Album app update (6.3.A.0.12) fixes screen flicker bug

by XB on 18th September 2014

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Album_6.3.A.0.12_1Sony continues its day of media app updates, this time updating the Album application moving the build number from 6.3.A.0.10 to version 6.3.A.0.12. The minor change in build number shows this is a minor bug fix update and rectifies the issues that people were having with the screen flickering or freezing.

DOWNLOAD: Album (6.3.A.0.12)

Album_6.3.A.0.12_1 Album_6.3.A.0.12_2

Album_6.3.A.0.12_3 Album_6.3.A.0.12_4

Thanks Ben!

  • Prasanth Namboothiri

    Kitkat 4.4.4 to Older Z series minor update to M and M dual. Updates for movies Walkman album apps. Sony is really on fire :-D

  • bao trung giang

    4 updates in one day! hell yeah!

  • JP

    Before, the soft keys on my Album app were “transparent” and looked really nice. But I think the last two updates turned my soft keys in the Album app opaque. The black bar is very visible.

    Has anybody encountered this too?

  • Aero

    How do you hide the top ribbon? And what exactly is the top ribbon? Hmm.

  • thoughts

    Why the bug? why for some devices? What is the root of the problem? Hardware? Drivers?

  • Tutzu

    Yup. Xperia Z1

  • thoughts

    Xperia z1 album 63a012 shows black background for onscreen navigation buttons, this is the same for the mainview in walkman and films apps it changes if you watch a photo or video, and sketchs shows grey bars

  • Mike N.

    Never experienced this but man their on the ball today.

  • Giannikosmo

    Also with the new update you can also delete multiple images so much faster!

  • kanazai2001

    will it work on 4.1.2?!

  • Ryan

    The weird thing is that the 4 latest app updates (album,walkman,movies,etc) appeared on my Z2 yesterday but when I went to update them it continuously gave the message as network pending. So i thot maybe ill clear the data in the service to refresh it. After that no updates have come up….even after refreshing quite alot of times…. Really weird….

  • Killian Khoo

    Xperia ZR with 4.4.4 is jumped the previous directly to this one ~

  • Bharat Gehija

    Should have option to hide playmemories online photos.
    #Hide #playmemories #photos

  • thoughts

    Indeed like in walkman switch off disappear

  • Bharat Gehija

    Videos are irritating in Album app.. Should have option to hide videos/do not show videos

  • Rick N

    is it just me or i can’t find the setting, i can’t update without wifi, how come i have to find hotspot area each time updates from sony come

  • matticitt

    Yeah, they changed that in all apps (Walkman, Album and Movies). I don’t know why since they look far uglier now.
    I also hate how they changed the Walkman app so that the background doesn’t change according to the song cover when in list mode.

  • get some bug on this new update in my xperia m jb 4.3 SS? some my photos still have screen flicker on some photos? why ya

  • jag

    the pictures can now be hidden which is really great but they are still view-able in the photo and video widget. haha!

  • Matías

    Since the update, I can’t see anything when I go to the settings menu. It’s just blank and there are no options whatsoever. I’m on a ZL running 4.3.

  • WJP

    Unable to view folders on Album app (I can find them ok on file commander). How do I find the hidden folders?

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