What’s New update (1.3.A.0.3) brings search capability

by XB on 9th October 2014

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What's New Search_3Sony has updated its “What’s New” application from build number 1.2.A.0.5 to 1.3.A.0.3. The latest version adds a search function, allowing you to search music, videos and games from Music Unlimited, Video Unlimited and PlayStation.

There may be a bug in the version we tested, but we could only search films and PlayStation, for some reason music search results were absent. The 3.7MB OTA update is rolling out to Sony Xperia devices right now.

What's New Search_1

The new update to What’s New adds a search icon on the top right as seen in the picture below.

What's New Search_2 What's New Search_3

  • ladams888

    No update for me – I have disabled the absolutely pointless and extremely invasive “What’s New” app!

  • 424

    How about including an option to hide What’s New shortcut near Google Now?

  • jamesbdx

    Same thing here, can’t serch for music on Z1, only videos and playstation

  • Siyam Hossain

    Useless app

  • Adrian M

    I would like to change the what’s new app with Walkman for example.

  • shhh

    So, what’s new?

  • Ben Ling
  • Trollmannen

    Unless an update shows up that allows me to nuke this app to hell, without root, I’m not really interested.

  • JP

    Next update: Uninstall What’s New app

    Best update ever.

  • Luis

    How can I uninstall this useless app? Sony Select, Xperia Lounge, What’s App, Video Unlimited, Music Unlimited…all marketing/useless junk. I want to uninstall

  • paul4id

    here is the solution, without requiring root:

    1) run adb (I assume you have a working adb)
    2) adb shell
    3) pm block com.sonymobile.advancedwidget.entrance
    4) reboot

  • thoughts

    It could be more userfriendly and useful if they only allowed to uninstall the app and give you the option to switch of categories you dont like or use

  • joseph carmine nero

    you can.there is an app in XDA that allow that.i think its called xpertian or something

  • Jack

    Yes, even your grandmother can do that, can’t she!? What are you still doing on the Internet, you’re being spied on!? Go back to your cave you pirate!

  • Raj Singh

    And in poor taste. It’s advertising. Just don’t. It ruins the experience, errr, I mean, Xperiance.

  • Ayman F. Herzallah

    And everyone hates it too

  • Guest
  • Guest

    It infact Z2 with Wireless charging and Z3 internals (body is Z2 for sure).

  • Kaostheory

    WTF is Sony doing? They announced the Z3 line and then all the actual releases are a secret. People are waiting for their products, how long do they expect us to wait. I don’t care if they do a thirty day cycle, but if you don’t know if or when the devices are coming to your country or carrier it’s all useless. Might just buy a iPad mini out of spite.

  • Kiwison

    aaand here in Sweden I’m not even allowed to use it in full potential :/

  • Kiwison

    I couldn’t find such thing, any link or something?

  • joseph carmine nero
  • THOMAS wrick

    agree but I love the UI of What’s New app, transparent style is much more beautiful and match with Xperia Devices than boring paper flat

    can the whole system UI go in the same way as what’s New app UI?

  • fried_egg

    pc companion (not the phone) told me there is a new z1 firware.. its downloading now.. i was already running 14.4.a.0.108 (which is what sonys support page says is the latest….) and it seems a long download to the pc before upload to the phone too

  • Boonerski

    The update on my phone made the app even MORE pointless!!

  • Siyam Hossain


  • Kiwison

    Awesome, thanks!! That’s a really really cool app!!

  • Vinu

    Well done Sony I love this app in my Xperia Z and Xperia z2 tablet. Hope to see more updates soon.

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