Google rolls new version of Gmail and Calendar apps for Android

by XB on 5th November 2014

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04_tablet (1)Google recently announced that it has released new Gmail and Calendar apps for Android, both incorporating a Material design makeover. Perhaps the biggest change in Gmail 5.0, apart from design, is that a wide range of email providers are now supported. This includes POP/IMAP, Yahoo Mail and Therefore, you can use the Gmail app as your go-to mail app for all email services.

New features in Google Calendar 5.0 include the fact that events within your emails can be turned into Calendar events automatically. This can include details such as booking a flight, buying concert tickets, or making a hotel reservation. As you would expect, these events will be updated in real time (in case a flight is delayed).

Other new Calendar features include Assists (suggestions on titles, people, places as you type) and a new Schedule View which includes photos and maps of the places you are visiting.

The Gmail And Calendar apps are available for devices on Android 5.0 Lollipop right now and will roll for other devices over the coming weeks. If you are the impatient type, you will find APK download links below.

Gmail 5.0

DOWNLOAD: Gmail 5.0

Google Calendar 5.0

DOWNLOAD: Google Calendar 5.0

Via Google (1 and 2).

  • Arian Rivers

    Calender is very laggy on my ZL. I think I need to wait for optimized one

  • ShinOrochiX

    Wow, it is about time they supported accounts from different providers, I have been waiting for such a feature in gmail for years. Always removed gmail from my phone-now I have a reason to keep it.

  • Bluetoo

    callender looks good, i will wait for the official release though from sony

  • Sean

    5.0 is not required. It runs perfectly fine on my Z3c with 4.4.4

  • Sean

    I like the new Gmail, but the missing unified Inbox is a dealbreaker – unfortunately

  • Roger Carp

    Also on Z1.

  • SM

    Can anyone confirm is this apps can run on 4.3 or not?

  • fluxx

    Exchange email (POP/IMAP) ? This is confusing because Exchange is about ActiveSync (and MAPI for desktop clients) and not about POP & IMAP.

    Does the new Gmail app support native Exchange as a replacement for the old app and have they fixed the numerous problems (wrong size of contact pictures, to many contacts, …)?

  • Andrea

    fluxx …exactly :(

    i tried now to configure my exchange account but there isn’t the option.. bah..

  • XperiaBlog

    We have removed the reference to Exchange, we assumed it was supported, but it seems it is just POP/IMAP. Sorry for the confusion.

  • dreamgs1

    can it be installed from playstore ??? mine is xperia ZL with 4.4.4 OS. It shows up to date but i have 4.9 version and not 5.0
    or we need to install apk provided here?

  • Arian Rivers

    For now you have to install it by apk provided. Its not updated on PlayStore

  • ShinOrochiX

    Forget my previous comment below, looks like I will be sticking to Sony’s stock client. -_-

  • Dion

    Not directly related but maybe someone can help:

    Has anyone else found that even with Xperia with Facebook connected, Facebook events no longer show up in the stock sony android calendar app? 4.4.4 Z1C here…

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