Xperia Z3 Compact now on pre-order for £348 in UK

by XB on 11th September 2014

in Xperia Z3 series

Sony_Xperia_Z3_Compact_Black-300x300The Sony Xperia Z3 Compact has received a pre-order price drop by a couple of retailers in the UK. Whilst the Sony Mobile Store and Amazon UK are offering the handset for £429, retailers Clove and Handtec have dropped the pre-order price to around £348 including VAT.

This is a stunning deal, especially considering that the Xperia Z1 Compact is sold for this price on the Sony Mobile Store and around £310 on Amazon UK. We don’t know if this is a limited time offer or whether they price has been reduced permanently, however if you were considering the handset, now would be a great time to jump on board. Both Clove and Handtec deliver worldwide.

  • AsadMulla

    wow. I wasnt sure which one to get Z3 or Z3 compact but at that price I feel persuaded to go for the compact. Clove are selling the Z2 for £400

  • XperiaBlog

    Agreed – fantastic price. Hard to believe to be honest considering the recent premium pricing of Sony handsets.

  • roeshak

    That seems low for a recently unveiled high end device. That’s a price cut of almost £80! Astonishing!!!

  • DBS

    It’s also for pre-order in Belgium for 499€ and Amazon Germany for 599€

  • viewtifuljoe71

    That iPhone will probably $1000. No. Freaking. Way.

  • JHMBB2

    If they sold these in the US I’d seriously consider one over the Z3.

  • tuschak

    can’t wait to buy one when it be available in Malaysia

  • apolloa

    I’m going ti buy this phone, but I am going to see what deals there are next month or so on contract. Will get the orange one I think. On a nice cheap EE tariff. but that price is damn impressive for a brand new handset pre-order.
    So I’ll have a nicely priced premium compact phone, and my iSheep friends will be either paying mega money for their new iPhone 6 or paying for overpriced contracts.

  • Riyal

    It’s probably cheaper since there’s not much change compared to Z1 Compact. I couldn’t imagine anyone with a Z1 Compact buying that phone at a expensive price.

  • Danny

    Z3/Z1 Compact for the missus, and the Z3 for me. This is gonna be awesome. I love the Z3.

  • BruceLeeRoyJenkins

    With pricing like this it’s right in the price range of the iPhone 6. Which is funny because the Z3 Compact has top notch hardware and software, while the iPhone 6 has some good software but really dated hardware

  • BruceLeeRoyJenkins

    Can you wait a month or two…. Or 5?

  • BruceLeeRoyJenkins

    Any word on the Z3 pricing and other models?

  • Oro

    Unfortunately, that offering does not include green colour

  • Advice

    So order one from clove. Only 470$ shipped

  • thumble

    And many others say that sony is very expencive but that dos nt look like it for excample her in norway the sgs5 still cost about 540 euros the xz2 you can buy it for 500 euros and xz2 is far more premium and the better choice and also the xz3 is much cheaper then samsungs note 4/edge

  • Gutt Grinder

    Yes you’re right….

    Seems like Apple’s only trick up their sleeves is their software. I was really amazed about the Z3 compact and it will be a good upgrade for me as an Xperia V user..

  • Shubham Mutreja

    Why the f**K people say sony is expensive!!!
    see this plastic and crapple fanboys!!!!!!

  • It’s also on pre-order on ComputerUniverse for €499

  • roeshak

    The reason why Sony devices don’t hold their price in the market for very long is because they’re replaced after just 6 months ago. The z2 was the most expensive of the android flashships for a couple of months after launch but with news of the z3, it’s price has been steadily dropping to the point now where it’s one of the cheapest. When you buy a flashship from other manufacturers, it remains that for a year but with Sony, you get one for just 6 months. That status devaluation is bound to affect its material value.

  • Josh Erik Bethell

    Import one from us then! The UK stock is compatible across US networks, 3G and 4G LTE. The only thing you’ll need is a US mains charger :)
    – Josh from Clove

  • Josh Erik Bethell

    The price is confirmed from UK Sony distribution. They changed their list price to retailers after the Apple announcement. Probably a spoiler tactic. Don’t know how much money Sony UK are making on them now but it’s a cracking deal for everyone else :)
    – Josh from Clove

  • Niels d. G.

