Sony CES 2015 press conference takes place on 5 January 2015

by XB on 13th November 2014

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CESIt is perhaps a bit too early to be talking about Sony’s CES 2015 press conference, but the date has been published so mark your diaries. The press conference will take place on Monday 5 January 2015 at 17.00 (PST) or 01.00 GMT/02.00 CET on 6 January for Europeans.

There’s no guarantee that Sony will reveal the Xperia Z4, or whatever its next flagship will be called. Last CES, we saw the Xperia Z1s for T-Mobile and Xperia Z1 Compact announced at the Las Vegas tradeshow. There is a good chance that Sony may keep its powder dry for a MWC reveal of new flagship hardware.

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  • Hisham

    I’m really hoping Sony will announce the next flagship, I’m buying it anyways.

  • Coolkid

    Can’t believe it’s gonna be 2 years since Z original Z was announced.. Desperately waited to see Sony’s first Z series phone which sported first quad core phone… Nostalgia..!!!!
    Can’t wait to see what Sony will bring this time..!!!

  • BruceLeeRoyJenkins

    We all want a new design and a better camera, we thought the Z3 would deliver on this, and it did, a little, but not enough to steal the spotlight from the competition

  • shanefalco

    Sony will reveal xperia U3 and P3 with lollipop ;) sony must concentrate in medium and low range smartphone for relaunch the image. More tv marketing and good price.

  • DanielGearSolid

    we all? I think the design is great

    Only thing i would change is the glass back, make it something more durable

  • BruceLeeRoyJenkins

    … If you want to change something then it’s not perfect is it?…

  • DanielGearSolid

    obviously nothing is perfect…

    but i see your point. I changed to “great”

  • osin17

    Perfection is an aspiration, so it will be never enought perfect for future

  • Eduardo Otero

    No Sony won’t. Xperia Z4 will be presented at MWC2014 on February

  • gmfady

    i put my word with yu kid ;)

  • Dan Vafidis

    I think there will be only (mainly?) Software news, and it’s a good thing,Sony is now Number one in design on the device itself, it needs improvement on software design and I think they’ll have good things to show us, unlike LG releasing Lollipop first but with the same old UI as KK :/ and nothing new, they just patched the FW with new code

  • BruceLeeRoyJenkins

    I like my Z3, I do a lot, it’s much better than my Z1, but besides the rounder design, that feels great in hand, it’s nothing too drastic. One-handed use is a little out of comfort. Camera feels the same, a little more tweaked, not the huge change we expected for someone like Sony who has huge expertise in the camera industry already.

    All I’m saying is that Sony always meets the bar when they release a flagship, but lately they haven’t raised the bar.

  • Omarion07

    I think so man especially if they’re gonna include sd810 and the new camera sensor!

  • Nightmare

    Z4!!! xD

  • Sony is making huge progress in mobile but as a product/marketing person I would begin to worry if they are already announcing Z4 anytime soon.
    My regular user pals and family in the USA and even here in Korea are finally becoming aware of the Z3 brand by Sony, it’s Hi Res Audio capabilities, both the Z3 and compact version…and the Z3 tablet, which just launched in most markets…

    …so to make those items seem outdated so soon, when the Smartwatch 3 and Smartband talk are just now shipping for the first time and just now being discovered by the regular non-tech enthused consumer, would IMO be a mistake.

  • Rifqi Al Fariz

    It’s sony, I believe them for year since I am 15, now I’m 24. The UI changes in every single device. Maybe not too much in xperia line, but still.. Sony are simply awesome.. I think the huge diffrence is in their lolipop UI xperia version. Can’t wait to see it! ;-)

  • Panda

    “One-handed use is a little out of comfort.”
    If size is a contributing factor to that, the Z4 is only gonna be worse for you if rumors turns out to be true that the screen size is gonna be at 5.6″.

    Having considered both the Z3 and the Note4 prior to my purchase of my current Z3, size was the determining factor. I find the size of the Note4 too big for 1 handed use, even in 1 handed mode Having constant fear of dropping the device when using it.

  • didnthearitfromme

    Not sure on the hardware side, but on the Playstation and online services side expect some big announcements. Here’s what I know so far:

    a subscription model for PS Now on ps4, coming with its own app that’ll look like Netflix but for games.

    PS4 game streaming is in the pipeline too (being able to play ps4 games on your ps3/vita/tv). Oh and saw something about ps2 emulation on the ps4 too, but no details.

