Should Sony move to a one flagship per year cycle?

by XB on 24th October 2014

in News

Xperia Z3There has been recent murmurings that Sony may be moving away from its 6-month flagship cycle from 2015. Sony’s Calum MacDougall, Director of Xperia Marketing, recently said that this “is not a sustainable strategy over the long term,” whilst speaking to TrustedReviews.

Now a report from Digitimes says that Sony Mobile will be amending this policy and plans to launch only one flagship Sony Xperia model each year. Its sources claim that a maturing premium segment has led the company to modify its flagship roadmap.

One of the many comments we see on this blog is how Sony should only be supporting one new flagship Xperia device per year. Not only does this mean a focus on software refinements but it also means devices don’t get devalued so quickly. However, the flip side is that there is a risk that if Sony doesn’t nail the hardware at launch, it could be left behind by the competition.

What is your view? Would you like Sony to continue its six-month flagship cycle or do you see value in focusing efforts on a yearly model? We’d love to hear your views in the comments below.

Thanks Hendra!

  • bobeobi gzigzigzeo

    1 per year

  • Yes,but you see what sony did,they were already planning this,they made the Z3 as close to the Z2 because the wanted to make the Z4 look like a huge upgrade,they already started in that direction

  • I agreed that Sony should focus one flagship per year per segment. One for Phablet, one for compat size, one for 5 inch size, and for tablet – This should be their premium line.

    I leave and never use Samsung again because of, last time i bought their product, two or three days after that, they announce new product. I bought Galaxy Tab 7…few days after that they announce Tab 7+. Now Samsung announce Galaxy S5+ after S5 been in market not for two month…

    So, Sony, please don’t be like Samsung. Your product much superior to Samsung.

  • paul4id

    If there is new technology available they should get it to market in a supported high quality product as fast as possible. Whether that is 3 months, 6 months, one year that doesn’t matter. It is better to be ahead of the game than not.

    Those people that moan about not having the latest and greatest at all times are not typical, and are clearly using a phone to compensate for something else issuing in their lives.

  • Billy de Fretes

    they must! it’s funny when one of your friend just got Z2 and few months later there’s Z3..
    1 / year means they have time to fix camera algorithm, enhance music, break Z3C battery test, improve design, design new UI… so yeah they must

  • EPGuest

    YES! Yes, Sony! PLEASE! I’ve got the Z2 and I don’t even have Song’s flagship smartphone anymore and this way I can still collect all the Sony flagships

  • Thyg0d

    They must… Not only does the customer feel “tricked” when you buy the best they have when they release something better in a few months..
    Or in the case of the Z2 and the Z3.. The Z3 is a working version Z2 where the z2 shouldn’t have been released ever due to all it’s issues.. People still can’t hear me when I use the most basic of all functions.. Calling someone.. Then add the 4K recording which doesn’t work on the z2 but it does on the Z3..

  • DonRox

    1 flagship smartphone and compact followed by 1 flagship phablet I say.
    Btw digittimes also reports about an upcoming 12 inch tablet with stylus

  • Dexter Moregan

    Definitely yes!

  • Shanky Mantri

    Definatly 1 per year… 6 months makes your flagship handset worth nothing old…just pretty 1 handset with major upgrade speclly in camera software segment n yeah hardware…Rest sony is perfect..

  • ahomad hosin

    Yes they should. This will make them focus on one device instead of two which means less work and better products with less bugs and faster updates. This won’t get customers annoyed by getting their phone outdated in few months.

  • DBS

    I think all the hardware improvements Sony had to do have been done in the Z3 line. Time to stop the 6 months cycle and now focus on software. The things Sony still had to improve in the hardware can wait until September 2015 (Qi charging, 32GB of storage, OIS). One of them (storage) can even be support of solved by extending the app to SD card to ALL phones.

  • Rick N

    sony’s marketing know more than us, they have data sales, don’t be self-procclaimed-analyst
    but since i use Z series right know, i support it
    i have been using sony for 10 years i know sony always produce good quality phone not just number/benchmark, they will sell well for years forward

  • Aditya

    No please! don’t become like Samsung. they also do the same and everybody knows that Samsung SUCKS! by following this plan, SONY will reduce its standard. please don’t do this

  • Kunal Shukla

    one flagship phone and a phablet every year with good software support both in terms of feature and usability

  • Sony lover

    Surely yes..and focus on keeping this flagship up to date and bug free instead of releasing another one

  • dreamgs1

    No. they should continue create flagships every month. And they support is already below the ground. It now where in the current competition and with the kind of post purchase support , it will shrink further.

    why do I care about what is next phone if sony is not giving better support to customers with existing phone.
    yesterday vaio tomorrow xperia ..

    wake up and give better support to existing customers.

