Xperia Z2 owners – Was the Android 4.4.4 update worth the wait?

by XB on 14th November 2014

in Firmware, Xperia Z2

z2The Android 4.4.4 KitKat update for the Xperia Z2 released over a week ago. It brought the same features seen in the Xperia Z3 series to the Xperia Z2. This includes Hi-res audio, PS4 Remote Play, Ultra STAMINA Mode, Bluetooth unlock, a new home launcher and more.

For those that have updated, we wanted to ask how you are finding the new software? Let us hear your opinions below. What do you like most about the update? If you’re having problems, let us know what they are. Or, let us know what are missing from the old firmware, if anything.

  • Estêvão Campos

    Well.. I did not received it yet… sooo.. I don’t know…

  • Guest

    Really really dislike the larger icons, makes the phone appear childish, hope Sony is listening. Besides that, display seems much brighter and haven’t tested the camera.

  • Iain McLaren

    I preferred the old icons and the old lockscreen clock, but overall haven’t noticed much of a difference. Only problem I have is the mail app is now very slow to load emails, delete them or exit.

  • Paul M

    maybe try cleaning all data belonging to the mail app – it will regenerate its cache of data fairly quickly over wifi anyway.
    you will probably need to re-do the per-label sync settings.

  • James

    I love it. Love new flash light quick settings, landscape lock screen, hi res audio, new camera features along with a bunch of minor UI improvements.

  • Arthur Simon

    Let’s just say, it didn’t change my life in any way. I like most of it. But then again the Superior Auto mode got all messed up lol. Manual mode at least is a bit better now. But I think the battery drains a bit faster now? Hm. I’m just waiting for Lollipop :)

  • James Earley

    Battery life has taken a hit and I hate the new launcher, icons are comically huge.

  • blarganhargan

    Battery is terrible and noise cancelling with the noise cancelling earphones don’t work anymore.

  • Niclas sweden

    Hell yes :-) except the big icons :-P Sony fast 1 day after roll out came ota:-)

  • Arthur Simon

    I like the new icons. First I was sceptical towards them but after seeing them IRL I realized that they actually look quite good. But really though, who gives a shit about the icon size? There are bigger problems in this world xD

  • GMAN 10111

    I still haven’t received the update

  • Jachym Kokesh Lukes

    Still on stock, do probably not so awful :) It seems to be more fluid in animations. People are bitching about lower FPS in camera viewfinder, but it helps against overheating, so people: lower your pitchforks and go home, nothing to see here.

  • mustafa

    Waiting for the rooted package

  • Arthur Simon

    My headphones work the same way as before.

  • philipp

    I have an unlocked bootloader and the quality of the pictures are as Bad as the pictures by the xperia z3 with unlocked bootloader… Im so sad about the Image noises.. Its terrible.
    But the other changes are good, i like the New Icons and the Screen looks a bit brighter.

  • gmfady

    yep arthur, wev 2 wait 4 at least the nxt 3 months ..

  • tox

    it’s not that good, headset settings dont work whatever headset brand i choose the output sound still the same. big icons are stupid. i installed it for few minutes then revert back to 4.4.2 it’s so much stable and battery friendly. the 4.4.4 is making the Z2 look bad so when the Z4 comes out you will think it’s better to switch and again they will fuck up the Z4 with updates so when the Z5 comes out and you touch it, you will see it’s faster than yours. updates are just making phones feel weird in your hands and making you think of switching to the next flagship.

  • GMAN 10111

    Has anyone in south Africa gotten the update yet?

  • Konstantin Ivanov

    Cap the camera viewfinder FPS to 30 at least..its too laggy.Overall the update is awesome.No other complaines. and xLoud Feature is gone aswell.. :(

  • Mansoor Elahi

    Awesome update and i am loving it. Phone is really stable and fast.

  • Luís Alberto Pérez

    So many people complaining about the side icons… Install a new launcher! Problem solve!

