Sony replaces head of mobile division

by XB on 30th October 2014

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SonyThere was always likely to be a fallout as a result of the recent troubles seen in Sony’s mobile division. Smartphone forecasts have been cut and a strategic review of Sony’s mid-range portfolio led to a massive impairment of the business.

Therefore, it’s perhaps no surprise to see that Sony is changing the head of its mobile division. Sony has announced that Hiroki Totoki (currently in change of Sony’s Corporate Planning, Finance and New Business) will replace Kunimasa Suzuki as CEO of Sony Mobile Communications from 16 November 2014. Suzuki will move to an Executive Vice President role.

Sony will announce its Q2 results tomorrow (Friday 31 October 2014), where it is rumoured that it will once again cut unit forecasts for its mobile division. We’ll bring you our usual results report on the state of Sony Mobile’s financials tomorrow.

Thanks Felix and Hendra!

  • LG feat. Apple

    LoL two big bezel flagships per year! What a stupid strategy!

  • Jerry Berglund

    Well I said, that it wasnt good that they moved headquartes till Japan. Before this, it Sony was actually going the right way. The swedish VD for Sony Ericsson had kinda put out a path to more premiumphones. Yes everything wasnt good. but it was actually pointing in the right direction. Then Japan took over, it went ok and no it goes down again. Because they doesnt listen to the customers like the Old Sony Ericsson actually did more and much better.

    There goes rumours over here in Sweden/Lund where the software is developed that they kinda really dont like whats happening. They kinda want to listen more to us, than they want over there i Japan. But we shall not say everything is bad. Sony has made it closer to there competitors with hard ware more top-notch than during the Sony Ericsson era. But they strangly did go on with cheaper and mid end phones, wich Sony Ericsson tried to leave long before that. But still those premium-handsets still sell great. Just make 3 phones. ALl water proof. One cheap, one mid and one premium. ANd I think it would get much better. Maye SOny also should think about making cheaper phones under a brand that doesnt cost that much.

  • who cares?

  • Taylor Swift’s Boyfriend

    All Sony need to do is improve Xperia’s camera and sound quality and of course “MARKETING”


    Bring back the Xperia Play Or just making PlayStation Phone please!!!

  • Jan

    Me also dont like bezels. ANY KIND AND SIZE OF BEZELS, SONY.

    I am also sure that SONY is able to craft much better than now. Just look how fast iPhone is. Then add full-frame and PlayStation into it. I don’t mean remote play, but games from PS1-3 and psp/vita/minis. I domy think that would be hard to SONY.

    Changeable lens n addable buttons with joysticks. Not whole ps4 game pad.

  • xili

    That’s the habit of American and Japenese company, like it or not, both American and Japanese company always want to take control over their own divisions. That’s why during Sony Ericson era, it is a Joint-venture company but not directly under Sony, so it is operated by Swedish. But when Sony take over it, CEO and many of the management level ppl changed to Japanese and HQ also moved to Japan.

    Not gonna discuss this a good thing or bad thing, just hope Sony continue to improve their Xperia lineup. Really tired to see the domination of Samsung and Apple continues. Really miss about the feature phone era where Nokia has the biggest marketshare, but Motorola, Sony ericcson and Samsung still having a decent marketshare respectively. There are so many choices for consumers, but now, most ppl just Galaxy or iPhone, so boring. Hope Sony, XiaoMi, HTC, LG and many others can end this dominations together.

  • Jachym Kokesh Lukes

    actually I’m happy with my Z2’s camera quality.

  • Jachym Kokesh Lukes

    They should have replaced my 4.4.2 for 4.4.4 instead.

  • Brandon Raguz

    possibly a push to bring phones to at&t and more carriers in the US

  • Duh

    So why haven’t they reached deals with Sprint and AT&T then?


    Sony comes too late and their features aren’t good enough to fight with competitors

    Xperia’s sound quality is just normal

    Xperia’s camera is unremarkable, its auto mode is the suckest! Really disappointed

    less smart software features

    less unique innovations

    software updating comes too late

    have Sony Pictures and Sony Music’s artists but can’t use them for the marketing

    have Video and Music Unilimited services but can’t allure people with VIP/privileged experience like three free months of video/music unlimited for Xperia Z series owners.

