New WALKMAN update (8.4.A.4.4) shows currently playing music in Walkman home

by XB on 18th September 2014

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Walkman _8.4.A.4.4_2Sony has released an update to its WALKMAN application, moving the build number from version 8.4.A.3.1 to 8.4.A.4.4. The 11.8 MB update now shows you what music is currently playing in Walkman home, as well as bringing other bug fixes and performance enhancements.

DOWNLOAD: Walkman (8.4.A.4.4)

Walkman _8.4.A.4.4_1 Walkman _8.4.A.4.4_2

Walkman _8.4.A.4.4_3 Walkman _8.4.A.4.4_4

Thanks to all that sent this in!

  • techielover

    Ok so here is the Sony fightback to the losses showing we are still committed to the users inspite of that lol!!

  • Mighty_Sasquatch_of_the_Forest

    I already had a currently playing bar on the home screen…

  • Movies & Movie Creator were upgraded too…

  • romansvab

    I have a problem with the Walkman app. I’m mostly listening to longer DJ sets (duration approx. 2 hours) and the app doesn’t remember the last position in the track after pausing and closing the app. I already made the Walkman app active in standby in STAMINA mode, but it didn’t help. Any idea how to solve this issue? Thank you very much.

  • XperiaBlog

    Yep, we are struggling to see what’s different in this new update…

  • Gutt Grinder

    Nothing has change, I guess..

    I wish they could’ve just improve the volume.. Probably the same volume like the iphone..

    (i still use my ios device just for music)

  • Tech Gospel

    That’s a hardware issue. Apple has one of the strongest built-in headphone jack amps. Noticed that too when comparing my iPod Touch to any of my Xperia devices.

  • I would love to see a “genre” option in the menu to just listen to Pop, Rock, Mashup, etc.

  • Nikhil

    Pls tell!!! , is it working in xperia c???? Pls..

  • Avin

    really..i also have a currently palaying bar in my walkman home screen…. even i have it from any screen in walkman… sony needs to be more specific about the update changes….

    I thought may be Sony Jives current playing song may appear in walkman home screen … but i updated and checked it is also done …. then what is the update they have made… sony please elaborate…. v r happy u update but what u do… we should know.. not just sumthing all ready is there….

  • luqman_98

    Yes, you can install this on your Xperia C as this app supports Android 4.2 and above.

  • RbbrDcky

    I’ve seen pictures where you can actually scrub, or change the position of the track, directly from the Walkman lockscreen widget. Does anyone know how to do that. Currently, it only shows the pause, back, and forward buttons.

  • Ritwij

    Kindly enlighten us when you get to know.

  • Ritwij

    Not a hardware issue actually. You can increase the volume if your phone is rooted. I don’t exactly remember how, but you can.

  • Dean

    Long press either the back or forward buttons. When you let go it should now show you the progression of the track. You can then change the position by sliding the circle indicator to where you want. I found this out by accident one day!

  • Nabeel Raza

    I guess they’re talking about that small green Now playing sign

  • Roger Carp

    From what i have noticed, the current playing track is highlighted and the folder containing it when you are in the browser.
    Pretty usefull for those times when you need to find the playing track

  • Gutt Grinder

    Its not a hardware issue..

    Its because when use to listen music via FM radio on my phone its sounds louder. Also this low volume issue is persistent to all Android devices. Unless you root it which I dont want to.. lol

  • AlexperiaT

    And there is still no sleep timer…

  • Bharat Gehija

    walkman app home page… stupid

  • Bharat Gehija

    Look at 2nd image… Walkman home get playing bar

  • Tamer Ahmed Dafea

    i have a problem in my headphones .. volume in right one get lower than other.. i don’t know if it’s a hardware or software issue… any advises??

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  • ?$@M?

    Hi Dean, I tried the way you said in my Xperia C, but I am not seeing any progression bar and instead my walkman widget shifts to next and previous tracks.! :( Any Solution?

  • Jackie Dee

    Condensation on the right one is preventing the diaphragm from vibrating. I take the rubber bud off and suck on the end (weird I know but it works) that sorts the problem out and makes it even louder. I thought my earphones were broken but it wasn’t. try it and let me know.

  • Samson

    Why is it that “albums” is the only category that has a scroll bar…. Scroll bar for songs pls sony.

  • ulrichrandom

    Hi. I have a problem, everytime I unlock my phone, whilst the muaic is playing, the player would either skip tracks or go back from previous songs, unless you tap the screen, it just goes on. I got this issue after I installed the latest update. Hope you can fix this the soonest. Thank you!

  • Preet

    New update doesn’t support play back
    rather un previous version I would kill the bt still songs didn’t stop but now they stop….does anyone having same problem

  • Danixu

    Yeah, and Apple has the worst equalizer of the world… Apple isn’t good for listen music (or at least worst than others like Sony, Pioneer… and a lot of others), because eve it’s equalizer distorts in several presets, and don’t have any personal preset.

    PDTA: i’ve an Xperia S, and the most of time i don’t use the full volume, even in train.

  • allen

    i just got one xperia t2 and every time i listen to music(walkman)through earphones it will just suddenly stops but the app in the home screen shows it still playing.Is this a normal?or there is something wrong with the earphones?

  • Nikhil jain

    Same issue with my Xperia Z1. The songs suddenly stops playing when I am using earphones. Even happens when I am listening via speaker.
    Please let me know the reason for the same

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