Sony SCR24 Style Cover Window case for Xperia Z3 now shipping

by XB on 5th November 2014

in Accessories, Xperia Z3 series

SCR24 XperiaSony’s official case for the Xperia Z3, the SCR24 Style Cover Window is now shipping via the Sony Mobile Store in Europe. The case has been in and out of stock over the last week, but it looks like Sony has received more stock as this is the first time we have seen all four colours available (black, white, silver green and copper). The case will set you back £39.99 in the UK and €35.00 in Mainland Europe.

The Style Cover SCR24 includes a smart window function, allowing you to quickly access your most important features without having to open the cover. You can select which smart window apps and widgets you want to see when the case is closed. The NFC-enabled case has access to all ports, including the magnetic charging pins. If you do buy the case, remember to install the relevant app.

SCR24 Xperia

Thanks Gavin!

  • ryq24

    When Samsung launch the Galaxy S4 and S5 they include their Smart Cover for those that bought one in the first day free! Sony should have done the same thing. That is one of the reason why Sony mobile is losing money. Poor marketing or out of touch with reality.

  • Olaf

    I already have it from Sony, a week ago!

  • G-Force

    I got a free wireless headset (MDR-ZX750BN) with my Z3 here in The Netherlands. You also got one when you bought a Z3 Compact.

  • Guest

    Sony and their overpriced products. You would think that by now they would realize that they are pricing themselves out of the market. Good job Sony!

  • Dan Vafidis

    479€ Z3C, 649€ for Z3, Note4 is 759€ and you call sony overpriced ?

  • goldenblls

    They really are a daft bunch!

    Why is the SCR26 Style Cover for the Z3 Compact not even listed on their own website? I contacted them on Twitter and Facebook weeks ago.

    You can see it on Amazon, Handtec and Clove but not on the Sony Mobile site. Duh!

  • mountain

    I am having one free when I preordered my z3 compact, though it still have not arrived.

  • gmfady

    straight shot dan, comparin Beauty Premuim with Plastium ;) & many said overpriced! even though others had improved-but we’r at on 2015 .. ah Jesus saves.

  • Guest

    3 different phones, 3 different categories, 3 different price points.

  • Dan Vafidis

    same components, same value, and don’t tell me N4 has a 805 CPU, it’s same as 801, just little faster

  • Killian Khoo

    But 805 with QHD = FHD with 801 ~
    Performance different seriously not much between both ~

  • Agungald

    Well in Indonesia you got xb series headphone, screen guard, nfc bluetooth speaker that looklike egg, then a 8GB MMC for those who preorder Z3…

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