Xperia Z3 stars in World’s first underwater unboxing

by XB on 26th September 2014

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Xperia Z3 underwater unboxingIt’s surprising that no one has thought of this before, but what better way to unbox a waterproof phone than to do it underwater. Obviously, in doing so means all of your other accessories will get destroyed, but this didn’t stop Carphone Warehouse from producing this great unboxing of the Xperia Z3. The Xperia Z3 is Sony’s first flagship device with IP65/68 certification, meaning that you will not find a more water resistant phone on the market. Check out the humorous unboxing below.

Thanks Ben and stitch!

  • jag


  • theskig

    You win!

  • Jerry Berglund

    So funny unboxing. :-)

  • are the other components waterproof?

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  • Kabuto Kouji

    Yes of course they are..!!! even the box is waterproof dude!!! isnt that AMAZING!!??? I gotta got MINE!!!!

  • Naos


  • Mak Cau Theng

    Cool unboxing I ever seen!

  • Ben Ling

    The earphone,usb charger & also the adapter aren’t waterproof

  • MG

    I am not sure about the headphones, but the charger is definetely not!

  • Kabuto Kouji

    Obiously nothing is waterproof except the phone man!

  • Doubleyoupee

    Phone was already on out of the box??

  • xperiaDROID

    Like a boss.


    also try to charge it in underwater and insert memory card in underwater :D

  • RealityCheck2013

    :D Cool ;)

  • MikeBassMX

    Its Brilliant!

  • Marvin Lastimado

    Common dude, can’t you take a pic underwater using other devices?
    Nah you ‘ll do that, seal up ur phone lol

  • Don’t forget, there are actually waterproof 3.5mm headphones!
    So it’s not all obvious (though it can be presumed) that it’s not waterproof.

  • A.o.D

    u made me make dis!

  • Killian Khoo

    it might possible but that is in future ~ XD
    With wireless charging technology improvement ~

  • DD

    great Paint skills.

  • Kabuto Kouji

    lisent to this dude, sony hardly provides noise canceling headphones whit their flagships, most of the times they provide it only with CHEAP standard headphones just like the ones you can see in this video!! dude thats a FACT, so i will cut one of my EARS if they provide water proof headphones with the Z3 without making any anouncement at IFA, so im damm sure that those piece of shit headphones are NOT water proof man, by the way 1 thing is that in the present day exist the waterproof headphones, the bad news is that there is no way those will be inside the Z3 box! cheers man

  • Shravan SP

    I think the headphones are… I’ve put my ZR’s earphones many times inside the washing machine by mist as ke and yet it survived ;)


    with wireless charging maybe phone wont get damaged but people in pool can get mild shock xD :D

  • Robert

    It ‘s very funny but this is possible because the phone is very durable!!!!!!!!!:-)

  • Raj Singh

    That is probably the best unboxing video I’ve ever seen…

  • el_sur

    I was surprised by the decent underwater video and photo the phone took.

  • Sumo

    Now that’s what I called innovation! Make Believe! LOL~

  • Jumbo

    Apple should do a unboxing of the iphone 6 in a ‘bending’ dimension…. I would love to see that!

  • phil g

    Best and most creative unboxing ever!

  • PoorBastard

    Other the power, volume and camera button, there’s nothing else they could do in that unboxing video lol
    And they ruined a perfectly good earpiece T_T

  • GraphiteEdge

    I love the lanyard support :( Please Sony, never remove this, no matter how much ridicule it gets. It’s the only way to use a phone without a case and still not fear dropping it.

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  • thoughts

    But how is the touchscreen lol

  • Vincentius Phang

    shouldnt putting all the other accessories in a bucket of rice solve it ?
    as long as when they’re not powered while wet shudnt be a problem

    no helping on the manual book or the guarantee letter though

  • Rick N

    Sony always the pioneer XD

  • Magnum

    Innovative thinking. Absolutely brilliant. Samsung, Apple, LG – “Ab Yeh Karke Dikhao”

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  • HardyHarHar

    Well yes! Haven’t you bought any Xperia phones lately? It’s like that since the 2012 series. It has a software that puts the device into hibernation mode when not used for a long time. That is until you insert the sim and stuff. You can reactivate it again by typing *#*#73556673#*#* in the dialer.

  • zer0rec0rd

    Hahahah Well Done ! Can’t Wait To Hold It My Self!

  • zer0rec0rd

    Hahahah Well Done ! Can’t Wait To Hold It My Self!

  • Marvin Lastimado

    Well its Sony!!! (y)

    Better than bigger

    You hit the World Record!! First Smartphone Underwater unboxing!!

  • xpperi

    no phone is so water resistant than Xperia even the galaxy s5 encounters problem under water

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