    I’m always a bit scared of pre-orders because the first production batch of something usually has a range of infancy illnesses

  • zymo

    Pre-order price in Germany is still 499EUR/£399 for Z3C while the Z1 Compact is on sale for 299EUR/£235. 499EUR is definitely to much asked for Z3C considering you get the Z1C 200EUR (and more) cheaper.

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  • zymo

    But you know that Note 4 has superior specs than Z3? SD805, 32GB RAM, OIS, QHD-Display and all those sensors like UV, Heart-Rate, IR….Considering this the N4 has to be more expensive than Z3.

  • John

    would clove ship it to India? do I need to pay VAT if I purchase? Would Sony India honor the warranty?

  • Hellz

    Hi, do you know if this is just a limited time offer ?

  • Luca

    Here in Europe we can only wish for $1000. When the 5s came out it costed more than 1800 dollars in my country.

  • Josh Erik Bethell

    Not 100% yet Hellz. The price is based on Sony’s new list to retailers so it looks like it should stick.
    If they choose to raise it after launch day then that’s their prerogative and any retailer buying more stock at that point gets shafted.
    The only reason I can see they would raise is if they’re making a loss on pre-orders to gain sales over Apple, then to try and recoup that later with follow up sales after launch.
    We’re hoping it sticks and there’s no indication it will change but at the end of the day it’s Sony UK’s call

  • pranay

    there may be a warranty but you have to pay customs of 36.05% of the total money

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  • Josh Erik Bethell

    We can ship to India, the shipping prices are available in the checkout when you change delivery country. VAT is UK sales tax (currently 20%)
    You would pay the non-VAT price to us as we’re shipping outside of the EU, although the shipment would then be liable for Indian import tax for electronic goods.
    If you choose to ship with Fedex or DHL then the import tax is pretty much unavoidable. If you opt for international post then it may slip through without being charged but we can’t guarantee anything.
    Unlikely that Sony India would honour the warranty. They may take it in for servicing but at a cost rather than free as it’s officially UK stock. Otherwise you would need to send it back to us and we can go through Sony UK on your behalf

  • viewtifuljoe71

    Oh hell no. People are crazy.

  • Hellz

    Ok, thanks! Very much considering ordering the phone. If I do it will be from your site.

  • aldo37

    The problem is that ordering from you guys will leave us without a phone if we have some warranty issue.

    I have the Z1 Compact from you guys that had a slight screen issue and when I emailed you guys about fixing it you said that I had to send it in to you and you would take care of it with Sony UK. Meaning that I would be without a phone for several weeks. That’s a no go for me this time around.

  • Oscar P

    I have a questions Josh. You mentioned that it works on both 3g and 4g networks, so ATT is included in that, considering now this phone has coverage on all the spectrums(based on the manufacturer specs), right?? Second, What is a “mains charger” or is there a charger that is specifically for the US or is that a conversion type of charger?? And lastly is it $470 U.S. dollars or is it more?? I got the conversion of about $475-ish :D. Thanks

  • josesl16

    32 GB RAM DISK?!?! dat would be awesome if it’s true.
    IDK WTF Z3 is still 16 GB bummer.

    OIS is probably superior in Z3, QHD-display arguable to be inferior.
    Those sensors are neat, I guess.
    But they’re both bargains anyway.

  • Josh Erik Bethell

    Hi Oscar, yes the D5803 model we’re expecting is ‘global’ and has support for the following frequencies:
    3G: 850, 900, 1700, 1900, 2100
    4G: Bands 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 7, 8, 13, 17, 20
    We haven’t had any issue on Sonys with US/Canadian customers to date. Sony are the only manufacturer that opens up the antenna globally. Samsung, HTC etc. all lock it down to the sales region :/
    By mains charger I mean the wall plug. The UK model that we sell has 3 pins, the North American electrical system uses 2 pins. Any USB charger you’ve currently got should be fine. Otherwise you should be able to pick up a new one for a few dollars locally.
    Price with DHL shipping is 309.83 GBP (you won’t pay UK tax) so convert that to USD. Rates change daily and your bank might levy a very small conversion fee on top.

  • Josh Erik Bethell

    Fair enough Aldo. I understand warranty is important to take into consideration when importing.

  • zymo

    My bad. I menat 32GB ROM.
    Z3 doesn’t have Optical Image Stabilisation, just software based.

