Xperia Z2 Android 4.4.4 update now rolling OTA

by XB on 5th November 2014

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Xperia Z2 Android 4.4.4 OTA_2Sony’s Android 4.4.4 launch for the Xperia Z2 and Xperia Z2 Tablet yesterday didn’t exactly go smoothly. Many users were left frustrated and unable to download the new firmware build (23.0.1.A.0.167) from PC Companion. Anyone trying was either left with an error message or the download simply stopped working.

The only option to download the new update was via a computer. However, if you head over to the “Update Centre” app you will now likely find that the software is available to download over-the-air (OTA). The update weighs in at 313.8 MB so you probably want to be on Wi-Fi before starting.

Previously the only way to update your Xperia Z2 to Android 4.4.4 was via a computer…

Xperia Z2 Android 4.4.4 OTA_1

… however, Sony is now pushing the update OTA

Xperia Z2 Android 4.4.4 OTA_2

  • michls

    Good job but what about the issue for camera?

  • xperiax10.awesome

    Why this HUGE icons???

  • Macka


  • naeemh123

    No ota yet for the UK on O2

  • Jeremmy Palacios

    el root se perdera?

  • Mark

    Nothing yet in Holland.

  • wappy

    xLoud is missing after update

  • David Hvatov

    Better update via companion. Now it’s working. Via OTA is bigger chance for issues.

  • Deki

    The camera have issues?

  • Rammstone

    Got it on OTA on Z2 tablet just now in Norway. Seems to be 23mb smaller

  • Ritwij

    Because nobody turns it off. It’s pointless giving that option.

  • ron3000

    yet again the UK gets nothing…. :-(

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  • mustafa

    When will it be available rooted with a locked bootloader?

  • Thyg0d

    Gaaaaaah.. How the f*ck do I remove the search bar that came with 4.4.4?? o_O

  • John

    Just checked my UK sim-free Sony Xperia Z2.
    No update, no OTA, no nothing. Once again the UK will be last again when it comes to sim-free Z2 handsets.

    Anyone with a UK sim-free Z2 have the update? Please report here.

  • Thyg0d

    I’ll answer that myself.. :D
    Long click the background and then you get the choice to show and hide it.. :)

  • John

    When it comes to firmware updates, UK is at the bottom of the list of Europe as usual.Shocking!!!

  • Xperia z 22

    Can we make it small?!

  • Thyg0d

    wonder that myself.. I’m might be getting old but I’m not THAT blind…

  • Fridtjof

    i still can’t download the update via companion, it just stop at 2% and that there is something wrong try again. live in Norway

  • Stephen Lane

    None of the UK versions have been released yet…

  • Eaner

    Y update my tablet z2, but ultra stamina mode not work, stop and give a error.
    Anyone know the fix?

    a greeting.

  • eaner

    …no root, or framework etc…

  • spatch

    Still waiting in Australia on Telstra…

  • Macka

    I am pusheen cat

  • Ediz I

    Yes it’s activated by default check the build.prop :)

  • Stanley08

    Stop crying and download FTF file and flash using flashtool.

  • Gabriel Voica

    this is the new update and what to do if pc companion still malfunctions

  • Arthur Simon

    I actually like them now that I saw them in real life. Happy with the update!

  • Arthur Simon

    The manual mode got improved, however, now they messed up the Superior Auto mode :p

  • jiojoijojoijoijoijojo

    It’s very annoying. I really want 4.4.4 on my UK giffgaff Z2 :(

  • jonyah

    I guess I shouldn’t be surprised that neither the OTA or PC Companion version are available in the US yet. Still awaiting a pre-rooted version anyway.

  • Faisal Armand

    Superior auto mode has always been messed up, hasn’t it? Other than outdoors, it always selects higher ISO and faster shutter speed than neccesary

  • Moonlight

    Damn, can’t update my Z3 Dual via PC Companion…Starts downloading, then simply stops saying that there is NO new SU for my phone…CMON SONY!!! DON”T FUCK MY BRAIN!

  • Julián Andrés

    No me llega la actualización ni vía ota ni vía pc companion a que se debe entonces mi celular es libre de fabrica

  • David Hvatov

    Mine has no ultra stamina mode. Updated via companion. Btw ultra stamina is pointless in tablet.. Why you need calculator mode in tablet?

  • Arthur Simon

    Nope. Sometimes it might overexpose a little, but the colours, details, sharpness, contrast were amazing in the past. Now there’s no detail at all it’s just a fuzzy mess. But luckily the Manual mode got a LOT sharper and more contrasty. In the past it was very soft.

  • thumble

    I updatet my xz2 also via over the air it took me only a few minutes pc companion was not able to download this update the good old sus is missing

  • naeemh123

    Why does France get the update and yet the UK is left hanging here, come on guys! !

