Xperia Z1s for T-Mobile update (14.4.B.0.56) released [Update]

by XB on 10th November 2014

in Firmware, Xperia Z1

Xperia Z1s updateA small firmware update has been released for the T-Mobile Xperia Z1s (C6916) that moves the build number from 14.4.B.0.37 to 14.4.B.0.56. This is a minor update with no noticeable changes. The 4.2MB update is currently rolling out OTA. If you have updated, do let us know your impressions below.

Update: A changelog from T-Mobile is now live:

New features
– T-Mobile Free Inflight Texting support

– Wi-Fi calling enhancements
– Software stability improvements
– Camera improvements
– Bluetooth improvements

Xperia Z1s_14.4.B.0.56 Xperia Z1s update

Thanks Matthew and WilliamTell13!

  • Matthew Maokhamphiou

    Hahah cool, my screenshot I sent is the left one

  • Anonymous

    Based on this small update (my phone) it fixed an issue with the power/camera. Example here:

  • Evo.z1s

    I notice, when u plug the headphones, it shows a warning of the “Volume too loud” or “Can hurt you’re earing” warnings like that.. It never did before, so i hope it doesn’t get annoying because it lowered half my volume been connected to a AUX by it self -__-

  • WilliamTell13

    Mine has done that since the original 4.4.4 update (14.4.B.0.37). It has only done it like 3-5 times in the whole 3 months or so that I’ve had the KitKat update, so I don’t mind it.

  • Still no for my z2 in Jordan!!!

  • Evo.z1s

    Ohh First time it did it was like 20 min lol

  • cleverthansony

    somebody help me please:( i have z1s i paid it cash without contrat and i cant make it unlock. what can i do?

  • Kanes_Inferno

    Just glad to see the support continue, especially locked to a carrier. I was pleased when I saw there was an update. I did it this morning but will be at work until 9pm, so won’t have impressions for a bit.

  • Al Bundy

    you will need to flash a new rom on it . By either using Sony’s PC Companion (do a software flash /system wipe/update or flash a new rom using Flash tools (

  • Anonymous

    Well, I have noticed that the update does not fix this problem. At first it seemed like it did, but the problem reoccured again.. :( probably hardware issue

  • Tony

    My headphones weren’t responding after the update prior to this one. Now they are responding again. Not sure if these are related, but going to watch it for a bit. I have an open RMA w/Sony, and will close it if this fixes the issue. Fingers crossed.

  • Arosa

    Didn’t fix my proximity sensor issue and screen being constantly on. It’s dark but very noticeably on especially in the dark, it glows. Only suggestion I’ve had so far to fix it from both tmobile and Sony is a factory reset

  • WilliamTell13

    I too have the screen slightly being on sometimes. Like you said, definitely noticeable in the dark. It has to be a drain on the battery, really wish they would fix it.

  • WilliamTell13

    T-Mobile has posted a changelog on their Web site…

  • Dedei Panisio

    Can’t wait for an update to my Z3. This damn fast dormancy bug is so frustating.

  • LuvMusic

    This update broke Amazon Music on my Z1s…….app now crashes.

  • cleverthansony

    flash tool dont accept the phone. :(

  • Kanes_Inferno

    Nice, thanks. Wonder what camera improvements were done.

  • LuvMusic

    Fixed this morning (Wednesday) with an updated Amazon Music app.

  • Squircle

    Is anyone having an issue with thier ram spiking, after using an app?

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