SmartWatch 3 now in stock in US and Europe

by XB on 11th November 2014

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SmartWatch 3 Google Play StoreThe Sony SmartWatch 3 SWR50 has gone on sale on the Google Play Store in the United States for $249.99. The SW3 was already in stock through Verizon Wireless, but it’s arrival on the Play Store widens availability to all US customers.

The SmartWatch 3 is also on sale across Europe through various retailers such as Amazon, Expansys, Clove and Handtec. The official Sony Mobile Store is currently out of stock, but should have more units in stock soon.

The SmartWatch 3 sports some impressive specifications including 1.6-inch (320 x 320) transflective TFT LCD display, 1.2 GHz quad-core A7 processor, 512MB RAM, GPS, 4GB internal storage, IP68 certification for dust and water resistance and a 420mA battery which Sony says is good for “up to 2 days normal use”. If you recently bought a SmartWatch 3, let’s your initial impressions below.

SmartWatch 3 Google Play Store

Thanks dif wwh!

  • kj marway

    Hugely disappointed with the design of SW3 – as a SW2 user, I expected an evolution of the elegant square faced (and custom strap) approach. Instead, a Samsung Gear-esque device hit the market.

    A huge let down, I’ll settle for Smartband Talk this time around, hopefully SW4 brings something a little more interesting.

    P.S – Sony, please bring back the iconic power button as it appears on SW2.

  • Alex

    The sm3 is officially awesome! 2 days battery

  • hansip

    Well it looks more like a fitness watch anyway plus the closeness of sony and google while creating this. So those are the causes. Plus android wear inside warrants a new design i guess. Personally i think this watch will be a hit because of the microUSB and GPS feature.

  • goldenblls

    Quite an iconic design from Sony for their SW3. It has a very distinctive look but is also pretty durable, which is what a sports watch should be.

    There is so much I want to buy right now.

  • arduino566

    I agree with you! Totally satisfied with SW3 and I came from SW1 and SW2. Sony just need to put the Lifelog integration, Camera controls or “Widgets” feature from SW2 to become unbeatable. PS: I got mine from Amazon.UK

  • Rene Pedroso

    No Lifelog / Walkman support.

  • Prateek Bhanushali
  • Garry Smith

    I’m fairly impressed with the SW3, and happy that I purchased one just wish life log was compatible. After just changing over to sony it seems that they always release their hardware before all the software is ready!!

  • Alpha

    True, been using SW3 over a week now and no answer from Sony when these key features will be ready, if ever.

  • Rene Pedroso

    I have also had it for a week. I don’t understand how they advertise these features and they are not available. It’s a love / hate thing with Sony, lol.

  • gmfady

    .. agree with all .kj

  • Rene Pedroso


  • kj marway

    Those ’causes’ are quite well known – however, irrespective of what you’re saying, Sony is not known for producing commodity products – unfortunately, that’s exactly what the SW3 is.

    Google has clearly had a major design influence over the SW3, and, despite what you may say, the SW3 is not a classic Sony design – it doesn’t ooze class like SW2, and I highly doubt that an average customer could differentiate between the SW3 and another strikingly similar design.

  • Panda

    Wait. Lifelog integration is not supported on the SWR50? Is it not in YET or is Lifelog only exclusive to the smartband lineup only?

  • Jelvis

    Just wait guys, it’s early days still… ;-)

  • Kaarthikeyan Swaminathan

    Should assume it is not yet. Sony page says it can sync with Life log. Maybe they ll patch it up in the future :(

  • arduino566

    Yes. We’re expecting an update to integrate SW3 to lifelog app, that may become available shortly. Anyways, could be very disappointing if sony was marketing a false information. Lets cross fingers!

  • Andys42

    I am seriously disappointed with the SW3 to the extent I have just returned this. The problem is the SW3 has androidwear rather than the Sony OS on the Smartwatch 2.

    I am an avid Sony fan. I have had the Xperia Z, Z1 and Z2. I have also had the Smartwatch, Smartwatch 2 (SW2) and bought the Smartwatch 3 (SW3) the day it was available. I also have the Xperia Tablet Z2 and various extras including the Bluetooth headset, speaker, basestation, etc.

    I love the SW2. I have a number of the smartextras, including ones for operating the camera on the Z2, getting notifications for text, emails, hangouts messages and calls. I use it as an alarm clock and for various other things. Its really nice that is uses the same smartextras as the SBH52 headset. Lovely little set up. As you can imagine I was really looking forward
    to getting the SW3. So it turns up.

    Firstly none of the smartextras work on the SW3 and the user interface is completely different. In order to even find the applications you have to get past the voice recognition, scroll past a whole load of things Google think you may find useful and you cannot remove and you finally get to a menu with the apps, again with ones you cannot remove. OK so I tried some of the android wear apps in place of the Sony ones. The camera one crashes the Z2 phone – great. The text messaging and hangouts do not work and do not show messages on the watch. In fact I could not get anything useful to work on the watch. If you have installed Android 4.4.4 the bluetooth unlock works fine with the SW2 but breaks with the SW3.

    The biggest issue is the user interface. The SW2 has a really nice, simple interface. You can find what you want and all your alerts come up on the screen. The SW3 has the worst interface I have seen, not just on a smartwatch, infact I would not call it’s a smartwatch at all, its totally useless.

    The second issue is that it does not use the smartextras that Sony and others have already published, so none of the stuff I use works. The third issue is the android wear apps crash the phone. The forth is that the SW3 is incompatable with the other extras such as the SBH52. You get a notification on the SBH52 but not on the SW3. Useful – NOT.

    Basically if Sony release an SW3 with the Sony OS that runs smartapps, I will buy another one. If not I will look at alternatives when it comes to replace the Z2. The Apple watch will be out by then. I think Sony will lose a lot of market share in the smartwatch area if they stick with the current androidwear config. They have a massive advantage with the SW2, it would be a
    shame to lose it with the SW3. Look what happened to Nokia when they changed
    the OS they used…..

  • Garry Smith

    Lifelog has now updated and shows steps in lifelog. Whilst this is good I think more lifelog cross features would be better ie. Launching the app on your sw3 to view information like Google for does would be better ie sure it will come!

    Currently on holiday and my sw3 has been very useful at airports reporting not only flight times but gate and terminal information too even before the airport displays it! Information taken from Gmail and converted to Google now cards.

    Early days bulbs can only hope and can only.imagine it will get better including updates that will make the battery that bit longer currently getting on average 2 days usage without charge

  • Garry Smith

    Jelvis, I agree and I believe good things will come! At the end of the day I believe many people got their SW3 but official release which was supposed to be mid November and most smartwatces apart from the lagging apple intact will be going to android wear so more people will be making apps to suit as you say “early days still”

  • favormak

    Sony has really done a daring choice by directing his first watch Android Wear to a very sporty look, while the “general public” and the curious are currently waiting to see what can be done in terms of style and design in various manufacturers. for example apple watch is suitable with the apple iphone 5s and iphone 6

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