Google Maps app gets Material Design update

by XB on 5th November 2014

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The new Google Maps appWe are slowly seeing all of Google’s main apps being refreshed with Material Design to bring it in line with the Android Lollipop UI. Gmail and Google Calendar have started to roll with this new design and now Google has announced that the Google Maps app for Android has also been updated.

Other new additions include the ability to book a restaurant found on OpenTable (US only), Uber integration which includes estimates for Uber’s pickup time and price (the Uber app needs to be installed) and an info layer (photos, reviews) of the place you are visiting. Google Maps 9.0 is slowly being released, but if you can’t wait, hit the download link below.

DOWNLOAD: Google Maps 9.0 for Android

  • Guest

    To bad if you unlock the bootloader you cripple the phone because of the lost DRM keys.

  • pars71

    nice … but here maps is better because of full offline functions like voice guidance and navigation and full country maps , all offline and perfect

  • gmfady

    promising news about several apps, hopin 2 be fair & available 4 all ..

  • gmfady

    promising news about several apps, hopin 2 be fair, accurate, & available 4 all ?

  • bao trung giang

    I want to see youtube with material design too! XD

  • Guest


  • Supprised Mofo


  • Fempter

    Offline function is ok when you don’t have access to Internet. But in my opinion, we all have today access to Internet so Google Maps are better overlay because of the quality and the details.

  • saeed

    14.4.a.0.157 new update certificated for z1 zu z1c

  • YaRa

    Offline maps are good, but you can’t rely on them because they get old very fast and should be re-downloaded or refreshed. Online maps are always up to date.

  • m.m
  • luqman_98

    Dafuq did I just see????

    I think you might posted your comment at wrong post/article.

  • Bluetoo

    just updated it, the new icon looks a lot diffrent

  • skyxz

    is that for Z1 or Z ultra?

  • skyxz

    when ur phones almost out of juice and you need to use maps when lost, offline maps come in handy.

  • skyxz

    you can refresh them when connected to net, n update the maps i guess.

  • If you only googled the Model # like any sane person with the same question would do, you’d see that it’s for the Z1 Compact.

  • saeed

    its released for some regions..check xperiafirm

  • Damon Adrian

    Update YouTube to the 2005 layout

  • pars71

    but when you are online with high speed internet connection like WiFi, you can update maps . online function is just good for knowing traffic of roads at the moment

  • If one is out of data on one’s phone, offline maps come in handy. Not everyone, everywhere has unlimited data.

  • rubinaish

    I didn’t know there where many people out there with unlimited data… Must be expensive as hell…

  • rubinaish

    I begin disliking the material design. The icons are ok, but the menues look horrible. Too simple, reminds me of my old Samsung running Bada.

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