  • mark

    At first I wasn’t sold on the icon size but I’ve grown to like it. I’ve still got the same amount of apps per page so I think it’s worked well. The battery life for me has improved. Mine is used quite heavily with location, Bluetooth and 4G on all the time. Overall I’m quite impressed.

  • Selçuk Kahraman

    Ki?iler listesindeki filtrede sim kart vard? ve kalkm?? bu kötü oldu ayr?ca ki?i kaydederken sim karta kay?t edemiyorum daha do?rusu sim karta kay?t et seçene?i yok. Bi önceki sürümde vard? bunlar 4.4.2’de

  • zeoxzy

    Everything is fine, in fact most things seem to run a bit smoother now. BUT THE GOD DAMN ICONS!!! Why oh why did they have to make them bigger, surely they would have realised as soon as they did that it looks terrible.

  • Joe

    As I use a custom launcher and lock screen (Nova Launcher and Snaplock – highly recommended) the only difference I noticed was that you can swap between notifications and quick settings with a horizontal swipe now. I find this very convenient as you don’t have to reach up to the top buttons to swap, so for me I love the update :)

  • Ed_Diego

    when i’m listenning music and then open the camera app lacks a little bit

  • David Hvatov

    I like it! Good firmware!

  • Ibrahem Salah

    Do you know how to add double tap to wake to Z1
    sorry for distributing your experience but i really need help for this

  • Toni Junior

    Nada para meu Xperia Z2 D6543!!!!!

  • Camilo Uribe

    Yes, Now I have and Xperia Z3 inside my Z2.

  • Wishy

    The notification sound still uses one speaker and this problem should have been fixed in this firmware! but sadly that didn’t happen! and there is noise in the camera!

  • Ado Kanashii


  • Farhan Nasir

    i have problems with my update centre after from change this z2 to 4.4.4. it doesn’t gives any other updates except “myxperia”. So, my album and movie is still outdated. My movie app for example is still on version 7.1.A.1.14. I’d reset and repair my phone using pc companion 4 times !! but to no avail.

  • Mclen Nacion

    No one notice the xload is gone. That’s why the notification sounds is never you heard than before little bit louder

  • Guest

    Did you consider that some people like the Sony launcher.

  • Alistair Henning

    I notice that my phone seems to have longer battery life with the same settings as before when I was using 4.4.2 and also it charges faster. I use the camera quite a bit and while there are UI things I would fix, overall it seems as or more stable and fast-shooting as before, which is all I really care about. Overall performance when using the stock launcher also seems faster. So – I’m certainly quite happy with the update.

  • Raj Singh

    Z<Z1<Z2<Z3<Z4<Z5<Z6… et cetera.

  • alber

    Notifications sounds are ridiculously low now. They were low before the update but now they’ve almost disappeared. The camera also moves more slowly than before. I think Sony should fix these problems with a minor update soon.

  • Faisal Armand

    LOVE IT! I like the refreshed look and feel, I love the new features too such as DSEE HX and other Z3 features.

    The biggest change, however, is the camera. Right now, I don’t feel like i’m using the usual Z2 camera, it is totally different than before.

    Here is a short review about the camera:

    In general in both 20.7 and 8MP mode, more details in outdoor shots, less grain and artifacts in indoors and night shots

    Pre android 4.4.4, the 20.7MP mode was underperforming. It was soft, noisy, and full of rough artifacts. Only in 8MP mode could Z2 best its android rivals. Now in 4.4.4, the 20.7MP has detail that lives up to resolution, better dynamic range & contrast, and less grain. But the artifacts are still there, only this time it is smoother in appearance.

    The 8MP mode has slightly less detail than 20.7MP mode, the noise levels between the two are identical, if not a slightly bit less than 20.7MP mode but the artifacts in 8MP mode are almost completely eliminated, making very clean images.

    Yes the camera algorithm in Z2 right now is exactly the same as Xperia Z3. And since I saw Z3 even in 20.7MP mode besting Note 4, S5, OnePlus one, iphone 6, and LG G3 in many camera comparisons.. It is very safe to say that Z2 & Z3 are the best cameras in android & ios smartphone environment, well except for that panasonic cameraphone with a 1″ sensor.

