Latest SmartBand update leads to outcry from users demanding their icon back

by XB on 16th September 2014

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SmartBandThe Sony SmartBand SWR10 recently received a firmware update from version to The official changelog includes the removal of the SmartBand connected icon in the status bar, the ability to change themes for non-Sony devices and a fix for the repeat alarm in certain time zones.

However, the icon change has caused a bit of backlash with many reviews on the Google Play Store demanding a return of the icon. See some excerpts we’ve included below. If Sony is listening, let’s hope to see it return in the next update.

Comments on latest SmartBand update

“Connection Icon – Put the smartband connection icon back in our status bar, or a toggle option”

“Where’s the icon? Why did you remove the icon from the status bar? Now it seems that the armband is disconnected.”

“Xperia T3 – Why the hell did yall remove the smartband connected icon from the status bar?? That’s dumb”

“Icon – Give me my icon back”

“Where is the icon? Now I don’t know for sure if I’m connected or not! Why did you remove it?”

Thanks Gavin!

  • Jesús López Sotelo

    I hide the icon since the first day. It was annoying and useless. Not a single day has past (at least with me) that the smartband has been disconnected from my
    phone, only while charging.

  • phil g

    While i like what Sony has done with each smartband and lifelog update, I do wish they would bring the icon back. The lest they could do is add an option to turn it on or off as stated by the user in the article above.

  • Gavin Lewandowski

    As a workaround im using Pushbullet to notify me if the Smartband loses connection (which is is quite often doing) mind you this could be due to the number of Bluetooth devices connected.

  • Niclas

    Wtf . How to make settings now?:@ morons

  • Todimu

    Not sure I totly understand why peeps have an issue with it. Think it’s a good move by Sony.
    The icon is displayed only when the band is disconnected, and it’s hidden (and can be seen if the notification bar is pulled down) when it’s connected.

    Personally, having the smartwatch icon, the Lifelog icon and the smartband icon up there makes my bar look too busy.
    Hope a similar update is also released for the smartwatch

  • Spectre51

    If they bring it back I hope it’s just an option. Seriously it is much better this way. If it’s connected no icon, disconnected it shows an icon. Much better to keep the notification bar uncluttered.

  • Spectre51

    Bring down the notification shade and it is listed there still. You don’t need the icon also to be present or go into Smart Connect app.

  • GregLu

    Personnaly I didn’t do the update because of that, and that’s why it’s better to have a manual update over the full automatic one. For me it’s not useless since it show the day mode or the night mode or even the application mode when i’m in the car and controlling the walkman player (Through the bluetooth) this way when i’m driving. It’s far easier to do a click and a tap than looking at the screen and choose the song so i can focus on the road instead of the phone.

    It’s not so hard to put a tick box on the app to let the users choose what he wants for god sakes !

  • MZ

    please hide the smartwatch 2 icon TOO!!!!
    If they were half as smart as their phones, in a second it can be recognized if the smartband is connected or not!!

  • I like the new way too. It was so annoying to have 8 icons on top. Now is one less and it’s good.

  • Geir Marius Kirkeberg Jansson

    Are you kidding me. That was the best part of the update. I hated how it occupied a slot in the status bar! Good update sony :)

  • GregLu

    Point of view. I like the icon personally ;-)

  • Ninjasurfer

    wow really? I’m happy it is gone, it really bothered me.

  • peteyd1984

    I’m currently using the SWR10 with my Z2, I wish we had the option to turn off the icon. Lifelog is always visible, but I honestly didn’t mind seeing the Smartband icon all the time….

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