Sony launches “Xperia Transfer Mobile” app for Windows Phones

by XB on 14th October 2014

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Xperia TransferSony Mobile wants to make it as easy as possible for owners of smartphones from other Android manufacturers or different OS’ to switch to an Xperia device. To that end, Sony has recently released a dedicated “Xperia Transfer Mobile” app on the Windows Phone Store to help those on the platform to migrate to an Android-equipped Xperia handset.

The app will help you to transfer contacts, message, calendar and media to a new Sony Xperia. Sony already provides methods to transfer from an iPhone or Blackberry. There were a number of rumours earlier in the year that Sony was planning to launch its own Windows Phone device, but with no news in the last few months it looks like those plans are dead in the water, at least for now.

Xperia Transfer_1 Xperia Transfer_2

Xperia Transfer_3 Xperia Transfer_4

Via WP Central.

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  • Hi

    This is great, thanks for sharing the info. Probably will switch from Lumia 520 to Xperia Z3 Compact.

  • XTZ

    I’ve just using a 520 for the past year and my new Xperia Z3 Compact arrives tomorrow xD

  • xperiaDROID

    What about BlackBerry? You guys made it available for Android and iOS at first, then now Windows Phone, what about BlackBerry? You need to be fair, Sony.

  • xperiaDROID

    Wow, that’s a major switch.

  • dimz

    A high end Xperia, I can understand, but if it’s a mid-range device, the only thing that I can say is “Why?”. Considering WP8.1 is a much lighter OS, why migrate since, barring a few exceptions like specific apps, Nokia (and Microsoft Mobile) always include everything _and_ the kitchen sink as stock features. There may be a gap in app variety/completeness but you don’t have to bother with root and xposed to get the phone to play nicely or not kill the music player when it’s in the background while you’re browsing some webpage.

  • WPLover

    No one will switch from WP to Trashsperia xD

  • Emil Oskarsson

    The question is, how many are using a blackberry nowadays? Enough to even think about developing a program like this for blackberry? Don’t think so

  • Rifqi Al Fariz


  • Rifqi Al Fariz

    No one will switch from Trashperia to WP either xD

  • Sam

    I’m planning on to. I’m sick of this broken music player.

  • SK

    Have used win fone for some time. Its good for an average joe, but if u are a little adventurous and want to fiddle with the features and stretch the fone to a little more than what you have in the tank, Android is a great platform. There are some novelties in the win fone that i might miss on my z1, but i am by far happy with the droid than the win fone.

  • Dakota

    Just read the article again, and make sure you read every word.

  • Sick of It
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  • Very true. LOL @ Sony. Once you try the polished and stable interface of WP in its latest version, there is no desire of going back to this laggy, inconsistent, updated-once-a-year-if-you’re-lucky shit, that makes Sony bleed cash like crazy. Only those who never tried WP can say lagdroid is better.

  • Please, anything the so-called android community is spitting out as custom roms etc is TRASH. There is not a single rom out there that works better than stock. Then what the fuck is the point?! I want my phone to be stable, I don’t want to mess with shitty firmware updates. It’s not Android’s advantage, it’s actually one of the things that makes it the crappiest and most fragmented shit-of-the-system ever invented. The only reason it’s everywhere is because it’s fucking FREE.

  • Billy de Fretes

    either you just a dumb person or haters all of your opinion was wrong.
    once a year???? even my xperia z still get latest update… laggy ??? wuttt ???
    my girlfriend acro s still run smooth no lag or whatsoever …
    yeah i never use 930 since still not available in indonesia but i already try 900, 820, 920, 1020.. oh forgot to mention that i own 920 just for 1-2 month and get bored with live tiles ..
    never going full retard bro

  • SK

    I beg to differ on the thrash comment. I have used some AOSP ROMs on my arc and on the Z earlier and I have found them as stable as Stock, and even the stock rom is customized by the developers with so many features that are unlocked. And the options that let me change and play with the various kernels are unlimited too. If you have time and patience to identify the right rom for your purpose its solves ur misery. And it u want to sit and complain just coz u were not able to get a clean setup u have all ur life to do so. Or u have ur other ecosystems that will keep u out of ur misery

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