    Finally, expect some rebranding around the Playstation brand, and a BIG change for one of their online services, but can’t say more…

  • P9

    hope the next flagship got the glass and aluminum version to chose xD

  • Bilal

    can’t wait for next Xperia Z4 series including the Xperia Z4 Ultra with 2K screen Display, 3GB of RAM, Snapdragon 810 processor,20.7 MP camera with LED flash this is my dream ^_^ and I’m still enjoying with my Gorgeous Sony Xperia Z Ultra .

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  • f35hunter

    MWC 2015 not 2014 correct it LoooooooL .

  • BruceLeeRoyJenkins

    K really don’t see that rumor, of the 5.5 or whatever, screen size more than 5.2 happening. Especially if Sony hasn’t reigned in their bezels from their former iterations

  • Jim

    “ony must concentrate in medium and low range smartphone for relaunch the image.”

    I thought they were pulling out of mid-low range segment..

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  • J.
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    “PS4 game streaming is in the pipeline too (being able to play ps4 games
    on your ps3/vita/tv). Oh and saw something about ps2 emulation on the
    ps4 too, but no details.”

    Sounds like it’s related to that game streaming technology that they were working on. The one where they run games on their servers and stream it down to you. Looks like the end product will be announce at CES2015

  • xperiax10.awesome

    Major improvement we want to see on SONY XPERIA Z4 are:
    – decrease top/bottom bezel size
    – front stereo speakers the way it was on Z2 (not Z3)
    – remove the fiddling flips over ports and use something else
    – walkman sound master chip if possible
    – improved Camera performance in Auto mode with Xenon Flash
    – larger battery: I don’t want super thin phone
    – base version with 32gb internal storage
    – call quality needs to improved

  • Sony

    – decrease top/bottom bezel size
    While i’d like that too, after using the Z3 for 1 month now. Coming from an Xperia S, I’m starting to understand why some out there said that some bezels were necessary. I sometimes find myself accidentally hitting the menu buttons when flipping my phone’s orientation and some minor tasks as well.

    – front stereo speakers the way it was on Z2 (not Z3)
    MMmmm… Kay, yeah, the spear position on the Z2 made it looked unique. Though personally what attracted me with that design was the notification LED placement rather than the speaker placement.

    – remove the fiddling flips over ports and use something else
    You can’t really escape using flaps. Unless you remove the standard micro USB connection on the phone completely and rely soely on Sony’s Propitiatory charging/data connectors that can withstand the elements. That would obviously mean you will need to carry around their Propitiatory cables in order to charge or do data transfer. Some may not like it. Though personally I’d appreciate they implement data transfer functionality with their current magnetic charging port. Even so, you’d still need a flap to insert the Sim/Micro SD card.

    – walkman sound master chip if possible
    Rumors are that the Z4 will support a built in audio amp

    – improved Camera performance in Auto mode with Xenon Flash
    You should see camera performance improvements if rumors are true that Z4 will sport Sony’s new curve sensor. As for Xenon Flash, I highly doubt so due to power requirements and space constraints.

    – larger battery: I don’t want super thin phone
    Not everyone agrees with you on that. Coming from an XS to the Z3, I do appreciate the premium thinness of the Z3’s design. Besides, as proven by the Z3, you do not need big batteries to feature world class battery life =) (though no doubt a bigger battery does help too..)

    – base version with 32gb internal storage
    YES PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!! OR MORE!!! PLEASE!!
    if rumors are true, the Z4 will support 32GB on all variants. Then again, Japan would probably get the exclusive 64GB premium =(

    – Call Quality needs to improved
    You probably need to go fuck your carrier upside down for this. I’ve had the best phone calling experience on the Z3 thus far. No complaints from the Receiving end as well.
    That’s not saying call quality couldn’t be improved. You saying “needs to be improved” kinda implies it having bad call quality.

