Sony’s “Audio Recorder” app adds support for SmartBand Talk and MDR-C31EM DNC Headset

by XB on 24th October 2014

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Audio Recorder_1_resultSony has updated its “Audio Recorder” app that was originally designed for the STM10 Stereo Microphone. The new update moves the build number from 1.00.13 to 1.00.26 and adds support for two Sony accessories – the upcoming SmartBand Talk and the Digital Noise Cancelling Headset MDR-C31EM.

One unadvertised new feature is a binaural recording mode when using the MDR-C31EM earphones. This uses the two in-ear microphones to create a 3D stereo effect when recording. Any file that is recorded in this mode will be marked as Binaural. A nice feature for those that own the DNC headset.

Audio Recorder_1_result

Audio Recorder_2_result Audio Recorder_3_result

Thanks Ben and gtop!

  • gtop

    The binaural recording with the MDR-NC31EM earphones really has to be heard to be believed.

  • Raj Singh

    The masses will not know or appreciate this… Sony sucks at getting the word out.

  • lio

    how do you get that UI? i updated mine and it still looks the same as the previous UI. plus it doesn’t recognize my NDC earphone. when i record using my NDC, the output does not have binaural.

  • Nils Isso

    That’s the standard UI since release of this app, my app has the same one!

  • theskig

    I have a problem:
    application is updated it records from headphones microphones but only in mono, not stereo or binaural.
    Tried to reboot, activate noise cancel but nothing happens :(

  • gtop

    Strange. Can you choose the Stereo option from the dropdown on the Record tab?

  • thoughts

    I see good old symbian and a sonyericsson p800 wow! Lol

  • theskig

    Yeah I’m a big fan of the old “P” series!

  • theskig

    Yes it’s selected.

    But if you listen the recording is in mono :(

    Maybe the problem are the headphones. I see “MDR-C31E” not “MDR-C31EM” as written here

    I have a Z2 not Z3. But it should record in stereo at least.

  • Frode P. Bergsager

    It is a pity Z1 Compact doesn’t support MDR-NC31EM, I would like to have both noise cancelling and binaural features.
    When I tested this new Audio Recorder in stereo my recording was mono, and only the right microphone gave response.

  • gtop

    Hmm, MDR-NC31E and MDR-NC31EM seem to be the same – my box says EM, but the label on the wire says E. Who knows what Sony means by the difference …

    In any case, I suspect this may be an issue with the different firmware for Z2 and Z3/Z3C – for instance, there’s a new listing of headphone profiles under Sound > Audio Settings > Headphones for “MDR-NC31E/NC31EM”.

  • Arthur Simon

    Wait. Does this not work with the MDR-NC31E? Because I have the Z2 and those headphones and it doesn’t record binaural.

  • theskig

    I think you’re right. Maybe the problem is Z2 firmware.

    In Audio Settings I have “noise-cancelling headset” not “MDR-NC31E”

  • gtop

    So far I can only confirm my own experience of it working with the Z3C. Hmm, I guess this is what happens when Sony doesn’t document its new features fully ;)

  • oleg Los

    Can someone confirm binaural feature only works with Z3 and not Z2 product lines?

  • Matt

    I have a Z2 D6503. Updated build 23.0.1.A.3.12

    I can see headphone profiles under Sound > Audio Settings > Headphones for “MDR-NC31E/NC31EM” (my heaphones are labeled MDR-NC31E)

    Audio recorder 1.00.28.

    I ca get binaureal recording as above (if stereo option is chosen)

  • Vikas Kumar

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