  • thumble

    Try it via over the air it worked for me here in Trondheim just give it a try it will work

  • GMAN 10111

    You think you got it bad,South Africa hasn’t even gotten the PC companion update.

  • Tommaso Serra

    Now PC Companion is working too, I managed to update my Z2 many hours ago through PCC (I’m from Italy).

    Cheers! :)

  • Ronel Geminiano

    Still no OTA and PC Companion update in Philippines. Why does xperifirm say it’s already available here but still isn’t?

  • Kabuto Kouji

    its just me or does someone else feels the audio too low after updating??

  • ShinOrochiX

    Why are you asking a cat, his answer will only be meow. If you have any issues go to the Sony Mobile Forums and address your bugs there-the only way they’ll get seen is if you spam their forums with a list of the bugs, ok?

  • Stephen Lane

    Not all of France has it yet just for info.. Still waiting here in France too!

  • Gabriel Voica

    screen record demo on the Sony Z2 running kitkat4.4.4

  • Niels d. G.

    The update removed X-Loud effect

  • Kabuto Kouji

    Yea dude but its so low volume now!!!

  • Niels d. G.

    You can set a custom equalizer in the sound effect settings and set all the bars higher, that will make it a bit louder. Apart from that I don’t know what you can do to make it louder still.

  • IshuZ2

    at 100% battery and after activating stamina mode.. what is battery time showing on your Z2?
    mine is 23 hours. : (:(

  • Kabuto Kouji

    Thanks bro i apreciatte ur help, hope this isuue gets solved by am update just like they did for the 4.4.2

  • Anthony pierron

    it’s ok just use 5 minutes :)

  • Adal Hinojosa

    Por supuesto que se perderá siempre es así con la actualización

  • P9

    It’s Z2’s, bro.

  • Still not available in Jordan

  • rafneks

    Philippines have it already since yesterday. I updated mine via pc companion.

  • Jeremmy Palacios

    por OTA no se pierde siempre, aveces se mantiene por eso pregunto, y te podria dejar de mentiroso con algunos videos que se publican en youtube

  • roeshak

    So why not flash another firmware. I flashed the stock Russian rom. It’s very clean with little bloat.

  • smk123

    I have, but I flashed 4.4.2 before it was available in the UK so I think I get things at different dates now

  • azzido

    Very good update Sony, it took long but DEV & QA department should be awarded. We only wonder why X-Loud has been excluded, hmm. And some folks moan about big icons, I like it personally but noticed not all, maybe is should be selectable? (not consistent in such a case).

  • gmfady

    .. congrats 2 the entire Z2 ?ers (:

  • Moonlight

    I know! But the same problem is observed with updates as several users of Z2 had!



  • Simos Katsiaris

    any one got a working recovery with the new stock image?
    i’m afraid to try…

  • Ronel Geminiano

    My PC Companion says its software is up to date. Now I’m tempted to just flash my phone but I’m worried about my apps and game progress.

  • Deepak R Naidu

    How to reduce the size of the icon on this new update to 4.4.4

  • Gargh

    Xperia z2 user here in Malaysia. Very disappointed there’s no OTA here. 4.4.4 update is not running over PC companion. While z2 has amazing hardware, I’m compelled to go back to using iOS. At least they are more consistent.

  • Hafizuddin Razali

    still not get the ota update…i am from malaysia

  • rygarto

    I assume they need to specifically proofread the UK version to ensure Queen’s English compliance ;)
    ’tis a win for all the rest of us who spend our lives butchering your language

  • avinash

    mine says 5 days

  • Angels

    I got the update. But whit i realy dont like is tge sound that its much. more quiet then it was before.
    And i wish that thouse icons where abit smaler. But i can ust to this size of ikons.

  • jamal Bindal

    Anyone’s noticing a problem on the sms app? It’s too slow and it crashes when trying to open the sms settings from the app.

  • Nick

    Yup, no OTA in Malaysia. Only PC Companion option and it’s taking ages. Still stuck somewhere between 25%. Been trying since last night and the same thing happens. Oh well …

  • jrod

    I’m with you. Telstra is really slow with thee updates

  • Hafizuddin Razali

    seriously? so the ota will not available at malaysia? actually my usb is broken i think…. cant charge and recognized by the pc by now..only can charge using the magnetic port

  • Abu Saleq Rocky

    Where is xloud?????

  • Muhd Faezin (Tiago – Rio 2)

    lol :D

  • Yunus Bachtiar

    In Indonesia updated now…

  • Levi Smith

    I have the Xperia Z2 D6503 on 3 UK and haven’t received an update, yet…

  • Stephen Lane

    None of the UK variants have received the update as of yet… Same goes for my Orange France version….

    Hopefully we might see the next wave of new variants today… Maybe…..

  • Zombie

    Yep. Still waiting for the update here in South Africa aswell.

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  • Dexter Moregan

    xloud is gone but got DSEE HX instead.