  • Anzilleo Kristello Mozihim

    I’ve actually notice this when the rumours of the Z4 is around. So…

    3 phones for the higher end segment.

    Compact (Z3C), normal (Z3) and a phablet (I’m still waiting for the Z Ultra successor).

  • P9

    1 of Z serie, compact of it, ultra of it, tablet of it and maybe a midrange of it.
    choosable of glass abd aluminum or even other made material version should be awesome too

    just love u, Sony.

  • Jachym Kokesh Lukes

    Would it be good?
    For their sake? Yes. For us? Nope. I was able to get Z2 at the “Z3 coming soon” time for really low price.

  • arcwindz

    Yes, but if the rumor is true about the 5,5 inch display on Z4, i hope they’ll release compact flagship on the second half of the year

  • Tangent Lin

    Of course! March 2015 Xperia Z4 then September 2015 Xperia Z4 Ultra

  • Mr P

    I think Sony should stick to 1 year cycles strictly for selfish reasons. I just bought a Z3 and don’t want it to he outdated in 6 months. Simple!.

    I don’t really care about their profits or sales etc. I just don’t wan’t my phone to be old so soon. I really hope that these rumors of the Z4 being a phablet are true so that I know I won’t be missing out on anything.

    As mentioned below, once a year, preferably at the same time, they should release a 5″ ish flagship, a compact version, a phablet version and a tablet version. That’s all.

  • donny

    I would say 2 flagships… However they should be completely different in style and design… Like we previously had xperia s and xperia t… I would not encourage to have two of the same design flagships… I’m a sony lover for the past 6 years (including sony Ericsson)…

  • MasterYoda

    Two flagships per year is just perfect, whenever you decide to buy a new phone you got a new model on the market.
    As I don’t intend to sell it I don’t care if few months later a new model is placed on the market.

    The success of Sony in the next 2 years will show that they have the right strategy.

  • mrnino

    1 per year with longer than 18 months (i´d like 24+) support for flagship

  • Wouter van Vliet

    I love it that Sony, with their half year cycle, always has a top of the market flagship in stores. If their strategy becomes to keep previous models available for midrange market it makes sense to me.

    Otherwise, with the small changes between releases, there might not be the big need for it. And they could always do a compact, phablet or tablet release half a year after the flagship for extra media attention.

    Though personally I don’t care much actually, I’m happy with my original Z as long as I keep getting updates.

  • lovebmw

    One z4 one z4 compact. But I expect faster updates, cheeper prices and crazy battery performance

  • Prateek Bhanushali

    One flagship phone and One flagship Phablet a year with Six Months gap would be enough for sony so refresh the lineup…….

  • I can say is a good change. They’ll improve the reliability and start grow up in the market. But I guess if you thing not just in the Phone / Sony, if not in all that involve. Like contract with companies, APPs, and the environment that sony want to build (PS4, PSVita, extra lens) i would say will be even more effective an strategy of 18 months.

    If you thing about it, make a lot sense, a lot companies have 18m contract (as short as user want) Android release a big update each year. and if They deliver the new phone with the new Android at start will increase the interest. The apps will be even more mature, the technology could be the TOP each release. So I’m more inclined with a 12 month to 18 month release, than follow the “standard” each 12 months.

  • They don’t make major improvements during 6 month cycle. No point in it.

  • For example Z2 and Z3 have the same processor…

  • f35hunter

    One flagship per year is better for both sony ane the sony’s consumer
    eg. I bought my xperia z1 from less than a year an it is already outlasted by two flagships which upset the consumer and increase the costs for sony because all the z1’s in the stocks.

  • mustafa

    Sony should release 7 devices per year, a Z, Z Compact, Z Ultra, Z tablet, and Z tablet compact, one mid-ranger (T/S/M), and one low end E.

  • giandrea

    I love Sony, but so far the only competitive advantage that Sony has over the competition is waterproofing, design and a slightly better battery performance. They need to team up with some silicon vendor and provide bleeding edge technology and sleeker hardware.

  • giandrea

    Yes amazing idea. Do you know what are the engineering costs of developing a new product? Do you think it is possible for a company who’s in the red to afford theose costs every 3 months? What about marketing costs? How do you sell a phone which is old after three months?

    There is a reason why no company has such a suicidal policy but they release on year cycles.