  • HioSan

    The battery lasts me less

  • lio

    still waiting for niaboc’s existenz…

  • ash

    Those who paid for their mobile and who want their mobile to look good

  • Luís Alberto Pérez

    I also like Sony’s launcher but if they change it, making it closer to Google Now Launcher, I just install a new one and move on.

  • Kev

    Overall, i am very happy with the update, at first i thought the camera quality went down, but after a while, it was actually an improvement. What really went down was the viewfinder refresh rate; there are now stutters so yeah… But like i said, overall i am very happy with the update. There are of course some bugs to be squashed so if sony could remedy it, that’ll will be great. And the fact that the xloud is gone, too.

  • M Usman

    Nah I got the z3 in copper instead

  • ketan javia

    Icon size too big

  • bb

    If you modified your phone by rooting it and expect noise cancelling and battery to work fully, you can fk off. It is a known issue that rooting the phone will break noise cancellation.

  • sony z2

    i have problems with my update centre after from change this z2 to 4.4.4. wifi is it too slow plz sony fix this shit

  • Jiyeon90

    For the love of God yes!

  • Dean

    Hasn’t come to the Optus Xperia Z2 yet in Australia :(

  • pjlk

    I have tested the 4.4.4 but reverted back to 4.4.2 since i like it rooted for my apps, because we all know rooted and running 4.4.4 will break the noise cancelling feature. Also changes are the camera having less fps in the viewfinder. The rest have exactly the same as Z3. I have not tested the camera quality and everything, i just installed and confirmed NC is working for unrooted.

    Just the camera, it lags. Not a smooth experience anymore. Darn. Wish they fix it in the next update.

  • Wan Azizan

    u want to know why the icon are big ? because the resolution been reduced . try the camera it wont go smooth and quite laggy . ive download CPU-Z and found out that the resolution are 17xx X 1080 unlike the original one that is 1920×1080 ..

  • Barend Stapelberg

    Hell no. It’s a lag fest! Switched to CM and very happy with my decision.

  • Haldi
  • Alojzy B

    The update made my Z2 snappier, battery life is the same. But the speaker volume while playing music or watching videos, is ridiculously lower. I have to put the volume almost at max to hear anything.

  • Haldi

    The faster charging is a myth.
    Still takes me about 200Minutes for a full charge. from 2%to 100%

  • asian101

    Ignorance is strong in this one. It’s the same as before, 1776×1080 because of the soft buttons. My new Z3 as well.

  • Xperiamkay

    Well true…but reducing the font size in the settings makes it way better…. Big icons to make it easy to use the big phone, i guess.

  • Xperiamkay

    Errrrrrrmmmmmm hello, i still can’t find the notes app on my z2, that’s my favourite small app

  • wei

    I am using a Z2 tablet. I dislike what has happened to the UI – I liked having the app launcher icon on the upper right instead of smack in the bottom at the centre. I’ve lost the tools widget, and a lot of the changes feel gratuitous and unnecessary. I’m not happy with it.

  • pushpa

    Same here, I tested it, everything was good and awesome, but found that the camera is laggy in viewfinder, I don’t know the quality, but hate the laggy reverted to 4.4.2 I love 4.4.2 camera is excellent,and system is smooth..waiting for further update

  • Bartek Chwast

    On Xperia Z2 Tablet Ultra Stamina Mode doesn’t work.

  • Ritwij

    Same resolution on my Xperia Z with not so big icons!

  • Ritwij

    Z > everything

  • Ritwij

    AFAIK, xLOUD is ON by default.

  • eelco

    After the update my e-mail doesnt renee animeren. Even when I try it manually. Can you give me a solution for this? Thanks!

  • eelco

    Renee animeren means renew anymore….

  • Zetoze

    I have a z2 tablet and after the update, the sony official cover after being closed, does not turn off the screen like before. After opening it the screen does turn on, but the opposite does not happen. Also the remote play with ps4 does not work properly, it lags alot, i can navigate the menus, but gaming… no way. Also if I turn off the clear audio + the audio sometimes YouTube videos comes out with lots of distortion.