    People realise that Sony flagship phone is nothing special, there’s better choices like Galaxy S, Note, iPhone and Nexus And remember, “what goes around… comes around” sony, for example look what sony did with their Xperia SP owners… think that people’ll buy sony phones again…? really?

  • QRIO

    Hopefully Sony will change the yearly strategy for XPERIA division too

    – Q1:

    1) Xperia Z series (5″ Cyber-shot phone)

    2) Xperia W series (5″ Walkman phone; Walkman music app, Great sound chip)

    3) Xperia P series (5″ PlayStation Phone; dual-boot android/VitaOS, PSVita card game slot, detachable controller)

    – Q2:

    4) Xperia M series (4.7″ mid-range phone)

    – Q4:

    5) Xperia Pad series (8.9″, 13″ tablet for entertainment and creative, responsive and sensitive display that can use finger, pencil or any stylus to write note and sketch, water and dust resistant)

    6) Xperia One series (5.5″ truly One Sony smartphone, combine all features of Xperia Z,W,P series and Xperia Pad into One smartphone, packed with smart s/w features, premium material, new classy design, water and dust resistant)

    7) Xperia E series (4.3″ entry-level phone, water and dust resistant)

    and most of all, Sony gotta care about the software updating as much as possible, make software updating to be the strongest point of Xperia products.

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  • Taylor Swifts dad’s girlfriend

    Correction, all they need to do is provide decent support for *all* devices, we all know what happened to the 2013 mid rangers, whether the device sells.well or not shouldn’t be a factor. This way all Xperia users have a better experience and the brand itself will benefit.

  • Arda Akca

    Go for Z flagship Z compact and Z Ultra. 2 tablets nothing more.

  • roeshak

    About time too. The guy was an idiot making too many idiotic mistakes. Hope this new guy finally ditches the idiotic 6 month cycle.
    And please it’s not just the mid range segment in difficulty, their flashships aren’t exactly flying off the shelves are they?
    The original Z was the last successful phone Sony put out. The z2 could have matched and even surpassed it but delays and rumours of the z3 killed it’s chances. Then the release the under specced z3 hoping a slimmer design, rounded sides and brighter if colder display would help their cause. Effectively the idiots were trying to sell software and not much else. The z2 is still waiting for an update it should have gotten months ago because of this idiots strategy. Glad t to see the fool go!
    Another thing this new guy needs to address is the flipping huge bezels! Time to slim them down. You’re not Apple, you don’t have millions of fanatical fans queuing up to but your products.
    Hopefully they’ve made the change because they’ve realised just how much of a failure the present policy is.

  • Guest

    The OS will be not Android because they need to protect those proprietary stuff. Suddenly everyone cries out loud because it’s not Android. Proprietary stuff and Android doesn’t mix, everyone could just pirate the shit of Android stuff.

  • b

    They should only build flagships and if they maintain their release cycle, their older flagships become their midrange and lower end phones. With the discounting the original Z and Z1 are priced at “midrange” prices already. Apple does this, why can’t they do it too?

  • sp user

    good, now you can release kit kat for xperia sp.
    Dear sony just make slim, classy phones with good hardware.
    We dont need water proof feature that much.

  • Guest

    Xperia P => fail, people will be pissed off because the battery issue, android games is crap (most of the time in 2D, so it saves battery), vita game mostly utilize max CPU and GPU performance, unlike crappy android games. I like separate device for hardcore gaming. Detachable controller is crap, it breaks easier than integrated controller. And the last, Playstation division is already get its hands full, Mobile division could just fuck themselves.

  • Guest

    whatever dic.k

  • Peter


    – Xperia’s sound is the best on the market – much better than iPhone 6 ( I own one ) and much better than HTC or Samsung, especially with HiRes Audio and Digital Noise Cancelling.

    – Camera is actually amazing – although I have to admit, quite often it’s a hit or miss.

    – Enough features for me – I don’t need useless bloatware features like the kind of Samsung.