  • Abdul Ghani

    sony went to loss stage because sony released so many mid range phones and less software support in a year and yes 2 flagship a year is just stupid now with one year plan sony will give good software support to every flagship because they will not have the head ache for creating stupid midrange phones

  • roeshak

    Let me answer this as simply and as directly as possible. I will not buy another flashship phone from Sony until this idiotic policy is scraped and buried for good. The devaluation that follows such a move is insane. Every time I see the z2 listed on Amazon for £320 I cry a little inside. We’re taking about a phone that was retailing at £500+ just 4 and 1/2 months ago. Ridiculous!
    They seem to have found a way to support all these phones they release by homogenising their software making updates easier and so software support isn’t really an issue especially after the android L announcement. Software development though would still be affected by it. Sony are not the big players they once were and so need to consolidate their efforts. Scaling down the portfolio is the only sensible thing to do.
    They’ve done this 6 month thing since the arc S in 2011 but judging from all the figures they put it,there doesn’t seem any commercial advantage to Sony. Nobody has benefited from this move apart from a few die hard Sony fans with money to burn. They get a new toy to play with every six months while the rest of us look on bemused and scratching our heads at this mad company.
    It wasn’t so much of a problem with the arc S but it’s been a joke since the xperia T and got progressively worse with the Z1 and now my new most hated Sony device, the z3. Not because I think it’s a bad device in any way. It’s great, one of the best all round android smartphones but that’s the problem. The Z2 was already that. The z3 for me will always and forever remain one of if not the most pointless devices ever released. You can even pick it up now in some places for as low as £420. Forget the devaluation of the z2, the price of the z3 will fall harder and faster than anything else. There’s just no way that device is worth over £100 more than z2 and s5. No way and it’s price will soon reflect that.

  • Vignesh Raja

    There is one thing to remember, a company can release its flagships when ever it want. That may be 6 months or 1 year or even between that. Instead of sticking to yearly or half yearly flagship cycle, why can’t Sony release a flagship whenever there is requirement like competition has more better device or new hardware gains craze. As said in post above moving to yearly flagship cycle has a downside. So while releasing it yearly Sony has to do its best in both hardware and software departments because in yearly flagship, device has to keep up for soo long.

  • Barend Stapelberg

    If they don’t they will go down like HTC

  • Ninjas

    Exactly what I’m about to write. The only problem is Sony couldn’t get the product to the market as fast as their innovation. Sony getting really exciting now, if they have the idea but couldn’t channel it to the market fast enought other brand will eat them. Now that Sony has establish stable distribution channel and can manufactur them fast enought, its time for paddle to the metal. Sony will capture this market again. I say, stick to it


    I think 2 per year is good like what they did with z and z1 that kind of gap

  • Mohd Syafrez Syuib

    Yes. They should move to one per year release.

  • mj

    finally a wise device policy

  • Ami

    I’m up for yes, they really should move to a one flagship/year, it would be appropriate. I think Sony already caught the other companies in terms of phone’s specs, quality, etc… By release of the Xperia Z they wasn’t able to compete the others like HTC or Samsung, because XZ isn’t just as good as it should be. From the Xperia Z2 Sony is able to compete and there’s no reason to release flagship 2x per year from now on – it costs Sony a lot of money to develop the device, push it to the markets along with a lot of PR issues – it’s waste of money for Sony in the time they need them the most.

  • The Z3 range seems pretty mature, so maybe no need to go to the Z4 so quickly.
    I just wish they include in each iteration the compact, normal, 8″ and 10″ tablets.

  • rzero21

    1 flagship 5-inches phone per year along with a 10 inches tablet, followed 3 months later by a 4-inches compact flagship phone and then, 3 months later, a Z-ultra like 6.4-inches phablet.

    By the time they release the compact or the phablet, then release only 1 entry level phone. Just one. That way, we end up with a 1 premium flagship, 1 premium compact, 1 tablet, 1 phablet and 1 entry level model. 5 models per year and that’s it. Keep it simple.

  • Kiran Pasupuleti

    An update every six months made sense when Sony started off the cycle as they were behind others in hardware specs. Now that they have caught up, one year cycle definitely is better. Sony should also figure out its strategy for non-flagship phones too. Like a 10 inch tablet and a flagship phone in Feb and a compact phone and compact tablet in September. One or two mid-range devices and a low-end devices along with them should do. Helps in improving the brand perception to as people know that they have to look forward to these months for the specific product release.

  • TimmY


  • lol

    my opinion is :-
    1 flagship (z series), early year
    1 compact (z compact series), end year
    1 phablet (Z ultra series), early year
    1 tablet (tablet z series), end year
    1 walkman (walkman series) middle of year *put audiophile chipset inclusing sony high end headphone

    put all this phone with same SOC/water dust resistance but walkman series is 4.3 inch with less pixel and RAM to make it cheap than it brother because walkman is to listen song not for smartphone geek

  • lol

    how come not to release many phone following samsung strategy which is was releasing 50++ phone every year? did you have lack of understanding? sony to reduce mean 1 flagship per year and this make flagship phone can be high price within 1 year

  • Franciscus Michael Panggabean

    Yes, Sony’s marketing know so well about the market, they outsold Samsung’s galaxy so far.

