Sony WCR14 Wireless Charging Cover for Xperia Z3 coming soon

by XB on 10th September 2014

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Sony WCR14 Wireless Charging Cover_3Sony will shortly launch the Wireless Charging Cover WCR14 for the Xperia Z3 according to Clove. The case will be based on the Qi standard and allows the handset to sit in landscape mode, which is useful for video content.

This can be charged by any Qi-based charging pad, including the Sony WCH10 Wireless Charging Plate that was announced earlier this year.  The WCR14 Wireless Charging Cover will be available at the end of September in both black and white colours. Clove has listed the cases for £59.99 including VAT.

Sony WCR14 Wireless Charging Cover_1

Sony WCR14 Wireless Charging Cover_2

Sony WCR14 Wireless Charging Cover_3

Sony WCR14 Wireless Charging Cover_4

Sony WCR14 Wireless Charging Cover_5

Sony WCR14 Wireless Charging Cover_6

Sony WCR14 Wireless Charging Cover_7

Sony WCR14 Wireless Charging Cover_8

Sony WCR14 Wireless Charging Cover_9

Sony WCR14 Wireless Charging Cover_10

  • Camilo Uribe

    This will work for Z2 too?

  • DBS

    Here’s to hope they release this for the Z3Compact too since they insist in not building this into the phones.

  • yudi_hilmawan

    Why you need a wireless charger when magnetic charging adapter/dock is cheaper and better?

  • yudi_hilmawan

    I hope not, because it will only waste their time.
    It would be much better if they made a power case or power flip case with e ink touchscreen display on top of the front cover.

    Wireless charger would be useful if they can make it truly wireless like this one.

  • Adam

    Because Qi is a technology used in many products from many companies. You might just find a Qi charging plate during your travels when you’re away from home and your phone is in desperate need of a charge. A proprietary Sony magnetic charging dock that works with your phone–which Sony has designed specifically to work with only your specific Sony phone model–is not so likely to be available.

  • DBS

    I rather they release it as a case than to not have wireless charging at all. Since they insist in not building Qi into the phones, a case will have to to. But no wireless charging is even worse.

  • DBS

    Because no one else uses magnetic charging docks. Qi is the international standard. Not only that, it’s much more practical and doesn’t require you to have your phone in portrait mode.

  • yudi_hilmawan

    I guess when I’m traveling it will be much more easier to find an electric outlet or micro usb charger.
    At a time like that I just need to bring a small and easy to carry around magnetic connector adapter like this one.

    Even without an adapter a micro usb charger is gonna be much more easier to find and use than Qi charging plate.
    Because if my phone is in desperate need of charge that means i really need to use my phone as quickly as it possible and it’s harder to use it when my phone lying on Qi charging plate.

  • yudi_hilmawan

    Lol.. that’s funny but all i have to do is get some cheap, small and easy to carry around magnetic connector adapter and keep using my phone.
    At the same time I also will laugh at you, when I saw you waiting for your phone to charged on the charging plate.

  • yudi_hilmawan

    I love the idea of wireless charging but until this day none of them is “trully wireless”
    The idea of lying my phone on the top of charging plate and not be able to use my phone freely is simply BS.
    I would choose magnetic connector adapter over the Qi charging plate any time.

  • DBS

    Well, it’s your preference, I respect that. But you’re quite alone in it.
    Also, I prefer to place the phone on top of a plate to charge than to have to either use the ports or a magnetic cable that forces me to have the phone in only one position.

  • DBS

    You are completely deluded, mate. The magnetic dock also requires you to have the phone connected to a cabled device and you also have to wait for the phone to charge.

    And FYI, there are wireless charging plates available that you can carry with you.

  • yudi_hilmawan

    No i’m not with an adapter like this one.

    Yes it requires me to have the phone connected to a cabled device but all i need to have is the micro usb charger that comes with the phone.
    And i can keep using my phone without having to put the phone on the charging plate or in potrait mode.

    And FYI if i need something that i can carry without using cable i can just get some power case like this one.

  • yudi_hilmawan

    You really have no idea of what i’m talking about, with this adaptor i can use my phone pretty much in any position.

    If you do not like that one, there are quite a lot of other versions available on the market.

