Sony SBH60 Stereo Bluetooth Headset is a stylish over-the-ear headphone

by XB on 18th September 2014

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Sony SBH60 Stereo Bluetooth Headset_8Sony recently announced the Stereo Bluetooth Headset SBH60 at the IFA tradeshow. This latest headset from Sony takes a departure in terms of design from its predecessors, it is a stylish over-the-ear wireless headphone that can make and receive calls.

You can listen to your music wirelessly and if a call comes in, you simply need to press once to answer. The SBH60 also comes with a 3.5mm audio cable so that you can use it with non-Bluetooth enabled devices. The headset is charged via micro USB with a 145mAh battery that should be good for 13 hours of audio streaming time.

Other features include NFC for easy pairing, a 9mm width headband and a weight of 125 grams. The Sony SBH60 Stereo Bluetooth Headset will launch in black and white colours this autumn.

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  • Kabuto Kouji

    I really DONT like them… not gonna spend my money on that, those are UGLY..

  • JohnZn_1989

    These are not Over-Ears… These are On-Ears and they’re ugly as f**k!

  • Antar Chowdhury

    Nope :/

  • Micro


  • Paul M

    I think they’re funky and interesting. I am not sure how comfortable they would be – style often leads to sacrifices.

    Providing you keep away from the bottom of the Sony range, i.e. spend over £30 (US$50) they make quite decent headphones.

    I recently bought the wired MDR-ZX610 which have pretty decent sound with inline mic and button for making calls. I also have a pair of their MDRNC7B noise cancelling phones whose audio is not quite as good but then the cost of the noise cancellation hardware reduces the budget for audio quality.
    TL;DR: happy to audition and buy Sony phones if comfortable AND good sound quality.

  • BruceLeeRoyJenkins

    Wasted money that could’ve been better spent on a new version of their SBH80
    ON A SIDE NOTE: does some of these crappy acceories come out of their mobile budget even though it could be used things other than smartphones

  • ShinOrochiX

    Forget about the looks/design, it’s the price that will put most people off.

  • crazychef83

    They remind me of the old school headphones. we can say they are retro style.

  • IPoemoss1772

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  • dkionline

    Any in-Ear versions out or planned?

  • Danny

    SBH20, SBH52 and the SBH80.

  • I was excited when I saw “SBH” but dissapointed this wasn’t an improvement over SBH20

    Sigh.. I liked my now dead SBH20’s. All it needs is longer battery life, more pronounced media controls and Sony can have my money.

  • Todimu

    Don’t think it’s gon be priced as steep as most other (Sony) headphones. Clove had got it on pre order for less than £50

  • Chris

    I like it! When the batter is out you can still use it by connecting to the 3.5mm jack of the phone!


    mAh music, mAh life, mAh phone, mAh battery

    just kidding :D

  • Makiz

    Stylish, minimalistic, beautiful!

  • jonny

    Sony should stop flooding the market with products of the same kind. Maybe audio technica can afford it but not you sony not right now

  • jag

    True! last time i’ve bought this MDR-v55 and got really satisfied with it (my officemates even bought the same model because it really sounds great and cheap too). But now I’ve upgraded to this MDR-10rbt (because we are like a boy band group here in the office with matching headphones. LOL!) and i think i can never use any headphones lower specced than this. Hi-Res audio (can’t wait to pair it with Z3!!^^), NFC, aptx/ SBC Bluetooth support, can answer calls, long battery life and classy design. Got it in a very good discount because of xperia privilege app last time.

  • Sumo

    It’s not really THAT ugly dude, it’s got the retro feel to it. Some people still appreciates the good old days you know?

  • Arthur Simon

    Why are people complaining? They look rather premium and the design is classic. Plus the price probably isnt gigh end.

  • Vadim Katznelson

    I’m sticking with the excellent MDR-1R

    On a sidenote, Hi-Res audio (as in high quality audio at high bit rate like flac, and other lossless) don’t transmit over wi-fi. So if you want to listen to your high res files, you have to use a wire. If you pair them wirelessly, they’ll sound like mp3s.

  • Malik Shahid Farooq aWaN

    It’s beautiful. Wow

  • jag

    Yours is better bro!^^ I was like comparing them for about an hour before i bought mine. But the bluetooth functionality made me buy this (because at work, it’s better to have wireless due to always standing up and reaching for other things or drawings). It’s the best bluetooth headphones I’ve ever used. And yeah, i plug in the wires if I can like when I’m at home and trying to lose myself to music. Lol

  • A.o.D

    Its an on-ear headphone not over-the-ear…its stylish though

  • RealityCheck2013

    I wish all SONY(Bluetooth) headphones worked with the PS4 out of the box :(

  • Kaostheory

    Has anyone seen a test comparison for the noise cancelling on Z2/3 to other stand alone NC earbuds?

  • Mohammed Khired

    145mAh capacity doesn’t give 13 hours at all !!

  • SonyFan

    the Sony BTN-200 is a very good bluetooth headset…
    quality – very good
    battery – excellent..about 30h playing music with full charge
    comfortable – yes for about 1-2h they are okey…

  • They are beautiful! I hope they sound as good as they look.
    The only problem is, that my ears usually hurt pretty soon when wearing On-ear headphones…

  • Sebas M

    In favor:
    It is made with excellent materials.
    It has very good sound.

    Incredibly, it has no control track “next-back”

  • Guest

    The pic

  • Sebas M

    In favor:
    It is made with excellent materials.
    It has very good sound.

    Incredibly, it has no control track “next-back”

  • David

    Actually, “next-back” is controlled by holding the volume buttons.

  • ????

    it looks like no work :(

  • Nilesh Parmar

    A great overall headphone with mic. Bluetooth and wired options are great but doesnt connect to ps3 or apple imacs. Works perfect with the iphone, and capable to use the mic feature and track play and pause. Please bring an update to ps3 to use these headphones for gaming via Bluetooth.

  • Nilesh Parmar

    It does with itunes.

  • Nilesh Parmar

    They are really light

  • Nilesh Parmar

    Im gutted about this too. They need to take a leaf out of apples book

  • Sebas M

    You want to say that you can change tracks from itunes? Ok, but to do that you need to change the track from any device (smart phone, etc, i do it with my xperia z2 with sony walkman app) that makes it uncomfortable. I ended up buying the sbh20 also having control tracks.

  • Try read manual. Long press on volume buttons – next/prev track.

  • Sebas M

    Great!… I Will check the manual too, but i remembered that it had not my lenguaje: spanish

  • Eduardo M.

    Are you sure about the iMac issue? (Really like them but needed for the iMac)

  • Ravikumar Reddy

    last time i bought one headset it was not upto the mark as it was not original , but as i like sony brand i rely on it , so took second chance and bought it , it was super and its so stylish that everyone admires my headset

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