    – Waterproof, dustproof, leader in NFC, amazing displays with refresh-only-when-needed technology, PS4 Remote Play, floating apps etc. What more do you need ? A bent display or a heart rate monitor ?

    – This one I have to agree on.

    – The more marketing the better, agreed on that.

    Can’t really agree with Galaxy S, Note or iPhone being a better option – because they all fail in ALL of the points you listed. What’s so unique and innovative about Galaxy S5 or iPhone 6 ? What’s so smart about Samsung’s software features ?

    To sum up – I still think Sony makes AMAZING devices, they just need more marketing and visibility – I also think they still suffer from people associating Sony with Ericsson….

  • paul_cus


  • MiB

    True Story

  • ryq24

    Maybe Sony should hire an outsider. Like think out of the box!

  • Jake Lew

    You mean htc m8 ?

  • Abdul Ghani

    now there will be yearly z and no midrange phones

  • Raj Singh

    “One more thing…”
    I don’t think people are willing to pay the Sony premium as ‘freely’ as they do with Fruit products…

  • Rifqi Al Fariz


    I hope this new man really put 32gb or even higer with expandable memory on international model for the next flagship.

    HA HA

  • Peter

    I just hope the Z series won’t change much because for me it’s actually amazing – maybe change back to 1 year cycle, but continue the design language etc please.

  • Ethan ‘blaze’ Parker

    Sony has smaller bezels than most other devices. ;) That includes the Apple iPhones and HTC One M8.

  • Nawi

    “there’s better choices like Galaxy S”


  • Angry customer

    Sony should do 2 things: release a smartphone ONCE a year, and make sure it doesnt have hardware issues like the camera flash bleed on the z1 compact, the speaker and microphone problems in the z1, and the loose flaps of the xperia zr, among other problems that were simply too stupid. Didnt they even take a picture with the phone before selling it? thats the only thing i can think of seriously…

  • Shaik Farooq

    Sony cant handle mid range phones when those moto phones have more value in the mid range segment they get the latest updates and Xperia SP and other mid rangeres from Sony are DEAD on updates….
    Sony you will fall to the ground if you release mid range phones so please focus only on Z series.

  • Dan

    i think:

    Xperia Zx Compact 399-499

    Xperia Zx 499-599

    Xperia Zx Ultra 599-699

    Xperia Tablet Zx Compact 299-399

    Xperia Tablet Zx 399-499

    And software, software, software

    Sony have Music server (iTunes), Movies server, PlayStation (XBox Live), PlayMemories (ifotos), Sketch (Snote xD) and more. Synergy with PS, Bravias TV, etc etc

    They may offer more than the competition!

    PD sorry for my english

  • Father of guest!

    Go fuck yourself!!

  • moeii

    Compare those 2 pictures (A – Xperia Z3, B – Note 4), and tell the difference. Just look at that yellow bucket, you clearly can’t see any details in Z3 sample!

    A –

    B –

  • xperia sp user

    if you want to raise your sells quickly, here is the solution:
    make a slim phone with lityle bezels, good build quality, good camera, sd card support and most importantly use stock android and support software 2-3 years.
    support every model not just expensive ones.

  • anyone

    sony mobile fails at marketing and sales. i just went to sony US store where Z2 was just released, it is sitting in the corner and very hard to be spotted. no banner, no highlight in the store about Z2, i believe same treat for the coming Z3. in US, contract phone is kind of rip off, but US people just like contract so much, thus sony need to work hard to get into carriers like ATT, verizon, etc, BTW, release China Mobile version Z2 to Verizon as Z3v is just big failure. People need latest version!

  • Jan

    I dont Care so much for Android now, im stuck on 4.1.2… Just camera in ps vita sucks so much.

    It can be eventually feature to support android apps.

    Sony have smaller bezels than others? Still that does not mean that I want any bezels…!

    Auto Mode in camera in my S is good but camera would be better to start faster, but imo I should get Z3

    Shame-sung or shit-sung will never be better than Sony. They may sell more but it’s still shit

    And no bent displays (its lame thing) this is like half way flexible displays,so it can’t be good as intended flexible display design.

