WALKMAN app updated (8.4.A.5.3) to boost start-up times

by XB on 21st October 2014

in Applications

WALKMAN_8.4.A.5.3_2Sony has updated its WALKMAN application, moving the build number from 8.4.A.4.4 to 8.4.A.5.3. The new update significantly increases start-up time according to Sony, as well as providing a better overview in Walkman home with fewer items. Sony still gives you the option to open the full list view. The 12.3MB update is currently rolling out to a number of Sony Xperia devices.


WALKMAN_8.4.A.5.3_1 WALKMAN_8.4.A.5.3_2

WALKMAN_8.4.A.5.3_3 WALKMAN_8.4.A.5.3_4

Thanks ?@hikari0102!

  • cool2b

    Yeah..Updating now…:-D

  • Boonerski

    The font had changed a bit too…

  • Sander Puus

    No z2?

  • Mohamed Tharik

    Apk Please @Xperiablog

  • Kabuto Kouji

    got album update but not the walkman on my Z2, can anyone upload this APK by any chance?

  • Guest
  • XperiaBlog

    Now attached. :)

  • Mohamed Tharik

    @XperiaBlog:disqus:Thanks a lot…

  • cool2b

    Great improvement in terms of speed when launching. No lag at all. Thumb up for this version.;-)

  • bao trung giang

    Can z1 run it well? Is there any bugs?

  • luqman_98

    Yes, the Walkman app now uses the system font.

  • bao trung giang

    Does it faster like they say?

  • Abhi Kurve

    I’m constantly getting “could not download” error when downloading via update center since I’ve rooted. Could rooted phone be the cause?

  • Sugam

    Im also facing the same prob..my phn is not rooted..

  • Guest

    how can we add artist picture( not album cover) of playing song
    in the walkman main screen. my walkman shows only Linkin Park’s picture.
    when i click artist picture walkman displays linkinpark song library.
    other songs doesn’t have artist picture in main screen. (right picture)

  • luqman_98


  • Clarence Alvarado

    Crossfade function please. :)

  • Akira Y? (??)

    click on the 3-dot menu button and select “download music info.” uncheck “replace existing information” if you don’t want the track info of some tracks to f*ck up. take note that not all songs will get the artist picture (it depends on the popularity of the artist)

  • Yup

    Its probably because your listening to linkin park. bahahhaaha

  • Lg

    Have no receive the updates on Xperia v yet, and cant seem to update after downloading the apk

  • suraj

    how abt my z2 and whn release 4.4.4 update

  • rahul malik

    How to see full list view.

  • rahul malik

    How can we c full list view

  • Brian Byron De Guzman

    how do you change the font without root?

  • I am rooted but I’m not facing this issue. Not for the previous Album update at least (Walkman isn’t available yet for me, apparently).

  • Shailesh Vats

    This app also For Xperia sl?

  • 404 Error now. Any chance to get a working link?

    Also very unprofessional of Xperiablog to copy this exact same link for use in this article. Files should be uploaded by Xperiablog themselves, to avoid 404 errors…

  • Any chance you could reupload? It gives a 404 error now…

  • wanted

    Let visualizer plays in the background while we’re listening music!

    Show the lyrics of the song that we’re listening to

    edit other song info while listening music

  • iPhone Boi

    Walkman / Album / Movie apps need new UI, it looks mess, isn’t gorgeous at all.

  • Adrian969

    Why do Sony spent so muck on improving these apps? Cant be that many that uses it. Most people now use Spoitfy or other streming service. Power users uses a better app from Playstore, like PlayerPro, PowerAmp etc. How about instead do more for improving the userinterface and the laucher. Thing that most people would notice an be happy for. That simpler laucher for older people was a good idea and that is what Sony should do instead of crappy apps that most people dont use.

  • Kaarthikeyan Swaminathan

    U should check if u can access dev host in ur place. It is one of the reliable free host for file sharing

  • Xyor

    “significantly increases start-up time” I think you meant decrease the start-time? ’cause increase in start up time is really not a improvement?

  • KBadOne

    The album art still looks missed up and jagged for local music files and Music Unlimited on xperia Z3C! Do we have to beg them to fix that?!