  • 0A05

    When will Sony include wireless charging on their cellphones??? it’s pointless to sell it apart… :(

  • User2080

    in the same way a wireless charging dock also needs to be connected to a power source.

    wireless charging plates? how about portable power banks?

    the height of indolence.

    why waste power with wireless charging when it’s every easy to dock an xperia on its intended dock.

  • Billy de Fretes

    dude… even wireless charging needs you to plug cable to power source.. so you are completely deduded

  • Ethan ‘blaze’ Parker

    Only what position? What?

    I rather have magnetic charging with a magnetic cable too than having to place my phone at a place and leave it there to charge.

  • DBS

    To use this adapter is the same thing as having your phone charging via de USB port. So completely pointless. The only advantage it has is to allow you to avoid opening the flaps.

    In either case, if I want to have my phone connected to a wire, I rather open the flap.

    The point of Qi charging is to NOT need cables of any sort connected to your phone. It seems to me you just don’t get Qi charging or never tried using a phone with it.

  • DBS

    Perhaps you should read all the comments before jumping into the conversation?

  • DBS

    Yeah, just because you’re not aware of all the offerings in the market, doesn’t mean they don’t exist. Let me introduce to you a portable wireless charger

    Here’s the difference between magnetic docs and wireless charging: on the first you connect a cable to the phone or to some dock that has to be connected to a phone. On wireless charging your phone is not connected to anything.

  • DBS

    1 – Portable power banks require you to connect to the phone with a cable. Wireless charging plates don’t.

    2 – Because the Xperia charging dock forces you to place the phone in landscape mode and keep it attached to the dock. Besides, the fact that no one else in the industry uses magnetic docks should give you a hint on its usefulness: it’s stupid.

    3 – Why waste money on stupid proprietary accessories that don’t sell instead of putting Wireless charging on the phones and be at least able to sell wireless charging plates to people with other Qi enabled phones?

  • User2080

    point taken. at least sony is trying to win people like you.

    but for sony fans, here’s the answer:

    1. portable power banks are cheaper and you can take them anywhere.

    2 & 3 why are you buying an xperia flagship if you really want wireless charging that is not as efficient as wired/connected charging.
    if you’re really after the idea of charging your phone in cafes that offer wireless charging, i’m pretty sure these cafes can also offer charging via USB.

    if integrating wireless charging makes the device more expensive, it’s not that justified having it.

  • User2080

    with the development of wireless charging tech, they might be thinking the Qi standard might be supplanted by newer standards like the one being developed in south korea by KAIST that charges devices from a number of feet away.

    it’s better as an accessory than integrating it in the device, making the device more expensive, and not really offering very palpable advantages.

  • DBS

    See, that’s what makes no sense. Despite the fact that normally only flagships have wireless charging, if Sony is putting out these covers it means the phones already have the technology in them. These cases, like the ones on Nokia phones or the S5 only have the missing thin foil that completes the system. Some people even opened their Lumias 925 and S5’s, took the foil out of the wireless case and placed it on the phone.
    I don’t understand why Sony just half-cooks things (this assuming the phone DOES have a wireless cover)

  • yudi_hilmawan

    Hey are you stupid or what? Sorry if i’m being rude but it seems you really don’t understand what i’m talking about

    some people hate when they need open and close the flaps to charge their phone.

    So the the first solution is buy an adapter so they can charge the phone without opening the flaps but in the same time they also can still using their phone.
    The adapter is also a lot cheaper and smaller than Qi wireless charging plate.

    The second solution if you hate using some cable to charge your phone you can buy a power case so you can charge your phone without cable and in the same time you get protection from the case.

    Both solution is much more better than Qi wireless at least for now because with magnetic charging port you get all advantages of wireless charging but without disadvantages of wireless charging.
    You can check both the advantages and disadvantages of Qi wireless charging in here.

  • yudi_hilmawan

    Lol… did i need any cable with this one.
    I can get more battery and protection in one device with power case like that one.

    Here the difference of the advantages and disadvantages between Qi wireless charging and Magnetic charging port.
    Qi wireless charging :
    Lower efficiency and waste heat.
    Slower charging.
    More expensive.
    Magnetic charging port
    All the Advantages of Qi wireless charging but in the same time pretty much without the disadvantages of Qi wireless charging.

  • yudi_hilmawan

    There is 2 version of wireless charger
    1. Wireless charging plate only, it has cable that you need to connect it to the socket.
    2. Portable charger with built in charging plate, with this one you don’t need any to charge your phone all you have to do is put the phone on the charging plate.

