Album app update (6.4.A.0.16) adds hide option for PlayMemories Online

by XB on 21st October 2014

in Applications, Imaging

Album_6.4.A.0.16_3Sony has updated the Album application which moves the build number from 6.3.A.0.12 to 6.4.A.0.16. The main addition to this update finishes what Sony started in the last update i.e. the ability to hide PlayMemories Online photos from the main grid (previously, hiding a photo would only remove it from the top area). The 14.4 MB update is currently hitting handsets right now, but you can also download it from below.

DOWNLOAD: Album (6.4.A.0.16)

Album_6.4.A.0.16_1 Album_6.4.A.0.16_2


Album_6.4.A.0.16_6 Album_6.4.A.0.16_5

Thanks to all that sent this in!

  • Kev

    Any idea when the z2 4.4.4 update is available?

  • sin


  • sin

    4.4.4 comng tomorrow….. Information from trusted source…

  • Murad

    wait november )

  • Gary Halpin

    Tomorrow? Who says?

  • Dexter Moregan

    Really? Would you please give a source ?

  • pei jie koh

    Which trusted source?

  • Okazuma

    Z2 will recive 5.0 after december, maybe Sony will skip this update and give directly 5.0

  • sin


  • Clarence Alvarado

    Add a password on the hidden items. That’s the finishing touch, Sony.

  • SK

    Why do u need sources. If u do not get it tomorrow u can find thins guy and slap him :D
    and I havent read any leaks about the update.

  • Dexter Moregan

    LOL if I I know where he/she is…

  • Tommaso Serra

    Walkman update to version 8.4.A.5.3 is rolling out too

  • tej

    I just hid something and I’m not able to find where is it.. Can somebody help me! I hid in play memories online!

  • peltruquin

    It doesn’t say how to remove PlayMemories online from the Main Grid, I just want the main grid to start up with Pictures I have taken, not other images that have been sent through Whatsapp for example

  • dannysoft

    XSP yes :)

  • Johnson.s

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  • Gary Halpin

    Well it’s tomorrow today!

  • Sam Wong

    Add a sorting feature to the Album home where people can choose how the images are sorted such as by album/folder view instead of by date.

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