  • Zetoze

    Other than that… All good.

  • roeshak

    Indeed the improvement to image quality especially at full res is the best part of the update. I wonder if it’ll be enough to silence Abdul Ghani and his petition lol!

  • roeshak

    Overall I’d say it was a critical update for the z2 primarily because of the improvement to the cameras performance at full res. I finally, 7 months later feel like I’ve got the 20.7mp camera I thought I was getting when I bought the z2. Shame it’s taken so long to correct the problem and considering the camera was one of the main selling points of the device, I’m very disappointed that it took so long to correct.
    The annoying thing is, it was a bug in the focal mechanism in android that affected the ability of cameras to take very high res photos. Sony unlike other manufacturers didn’t patch this mechanism to accommodate their high res sensor. They waited for Google to fix it with android 4.4.4. To make matters worse, the kept this update from the z2 while they moved on to selling and promoting newer products.
    One thing’s for sure, I will not miss the outgoing CEO. A f****** idiot! His attitude and philosophy just stunk to high heaven!
    Another thing which I’m happy about. The display brightness has noticeably increased. They were very conservative with previous firmware but I believe it’s now at the same level at z3v. 520 nits max brightness as opposed to 460 on previous firmware.
    The other software additions ate welcomed but will see very limited use if at all on my phone so not going to dwell on those.
    However, the loss of x loud is annoying. It was pivotal to Sony devices especially post waterproofing.
    Battery life seems a little worse. There seems a problem with Google services like search running in the background draining the battery. Whenever I experience heavy drain and check usage, I see it there eating away at my juice. Once I force stop it, the drain stops. It’s usually first thing in the mornings.
    Performance has also been given a boost with very smooth UI and improved gaming. The 801 has its limitations especially when playing heavy games at max settings. I’ve accepted that. Also android being what it is, will never fully be free of the occasional stutter here and there.
    So thank you Sony for finally given us the 20.7mp camera we paid for 7 months ago. Job very well done!

  • Emil Oskarsson

    Enjoying it already on my Xperia z running 4.4.4

  • Emil Oskarsson

    That’s why you use stock based custom roms with aroma installer :)

  • Emil Oskarsson

    Root your phone and change the icon size, how hard is it? BTW you get used to them after a while

  • roeshak

    Sorry but the image quality on 4.4.4 is much better and that’s the most important thing. Lower frame rates in viewfinder doesn’t affect your ability to take photos. They’ve lowered the frame rates to reduce over heating.
    Jeez! Save us from the style over substance crowd!

  • fribse


  • Isaac Szijjarto

    Very happy here.

  • Hisham

    root & change the dpi, that’s what i did

  • inspire

    What!? You think a software update can change the screen resolution? Man, you’re intelligent! Really, you’ve nailed it!

  • ketan javia

    How to root..??? Plz tell me step by step..
    Thanks in advance

  • Hisham

    actually that’s the problem with 4.4.4 they haven’t updated a root method yet, thats why im still on 4.4.2, just wait & keep looking in the xda forums

  • Young Tec

    Love the bluetooth unlock that I have manged to setup with my smartband =], battery life has improved havent tested the camera yet but so far can not complain, feels like I went and got a new phone

  • Dante the great

    I have the z2 tablet and the screen still goes off when I close the cover on 4.4.4.

  • Dante the great

    This update; though being a minor google update, is way more awesome than when I updated my Z1 to kitkat. It makes my Z2 feel newish, sadly though, I’ve broken the screen.

  • z2

    well yours doesn’t have the xperia z3 goodies so, yeah…

  • Christian

    I like it, but i think the battery is worse than before. Maybe im wrong. I also have a problem with the notification meny when dragging from the top to bottom (somethimes), it just gets dragged half the way!

  • Guest

    I found a problem.. that is when i run “DSEE HX” sound system, the sound wad decreased. Please, check about this phenomenon..

  • DavidBaik(????????)