    There is 4 version of magnetic charger.
    1. Charging dock.

    2. Charging cable.

    3. Charging adaptor.

    4. Last but not least power case with this one you don’t need any cable and it alsi dual fuctions.

  • Peter

    Useless. Either build it in the phone – or don’t bother at all… Oh wait, this way they force you to buy 2 accessories instead of one – and don’t tell me it’s because they keep the price low because Z3 is the most expensive smartphone on the market right now – that’s right, even the iPhon6, infamous for its pricing, is cheaper. So if Nokia, HTC and even Samsung can include wireless charging as a built in feature – so can Sony. Pathetic money grab… I used to love Sony but i begin to dislike them more and more with every release, especially when they abandon their phones after 6 months because they already released 15 more…

  • Jake Lew

    Iphone cheaper ? You knocked you head hard ?
    Iphone 6 basic model is start from $1100+

  • ishu

    And FYI, one can use phone while connected to magnetic dock or cable. I am using magnetic cable for my Z2.

  • DBS

    Dear Lord, you are as dumb as a rock, mate.
    1 – What in “no cables connected to the phone” don’t you understand? The entire point behind wireless charging is that you don’t attach cables of ANY kind to your phone. Be it the USB or a magnetic dock cable. Cables are cumbersome.
    2 – And so are cases. Power cases are less annoying than values but they still turn the experience horrible. You do realize phones are designed to be ergonomic, right? By adding cases not only are you ruining the phones design, you’re also refining the experience you have with it. If phones were meant to be used worth cases, companies wouldn’t waste thousands of euros in design research. They’d just produce a brick and then let the people solve the ergonomic experience with a case. With wireless charging you keep your phone’s design intact.
    3 – Using Wikipedia to justify your option for magnetic docks is as valid as using a crystal ball. Any dimwitted odor can change articles on Wikipedia. It’s not a valid source of reliable information.

  • Sho Firdaus

    if this is following the previous versions, then the Qi casing houses the Qi stuff right(see the casing thickness)? and connects to your Xperia via the magnetic ports.. there are connectors in the casing. probably to save onboard space, and give options to people who dont care for Qi. you don’t need the dock as much as you don’t need the Qi either. personally I’d rather have stronger cabled magnetic chargers (without the dock) but all i found online are knockoff ones that don’t hold on very well.

  • RealityCheck2013

    I want 1 for my Z1 SONY :(

  • Peter

    iPhone 6 is 539£
    Xperia Z3 is 549£

    At least in the UK. Check prices before you reply and suggest a head knock.

  • Peter

    Also, it would be nice if moderators didn’t delete a comment that simply states the price… what are you afraid of ? Ruining the “iPhone is more expensive” myth ? You already deleted my price listing twice. Is it some kind of secret that Z3 is move expensive ?

  • Estêvão Campos

    Ok so it’s 10£ more expensive then a overpriced iPhone.. you’re doing this right!

  • Billy de Fretes

    yeah i know but this wireless charging need to plug on power source and yet i’m still right.. but if this wireless charging have eternal power (doesn’t need to recharge / plug to a power source) then you are the right one.

  • Loizos Aristides

    They got time for this bullshit but not for giving the SP kitkat? Fuck you sony.

  • Loizos Aristides

    Compare the Z3 and the iPhone 6 specs.
    Can you tell now why the Xperia Z3 is more expensive?

  • Aron

    And yet even iPhone 5s performs better… But yeah, THE SPECS are better lol. You people are so clueless…

  • Rene Pedroso

    Shouldn’t the XZ3 be compared to the 6+????

  • jonyah

    This upsets me a bit. I was expecting to get this for my Z2 then they pulled it after I bought the Z2. Yes, I use magnetic chargers, docks and even the custom dock from proclipusa for my car. But that doesn’t mean I don’t want this as well. All those docks require me to keep it out of a case since none of the adapters fit the cases I have. A QI charging plat can be used with other phones too so some of us already have these laying around in our house for other phones.

  • Aiden Pearce

    Yah Yah heard that before for Z2 but never came out people kept waiting like me…i dont know if its just a lure people would not it be better if they had built in wireless for Z3….damn Sony

  • Fapples Christos Karadimas


  • Kabuto Kouji

    I KNEW IT…..!!! So….. that explains the canceling of this: SONY´S MARKETING COLD BLOODED BASTARDS!!!!!