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  • Darius

    Is it just mine or my Xperia Z2 Radio FM feature’s not working? The app can be openend but every radio channel doesn’t play anything. No sound… Mine is Indonesia. Anyone else?


  • Darius


  • Stephen Lane

    Anybody on the Generic Hong Kong version should now be able to update…

  • rygarto

    Sorry to hear that. Mine works just fine, not that local stations offer much I’d want to listen to.(Taiwan generic).

  • Ritwij

    Can’t check. I don’t own a Z2 :'(

  • syed azher

    India Waiting for OTA

  • syed azher

    Have computer update

  • syed azher

    Don want to use pc comp

  • syed azher

    Don like

  • syed azher

    Waiting for OTA

  • Mjz

    Icons on my Xperia Z2 became large after the latest update 4.4.4. How can I make it small.

  • Adal Hinojosa

    Colombia ready!!

  • Frank

    High quality / resolution photos from Xperia tm with Facebook is not working after the update. Apps connected with it is the calendar only, how to add contacts app to it?

  • frank

    Yeah its irritating, have you noticed your contacts synced from xperia tm with facebook? Is now gone. :(

  • putu

    Yeahhh dude why sony remove X-Loud its make me frustrated now my speaker is verry Low… Damnnn

  • Kabuto Kouji

    Exactly… I mean…WHY! is that they always have to F%$$k it up with something! c´mon!!

  • Mike

    No update in East-Europe :(

  • GMAN 10111

    No update in South Africa either

  • Macka


  • Who berak

    Got my z2 updated here in Malaysia to 4.4.4.not a big deal… Waited for about an hour to get it updated using PC companion

  • Therese

    My phone got very loud.. Can’t make it less loud cuz it’s as loud as it can get.. But it’s very loud..

  • dinoomu

    2 days after Canadian Z2 tablets still do not have the update…How awesome to be in the First World.

  • malav patel

    i still dont have 4.4.4 on my xperia z in canada which was rolled out in september 9th
    if any one has it please tell me i have xperia z c6616

  • md motalib

    update my xperia z2 into 4.4.4 ,but apps icon become larger, how can i solve it

  • Fa rez

    how to check that build.prop?

  • Tony

    Amazing update! Everything is just running perfectly. Kudos Sony!

  • John

    Can root?

  • John

    when root come out? easy root no working. try and try. i give up.

  • John

    no root for now. faster root come.

  • Hafizuddin Razali

    the ota update will not available in malaysia 4ever? nooooooooooo

  • A.L

    Any improvements on the front facing camera on the Z2?

  • GMAN 10111

    Has anyone in South Africa gotten the update yet?

  • Zub

    Anybody from Holland got the update its ridiculous we have to wait this long…

  • Gabriel Voica
  • Gabriel Voica ….. the 167 update

  • Gabriel Voica

    screen record demo

  • Korecto

    The same here in Belgium…

  • dinoomu

    whoa that’s crazy. you should contact Sony but first try to find out if others with the same model in Canada got it or not.

  • dinoomu

    Still no sign of the update for SGP511 (16gb wifi) in Canada!!! We are 3 days behind!

  • Ed

    I still have no option to DL via OTA :(

  • jonyah

    Have to use another launcher. Sucks. I guess they think we’re all blind. I’m back on ADW.EX now but Nova is another good one that’ll let you resize them.

  • Mark

    Nope, nothing in Holland. Got the unbranded version, but still nothing.

  • Adjaero Pascal

    Got this yesterday… Apart from the large icons, it’s just beautiful

  • James

    waiting in the UK too…..

  • soyeb

    no ota for India? When it’ll be available in India as am unable to update through PC Companion.

  • Good question

  • Yoan Tufel

    It’s only the sms notification for me, none find a solution??

  • Ibrahim Alqayse

    no ota for jordan ( in the middle east) When it will be be available in Jordan?? because am unable to update through PC Companion ( pc companion can’t find
    my xperia z2)

  • Kabuto Kouji

    not yet man, praying for sony to give us a small update!

  • Yoan Tufel

    Now the camera, I’ve reach sony on Facebook and they told me that they have no idea of such bug

  • Rameswari S

    Will India be receiving the ota update for xperia z2

  • Abu Saleq Rocky

    but speaker sound become low, very low

  • Abu Saleq Rocky

    its just copied from Google launcher from nexus!!!!

  • Hi! Can anyone tell me if he experiences sound problems with PIANO apps (ie. Magic Piano)? With the new update, some keyboard keys are silent completely! That’s very upsetting and don’t know how to resolve it. If anyone has any tip without having to restore the phone?

  • GMAN 10111

    Has anyone in South Africa gotten the new update yet?