  • Ninjas

    I bet even if Sony change policy the Z3 will not sell well anymore after March next year. Sony idea getting really exciting now, let them out to the market fast and let consumer buy. In return Sony will get more profit and capture more new market share. We are talking about flagship here. No point of faking the reality so people can enjoy their flagship title longer. Sony is not iphone. Now the 64-bit processor are available, should Sony wait September next year?

  • ahmed khan

    definitely yes

  • RealityCheck2013

    I want one weekly :D No 1 every year would be cool i think. I was a bit p*ssed off when i got my Z1 & a few months later the Z2 came out. Oh well.

  • jonny

    YES. 6 months is too fast to push out a good product. Whats more unless you can innovate that quickly it might just fail

  • Xperia Rebirth

    Sony this is suicidal !!!!!! stop this 6 months cycle please !!!!!!!!!!!!

  • b6

    what I don’t understand is – together with all the reports that Sony loses money on midrange phones – since Sony has been releasing on a 6 month schedule, why Sony doesn’t just do what Apple does – Sony doesn’t need a midrange at all. The older editions of their flagships perform that role effectively.

    Apple releases one “top” model, that in a year becomes the “mid” model, and then in another year becomes the “bottom” model. Sony could easily do this, and it would justify what they’ve been doing with their flagship release cycle (and, they’ve been losing money on midrange yes?).

  • Guest

    yup but only if there’s a phablet like Z ultra only
    As samsung do with s5 and note 4
    if not thaT sony should stick with 2 flagships a year to always cope with new technology

  • karamelakimo

    yup but only if there’s a phablet like Z ultra beside the flagship only As samsung do with s5 and note 4
    if not thaT sony should stick with 2 flagships a year to always cope with new technology

  • Malih

    Sony should try to do it like Samsung, two flagships with different use cases, and a compact.

    They should move to one mid-end per year instead, or exit the low and mid-end market altogether, Sony isn’t equipped to battle in these markets, unless they are ready to lower prices with smarter specs and better update support, the likes of Motorola (Moto G), Xiaomi (Redmi) and ASUS (Zenfone) will eat them alive.

  • Jack

    Once a year! And what are you doing on the Internet!?

  • Vuyo Ncube

    Ultimately, Sony Mobile is a business. If the 6 month cycle brings profits without spreading their resources too thin, then they should continue. But if the Z3 and Compact were developed over 6 months (ok, probably not) and surpassed everything else in their respective classes, a Z4 made to last a whole year is gonna f*****g deliver!

  • Lajos Márk Kovács

    2011 Xperia arc – arcS
    2012 Xperia S – SL
    2013 Xperia Z – Z1
    2014 Xperia Z2 – Z3

    2015 – goodbye 4year old “tradition” :)

  • ryq24

    Once a year and price them lower than Samsung and lg.

  • Anukul

    good that sony is considering it.

  • Marius-Cristian Dragan

    In my humble opinion there’s no thing Sony could do to be appreciated like they deserve. i mean over 20 million Iphone 6 were sold in less than a month and there is no logical explanation why a sane person would rather buy that phone instead of Z3. Also Z2 was lot better than S5, One M8 and G3, yet selling numbers haven’t been that great. Btw only someone with big mental issues could be bothered by the fact that his/her phone isn’t the flagship of that company anymore.

  • Nawi

    1 Super flagship (like leaks Z4 specs) is better than 2 normal flagship (z2, z3) =) .Is the best for all (software and upgrades)

    -ZX Super flagship
    -ZX Compact
    -ZX Tablet

  • GeeksEmpire

    One awesome flagship
    Latest available chipset and etc. playing with name won’t make people to upgrade!
    there is just rounded body on XZ3 when compare to XZ2

  • Raj Singh

    Whatever works. I don’t mind a 6-month cycle but I’m totally cool with a 1-year cycle as well. It’s their marketing and branding that sucks hard.
    Apple does not make better products than Sony but look at the number of people that fill an Apple store… compare that to the number of people in a Sony Store. There’s a reason for that and it’s not the actual product that’s being sold.

  • ZoubIWah

    unfortunately a large amount of ppl need the latest to compensate for whatever. they would happily complain and boycott a product thats released too often for their finances to be able to follow with it.

    Crazy, sad, etc – but true.

  • ZoubIWah

    Rapid releases actually help with polish because of the more incremental improvements. Its been proven times and times again. It costs more too actually!

