‘Orcs’ AR effect available from third-party developer

by XB on 24th October 2014

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Orcs AR effect_1_resultA new AR effect theme called “Orcs” has arrived on the Google Play Store. The Orc AR effect allows you to transform your photo subjects into an Orc with a horned helmet. You can also see Orcs walking around the screen wielding their swords and interact with them by tapping on them, as well as boars. This is a premium AR effect from third-party developers Be-Rad Entertainment and costs £1.85/€2.34/$2.99 on the Google Play Store.

Orcs AR effect_2_result

Orcs AR effect_1_result

  • Toh Ler Kang

    Though it looks cool…but I’m not gonna to spend my money on this… :-(
    Or is there any alternative way to download it for free? :-)

  • Ahmed Musthafa

    Apk please

  • XperiaBlog

    This is a paid application, so no warez please.

  • Jerry Berglund

    God. I was just about to buy this. But Google warned me that if I pushed buy, I would agree that I wont be able to change my minde according to law afterwards. So if you buy this, is you cant change your mind later if you don tlike the app. So I guess its no refund. So warning. A buy is a buys when it comes to this app.

  • When it came out another AR effect, I remember that I commented here on the blog that would be interesting Sony do some mini-games … and it looks like this will happen with the PS4 and PS4 camera, using the new Singstar. It will be interesting to see in a future, mini-games using the Xperia AR effect.

  • filo9011


  • Makozak

    PirateBay or Kickass.to my friend :)

  • Wolf0491

    Aren’t most apps just 15 minutes anyway? How can they be no time limit?

  • Jerry Berglund

    I think google changed that just reseantly. But its also up to the developer to decide that. I think its up to 2 hours or something at most.

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