Xperia T3 update (18.1.A.1.23) hits select carriers in Europe

by XB on 3rd November 2014

in Firmware, Xperia T3

Xperia T3The Sony Xperia T3 (D5103) has seen a minor firmware update released, moving the build number from 18.1.A.1.21 to 18.1.A.1.23. The update has only arrived on a select few carriers in Europe (see details below). This bug-fix update mends some of the reboot and GSM connection issues that some users were facing. It’s unclear at this stage whether this firmware will see a wider release.


Xperia T3

Via XDA.

  • ShinOrochiX

    Lol not even been a year since release and updates are slowing down for the 2014 mid-rangers. As an SP user I feel slightly better.

  • Hanna

    No comment for Z2 owner and I am one of them !!!!! Just to say one word, if we get back in time, I wouldn’t chose to buy Sony products, I know this will not make a difference for a big company, but it is obvious how they deny one of best flagship, if it is the best anyway.

  • P9

    remind the T name, I miss xperia logo below the screen which is pretty a looker than nth below screen rather blank bezel.

  • dan

    What is wrong with you peoples i have a z2 and works perfectly the way it is, don’t you have something else to do with your time only to ask for updates it’s a phone nothing more

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  • Hanna

    Nothing wrong. May I then ask why people are getting new phone? The answer is simply to have new update, new features, new hardware in case. So, how you then feel when you see all other competitive brands from last year are treating their flagships with new updates and not yours? Don’t tell me you are not interest for android 5? This is then, the WRONG we feel.

  • dan

    Friend i had xperia x10, xperia play, xperia z and now z2 i didn’t buy a new one because of the software i bought one because of performence don’t get me wrong too, i want updates like everyone else but seeing this everyday in every post is too much.

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