  • xperiax10.awesome

    No bro, call quality just compare with an iPhone or any phone from Moto or Nokia.
    The sound is very loud and clear as compared to Sony. (Nothing to do with carrier)

  • roeshak

    To be honest, I don’t expect anything great from Sony with the z4. It’ll feature lollipop and that’ll probably be its highlight.
    Hardwarewise, aside from upgrading the cpu to at least an 805cpu and using a qhd panel and possible moving to 32gb as standard memory, I just don’t see anything more doable.
    The z3 really disappointed me. It’s display although brighter, is actually worse than the z2s with that bluish tint and very cold colours. The z2 had a great display offering the best of both worlds. Warm vibrant colours with realistic tones still preserved.
    In other respects both devices are near identical save for the more rounded but infinitely slipprier design. The z3 slides around on flat surfaces even without contact.
    I’m sorry but if apples protruding camera is considered a design flaw then the slipperyness of the z3 is also one?
    On the camera side, fine with android 4.4.4 Sony’s finally given us a good 20.7mp camera but only with mammal settings. The camera is still hopeless with auto settings and so should be avoided by the lazy point and shoot crowd who coincidentally are the majority. Unfortunately for Sony that is.
    Unfortunately for the mobile industry, I see Samsung and apple reasserting their stranglehold on the game. Both manufacturers were there for the taking while apple was still putting out toys and Samsung still making cheap looking devices.
    That’s changed now and I just can’t see any manufacturer doing anything to challenge either of them. Sad but true unfortunately.
    Sony’s got a new man coming in to replace the last idiot but we won’t see the implications until 2016.
    Sony had their chance, they started off promisingly with the original Z but just blew it with consecutive stupidity most notably the crazy 6 month nonsense.
    I fear the die is cast already and the worm has decidedly turned.
    Can’t see a way back to be honest.

  • jonoave

    Yes, they should pull out of mid-range. Sony cannot offer competitive mid-range. At that price point consumers care more about price than features, so the likes of Xiaomi, Redmi, Lenovo etc can dominate.

  • ???

    ?3? i hope ,6.4” &&&&&

  • Sony

    I’m assuming you’re using a Z3. My previous phone was an XS, and a Nokia N8 before that. The Z3 really outperforms in audio quality both when making calls and playing back music.

  • xperiax10.awesome

    I am using Z2 right now and call quality of my Moto G 2nd Gen and iPhone 6 is far better than Z2

  • Dmitry Perets

    Yes, it’s time to intorduce a new design, but as stylish as the old one =) Because Z3 looks amazing!
    And also I hope that Sony will make Compact phones equal to the flagships not only specs-wise, but also design-wise. Because I would be glad to buy Z3C, but it just doesn’t look premium to me… Why couldn’t they just make it the same as the big Z3? Well, maybe a bit thicker, for technical reasons…
    And the glass back is… bad. Some kind of beautiful soft-touch would be much better, more durable, less fingertips, feels better…

  • alexo

    Be cool if the z4 was shaped like the ps4.

  • Jack

    Mostly expecting to see their Android TVs. Hope they have 1080p 32 inch one. Also their Walkman division. They’ll probably also have something to show from their point and shoots, camcorders and audio divisions. Don’t think we will see anything new from the Xperia division…

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  • kade Bondo

    The next z ultra, pleas Sony breng us an Ultra phone
    3 gb of ram and 32 gb of storage running on snapdragon 805

  • Sadab Khan

    More phones with Snapdragon 400 incoming!!??!!

  • Kaostheory

    Looking forward to a Morpheus release date! And maybe a hint of Morpheus on Xperia!

  • ryq24

    sony should review its marketing strategy. They Never made a dent in the high end market due to iPhone and Samsung. While the mid range to low end phones are owned by chinese phone makers. Unless Sony can make a turnaround soon, I think Sony will be force to exit the mobile phone market just like what happen to their laptop division.

  • Battal Aljadei

    Z 5″
    Z2 5.2″
    Z3 5.2″
    Z4 5.5″ !

    Z7 9.5″ ?

    Enough with bigger displays, this’s a Smart (Phone) Sony not a smart TV !

  • BruceLeeRoyJenkins

    I wouldn’t mind seeing something like the matte, sort of soft touch on the Xperia Z Tablet or on the Xperia SP. Although it is more durable than glass, and attracts far less fingerprints scratches still appear easily and stand out a lot.

    I kind of wished Apple had succeeded in their Sapphire Glass venture for their mobile devices. Then maybe they could sell it to to the other OEMs, like how Sony does their camera sensors and Samsung does their chips. But the company went bankrupt, and even if it succeeded Apple is kind of a dick when it comes to sharing.

