Sony pushes very minor WALKMAN update (8.4.A.5.4)

by XB on 22nd October 2014

in Applications

WALKMAN 8.4.A.5.4_1Sony released an update to the WALKMAN app yesterday with build number 8.4.A.5.3. This update brought with it faster start-up times and a better overview in Walkman home. Sony must have encountered a bug in the app though, as it is now pushing a new update with build number 8.4.A.5.4.

However, you wouldn’t know this from the face of it as the ‘Update Centre’ still refers to the build as version number 8.4.A.5.3. It’s only when you look at the settings you can see it is in fact 8.4.A.5.4. If it hasn’t arrived on your handset yet, you can download it below.


WALKMAN 8.4.A.5.4_1 WALKMAN 8.4.A.5.4_2

Thanks Ben!

  • Gary Halpin

    Like lightning fast!!

  • syahroni

    i hope there will be blur effect like movie and whatsnew app and walkman able to edit the artist picture coz gracenote really gives a bad picture that makes the home looks ugly

  • syahroni

    ohhh and one more why is the same album categorized separately please fix it sony i really belive. that the developers are great to be demand to

  • 1. Why did they change the font

    2. The update changelog in update centre is really weird

  • Andrea

    wow very fast!

  • samwoice

    music unlimited is not available in india!! Why so? I want it!!

  • Froyo Radeon

    Anyone remember Xperia Play? That would be a great flagship phone i guess.

  • Aiden Pearce

    directly got 8.4.a.5.4 no 5.3…

  • Stanley08

    Am I the only one that lost the Walkman scroll bar by the right when viewing all songs? Whats going on? :O Lol

  • anon

    Yeah, it would have been a great flagship when it launched, in 2011…
    btw, I still have it…

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  • Ash

    stuttering is still there..):

  • bunty

    I have updated the latest version of walkman 8.4.a.5.4.getting the same issue..walkman stops playing songs automatically after some time.i am using xperia c3.please fix this bug.. I bought it 15 days ago.

  • Fuzzy

    it doesn’t let me add or remove favourite songs :/

  • Alex-Dean

    This update sucks made my home smaller and i can’t seem to add more albums to it or expand it in any way? Any help?

  • Jack

    Me too

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