Nokia’s HERE Maps (Beta) for Android available to download

by XB on 3rd October 2014

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Here Android Xperia_2Nokia has a strong pedigree when it comes to its map services, not a surprise considering its 2007 acquisition of Navteq for $8.1bn in 2007. We’ve long admired Nokia’s Drive app on Windows Phone, subsequently rebranded to Here. The navigation app allows users to download maps for a particular region for use offline. This makes it ideal when visiting a foreign country without racking up a huge data bill.

This is still an Achilles heel for Google Maps, yes you can cache parts of a map, but it’s not intuitive. Well the good news is that Nokia recently announced it plans to bring Here maps to Android. The bad news is that it will be exclusive to Samsung devices on launch. Fear not though as the APK has leaked from the Here Beta that is taking place and it works great on Sony Xperia devices.

The app is surprisingly stable for a beta build. You can download a range of different voices and there are also high-fidelity voice packs for select languages (English, German, Spanish, French and Italian). You are able to download maps for various regions around the world either to internal storage or external storage (if you are using a microSD memory card). The process is simple enough although download speeds are a little slow right now.

The app has a toggle in the slide-out navigation menu where it can be used offline. The functionality works as you would expect to, we downloaded a map of England and put in some obscure street names whilst stuck on the London Underground and had no issues in pulling up maps of the local area with ease.

We have no doubt that Here for Android will be a fantastic navigation/maps addition to Android when it formally launches. If you want to see what the fuss is about, you can download the APK from the link below. We found no issues with this working on an Xperia Z2.

DOWNLOAD: HERE for Android (1.0.172 Beta)

Here Android Xperia_1 Here Android Xperia_2

Here Android Xperia_3 Here Android Xperia_4

Here Android Xperia_5 Here Android Xperia_6

Here Android Xperia_7 Here Android Xperia_8

Via XDA.

  • Hank

    Goodbye Sygic :'(

  • Jnafo

    i don’t think they can beat Sygic… but i hope they do :p

  • Frederik

    I’ve used it for a few days, and then suddenly i was unable open the app, everytime i tried it shutted down automaticly and then said: “YOUR VERSION HAS EXPIRED”

    Tried reinstalling, but it was no use..

  • duke1

    I guess MapFactor does in a way. So many customizations in a free app? That’s pretty awesome.

    Some things Sygic has to offer that I really like: Blackbox and HUD. Very useful!

  • duke1

    Sygic is pretty good…at least 14.6. You can opt for Navteq or TeleAtlas maps, which is pretty cool. You might want to try it out!

  • XperiaBlog

    Try the app linked above – it should work. We’ve been using with no issues.

  • Raj Singh

    I use this in the regular on my Nokia 1520, will download for Z Ultra when it’s officially released…
    Never had an issue, works well. Google Maps is pretty good good too. I really like Waze…

  • Faisal Armand

    I wonder if pro camera is available for android as well

  • John Doe

    Good to see it finally available on Android. Google Maps is the best, but it’s useless when you’re not connected to cell towers (or your data connection is too slow, or your data plan reached the limit, or you’re roaming, etc.), and Navteq’s (which is now called “Here”) map database has always been “reliable” and pretty accurate everywhere I tried my Garmin devices.

  • xperiafan324

    The maps themselves are accurate (no Apple-esque blunders) but the UI is quite bad, Nokia should really consider adopting Holo or Material UI on Android.

  • Jumbo

    Nokia WHO??

  • FredrikAn

    Works great on my Z1C. :)

  • Frederik

    Have been working for a little more than 24 hours now :-)
    Guess the other dl from GSMArena was outdated or something :-)

  • GregLu

    Same on Z Ultra, like a charm !

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  • DBS

    Awesome! The more Nokia I can get into my Z3C, the better.

    Next stop: Nokia Camera.
    It would be awesome to get Nokia working on Camera algorithms for the Z3C since Sony seems to still be a bit lost on the software side.

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    nothing can beat google maps

  • DBS

    No. At least not yet. But one can keep ones fingers crossed for Nokia Camera to move to Android. Who knows, maybe once Microsoft rebrands the ones on the Lumias to “Lumia Camera”, Nokia will put out the Nokia Camera on Android.

  • tk

    Next bring on city lens

  • placek

    I think you’ve never use a good turn-by-turn navigation :-)


    i use Google navigation

  • Daedalus2097

    And have you tried Nokia’s navigation? Google maps is great and all, but try use it when you’re abroad, or underground, or in the middle of nowhere, or if you don’t want to use data for any reason. Then see how they compare.

  • Ivan

    Has anyone been able to install this app in XPERIA Z3? If so could you give some advice of how to do it? I have tried two versions of the app and none is working: beta_124.apk

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