc Motorola etc comes out for the update nd sony never ever comes.. Nd by way 20k for mee it’s not a mid range for u it might be…..nd I buyed the phone after watching the availability of kitkat update but now wow they says 4.3 is the last now we are going to concentrate on new other products….if this things happens no need to concentrate on new products bcs no one is going to buy or prefer sony products any more……tkcr

  • ninguno

    Seems like you’re lucky to have a job where a good level of English language is not required.

  • ninguno

    I wouldn’t mind this decision if I hadn’t read about this update being considered before I bought my SP. That was actually a major factor when I decided to buy this phone. Now I feel cheated.

  • Rick Dolishny

    Cyanogen says the phone is not supported. Did you try the upgrade anyway?

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  • Francisco Guillén

    Soy has the worst smartphones ever, and android, eewwww. That’s the reason y use iPhone

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