  • Peter

    I like Sony commercials – they are stylish and well made – can’t say that about Samsung or latest Apple ads ( the one with Timberlake ? Really ? WTF was that ? ).

  • xperia z

    no commercials in the US, the second largest smartphone market.

  • ahomad hosin

    the Z2 image is either out of focus or a bit shaky because the whole image is blurry, I am sure the Z2 can take better pictures (I might be wrong though)

  • lovebmw

    Finally, now let’s focus on USA and start making money

  • lee jun-hoe

    I disagree, too many models.

    Just one flagship, Z series. And maybe 2 different mid-range. That’s all. Skip all the W, P series nonsense.

  • lee jun-hoe

    – have Video and Music Unilimited services but can’t allure people with
    VIP/privileged experience like three free months of video/music
    unlimited for Xperia Z series owners.

    Agreed on this point. Sony offers Playstation subscribers $60/year (50% off) for Music Unlimited, they should offer somethign for Xperia owners too. E.g. maybe $7.99 per month instead of $9.99. Also they need to fix the damn app. I stick with Music Unlimited because it offers the best sound quality, but seriously the app is clunky, always crashes, and the catalogue is occasionally broken.

    They need to hire some folks from Spotify that can design a simple and stable app.
    Maybe they can take a leaf out of Xiaomi to start hiring some better project managers and programmers.

    -To sum up – I still think Sony makes AMAZING devices, they just need more marketing and visibility – I also think they still suffer from people associating Sony with Ericsson….

    Agreed on this point too.

  • Faisal Armand

    Me too, brother

  • doraemonboi

    IMHO, note 4 picture looks over sharpen.

  • whipped

    You are wrong.people would pay more but its sony good heart to sell phones reasonable price :)

  • hajahajahaja

    I,think most nations spell it like “hahaha” instead of jajaja…how Chinese language says “hahaha”? Anyone here knows?

  • eefc

    Xperia’s sound best on market? There’s something you miss, it’s that you need NC headphones designed especially for the handset. You put any kind of headphones and you get more than acceptable performance from Apple and Samsung (with Wolfson of course) On the other hand sony does not even include those headphones in the box in a lot of other countries. If some hw completes the experience it needs to be in the box. They sold those headphones for $100 here. That is outrageous.

    Correction: Xperias’ cam “features” are amazing. Not the quality of the pics.

    Features on xperia fw is more than enough for me, too.

    Xperias’ display only recently got better with z3 even z2 was not that great.

    More marketing the better? They are losing even the most loyal fans, we (me and my firends/relatives) all used and loved sony(ericsson) what got us like the brand was the experience, build quality, sound/cam etc. Not some hype-y commercial. Sony needs to satisfy its existing fan base first.

  • SoWakeThemUpWhenIt’sAllOver

    Good comment like this deserves more thumbs up but… Sometimes, some fanboys out here are too blind, Sony never did any mistakes for them, everything sony great.. Sony greater!!! even the horrible auto mode in Xperia’s camera lol it’s really funny indeed.

    Whatever good luck with that guys

  • sev

    “Suzuki will move to an Executive Vice President role.” So he’s or she? is not going anywhere. I guess.



  • L

    And the US is the trend-setter country…

  • Battal Aljadei

    Let us all pray and hopes that Mr “Totoki ” clean the mess of Mr “Suzuki ” !
    Long live Totoki
    Down down Suzuki

  • Nawi

    I’m from Argentina xD

    Latin Jajajaja = English HAHAHA

  • luqman_98

    Did you know that Sony can’t update Xperia SP to KitKat because of the unsupported chipset?

  • Jaywalker

    Finally. What took them so long to make a change? Let’s see who comes next and what improvements we will get. If any :D

  • Faisal Armand

    Flagship phone screen to body ratio:
    – LG G3: 76.40%
    – Sony Xperia Z3: 70.77%
    – Samsung Galaxy S5: 69.45%
    – HTC One M8: 66.52%
    – Apple iphone 6: 65.80%

    You still want to say xperia z3 series has the worst bezel? Damn you, damn your soul!

  • Jaywalker

    Huuuge difference. Nice work. Maybe the next guy in charge with the camera will read this.