    I found a problem.. that is when i run “DSEE HX” sound system, the sound was decreased. Please, check about this phenomenon..

  • uri

    I miss the walkman old widget :(

  • Diogo Simões

    Thanks for the “review”
    I just bought my Z2 (replacing my S) and was wondering whether or not upgraded.

    Got something to say about the SMS app crashes or the launcher? What about overheating?
    I’m just anxious to try the PS4 Remote Play

  • Ned

    After the update, both my z2 and my girlfriend z2 rran into trouble. The icon size is to large, micro sd card is not working properly. If I restart the phone it takes a lot of time for music and pictures to be seen in album and walkman app. Plus when I take pictures it is NOT possoble to save on ad card. That is very bad.

  • bista

    I feel that the overall experience with 4.4.4 is better than in 4.4.2. I didn’t notice any lags with camera and it actually starts up faster than earlier. My battery life has increased noticeably, perhaps a better stamina mode performance than before?

    The worst thing about it is the new home launcher which they ruined. As the new google bar takes up the space on top of the screen even when _Disabled_. The big icons of app dock taking up even more space than before. I really hoped they would have let us scale the icons freely. The homescreens look pretty stupid now with a full screen widgets (like a calendar), because there’s a huge empty space on top of the screen before the notifications bar.

    Otherwise I feel it was a good update. Nothing too big imo, but nothing too bad.

    Oh and the strange alarm clock bug persists that has been around since the original firmware. Sometimes the alarm clock just continues ringing without any alarms activated and no way to shut it down except reboot.

  • Faisal Armand

    “I wonder if it’ll be enough to silence Abdul Ghani and his petition lol!”

    HAHAHAHAHAH! You got me bro! But I think he won’t be silenced until Xperia Z smartphone with a 1/2.3″ sensor outperforms a DSLR :p .

    I remembered the funny thing he said about meizu mx4 with the same 1/2.3″ 20.7MP as Xperia Z3 is better than Z3 itself. Then I searched the web to compare both on equal terms and to find the truth.

    On daylight, they both are very similar in terms of processing, very detailed albeit a little overprocessed. But the biggest difference comes in low light.

    This is an ISO 1600 sample from meizu mx4.

    And ISO 1600 sample from Xperia Z3.

    He be the judge then :-D

    And don’t even get me started on Galaxy K Zoom and Droid turbo. K Zoom can’t even beat Z2 on pre 4.4.4 and droid turbo is a bit crazy on noise reduction which leads to loss of details

    Conclusion: Xperia Z2 & Z3 is the best 20.7MP on android environment, period

  • Faisal Armand

    Oh well, I never used the default sms app so I don’t know. I used google messenger most of the time.

    As for the overheating. When I first bought my Z2, the phone overheats after I record 5 minute 4K video and sometimes after taking many pictures with the camera.

    Then came the (if i’m not mistaken) the 314 firmware. The overheating issue is somewhat fixed because I could record 4K video up to 15 minutes and when I took pictures, the phone never overheated

    Coming from the S, I really suggest that you should upgrade.. Really a massive improvement

  • luqman_98

    You’re not alone dude…. check this out:

  • Diogo Simões

    Thanks :)

    I already download the 4.4.4

    I notice that the Lifelog app does not work properly.
    Displays photos, conversations, …, on the wrong day. But when I click in the marks, shows the correct day.

  • Fabio C.

    My opinion over z2 is absolutely good, Sony make an excellent job, (big icons are cool). Only two point of wiew. The homescreen is not compiled over all surface screen like before, its appears crushed or compressed. The secon one is the possibility to use apps over SD card.

  • Nander

    you get used to it. I also found it to big in the beginning but now i don’t even notice anymore.

  • Rui Filipe Bacelar de Oliveira
  • Tasfique Enam

    I have rooted on 4.4.4 on locked boot loader.