  • Akki

    This is definitely a good discussion to comment upon.. All our phones are dominating on par with the slightly better/overclocked krait processors with slightly additional feature.
    But with this 6 months cycle, our pricy phone will have no value when it comes to resale value after 1.5-2 yrs cuz its already 3-4 gen old..
    Obviously not everyone can afford new phone every 6 months or so every 1 yr and even including me.

    And having bunch of devices make even more complication for local vendors to check every device specification and reveal date and then decide upon resale value. That only applies to Samsung cuz they r in habit of that. And if sony copies their algorithms to manufacture devices like that, they won’t be going profitable with that..

    On this case, I myself feel iShit are clear winner cuz they tend to create hype for their idevices although it doesn’t have any significant upgrades as compared to previous generation and still making more money and having No. 1 Brand value till date (Checked from Android Authority)
    The only significant upgrades is just 3 things:
    1. Apple aX Processor good for nothing but good for everything for many others in many things.
    2. Bigger size or reduction of thickness (Thanks God they increase the screen size this time).
    3. Last but not the least, the Significant and Obviously PRICE Increase over to previous gen.
    And after all this small upgrades, people are ready to adopt the new iPhone like it is now featuring some GOD Mode. (Meh.!)

    I think Sony shud adopt 1 Year flagship cycle like iShits. Atleast if considered to make hype and as well as money well.
    And instead of making MANY new devices/yr, they shud consider more of software optimization and better experience that I think SONY is fully capable of. If they tend to show off their real capabilities any time sooner, I’m damn sure, they r also gonna ruin that china marketing strategies which tends to have unconventional way of selling phones and make it even more cheaper to destroy the sales of another company.

    So Go Sony, Show us ur real Strategies and Capabilities and Fuck every other brand that tends to come in ur way. :D xD

  • tazcubed

    I’m all for significant upgrades (Sony, please get to including more than 32GB of onboard memory, 64-bit processors as well as a fingerprint reader) that would make the flagship to follow. The timeline for the hardware is up to what’s come out. Refinement of the software has been great since I first got the Z1, but I can’t think of anything significant coming down the road to force change immediately. Sony has lots of great products, so as they look to synergies between them – that is where value comes into play. Being able to throw pictures and videos onto screens either directly or through other Sony products, incorporating PlayStation, and even perhaps in the future Sony cameras – being able to send out high quality pictures with the phone as the bridge is great.

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  • Vasilis K.

    One per year is enough!



  • Giga

    One compact, normal and phablet size flagship once a year. I like the idea of z compact series, z series and z ultra series. It’s brilliant for me. And can catchup different segment. Still hope z ultra series produce in coming years, don’t replace with tablet compact series, it’s very different segment. Let’s hope xperia z4, z4 compact, z4 ultra in coming years. It’s so epic

  • Arda Akca

    Z flagship, Z compact, Z ultra, Z tablet (10-12 inch sizes). Flagship alongside compact. Ultra and tablet at another event.

  • Arda Akca

    Z flagship, Z compact, Z ultra and Z tablet (small and large screened variants).

  • barom

    If they have different flagships, I don’t mind. By different I mean they look different. I still wish for the day they’ll go back to the Sony Ericsson designs. Xperia Arc, Xperia P, Xperia Pro, Xperia mini. All different and all really nice. Currently it’s just been the same omnibalance design for 2-3 years now. It wasn’t that great to begin with, only reason why some people like it is because of the premium materials used. The design itself is quite boring.

  • Kaostheory

    The two reasons why Apple succeed was 1. Apps. Same as MS the more programs, it doesn’t matter as much about the hardware. This is where Sony fails, they should have had ps1/2 games on their phones already. 2. is ecosystem. Again Sony fails to integrate ps on their phones. Definitely a step forward but way too late with the integration of ps4 mirroring on the Z3. Again why no ps1/2 games available? They could even put a co-prossesor so it could be exclusive. As for the flagship, I would be comfortable with a Arc/s type 6mo cycle and like the small/large cycle that they are currently doing with the tablets and compacts.

  • BruceLeeRoyJenkins

    Agreed, if it will help Sony in the long run. Though as someone who has owned the Z>Z1>Z3 I like getting the best in specs and tech later in the year. Honestly, if they did switch to a once a year cycle I’d still buy their latest and greatest flagship everytime.

  • Kaostheory

    All they need is to put their older ps games on the phones and start integrating features like Morpheus sooner. They could’ve been number one a long time ago.

  • BruceLeeRoyJenkins

    I think this 6 month cycle is Sony’s way of an upgraded Apple plan. Like it or not Apple is a big competitor, and they do make advancements, as well as some really stupid choices. We all know Apple staggers their releases and what they put in, in fact it wouldn’t surprise me if Apple already know how to waterproof their devices better than the competition.