  • roeshak

    Well at least he will not be at the vanguard of the decision making process. To be honest, I think it’s about time Sony considered a non Japanese for the role! They need someone with a more outward looking attitude. The Japanese are too flipping inward looking!

  • roeshak

    It’s OK for their older flashships to become their upper mid range offerings but only after a year. Not 6 months!

  • Mohammed Khired

    the details , the lines are more clear in note 4 , ridiculously clear ?

    the z2 look like shit , that’s a fact…

    and for all those who bragging about xperia z2 quality , JUST SHUT UP!!

    anyway im in the process of moving out from the xperia line , from xperia z1 to….


  • Kevin B

    Z2′ s Camera isn’ t bad but Superior Auto Mode is bad. I never had such blurry photos.

  • Raphael

    Nice dog ^^

  • Ethan ‘blaze’ Parker

    Samsung phones blow up colors, you actually see more in the pic taken by Z2. That shows natural colors, Note and S5 make them oversaturated, look at how all the grass is green with no difference in shades.

    Galaxy Series = Yellow is yellow, green is green.
    Xperia Series = More accurate, depends on shades of colors.

  • Ethan ‘blaze’ Parker

    Go ahead, good look with the shitty quality smartphone. :p

  • ugly but useful

    U mean Sony Xperia? Many people don’t think like you man, wake up and smell the coffee, Z2 is the baddest, Note 4 is much much better, Now no wonder why Samsung can dominant Android world today.

  • Raksak

    Sony need to provide KitKat for Xperia SP

  • Thinkerr™

    Good riddance….. Have u considered if it was a user problem??

  • moeii

    Why would i want to see 100% acurate collors to natural? I am not graphic designer or something like that. Z2 sometimes makes photos very ugly, washed out, with no colours at all!

  • Grammar Nazi

    Perhaps you should try investing in education before trying out smartphones – ‘baddest’ is not a word, genius.

  • Lol

    btw u don’t need all caps




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  • Mohammed Khired

    well if you wanna put it like this , the note 4 is user friendly :)

  • Thinkerr™


  • Mohammed Khired


  • Jumbo

    Well that’s the reality of a business and competition… It’s ‘kill or be killed world’ out there which we consumers do not know of. So I hope Sony does well with a new direction. They’ve been doing well with their cell phones, being able to catch up but still not quite there yet.. I still believe they will get there soon. There is room for improvements and it looks like they are starting to listen to what people are saying to them so that’s a good sign…

  • Sumo


  • Pokndir Pok

    I learn that the japanese have very high ethic work, they show what they have instead try to manipulate them. The sony camera shoot shows natural colors close to our eye view. The saturated and expose can be done by Photoshop. Maybe this concept come from their sony dlsr line, from sony photographer enthusiast and the .raw thing. Perhaps xperia camera app need lot of work, change not always bad. IMO see how iphone did great camera app with sony camera hardware with lower pixel than xperia.

  • Jumbo

    Kind a hard to accept anything out of your mouth due to your name… seriously, king of pussies?? And you expect us to what? Listen from you?? Sweet Jesus…

  • keeyoni

    Its all marketing. The budget that Apple and Samsung wields like a cudgel, all but drowns out all the other manufacturers into near market presence silence.

  • You know what ? Photos from Nikon and Canon camera have a difference style of colors too. If you don’t like SONY color. Buy samsung.

  • moeii

    You can still edit photos either on Sony or Samsung :P

  • gus jaya

    Made a big mistake when you trusted Sony Xperia and Its “care”
    a total faulty device and can’t repair it’s bug
    YOU WILL BE SORRY after Xperia in your hand, ! trust me!
    believe me, Xperia products, Sony try to cheating you Guys, search on google before u buy it : Xperia problem and Sony never ever care about ur Xperia after in your hand!
    No fast services, can’t repair it

    the worst phone i ever had
    Now my.wiffi and bluetooth doest work ( See : Xperia bootloop)
    They can’t repair it until now!…. Dam!!

  • gus jaya

    after a few month u will be sorry why this rubbish in ur hand!

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  • Shubham Mutreja


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