Sony collaborates with LinkedIn to scan business cards through Info-eye app

by XB on 22nd October 2014

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LinkedInLittle did we know but the latest version of Info-eye includes the ability to actually scan business cards. This feature is powered by LinkedIn, so you should be able to find pretty much any business contact. To use this functionality, simply scan a picture of a business card and the app will then search LinkedIn for appropriate matches.

Sato Takashi, a member of the Info-eye development team says that providing this functionality came with its own challenges. “The inherent difficulties in matching up different fonts, different fields and then integrating all that into a reliable LinkedIn search posed a huge challenge but we’re really happy with the result. For me, they key thing is the immediacy of the contact. As soon as you have someone’s card you can connect with them, whilst you’re still fresh in their mind. It’s a powerful integration.

LinkedIn Info-Eye

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Via Sony Mobile Blog.

Thanks Martin!

  • LAX

    Sony should buy Camera 360

  • Steve J

    I want something like… abilities to scan text or images into notes and Vaio’s CamsCanner App, that’s pretty useful

  • fab

    Info eye doesn’t work on my z ultra. Anyone?

  • Quark Gluon

    No! Camera 360 is an unnecessarily heavy app, even the background service is too heavy. The cache could reach 1.5 GB on moderate usage, and at some point it’s buggy because it doesn’t do so well when it comes to error handling. Many people like it because it has a wide range of instant filters to satisfy almost any taste.

    If anything, Sony should’ve bought Aviary before it was acquired by Adobe Systems, or develop something similar and improve it. Heck, even Instagram is becoming more and more like Aviary.

  • tk

    Been using this since the last update to info eye, works perfectly on my sp,

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