Minor Xperia M2 update (18.3.C.0.40) released

by XB on 3rd October 2014

in Firmware, Xperia M2

Xperia M2_18.3.C.0.40Sony has pushed a small bug-fixing update for the Xperia M2 which moves the build number from 18.3.C.0.39 to 18.3.C.0.40. So far the update has been released for the D2303 and D2306 LTE variants of the Xperia M2 in select regions across Central Europe, US and Latin America.

Xperia M2_18.3.C.0.40

Thanks Martin!

  • phil g

    Hopefully Sony supports the M2 with an Android L release in the future. It’s sad to see the xperia mid range tier getting a much shorter software update cycle when compared to the high end models.

  • Alex

    Obviously, what do you expect from a mid range phone? I’m guessing kitkat is going to be the final version of the m2 as it had 4.3 before. High end phones get it because they are much more expensive, and they have the software to do so. I honestly think Sony will update the whole Z series, then some mid range handsets at the time. If the m2 gets android l, I’ll be happy. But I think the m3 will get android L

  • phil g

    Your right. I would like to see Sony support their mid range tier a bit longer then they did with the 2013 phones. Even if the M2 doesn’t get Android L, it would be great to get solid bug fix and optimization updates based on Kit Kat at lest until a successor is announced.

  • xperiaDROID

    The M2 is still a new phone from Sony, the processor which is Snapdragon 400 is more than capable enough to support Android L. Plus, the M2 only got one major update which is Android 4.4 Kitkat, so I think the M2 will definitely get the Android L update.

  • M & M

    Ohh yeah! The Snapdragon S4 Pro of the Xperia SP is even more than capable enough to handle Kit Kat. But Sony had decided to let users to pay much money to upgrade to another phone. For me, Sony is even worst than Apple for updates and rapid end of life.

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  • MG

    Since M2 aqua was introduced in August and still is not released, I could assume that M2 aqua (and therefore M2) will get Android L.
    If not, a bug-free 4.4.4 should be just fine for this phone. Currently the price has drooped to 160 euros which is a great value for money.

  • Deki

    Anyone noticed any differences or updates? I didn’t noticed anything yet. I know it’s a small update and maybe bug fix…

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  • Afzal Zainal Rddz

    Recieving z3 update

  • Afzal Zainal Rddz

    Just recieve z3 updateo

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  • Guest

    Honestly, the SP sucks…Nobody bought the damn thing, and because of that, that’s probably why the device never received an update to Android 4.4.

  • Krvx Bassist

    audio bug on m2. :(

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