Green and Orange Xperia Style Cover Window themes launched

by XB on 4th November 2014

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Orange SCR24_1_resultWe recently reported that Sony launched four “Xperia Style Cover Window” themes onto the Google Play Store. These themes (Black, White, Copper and Silver Green) were designed to work with the NFC-enabled SCR24 Style Cover Window case for the Xperia Z3.

Well Sony has now brought compatibility with the Xperia Z3 Compact equivalent case – the SCR26 Style Cover Window case – by launching Green and Orange Xperia Style Cover Window themes into the Google Play Store. The SCR26 case is currently on pre-order through the Sony Mobile Store for £39.99/€35.00.

Green SCR24_1_result

Green SCR24_2_result Green SCR24_3_result

Orange SCR24_1_result

Orange SCR24_2_result Orange SCR24_3_result

  • DBS

    Am I the only one that thinks that Sony lost a great opportunity here to expand the customization in these themes? I mean…go a little further than just changing the wallpaper, Sony, for Christ’s sake…

  • Faisal Armand

    Off topic but, I did a camera comparison of Z2 before 4.4.4 update and after 4.4.4 update and here are the results (in a 100% crop). I won’t post in the firmware update article because there are over 400 comments and they will not see.

    Pics taken with 4.4.4 firmware were taken approximately 30 minutes after 4.4.2 ones. And this is a 20.7MP mode comparison

  • Faisal Armand

    Another one

  • Saifuddin Adnan

    Awesome bro.. ThanX for your great research… I’ll test my z2 too after updating…

  • Meixu

    run out of idea, Sony’s problem!

  • Manas

    Will these window style covers be available for Xperia Z?

  • peter

    I dont think so mate. This is Z3 exclusive.

  • I’m getting my Z3 in a few days. Man, I was totally sold on the white Z3, but the green one doesn’t look that bad, especially in a SCR26 Style Cover Window case…

    What do you guys think of the two colours? I’ve always, ALWAYS gone for a black Sony / Sony Ericsson because I felt that it looked more stylish, sleek and “professional,” but after sending my C905 in for repair I got a brand new Pearl White (I called it Stormtrooper White ;-) one back and I was quite impressed with it’s looks.

  • luqman_98

    Did you take these pictures with Superior Auto mode?

  • Gav


  • yazi

    Any one please tell me how to enable those weather info and
    notifications in lock screen ?

  • Faisal Armand

    Nope, I took these with manual mode @20.7MP

  • Mahinthan So

    Just wondering those guys who do ultimate pixel peeping in mobile camera would spend that research time in taking photos on them?

  • go4it

    since you said scr26 I suppose you mean z3 compact. The silver green of z3 is kinda cool too. But if you’re going for the compact either red or green makes more sense because of the liquid-transculent sides. It’s more prominent in those colors and look more beautiful imo. Also they have black front panels which hides sensor and cam holes nicely. White and black one use the same grey side and might be mistaken with other phones but red and green say “xperia” at first look. Also I’m gonna quote an article I saw on the Internet and say “don’t wait for your sixties to wear that purple shirt” :D

  • No, I’m definitely getting a Z3. I meant the SCR24. I totally missed the word “compact” in this article. Repeatedly, apparently. Ooops… Sorry! :-)

  • Taco

    Yes I would like to know as well

  • Will

    Other than the wallpaper, actually your system colour also change……… the only thing I think is seriously missing is the fact that without rooting I cannot change the colour of the notification bar :(

  • DBS

    Well, I’ve installed the Black version and there was absolutely no change apart from the wallpaper. All the settings etc remained as they were before.

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  • Guest

    nice 1s :-)

  • gmfady

    .. nice 1s (:

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  • Uncognito

    I use them as simple theme on my Z devices. Lots of Xperia Theme are full of fancy stuff for children, glad they made something simple and still beautiful.
    They released also Blue Note theme for those interested

  • Ömer Karagöz

    I really like to know also, someone?

  • M Gil

    Nice and creative i
    phone cases. check out more and make your own case

  • Robert Koped

    does this stylecover works on z1 compact also? both of those handheld doesnt have any significant differences in size right??

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