  • Kabuto Kouji


  • yudi_hilmawan

    I think you are the one who really dumb.

    1. The charging plate “ONLY” like this one.
    You need plug the cable to the socket and put you phone on top of the charging plate you, if you want to use your phone it force you to use it while the phone is lying on top of it.

    Now let us compare with magnetic charging port all you have to do is get some adaptir like this one.
    Connect it with regular charger and charger your phone. You can keep using your phone like having phone call, playing games and browsing Without having to put it on the charging plate/dock.

    2. Let us compare portable charger with built in charging plate with power case.

    With portable wireless charging plate yes i don’t have to use any cable but i need to put my phone on top of charging plate.
    Let me ask you something what happened when i need to make a call in very crowded place but in the same time my battery is about to die and i don’t carry any headset.
    Did i need to hold my phone and charging plate in the same time on my ear? That will makes me looks like a morron.

    With power case i don’t need to put it on, i just need to carry it like portable charger and when i need to charge phone all i have to do is put on the case without having problems with functionalities or looks like an idiot.

    All people with common sense would realize that the magnetic charging offers more functionality, simplicity and cheaper prices than Qi wireless.

    The only time wireless charging is better than magnetic port is when they are able to make it trully wireless just like what Sony have done with their prototype.

    Wikipedia is not only talk some BS like you, Because they provide us with references and reliable sources.

  • Rikimaru

    Magnetic is clearly cheaper you are right. But bring QI is always a +
    for Sony, in this way people can choose what they prefer…

  • DBS

    You won’t look like a moron for holding the phone and the plate. You already are a moron.

    1 – You just DON’T grasp the concept of “WIRELESS CHARGING”. Either you don’t know what “wireless” means, or you don’t know what “charging” means. Attachment of cables to magnetic docks etc goes against that very same concept no matter how much you try it.

    2 – Powercases are cumbersome and destroy the phone’s design. Period. I can always put my phone in those gigantic cases. Because yeah, everyone wants to put a book against their ears, right? You don’t look at all like an idiot with those book cases on the phone…oh wait…yes, you do.

    Wireless charging means you LEAVE your phone always on top of something that can power it. If you need the phone you simply pick it up. You don’t need stupid dongles connected to the side of the phone, or cumbersome cases or even strings of microUSB charging tubes.

    Magnetic charging offers the same functionality Qi charging offers and the things that it offers extra is balanced by an horrible user experience. Magnetic charging is also less efficient. And that’s why only Sony insists in it. If Sony had done what other companies are doing and adopted Qi charging on the phones instead of silly ugly magnetic docks, they would probably sell more phones. Because, guess what?, a Nexus user, a Nokia user, a Samsung user, all those will less likely chose a Sony phone because of that. Choosing a Sony phone always means losing functionalities and an extra expense on adopting another technology which has proven inferior to the one they had on their phones.
    That Sony prototype is nice but a pipedream for the next decade at least.
    Wikipedia is a source of BS, References and “reliable sources”? You clearly are not a scholar otherwise you’d know how that Wikipedia is the last place one goes for reliable trustworthy sources and references.

  • DBS

    I can also connect it to a microUSB cable and have the same cumbersome unpleasant experience.

  • yudi_hilmawan

    Hahaha… you must be very stupid, lets make it clear once for all.
    What i’m trying to say from the first time is why i need Qi wireless charging when there is a Magnetic port that offer the same fuctionality as charging plate (not portable wireless charging just in case you not smart enough to understand what i’m talking about) but without the disadvantages of Qi wireless?
    With an adapter i can keep charging and using my phone in any position you can’t do that with Qi wireless.

    I don’t need to put on the case all the time, i can carry the case in my pocket and using it only when i need to charge my phone.
    And i don’t think this power case is ugly or big enough to destroy the design or makes me looks like an idiot.

    Imagine this your phone is dead and you also in crowded place (like train station for example) but in the same time you need to make important call as quickly as it possible to your bos, family etc. The only power source you have is portable wireless charger can simply pick it up and make a call when the battery is still 1%? I don’t think so you need to put the phone for certain amount of time until it enough charged to make a call.