    Anyway, I think Sony has some great ideas, but like Apple, they’d rather stagger the release so their next flagship 6 months later still has that appeal to it. If a 1 year cycle saves them money, brings profits, as well as popularity I don’t see a reason why they shouldn’t switch. Especially if the advancements between flagships are bigger and better than what they currently are, going from 6 months.

  • Michael Felton

    dumb to move to 6 months in first place, def not sustainable strategy.

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  • BruceLeeRoyJenkins

    Z Ultra successor could be the heavily rumored Z3X. Currently specs are all over the place, but if all prove to be true then it will indeed be worth the wait upgrading from the Z Ultra

    Rumors so far:

    octa-core 64-bit Snapdragon 810 processor

    4GB of RAM

    Adreno 430 GPU

    6.2-inch 1600 x 2560 display (possible Trimaaster EL OLED)
    chassis measuring 69.5 x 150.1 x 7.9mm

    22MP camera sensor (maybe the curved camera sensor heard about earlier this year)

    Another rumor:

    6.2-inch touchscreen with QHD (2,560×1,440) resolution
    4GB of RAM powered by Qualcomm’s 64-bit Snapdragon 810 chipset
    Adreno 430 GPU
    octa-core CPU, with four Cortex-A57 cores and four Cortex-A53 ones.

    being tested runs Android 4.4.2 KitKat. sport Sony’s curved photo sensor
    2/3 inch sensor with 22.1 MP resolution and f/1.2 aperture
    high dynamic range and a high signal to noise ratio.

  • Mark

    Personally, I would prefer the move to yearly releases. But that’s only because since getting my Xperia Z (day one) we’ve seen the release of the Z1, Z2 and now the Z3. So I feel well out of date! And I can’t upgrade for another 3 and a half months. Though it doesn’t help that contracts are typically 24 month. But that’s another matter.

    On the contrary to this, Sony keeping ahead of the game by releasing better handsets more frequently than their competitors is a good thing. The only downside is that the last couple of handsets seem a little too similar. I know they’re not, but average Joe won’t!

  • roeshak

    Have you seen how well iPhones hold their value. The 5s costs a lot more now than the Z2 which was released 6 months later.
    Apple has its marketing strategy spot on. They only really upgrade their phones every two years with the refresh coming in between models. That creates confidence in the brand and so iPhones hold their value much longer than any other. Yes it also has much to do apples popularity but they also have a philosophy that respects the fact that most people are on 2 year contacts. It creates confidence. Users can be sure that when they buy an iPhone for big bucks, they can be sure to get a good price when they come to sell it a year later and even two years later. Sony devices just drop in value faster than a lead balloon. You’ll be lucky to get a good resale price after 6 months never mind a year or god forbid two years.
    Has anyone here actually looked on amazon to see how much the 6 month old z2 is selling for. It’s pathetic!
    I’ll repeat what I said in my post, for as long as this policy of Sony’s remains I’ll never buy another phone from them. I need official confirmation of this and not just reports from third parties.

  • goldenblls

    One flagship then six months later, a compact flagship.

  • Wise Deer

    It would beat the shit out of Note 4… :o Do you know something about next HTC Phablet?

  • ea

    SONY ~ 2015 Next Line Up:

    Xperia Z4
    Xperia Z4 Compact
    Xperia Z4 Ultra

    Xperia Z4 Tablet
    Xperia Z4 Tablet Compact
    Xperia Z4 Tablet Ultra

    #DemandGreat #BeMoved #MakeBelieve

  • BruceLeeRoyJenkins

    I wish, for someone who enjoys large screen entertainment phones the HTC Max is great, especially with the boom speakers

  • Steven Khoo Skkl

    You sir,makes a good points

  • Sper

    it is not going to happen due to Japanese market where carriers stop selling phones after 6 months. And it wont happen due to competition which is tight and launching two phones has made it easier for Sony to get better prices and offer better phone to the customers than competition. Since they will be cutting number of low-level and mid-level phones, it only makes sense that they will be making more of high end phones. Competition is never resting, it would be impossible for Sony to just offer phones once a year.

  • Sper

    Sony does not exist in a vacuum… If Z2 was priced high now, nobody would buy it next to S5, HTC One and other phones that dropped like a rock, why would you?

  • Sper

    Samsung issues 200 phones per year, some with two different chipsets… as to others, Motorola sells worse than Sony, despite Moto G being great and their prices being low.

