Sony launches Remote Device Lab for devs to test Xperia app/game compatibility

by XB on 1st October 2014

in Applications

remote_device_lab_660x384Sony has launched a new service for developers called “Remote Device Lab”, which acts as a virtual Xperia environment on which to test apps and games. It means that devs can make sure their new apps/games or even updates work correctly on a number of Xperia devices including the Xperia Z1, Xperia Z2 and Xperia Z3.

It means that developers do not need to buy a range of Sony Xperia devices just to ensure app compatibility. The lab works by remotely connecting to real devices through a web interface. So devs can interact with these devices as if they were in their hands. They include a SIM card (phone calls are blocked though) and data traffic is enabled. The Remote Device Lab is currently in beta and sounds a like great addition for developers.

Thanks Armaan and Ben!

  • phil g

    This is great news for developers. I hope this support for developers continues.

  • kuich

    Take that Samsung and crapple.

  • :D

    Take that samesung* and crapple :D

  • Sony keeps impressing me more and more. Ever since I bought my Duo and then my NEX-7 camera, I actually get excited hearing news about what new things are coming from Sony! They had a bad period with respect to designs and compatibility but man have they come out of that with a great campaign and product line! Kudos!

  • yongt

    Take that shamesung* and crapple :D :D

  • lol

    Take that sameshitsung* and crapple :D :D :D

  • J.
  • CuriousPanda

    Why does crapple remain constant? lol

  • Andrea


  • Alter

    S(h)amesunk for better damage :p

  • Wolf0491

    That seems a little fake. Thought that processor wasn’t even close to being ready. Looks like someone dream phone

  • ShinOrochiX

    Because it’s crap. ;-)

  • XperiaZ2
  • More like Sameskunk and Hypocrapple. :)

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  • Xperian

    Ugliest Sony phone ever and it’s too big!

  • MinHo the runner

    Who cares?

    In Android world, most of android devices are from Samsung so devs care Samsung Galaxy devices first!

  • Fynjy7771

    But prototypes of processor were already sent to phone manufacturers.

  • HOS

    Are u mad ??… samsung BE MOVED

  • J.

    The image of phone seems to be fake…
    Sony makes best models….

  • Zoomr

    Got the apk for the next version of Movie creator and Album thanks to this test device :

    Movie Creator 2.1.A.0.5 :

  • Wolf0491

    Well I didn’t know that but that picture still looks photoshop

  • XxRampage07xX

    Keep up the good work, Sony!
    I am glad to see you improving days after days.

  • XxRampage07xX

    It’s just a concept dude! I expect it to be much better looking than that in the final product.

  • Danny

    WOW! that’s awesome, so meaning alot of apps should be more compatible with Xperia with less cost on the developers’ cost. Also, Sony is making friends everywhere, building a network.

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