  • Asif Bashir

    It is now Monday 10th November, am in the UK on EE with an unlocked handset and still no update via OTA or via PC. Am still stuck on 4.4.2 whilst others have 4.4.3

  • ron3000

    Uk users always get the shitty end of the stick

  • Zombie

    Nope. still waiting,noting in OTA or companion

  • Jack

    LOL, will probably get it in January… happy waiting

  • Gabriel Voica

    My battery life…

  • John

    I have a UK sim-free Z2 and still nothing for me either.
    Looks like things haven’t changed when it comes to UK. We really do get all the Sony updates LAST as per usual! Expect to receive it next week. I doubt we’ll see it on our phones this week.

  • Gabriel Voica

    you can install it via Flashtool and enjoy the update without waiting for ages..

  • Gabriel Voica

    all about the Z2 after the update to 4.4.4 and more

  • Gabriel Voica


  • Yoan Tufel

    getting quite pissed, i’ve shouldnt have giving up samsung for sony

  • Calimero68

    This update is terrible! The huge icons make my Z2 look like a 2005 cellphone.
    Any fix planned or will my Xperia Z2 my last Sony smartphone ever?

  • Zainy

    App icons too large… Cmon Sony…. This ain’t a cheap phone but u make it seem like one

  • Rutul Choksi

    I don’t get notifications what to do?
    My phone is rooted.

  • Nirm

    UK Generic is now ready to download… eek, do I want to do this? I sold my original Z nearly 2 months ago waiting in vain for 4.4.4 and was shocked when I realised that the Z2 was also waiting… so I am not waiting any longer, large icons or not! So here we go…

  • Nirm

    .. and guess what via OTA “Could not download” and stuck at 0%… even more odd PCC says I’m up to date, aghhh! Probably too many of us UK folk trying to download, LOL!

  • SuperSubarashi

    it’s so big that I can’t look at it anymore, I would rather throw my phone than using this!
    there should be at least an option to resize them. I think I’m going to switch to nova too.

  • Nirm

    … and finally it’s downloaded and installed! Silky smooth operator, not too worried about the larger, almost Nexus icons, glad for more clock widgets, like that you can see which WiFi network connected to without drilling down, would have preferred option for black background (rather than white) in created folders… but so far so good! Lets see how it pans out, especially battery life as I was getting a good 36 hours use from mine with 4.4.2 which was a huge improvement over my Z especially when it was disastrously upgraded from Jelly Bean to 4.4.2! Happy for the moment… roll-on Lollipop ;-)

  • Aaron

    Got mine today – o2 UK

  • craig

    who do i talk to about it being messed up? sony on twitter u htink best?
    my email app,icons odd and everything since update

  • Tamar Holley

    I have a Sony xps n1bt in my car, which I dock my xperia z2 into. I updated this afternoon, and now the volume on my car stereo is too quiet! I have to turn it up to max to hear my music. Please help!!

  • Macka

    Today, i have new update already, thank you SONY… Meow meow meow

  • Sam

    Just got the update on my Z2 tablet 4G on O2 in the UK OTE earlier this evening. Icons are a little large and menu icon now mimics a nexus 5 sadly, but I’m adjusting. Also xloud has been removed, so little quiter but better quality. And obviously no ultra stamina mode for the tablets. It was all worth it for the Ps4 remote play though!

  • Slave2anangel

    Got the OTA update yesterday, installed no problem, Z2 UK Orange. Seems OK from what I’ve seen so far, icons are a little on the large side but kinda getting used to it. Hope we get the Lollipop update in January

  • GMAN 10111

    I’m in South Africa and I still haven’t received the update yet, has anyone in South Africa gotten it?

  • kavi

    the sony xperia z2 latest update kitkat 4.4.4 is not satisfactory, because appearance of app icons be come bigger. update is not touchable to usre and, also effects the brand quality.
    i am not happy to use my sony xperia z2 after update 4.4.4 kitkat, it look like toy phone

  • emanuele

    Ultra stamina on z2 tablet wifi only don t work!!

  • Xperia ZZZ…

    The larger icons are a fking joke on this update. Additionally, the clock widgets and homescreen animations have changed in some areas. Such an elegant phone UI RUINED! The camera also overheats, and the notification sounds are lower than what they were previously ( and they were already kind of low). The only good thing about the update is the PS4 connectivity. Why does Sony always have turn things into shit? They had such a great device here, too. It’s almost as if they are trying to force a Z3 down my throat!!!!!

  • Z2 zie

    Stupid idea big icon, the factor i m not buy z3 bcouse its icon big. Now my z2 after upgrde bcome same thing. Holly fuccckk.. How to downgrade?

  • zain

    Stupid icon size from samsung.

  • Peace

    Please mine is saying upto date when It’s still in 4.4.2 .what do I do? Tnx

  • Nelson

    The icon is way bigger than those in my mum phone. Holy Sh!T

    The whole UI Team should be fired. They just don’t know their customers.

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