    With power case i can keep it in my pocket or bag but when i realize that my phone is dead and i need to make a call.
    I simple take the case out from my pocket or bag and put it on, even with only 1% of battery i already able to make a call.
    After that i keep charging my phone and maybe playing some games, browsing the internet or listen some music. When it fully charge i remove the case and put it back in my pocket so i can enjoy my phone “naked”.
    That’s actually my real life experiences.

    Please don’t talk anything about sales! Do you what the world best selling smartphone is? The answer is iPhone.
    Nokia maybe one of the first (if not the first) who adopted Qi charging but can you tell me what happened to Nokia sales?
    Right now when it comes to sales Sony is much more better than nokia even when nokia phone has built in wireless charging.

    If you think that the wikipedia is just a source of BS.
    You can read this review of Nokia DC-50 wireless charging.

  • DBS

    You keep your idiotic deluded fantasies, kid. I’ve honestly had enough of your stupidity. You insist on mixing apples and oranges, there’s no point trying to pass a message through your thick empty head.

    Enjoy your magnetic toys in the certainty that you’re quite alone and that sooner or later, Sony will also drop such a backwards, unused technology.

  • yudi_hilmawan

    Hahaha… it seems you can’t accept the truth that the magnetic charging is way… much more better than Qi wireless (at least for now)

    After i show you that the magnetic charging have all the advantages but without the disadvantages of Qi wireless.

    You keep talking some BS by saying that the magnetic is also less efficient when Xperiablog said there is no noticeable difference in charging times when they using Deff Micro-USB to Magnetic Connector Adapter in their review.

    You also said that wikipedia is a source of BS when unleash the phone confirm that wikipedia is telling us the truth about Qi wireless.
    Let me show you what they said about Nokia DC-50 Qi wireless charging, maybe its gonna be easier for you and some other people to understand.

    “if you place them both in your front pocket, but then the two devices heat up quite a bit thanks to all the wireless charging. With a standard wired charger, you can attach it to your phone and let it charge in your pocket or backpack, without any worries.”
    “Wireless charging also takes a longer time than standard wired charging via microUSB, which is another factor to consider. It’s also much less efficient than wired charging, which means in theory, that 2400 mAh battery of the DC-50 might only give about 1800-ish mAh of battery charge. Which could explain why it could never fully charge up the 2000 mAh battery of my Lumia 1020.”

    Whatever you say, you can not deny the fact that the magnetic charging is much better for now.

    If Sony of some other companies find a way to charge my phone without having to put it on top of the charging plate like Sony prototype I will gladly leave the magnetic charging port for good.

    Don’t worry I did enjoy my magnetic toys with my Z2.
    Because with magnetic toys I can charge my phone in a way that is much easier and safer, but at the same time I can still use my phone in any position and situation.

  • yudi_hilmawan

    a + for what?
    Magnetic is not only cheaper but also offers you with more functionality and more efficient charging.

  • Loizos Aristides

    iPhones do perform better cause of their OS…imagine a phone with android specs and iOS..xD

  • Yes but lets base the conversation on reality and not ‘what if’

  • SJ

    @yudi Do you know Headsets? -> Your problem is solved.

  • I know its a month old, but we’re talking situation and application.

    You’re insistence that magnetic charging ports are better and your definition of how to use a wireless dock show that you don’t understand the CONTEXT of why wireless charging is different.

    I BELIEVE you when you say magnetic charging is faster and more efficient.

    What you’re failing to understand is that users of wireless charging have a tendency to put their phones back down on a charging plate more often, keeping the phone charged.

    In a situation where i need to charge AND use the handset at the same time, then USB or magnetic is obviously the only possible solution…. but it also means I need to sit next to an outlet or find a really long charging cable to string across the room. Yes, you are correct that in this situation, Qi is not useful.

    However, because of how I use my Qi docks at home, I rarely find myself in an instance where I need to charge and use the phone at the same time. Because I casually leave my phone on a plate, it tends to stay charged all the time.

    The whole argument here is a bit ridiculous. Its like a guy in a truck trying to say truck tires are superior to the tires on a Mini Cooper. That’s a ridiculous argument because Mini Cooper tires are intended to have different usage and applications compared to truck tires. You could jack up the Mini Cooper and put truck tires on it… but its not necessary. I dunno… maybe that analogy sucks too.

  • ???????? ?????????

    I want it for my Z3 compact!!!

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