  • Tasfique Enam

    After the update it consumes more RAM… And more bloatwares were added… Like com.qualcomm.qcrilmsgtunnel and

  • RealityCheck2014

    Wouldn’t mind this coming to the Z1, SONY? Remember that? :D

  • Kiwison

    OK I bought Z3 and apparently I was right on my choice :)

  • mezoo

    Really amazing

  • Hisham


  • Diogo Simões

    Obrigado ;)

  • lasttodie

    Everything is amazing,the cam is great the DSEE HX works great and that I can play HIRES music like Flac 192khz/24bit and DSD files is awesome. Good work Sony.

  • Sharp Edge

    Root doesn’t affect noise-cancellation. Mine’s rooted and everything works perfectly.

  • Haldi

    DPI is a bad idea. Xperia Xposed (the Xposed module; also needs root) can change Icon SIze only!

  • Haldi
  • Abdul Ghani

    you still think a small camera like z2 can beat an actual camera like qx10 ?

  • Absolutely worth the wait, the battery is not draining fast, im so happy with it, now a fully charged phone can last a day and a half easily.
    But Im upset with the camera, the colors are soooo washed out now, I dont know why!!!

    In general everything is running excellent but the camera colors is my only complaint.

  • Abdul Ghani

    it looks somewhat ok but u do realize that just just zooming it looks kinda blurry while my qx10 beats this pictures on any light conditions

  • Utham

    So far so good…My phone like new phone again…

    Only problem im facing after update is

    1.Xperia with Facebook app which syncs contacts with high quality Facebook images not working.
    2.Facebook birthday events are not showing in calender app.

    my contact pictures didn’t show up with high quality picture when i make or receive calls. There’s pictures in the list view but during call they do not show up, the generic white picture only shows up.

    I’ve been through all the settings and also factory rest the phone without any luck.
    Anyone know a fix for this problem?

  • Guest

    Right, that explains why the sound is so much lower.

  • parag sharma

    The update is wonderful but the camera is not working properly, when I zoom and bit into images they the image gets blurry. I have compared the z2 clicked images with the moto X2 and the moto x has just a 13 mp camera.

  • Abdul Ghani

    i can use zoom and still get an awesome shots on qx10 with all details without making it blur in 100 croping

    daylight shots

    the update for z2 is good but still dosent improves the camera software like nexus 6

  • Abdul Ghani
  • This question is for all plz.
    Do you recommend a factory reset after doing this update???????

  • S.A.E.E.D

    Good question, waiting for the answers too …

  • Bur

    dsheeqblabla doesn’t work properly with speakers of the phone, it does makr a huge difference if you use external speakers! Like in the car, i get much bettrr sound but it also uses up more battery

  • jamal Bindal

    I have also a problem with the official sms app. I had this problem before updating to 4.4.4. I hoped that the new update will solve the problem but nothing happened.
    Since this week I’m using the new Google sms app and it’s really great!!

  • Ritwij

    It can change on that CPU-Z stuff if the size of your on screen buttons are changed.

  • Ritwij

    Yeah man, we totally understand you bought the Z2 but it doesn’t mean you start mocking the Z users.

  • Faisal Armand

    Hellooooo??? Sir??? Was I talking about smart lenses that have optical zoom? Is it fair to compare them against smartphones that have no optical zoom? I am talking smartphone environment here, dude.

    Nexus 6? Good software? Yes.. But it doesn’t even beat note 4 which is beaten by Z3. Also the nexus 6 has OIS.

    Tell me what “rayleigh deffraction limit” is and how OIS works in detail then we can talk

  • Abdul Ghani

    lol so funny that people like u believe the gimmik of fake reviews ois btw its kinda fake gimmik(OISfor mobile) to make people fools if there was ois in phones like iphone nexus 6 any phone with ois wouldnt make blurry pictures the real ois aka OPTICAL STEADY SHOT is in sony cameras and qx series thats why stable pictures such a retard idiot noob believing fake gimiks lol get a life

  • Xiiao Bin Lai

    i have problems with my update centre after from change this z2 to 4.4.4. it doesn’t gives any other updates except “myxperia”. So, my album and movie is still outdated. My movie app for example is still on version 7.1.A.1.14. I’d reset and repair my phone using pc companion 4 times but still no working.

