First new downloadable “AR effect” theme arrives – Ninja

by XB on 24th September 2014

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AR Ninja Theme_0_resultSony has released its first new downloadable theme for the AR effect app in the form of “Ninja”. AR effects include transforming people into Ninja’s with a Ninja hood graphic, as well as a number of animations that can be interacted with by touching the Ninja’s.

The Ninja (1.0.9) theme is available to download via the Google Play Store. Do note that you will need the latest “AR effect” app installed with build number 3.1.10 to download the Ninja theme.

Ninja Theme_1

AR Ninja Theme_1_result

AR Ninja Theme_2_result

Ninja Theme_2

Thanks Ben!

  • nobita

    I thought it’s always been downloadable?

  • wared

    i hope sony will make a camera app like action movie fx in ios

  • Riyal

    The news is not about the app being downloadable but the app being release just today.

  • Jayson Hull

    they do it’s called FX Guru

  • nobita

    I am pretty sure the post is referring to it being the first to be downloadable. I had several AR effects app before this, and they are all by Sony Mobile Communications.

  • Riyal

    Why are you guys replying to my reply? LOL! That’s basically what I’m saying. And I know… I also have a Z1C and it has these AR effects.



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  • KKTK

    Who in a hell want something like that? 8o

  • Vitali

    In the first moment I thought it was a game.. haha

  • jfy
  • Prateek Bhanushali

    I think, this isn’t the first one…. Spiderman, celebration, Horror were downloadable too for AR effects !!!!

  • Troll

    TBH, they should release an SDK or something of this sort for a public community out there to develop their own AR effect. Or is there already such a thing out there that i’m not aware about?

  • michs

    We need fix the issue, I mean send us new software for camera, see this:
    IPhone 6 with 8MP vs Xperia z3 with 20.7MP

    Plz fix the issue…

  • gRR

    Yep. Completely useless if you don’t work in kinder-garden :-)
    Funny but will be better to see more stable, better camera and 4k/120fps (on older Z series)

  • Romeu

    What issue? For me Z3’s Camera shows much more detail them the Iphone there is no comparison there…

  • What I’ve seen so far from this video is that Sony’s digital image stabilization is far better than the iPhone 6 plus’s optical image stabilization…

  • michs


  • michs

    How now?

  • I see stutter in the iPhone 6+’s video…

  • Rikimaru

    I don’t really see the problem, like LG G3 the colors just look warms
    a question of taste…

  • Alex Norris

    The main problem is that, Sony can’t fix the issue…. We all know: Sorry for this, but it`s truth! Sony programmers are 100% fucking noobs! ( Sorry guys, but i can`t like you constantly tolerate this shit from sony mobile. They need to hire new highly skilled programmers and dismiss these idiots because hands of Sony programmers, grow out of ass ( This humiliation that we see 3 years, long 3 years!!! . And I am sure that in future Xperia Z4 even with a larger sensor, the problem will be again! Sometimes I have a feeling that in this company has one guy, that spoils everything. Sony very well knows about big problem with software, but they only talking about their strategy for Sony. We only hear their beautiful promises, but no more.. Sony, is this your main strategy, fool people?

  • Adrian969

    Why waste time developing such stuff? Leave that to third party developers as the interest for it have to be quite limited. Who is using this stuff more than playing around with it a few times`?

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