  • penubag

    you are making over less than negative $13k? tell me more

  • EPGuest

    This is what Sony should have done with the Xperia-line:

    – Xperia Z
    – Xperia Tablet

    – Xperia Z Ultra
    – Xperia Z Compact
    – Xperia Tablet Compact

  • Sumo

    This is a great strategy but it also comes with risks…. Samsung was the one who started this trend of releasing a few Android cell phones per year and they kept on doing it because the thought that was right, which in turn devalued their devices quickly. To keep up with the competition, especially back then when Sony was behind the market they had to follow suit to stay in the competition. BUT NOW, since they have caught up (in a way), they should start to quit that trend and focus one flagship per year cycle IMO. Also this will educate our next generations to value their stuffs more so I think this is a great beginning IF they will start to do so….

  • I bought a Z in June, 13 and my friend bought an S4 in May, 13. As of today, his phone got only one successor (S5) and i’ve got three (major) successsors (Z1,Z2,Z3).
    Thats all i have to say to Sony.

  • liju

    Yes it should be 1 in one year

  • Chaturanaga Manchanayake

    Sony should continue making Z ultra, like a premium device to compete Note 4 instead of making the same device just having some brush ups. They should come up with pen/stylus support and a phablet with less bezels and nice multi-tasking features. Like Samsung does. I am not saying that they should do the same thing but Z Ultra was an awesome device. They should go for that strategy cause lots of people love that feeling.

  • Jedwards

    Well, the Z2 is an old phone now.

  • Jedwards

    The Z was outdated spec-wise when it came out.

  • No u dint get my point.

  • Kunorishi

    He means that Sony is coming out too many Flagship when they can only focus on 1 per year.

  • ZoubIWah

    The z3c is way better than the z1c. z1c released in january 2014. Z3c september 2014. thats 7 to 8mo.

  • wixzy

    I agree that the flagship model should come out once a year. 6 months is totally not sustainable. However, to make an impact to the market, sony needs a strategy to distinguish themselves from the overpopulated similar phones on market. I believe focusing on their strong points is good e.g. display technology, making a durable long lasting phone, a compact design ( trust me if you come up with a good on screen keyboard design, people will stop complaining about small screen). One area I think they could have done better is the camera. Currently, iPhone is in the lead for photography on mobile, but considering Sony experience in camera segment, they could have won this easily.

  • Md Olyullah Akand

    I don’t care about their cycle. The thing most prior to me is to use most latest hardwares and technology. Whenever they make anything, it must be with the highest specifications of the market. Especially Processor and RAM. If they can do it, I would not care if they make flagship every month or every decade once.

  • wixzy

    On the other hand, my vision for the next generation phone would be a wrist watch phone. The big foldable wireless screen can be sell separately for media consumption (since it’s so not necessary to be integrated on mobile). Even though research has claimed that consumer behavior has shifted toward media consumption and we do a lot of texting nowaday, therefore, a large screen is needed. I’m still not convinced that it should be included as a basic feature for mobile because it’s contradict the the fact that the mobile device should be portable.

  • Malih

    what a lame argument, clearly I was referring to Samsung flagship strategy.

    I think if Moto G actually sells worse it’s because they’re not in as many markets as Sony, because Google decided that Motorola should shut down some of their operations in Asia back in 2012, not because Sony have better products.

  • asdf

    6 months relase time is ok fo me but there should be more differences between new devices….

  • lololol


  • iainbong

    Yes. 1 year cycle. Take your 12 months time to really innovate, and be the best company that produces smartphones out there. It’s high time, Sony. Trust your products, push the limits, and make superb ones. Don’t be like Samsung. Xperience, Believe.

  • iainbong

    #proudSonyuserhere #SonyFTW #SonyXperiaZ

  • Arda Akca

    So true. I am ok with the bezels though. 6.2 QHD screen and a proper stylus, same camera and speakers as the flagship I am ready to buy it. I would love to see metal slate colored frames (ip 6) for the black version.

  • TGO

    Yeah I think it’s better to have one flagship per year
    The Z2 should be this year’s flagship and I really didn’t see the point of releasing the Z3
    if they can keep releasing quality phones like the Z2 was and keep the firmware up-to-date then should have no problems, the Z2 is still a top end phone and that has been untouched by others in some departments, like 3GB of Ram for example.
    The Z3 wasn’t needed, just an firmware update and marketing push.

  • Chaturanaga Manchanayake

    Totally bro. They just don’t know it. But releasing the same phone over again and again.

  • tugares

    It is acceptable for passing your opponents new flagships but the thing is Sony is hurting customers because the other manufacturers are producing new flagships under the first one like Samsung Galaxy S5-S5 LTE or HTC ONE M8 EYE etc. something like that… Sony doesn’t need it because Sony contradicts his advertisement. You know Sony Make Believe… I am happy to use with my Z2 also I’m happy with Sony products quality. but I’d like to prefer for this year flagship is Z2

  • roeshak

    Indeed! Well said! Couldn’t agree more!

