AVG announces 3-year partnership with Sony Mobile

by XB on 8th October 2014

in Applications, Xperia Z3 series

AVG AntiVirus PRO for Xperia_1_resultAVG Technologies, the online security company renowned for its anti-virus software, has struck a three-year deal with Sony Mobile. The deal will see AVG become the exclusive provider of mobile security to Xperia owners. The first fruits of this partnership has seen the “AVG AntiVirus PRO for Xperia” app bundled on Xperia Z3 and Xperia Z3 Compact devices.

Owners will also receive a free 180-day (6-month) trial of the app, after which they can purchase an annual subscription to keep the ‘pro’ features or downgrade to the free version. Anyone with a Sony Xperia smartphone running Android 2.3.3 and above can download the “AVG AntiVirus PRO for Xperia” app and benefit from a six-month free trial of AVG AntiVirus PRO.

AVG AntiVirus PRO for Xperia_2_result AVG AntiVirus PRO for Xperia_3_result

AVG AntiVirus PRO for Xperia_4_result AVG AntiVirus PRO for Xperia_5_result

AVG AntiVirus PRO for Xperia_6_result AVG AntiVirus PRO for Xperia_7_result

Thanks Diogo!

  • Felimenta97

    This sums up pretty well my views on this:

  • Niek van Rijswijk

    I think I am not the only one thinking this is a bad idea. Sony should focus on quality apps like the album or walkman one. Add usefull things like motorola does. Not add even more apps that no-one is ever going to use.

    Besides, mobile security is such a none issue. If you only use the playstore/amazon app store, you will be fine and 99.99% of people does. And these extra things the AVG Suite offers? Already available now.

    Tracking? -> Android device managment and sony tracking. (Even more confusing for users now).

    Backup -> Sony tool already installed

    Sony if you’re reading this: Dont be like samsung with their buy now and recieve X prodcut with Y thing for 6 months and after that free *****

    **** With a 2 year agreement non refundable 99.95 a month plan.

  • Rene Pedroso

    I received mine from Xperia Lounge

  • Yet another bloatware!

  • Luis

    No!!!!!! Please tell me that I can uninstall and not just disable…..

  • Exodite

    I have a Z3C and I could fully uninstall the application, it doesn’t seem to be added into the system partition in any way.

  • Exodite

    I just wanted to voice my support on this, you’re not the only one.

    This isn’t a value-add for me as a user, it’s just more bloatware.

    Sony, if you’re reading this… you still have one of the best customized user experiences on your Android devices (second only to Motorola IMO) but you’re moving in the wrong direction. Less bloatware, less pre-installed software and cut back on the glitz in the home application.

  • petition


  • Stanley08

    Step 1: Buy New Xperia Device
    Step 2: Unbox device
    Step 3: Switch on device
    Step 4: Uninstall AVG
    Step 5: Live happily ever after!

  • Stanley08

    Hey Sony!

  • Abdullah Robben

    Me: do we really need an antiVirus on our android devices ?

  • SM

    The very first thing that I do after getting (buy) any Xperia smartphone.. is uninstalling all those useless apps (like this).

  • tedster

    Hmmm, that’d last as long as Mcafee did on my xperia T….

  • Rifqi Al Fariz

    Avg on PC: Why not?
    Avg on mobile: WHY???!

    But.. Camera trap feature would be fun.
    Taking pictures of someone messing with your phone and busted! :-D

  • Jarrod

    I use an anti virus on my phone. Don’t notice any performance issues or bladder battery drain. It’s included in the one a buy with pc as well. Although might not be useful to most people I like the idea.

  • HardyHarHar

    Exactly! That’s what I also do on mcafee before on older xperias.

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  • xperiafan324

    I wish Sony would stay away from bloatware.. Don’t wanna see it turn into a Samsung.

  • please no more bloat

  • arcwindz

    Bloatware indeed! Sony should have gone and deal with other more useful partners.

    Or forget partners, and fix your miserable customer service.

  • Guest

    Considering the fact that facebook is a memory clogging application on android and recently for the newer firmwares, users have been able to uninstall it. So maybe Sony might give this functionality for the AVG antivirus as well. Also do remember that Sony is one of the few companies who have a good custom UI with very little bloatware.

  • Emil Oskarsson

    Yes if you are visiting other stores then Google play store, there is a chance that you can get a virus :p

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  • David Hvatov

    Best antivirus is your head!

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  • RoberMC

    Yiii peeee, bloatware at will!

  • JHMBB2

    I think this came with our phone from T-Mobile. Honestly, it’s annoying as hell, constantly telling me that all the apps are safe…

  • Vignesh Raja

    Whoa! 6 months? Thats lots of time! Thank you AVG and Sony for such a long time!

  • rubinaish

    Sony seems to really don’t want me to buy any product of their Z3 series. I’m interested in the Compact Tablet… But now that. Constantly launching useless camera add-ons instead of important system apps, bigger icons, permanent search bar, Dropox, AVG… What’s next?

  • InspectorGadget80

    AVG sucks I prefer MACafee

  • Lin Chuo


    I think Sony should develop their quality apps and smart features for Xperia Smartphone

    for example the ALBUM apps, it needs better photo/video editor, Gotta support raw and .gif and can sort pics by size, dated, name or can find/catagorize/group pics by faces, places, persons, animals and things

  • Gutt Grinder

    I prefer “Lookout” anti virus than AVG.. :)

  • AudioInjectedSoul

    Sony just got a little less desirable. Guess I’ll keep my eyes more open for Motorola, htc, LG, Nexus etc.

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  • aligamz

    No, thanks. The last thing smartphones need is an AV.

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  • Sander Puus

    I think better safe than sorry because one day there WILL be a android virus that’s not originated from play store and Maby does nothing to the device but when you plug and play then it will take over your computer or android TV or whatever you can imagine. OR it will come from a reliable source and bypass whatever other apps providing some kind of itty-bitty security you have(clean master etc etc) AND will eat your contacts and passwords and Maby fingerprint data which I am sure there will be soon enough on every device as droid catches up with apple doing well with their print scanner. So in conclusion I’d use the professional services of well trained and educated specialists at AVG or wherever you might choose, you know… Just in case. Criminal minds are always step ahead in the game by the way.

  • madanlmg

    These bloatwares are more harmful than the viruses themselves!

  • Aneesh786

    Thanks for share…….
    More info AVG Customer service call us 1-855-205-0915

  • Jordi

    is this really that bad? :D

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