  • Oscar P

    Ok Josh sounds great :D!! I’ll have to check my funds and get back on Clove to purchase it!! So basically I have to call my bank to find out what the “levy” amount would be, right? I still use my X10a(this would be a nice and needed upgrade :D)and am wondering if the charger to it would work as well since it is Sony”Spec’d” :). Last question is if you guys “Clove” are going to offer a bundle for the Z3c.Thanks Josh for being helpful, informative and knowledgeable in this situation, you rock bro m/ [^_^].

  • Josh Erik Bethell

    No worries man, the charger for the X10a will fit, it’s a standard microUSB connector. It might be a little slow as the new phones are a lot more powerful but it will definitely work. We’re trying to get an accessory bundle out of Sony but nothing confirmed yet.
    If your bank do charge anything for an international payment it’s probably only a couple of dollars.

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  • Roy

    Hi Josh,

    I know this is a very specifc technical question. Do you know if this Global Model will support the USA T-Mobile Wifi Calling/texting initiative?

    The Z3 will be released to Tmobile in about a month and should have this feature. I wonder if buying it unlocked will as well. The z3 and z3c are identical in hardware correct?

  • Josh Erik Bethell

    Hey Roy, good question. To be perfectly honest I can’t give you a 100% answer.
    From a hardware/software perspective I can’t see a reason why the phone wouldn’t be able to support it. I’ve heard of the service you’re talking about and there’s similar things on offer from UK carriers.
    From the best of my knowledge this is network dependent, not due to the device you’re using. If this is a feature that costs you extra on your plan, or is being rolled out to all customers, then I’m pretty sure it would be OK, it is a brand new phone and Sony are known for including all the newest tech.
    The only thing that could stop it in my eyes is if it needs a TMo specific firmware on the phone, like when AT&T stopped apple facetime on their phones. From what I’ve read though, TMo USA seem pretty cool on letting you bring your own phone to their network so hopefully it ‘just works’ .
    Best thing to do would be to send TMo support an email. Tell them you’re looking at buying this phone off contract and just ask if it will work

  • aldo37

    I can’t complain that’s the risk you take when importing. At least you guys are nice enough to do it even if the phone has to be sent in versus just being on our own.

    Just curious why the green/turquoise is not available for preorder? And also will the Z1c’s charger dock work with the Z3c?

  • John

    Thank you Josh for your prompt response.

  • John

    I checked the and it tells me that the the money I would pay to customs will be around 4000 for this phone. However, not sure if I can trust that. Well, I guess I better wait for its Indian release. The Clove prices are too tempting though.

  • Luca

    And it was sold in 2 weeks…

  • Shubham Mutreja

    it has steady shot which is 3 axis OIS rather than 2 axis on sammy
    i think!!!

  • zymo

    For the last time, the Xperia Z3 DOESN’T have OIS/optical SteadyShot!!! Steasyshot in Xperia is just software based. This is from official Sony blog:
    “Shooting a video? Sony’s new and improved SteadyShot™ technology with Intelligent Active Mode compensates for your movements, analysing dozens of backwards and forward frames, to predict your next steps and make panning smoother and images more stable.”

    See, it’s just an algorithm which tries to make your videos look less shaky!

    hardware based/ optical SteadyShot can be found on some CyberShot models like HX400 for example.

  • agramonte

    They so need to start preorders in the US! or just let us know what is going on… Time to replace my Xperia P with another amazing Sony SMALL phone. They just need to give us more info.

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  • Rifqi Al Fariz

    Well that was disgusting. Had no interest in Apple anyway.

  • Jared

    Hey Josh, what would you estimate a US import charge to be? If I order from you guys, I pay shipping and handling, but will likely have to pay an import duty, correct? For a phone like this (small package, ~$500 USD value), am I looking at a large customs tax?

  • Josh Erik Bethell

    Hey Jared from experience very little if anything at all. Smartphones are zero rated for customs duty to the USA. There might be sales tax on the value (~570 USD) although again that depends on your state and whether or not it gets charged on online purchases.

  • Josh Erik Bethell

    Hi Pranay, is the 36% figure accurate from your experience?
    I have just checked on for some of my customers and India comes up at about 16% – no imort duty or sales tax on smartphones, but extra duty and handling fees that add up to that amount

  • tugares

    Aggressive price, it could be dominate after iPhone 6 problem. Design is good, price is good, performance and battery

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