Movies update (7.3.A.0.2) brings easy full screen playback from details page

by XB on 18th September 2014

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Movies_7.3.A.0.2_2Sony has updated the Movies app from build version 7.2.A.0.4 to 7.3.A.0.2. The update allows you to easily playback videos full-screen from the details page, simply by rotating the device into landscape mode. Sony has also improved the stability. The 13.3 MB update should be rolling now, or you can download the APK from the link below.

DOWNLOAD: Movies (7.3.A.0.2)

Movies_7.3.A.0.2_1 Movies_7.3.A.0.2_2

Movies_7.3.A.0.2_3 Movies_7.3.A.0.2_4

Thanks to all that sent this in!

  • Dexter Moregan

    Don’t have to double-tap or press a button to make video playback full screen anymore!

  • mustafa

    The hamburger menu now has a blurred background

  • suit up !

    Super cool
    Finally that feature is also added
    I was vying for it

  • Peter Morris

    Still no internal subtitle support… Boo

  • spatch

    Honestly, these are some of the best designed apps on any device (I couldn’t live without the WALKMAN app). Sony should just release them all to the Play Store. I can’t think of a better way to promote the Video Unlimited service. Wouldn’t Sony like that!

  • thoughts

    I disagree, i have audiofiles that have no album art and the main view is filled with the generic album art icon, it is ugly it consumes space, i rather see, the option to hide album art. And only show title and length of track and the buttons for playlist and sharing etc in one row of rectangulars that can be scrolled up and down, also i dont like the image in the top, and i dont like the shortcut to most played songs because it all consumea space and i dont use it, i would like to see something like this but then smaller tiles so that 5 in one row or ten in a double row will fit

  • thoughts
  • Riyal

    With all these new features on Sony movie app how come this one important feature is always being ignored?

    Sony! Please add landscape lock feature on your movie app! I can’t even watch movies in your movie app while laying down cause it always rotates back to portrait mode whenever I lay down sideways. >.<

  • Chris

    I love Walkman! I love Album! Movies? The worst video player app I’ve ever seen!

  • Ayman F. Herzallah

    Am I the only one who haven’t received this update yet? Although I’ve received both of Album’s and Walkman’s new updates, but not this one :/
    Xperia ZL C6503

  • ram

    Sony first give support for DTS,AC3 audio or else its waste of we using this movies app useless app

  • eXPerience

    No update for xperia Z with android 4.4.4???

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