  • BruceLeeRoyJenkins

    At least bring some of the cool features found in their midrange devices to their flagships. I mean, Xperia SP translucent bar on a Z3 or Z4 would be fucking awesome

  • BruceLeeRoyJenkins

    If I remember correctly, they did the same with the Z2 and held off release at CES and debuted at MWC, could be wrong doh

  • BruceLeeRoyJenkins

    No offense then, but why are you here?

  • Fiiliip Fillip

    Where can i buy screen protector with sony logo for sony xperia z?

  • Prateek Bhanushali

    At that tymm bro you will be in the era of foldeble devices :) So you will say, “Hell yeahh, its 9.5″ display… Z7, Shut up and take my money” :D

  • gmfady

    hmm! yu ment 4GB RAM QS810 ;)

  • gmfady

    at yr nearest Official Xperia Agent,
    gd luck.

  • Rajiev

    Xperia O will be announce in CES

  • Sander Puus

    I on the other hand think that what the Z2 or Z3 are made of are far more durable than Sammy plastic or apple’s solution. Htc metal unibody would be copyright infringement and sueable grounds. Just go hit youtube for different flagships testing videos and you will be maby impressed how durable the z series are…

  • luke

    Maybe an Xperia ZL2?

  • annoying sony fanatic

    i hope sony will do flagship every end of Q1..once a year. :D

  • Dickson

    Xperia Z4 Specs
    -Slimmer than Z3
    -Lighter than Xperia Z ( 138 gram )
    -Screen 5, 5inch
    -TRILUMINOS Display , Live Color LED Plus Combine RGB ,and X-Reality/Pro Engine
    -Rear Camera = 23, 7MP/25, 7 MP
    -Front Camera = 5, 2 MP/5MP
    -New Xperia Sensor ( APC )
    -Dual LED Flash ( True Tone Flash and Xenon Flash )
    -Exmor RS and R Upgrade Camera
    -Best Camera ( Panorama , HDR, Night, Town, Object, Room, and etc
    -Super IPS LCD Touchscreen and pixel density 500ppi
    -Android 5.1 Lollipop Software Android
    -Xperia Health
    -Excellent Colour , Excellent Temperature, Excellent Brightness, Excllent GAMMA, Excellent Contrast, Brightness/Darkness Display , Best Camera , and Best Display
    -Battery 3.350mAh Removeable battery ( up to 3/4 days )
    -Stand By 950 hours and Talk Time 22 hours
    -Music Play 140 hours
    -Stereo Sepaker , Hi-Ress Audio, Stereo Sound, S-Force Surround, ClearPhase, ClearBass, ClearAudio, ClearSound, Beats Audio, and Auto Sound / Genre etc
    -Wi-Fi Calling
    -IR Blaster , IR Remote , and Infared Red
    -Fingerprint Scanner, Smart Feature, and New Camera App
    -Xperia Smart Feature : Smart Hand, Smart Eye , SmartAir View, Smart Scroll , Smart Multi Window, Smart Note, Smart Backlight, Glove Mode, Smart Pause, Smart Shake in WALKMAN, Smart Pixel in Xperia Album/Picture, Smart Editor Movie in Movie (Video Player ), Xperia Pay, Xperia Transfer, Xperia NFC, Smart Dual Sim, etc
    -New Xperia App
    -IP66/IP69 water and dust resistant uo to 30 minute / 45 minute
    -OmniBalance Design and Shock Proof/Anti Shock
    -Dragontrail Front and Xperia Z Series Design Back
    -Xperia Z4 more feature camera/other camera
    -Xperia Z4 Design=OmniBalance, Metal Frame, Shutter Film, Aluminium Frame , Solid Frame

  • Dickson

    I Love Xperia

  • Damo Conti

    Yes z4 series with have z4 z4c z4 tab z4 13.1tab with styus and a z4u think zu but in z4 specs. Snapdragon 810 minimum could suprise up with snapdragon 812/815 (rumour screen aspects ratio will be changed so?5.3-5.6in screen with fit without making phone wider/longer. Must have worldwide minimum 32gb storage 64/128gb option or all phones have 16/32 but have a 2nd sdcard slot 1is for internal /system it joins to your int storage.(make it be a ram /sd/mmc card similar speed to int ram) 2nd card is like sdcards now. 4gb min ram pref 6-8gb. With wireless charging coming make a 2-3000mah 2nd battery slide on back of phone. Battery could have motorised lens on 2nd battery. Camera can the sony dslr and qx techs fix the problem with the camera preview can look good the finished pic had too much noise.poor post production. Put dtv tuner in all models, put feature where you could play games between 2 or more phones ie deathmatch in doom. Must be cat6 or cat 10 on lte with multi band 4way ca. Make usb charging connector be a sliding flap or flapless but still ip68. Also a ruggedized or Mil spec version would be nice. Upgrade fm radio to dab+ digital radio. Wifi 802.11 abgn ac2100+ ad ah ak. Have I missed anything.