  • Kiwison

    I hope they do it for Album App too. Since the beginning my album app extremely slow. I use Google’s Photos app to cut the picture during changing the wallpaper, the start up is also very slow. It’s the worst Xperia app I’ve ever had since my Xperia Z, though I like the desing and interface -_-

  • P9

    still can’t understand why queue artist feature was token away, surely useful
    and also hope to to see the auto stop feature, too, even holding volume keys to next/pervious as SE ^_^

  • guest

    isn’t it a good thing? you are very smart my friend, how did i miss it

  • guest

    thanks, it worked for many songs. i was not doing it till now to not to f*ck up info of some tracks as you say :)

  • Burak

    i can’t see “see all” feature. can anyone see it?

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  • Paul M

    yeah, I saw this too, and thought “huh???”

    maybe they mean “improves start up time”?

  • ZXcorr

    The font is different now. Looks like it doesn’t use Sony’s font anymore.

  • Boonerski

    Some people dont have internet on the go so apps like Spotify is useless to them. Also if you dont like the updates Sony’s pushing to their own apps then dont update or just dont buy their phones. And if you dont like the default launcher then just download from the Play Store. Sony isnt forcing you to use their apps, thats why theres a Play Store or if you want you can just root your phone and uninstall all the apps you consider “crappy”.

  • Paolo

    Do anyone experience the volume is automatically being reduce sometimes while listening? Happens to me randomly using my z1 compact

  • Johnson.s

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  • luqman_98

    Go away spammers!!!

  • luqman_98

    Did you enable Dynamic normalizer?

  • luqman_98

    I had rooted my phone and changed the font using iFont app which you can find on Play Store.

    There isn’t any possible way to change font in non-rooted phones (expect Sammy phones).

  • luqman_98

    Yes, because the app now uses the system font.

  • luqman_98

    Mine were fine on Xperia E1 Dual.. did you done something wrong?

  • Paolo

    idk, should i enable it?

  • luqman_98


  • Paolo

    ok i’ll give it a try, thanks man.

  • Guest

    You have to download informations about music and the check if someone artist have got a downloaded photo in artist menu.

  • SSyar

    what could be the reason.., except for recent “Info-eye 1.6.07” update..,, i have never receive any update from Update Center app,.,!
    I am on 4.4.2 Xperia Z1 Compact

  • Didn’t get it on my M

  • lasttodie

    My playlists from Music Unlimited no longer shows in the Walkman app, anyone else here whit this problem?

  • Ritwij

    Y U Do Dis Penny?

  • Clarence Alvarado

    Hoping for a better Material Designed Sony apps. :))

  • jamesbdx

    update center showed this version on my Z1 a few minutes ago but when I check my walkman settings, I’m actually on 8.4.A.5.4. Strange, probably a minor bug fix

  • Boonerski

    Another update has been pushed; now its version 8.4.A.5.4. Same file size BTW.

  • matilda

    Now updates on Z ultra :)

  • bao trung giang

    I received an small update today! (5.4) Does anyone get this update?

  • Stanley08

    Got 8.4.A.5.4 today. Sony. Calm Down. xD

  • goldenblls

    Ha ha. My Z3C received the update just as I was reading this article.

  • gtop

    What on earth does “possibility to open full list view” mean? There doesn’t seem to be any such option after the update … unless I’m blind.

    I have 8.4.A.5.4, too.

  • Adrian M

    I would like to chance the color background from lila in for example red, yellow…. or like the cover from the music

  • tugares

    Nice, it’s good to be have an Xperia. Sony, just stop to 6 months periods, please

  • Roger Carp

    Yea it is faster but only after I start the app once. The first time I run it after a long time takes a while. Same as with Album and Movies

  • Roy RanaDeep

    I got 8.4.A.5.4 update version in SXM(C1904).

  • mark

    How to open a full list view of your songs

  • greemjow

    You can do that rooted with xposed framework + physical music button control ( download section xposed installer)

  • bhagya raja

    I am unable to open Walkman and its popus message like Unfortunately, Walkman has stopped (SONY XPERIA Z3 Compact).
    Please help on this

  • Huzaifah

    Hi, just wanna ask, does this app is safe for our smartphone?, is there any risk if i download this?

  • Jorge Diaz

    Hi someone can please help me?!
    I put to download info from Internet and update my library but now it’s such a mess.
    I’m already uninstalled the Walkman App but it’s keep with the same configuration…
    What can I do for just have the original configuration?! Thanks!! ;)

  • geno

    I have about a thousend songs on My z3..how do I choose a song starting With Say “T” without scrolling all the way down

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