Sony Update Service (SUS) gone for good

by XB on 24th September 2014

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SUS support endedSony announced that it was ending support for the Sony Update Service (SUS) application back in July. SUS has been favoured by many as a no-frills way of updating their Sony Xperia handsets over Sony’s PC Companion software. Whilst Sony removed the download links for SUS, if you already had the software installed it still worked without any problems. Until now.

If you launch SUS now you will be met with the screen below. Sony is directing you to use PC Companion instead. A shame really, but even more reason to perhaps rely on FlashTool/XperiFirm instead going forward.

SUS support ended

Thanks Arturo!

  • Celxiuz

    SUS is more preferable than PC Companion…why they end this support???

  • I guess because it doesn’t perform so many “safety” checks. It just does it’s job but some unaware users will end up with erased memory (no data) or bricked phone (if battery level was too low).
    So, despite I’m not a fan of PCC I understand that decision.

  • Clarence Alvarado

    Hopefully they’ve just incorporated SUS inside PCC, which case the first is better since it shows the downloaded and remaining bytes of upgrade while the latter only shows percentage, which shows uncertainty while upgrading whether it is still moving or not.

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  • so

    Ok Now update pcc and change its ugly UI ..and make it much faster +easier update process like sus or better..

  • Kaarthikeyan Swaminathan

    A minute of silence for this great tool.

  • AsadMulla

    Sad news. Been using it since Sony Ericcson P800 days. Hate PC Companion

  • Mike
  • Ruub

    Most of ur tips on that article are total BS, srry

  • blackhats

    One question,do you can keep apps when updating firmware using XperiFirm/FlashTool?

  • Faisal Armand

    Meanwhile, I JUST captured a shooting star with my Z2.

    off topic, sorry

  • Kenneth

    I could never update my Z1 using Pc Companion. Always giving me error.

  • luqman_98

    Yes…… just don’t tick data.

  • Nawi

    RIP SUS =(

    We will always remember you

  • azzido

    Hi all,
    what would you like to see in upcoming Z4 in February next year?
    Here are my thoughts I am thinking about:

    1. 5.5 inch 2k IPS / Oled display, very bright like Z3, more oleophobic, this could be the next feature that Sony could use to market Z4 as better than competitors, a screen without the fingerprints
    2. New curved camera with new soft + 4k 60fps recording (without overheating issue). Cybershoot, both Xenon flash and led diode (for flashlight), without hump!
    3. Snapdragon 810 processor and 4GB of RAM
    4. 32 / 64GB of internal storage (as 16 is waay too low) + SD cards support
    5. Omnibalance design combined with Arc style. I mean curved, glass back, definitely with Orang light / backlight like it was in W980 device! In such a case Sony could market it as curved lens and curved desigh, what else could be curved? Please not screen, I like flat. In terms of design I prefer Z2 over Z3, I do not like these rounded corners, plastic on corners :/ and even holes for speakers looks better in Z2.
    6. Much better speakers for calling, without issues like “other people cannot hear me”.
    7. Keep front stereo speakers as it is (only louder).
    8. Keep waterproof.
    9. Redesigned UI as this one no matter how good and light it is tends to be the same all the time.
    10. 3500-40000Mah battery with new power saving features.
    11. SMaster amplifier + “Mega Bass” and best possible headphones for music a must!

    Can you imagine a phone made all from the glass? Sapphire glass from all the sides / angles That would be “something”.

    What would you add?

  • azzido

    I would also like to see a new Phablet without plastic films on screen and the same, best camera that newest Z series has. The only reasons I am not buying Sony’s phablet Z1 Ultra ot tablets is it suffers from poor cameras. I will not buy any until it will support the same best cameras, I do not see the reasons for not including it in phablets/ tablets to be honest… If I pay for great I demand great, no?

  • duh

    Get a life

  • Shubham Mutreja


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  • wared

    xenon flash

    add to the camera 33.2 megapixel 16/9, curved 1/1.2″ sensor

    add to the battery fast charging

    an extreme brand new cooling system

    add to the storage 128gb, because with 810 processor and 4gb of ram and extreme cooling system the phone will be able to run a huge games like computers that is hard to run from sd card.

    lighter weight

    i hope the display will be oled not ips

    this will be the future.

  • wared

    i thing 2015 phones must make something new apart from upgrading the specification like a dedicated graphic card WOOOOOOOOOOOOW.

  • blackhats

    Ok tks for your answer :)

  • Felipe Pimenta

    Based on my experience, it’s the other way around. I’ve seen a lot more cases of bricked devices that were updated with PCC rather than SUS.

  • Mode

    What the heck Sony??? The only 2 times I updated with PC Companion it bricked my phone & I had to use SUS to repair it. Your PC Companion is next to junk being such an unstable & buggy software. So this 3rd time if it bricks my phone again, what is my official solution? Go to a bloody Sony Service Centre and have it ready in 3 working days??? Why would I need to do that if I can flash it via SUS in less than an hour? You are blissfully ignorant on how your softwares have sucked since forever, to even imagine taking off SUS support.

  • Mobile service center

    SUS is the best way to update new versions to your Sony mobiles, check here for updating services

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