  • roeshak

    S5 and m8 both cost more than z2. Z2 held its value very well until rumours of z3 intensified and since the z3’s launch, the price has plummeted.
    There are a lot of things done in Japan but not elsewhere and I think Sony’s 6 months crap should join that list!

  • roeshak

    Yes it’s old by Sony’s standards which is why for as long as this policy remains I won’t be purchasing another Sony device. I’m very impressed with the note 4 and so after 5 years of Sony Ericsson and Sony devices, I can feel the wind of change blowing heavily on my neck lol!

  • roeshak

    Sorry the z3 has the same specifications as z2. 6 months old! Nothing lays bare the insanity of the policy like the z3. The z1 was a let down but the z3 was just pointless. It’s like Sony just released a phone to attract htc fanboys. News Flash Sony! Htc don’t have that many fans or users. Like you they too are slowly but steadily going out of business with their idiotic market suicidal ideas like 4mp ultrapixel joker!
    Everytime I go into the z3 forums at xda, all I see people posting is I’m coming from an m7 or m8.
    Sony released a new phone with the only improvement being rounded metal which htc fanboys love.
    Unfortunately there aren’t many of those around to make any significant commercial difference. Sony needs to focus on stealing users from Samsung. That’s where the money is. Trouble is Samsung gained a yard now with the note 4.Sony need to make sure the z4 is ready to take on the s6 and just leave it there. No more of this nonsense please! It’s gone on now almost as long as the tft lcd madness. Hopefully the end is in sight

  • roeshak

    Unfortunately the z3 will suffer the same fate as z2. They have to release the z4 early next year. Z3 has no chance against the s6 and other 2015 flashships. In fact it’s already under specced as it is. There are a few phones already coming with the qhd 805cpu combo. Z2 was spot on for its time but z3’s a let down.

  • fried_egg

    I find it amusing that because they warm up their product every 6 months it confuses people… when what it should mean is when buying a Sony flagship you are never buying a phone more than 5 months old in design… the idea people want to buy an 9 month old design when the competition is “newer” is daft… owners of the last model know their software will evolve for most of the new phones no hardware related features anyway. All other consumer products are sold with a “subject to ongoing improvement” even if the name and model number doesnt change… it is thanks to Apple some people expect yearly upgrades… yet its not uncommon on phones.. nokia used to launch a warm up with an “i” after the model name to show it had been improved…. Sony should make it clear that they are selling the latest never old design… and that the outgoing model is always looked after so you are never “old”

  • Mr P

    If this is the case then that’s a shame. To be honest I wouldn’t say that the Z3 is underspecced at all. I would say it’s the best phone out that you can buy right now and even with the 805cpu chips about I’m sure I won’t be noticing much difference.

  • roeshak

    It’s a certainty. Sony will unveil the Z4 at mwc 2015. The flashships they need to scrap are the September IFA releases. They need to have something to battle the S6, M9 and G4 next year.
    If you’re a gamer then you’ll notice the performance boost with the adreno 420gpu. The 330 on the 801cpu struggles with some high end games at max settings.

  • Shubham Mutreja

    A phone with 4.3 inch display with android one budget one a mid range phablet and a phone and a sexy flagship and its sexy compact version

  • kkksss

    I don’t mind 6 or 12 months. In retrospect the 6 month flagship release was a great marketing strategy, it’s definitely shook up the mobile world.

    Even though my z2 is superseded, it’s still a workhorse! It outruns all other flagships for my own needs.

  • Darni187

    Yes they should stop the 6month cycle and focus on a 12 month cycle and develop and promote a amazing more awaited phone..

  • Lois

    Yes played with z3 today at t_Mobile decided to keep my ion until z4.

  • Gustaurus

    One compact flagship, one medium flaghsip, one large flagship, one tablet compact, one regular tablet, one large tablet :D

  • Owais

    Yes sony should flash per year…

    Islam | Muslim | Smartphones | News Gone

  • Danny

    Sony Xperia is already great enough that it only needs one flagship a year, Xperia design is better than most android phones out there. They just got to concentrate more on software updates and bug fixes, which plagues their phones. Great customer service makes happy customers and better sales and brand retention.

  • Koba Kar?li

    how can a phone be old after three months? the definition of “old” ISN’T “something that’s not the latest in the market.” what you’re saying is, if Sony releases Z4, say, on February 22, and Z4C on February 23, Z4 will be old? lol

  • Samuel Tan

    Sony should because they can save some money. Besides, fans can keep up with new products.

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