  • Damo Conti

    Exactly it’ll be a 5.5 in phone and screen expands to 9.5 in

  • Damo Conti

    Why it’s a bottom end soc sony should stick to s400/410 600/610 800/801/805/810. With most High end phones having a s801/805 there must be stock of s800/801 lower clock speed that they should use.

  • Damo Conti

    Has anyone heard if ir when Qualcomm will have 64bit kraft cores for the 64bit 810 812 8xx instead of the cortex cores and I’d prefer all cores be the fastest and best cores not 4 a55 and 2 a53 cores.

  • Sony

    You should try the Z3 if you get the chance. it’s pretty darn good imho. Haven’t had a chance to try the Z2 so i wouldn’t know~

  • Steven Khoo Skkl

    I don’t know about Z2 and Z3 but I’m pretty sure the smooth glass is due to the lack of shatter proof tint?I notice the back has them on XZ and XZ1.. And I’m very sure that finding a good back glass protector will stop it from sliding.

  • Steven Khoo Skkl

    Unfortunately, no such news..I heard they are only basing the 808,810 cores of ARM big.LITTLE platform,using such design…So..No new innovations can be expected by Qualcomm ATM..

  • roeshak

    Z2 doesn’t have the sheet either. The edges of its frame are raised giving it better friction and stability in flat surfaces. The z2 for me is already slippery enough in hand but the flat surface inadequacies of the z3 are a design flaw in my opinion. Form over factor indeed!

  • Dickson

    Xperia Z4 better camera 25, 7 Megapixel and Front Camera 5, 2Megapixel
    SteadyShot Fast Camera
    Sweep Panorama Better Scene than Samsung

  • Steven Khoo Skkl

    So..I would personally spend another 1$ and buy back sheet to not only protect but increase friction

  • Dickson

    Xperia Z4 Camera 25, 7 MP and Front Camera 5, 2 MP
    XPERIA Z4 Slimmer than Z3 and Xperia Z4 Lighter than Xperia Z
    XPERIA Z4 Screen Super IPS Display pixel density 510ppi/508ppi
    Xperia Z4 Dragontrail Front and Corning Gorilla Glass 3
    Xperia Design = OmniBalamce, Shutter Film, Shatterproof, Anri Hazard, Shockproof, and Tempered Glass
    XPERIA Z4 Processor 3.0GHz Snapdragon 805 Qualcomn
    32 ROM MEMORY AND 4GB RAM up to 256 GB
    Battery Life Up To 4, 5 days and Talk Time 22 hours
    MUSIC PLAY (WALKMAN) up to 140 hours

  • Dickson

    Xperia Z4 IP75/IP78 Water & Dust Resistant
    PVD Coating
    Aluminium Metal Frame
    Tempered Glass & Scratch Resistant /Shatterproof
    Heat Resistant Battery

  • Xperia Z4 Ultra

    IP is up to 69 :) dust proof is from 0 to 6. waterproof is from 0 to 9.

  • Peter Parker

    Don’t wanna see just another new hardwares but Devices and Services should come together

    now People’ve got confused about Sony’s media apps, Sony gotta merge them together, for example
    – Album app merge into PlayMemories
    – Walkman app merge into Music Unilimited
    – Movie app merge into Video Unlimited
    – Sony Select merge into Xperia Lounge

    And it would be so great if I can use some cool apps like PlayStation Now and Vue (PlayStation Vue) on my Xperia flagship phone as well

  • shanefalco

    i want this spec: 4.3″ ips 960×540 (256ppi) 8mpx 8grom+sd 1gram snap410 dimensions as z3compact, price 199 euro (xperia u3???) :D

  • Marco Sobrevilla

    I think they have enough products now that they can widen the release dates like they’re rumored to do starting with the Z4. Z4 and Z4 tablet at the beginning of the year and Z4 Compact and Z4 Compact in the middle of the year. Also, They can sprinkle some other mid-range and low-end phones with those launches(e.g. Xperia M & Xperia E)

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