  • Xiiao Bin Lai

    anyone can help?

  • Tropical Z2

    I absolutely hate it,
    – the ui looks worse than Google Now launcher,
    – the icons though are too big, some third party apps didn’t follow the trend,
    – gone are the transition homescreen panels animations, it’s more visually pleasing to turn the page of a book than scrolling through those panels,
    – the Walkman widget looks horrible and uninteresting now, in 4.4.2 you had the choice now you are stuck with the one adapted to google now launcher
    – X-Loud is missing now it seems the speakers had loss power

  • Faisal Armand


    Then tell me WHY A regular iphone 6 low light images are shot with an average exposure time of 1/16s whereas The iphone 6+ with OIS low light images are shot with an average exposure time of 1/4s AND STILL DOESN’T HAVE BLUR ON A MOVING OBJECT????

  • Asif Kader

    Try a fresh install via pc companion then update to 4.4.4. make sure you backup contacts etc before.

  • Asif Kader

    Yes, many people have reported that after doing a fresh install it has solved alot of the issues reported.

  • Asif Kader

    could you provide us with a screenshot of your battery status and screen on time? :)

  • Asif Kader

    Hur rootar jag 4.4.4 om min bootloader är låst?

  • Asif Kader

    hahah HUR är frågan, please tell us how? currently using existenz but on 4.4.2

  • Diogo Simões

    Ah! OK …

    But the only thing I dislike is when I use emoji, they are smaller than before

  • sam

    Exactly the same combination i am using on my Z2.

  • Abdul Ghani

    hmmmm laugh like and idiot all u want because uve proven that u have never used a proper real camera because z3 images also are highly compressed no FOV no DRAW distanc e live with that with ur fake OIS forever lol

  • Faisal Armand

    I have used my dad’s canon 650d, fair enough?

    Also, you don’t have anything to say about the proven optically stabilised samples of iphone 6+ and you don’t have facts about the OIS in smartphones are fake, plus you only say get a life, idiot, etc, which means you are the one obsolete here

    Also since the beginning I always talked about comparing smartphone camera vs smartphone cameras, then you came bursting out with out of topic conversations of smartphone vs real cameras.

    Well, it is understandable because you secretly admired and admitted that Xperia Z2 & Z3 cameras killed any android cameraphones out there but your self pride prohibited you from doing so :-p

    Also this, the biggest blunder you committed: you complained about the software in xperia cameras to the point that you made a totally brainless and stupid petition for sony so they can upgrade their software. But sony, generously upgraded their software which means THEY DID WHAT YOU WANT! (which I tought they will never do), and then you are somehow, someway, still upset, then you start comparing xperia cameras against real cameras, which is downright OUTRAGEOUS because not even NOKIA LUMIAS with 1/1.5″ and 1/1.2″ 41MP SENSOR can match them. JEEZ!

    I was right all along, I think you will never stop bitc*ing, moaning, and crying until Xperia cameras with a 1/2.3″ sensor outperform even a DSLR itself

  • Abdul Ghani

    iphone 6+ camera images ok still compressesd with high noise z2images highly compressed all phone images are good for facebook or twitter ………. i compared real camera because after seeing qx10 images z2 images looked like shit i got nothing good to say about mobile camera the except the images are shit …………..btw qx10 is so fast to attach to the phone in 5 seconds basically my phone becomes a cameraphone ……………..if u really used a real camera u would have not say mobile camera is good its u who have been bit*ing about have u ever seen ur images 100%cropped all u see is roughness and dots seriosly day light images have noise that much compression sony does on z2 z3 sony never did what i want where is super fine jpeg where is less compression indoors are still artistic so whats new i cant do 100% crop to any of the low light images nothing major new in the new update for camera ……………u are a blind fanboy so good luck with ur phone shitty pictures

  • Abdul Ghani

    wtf lumia easily beats any xperia i have 1520 aswell an the images are downright better than xperia lol when u dont own a phone like 1520 or 1020 dont judge them seriosly get a life blind fanboy

  • Bur

    The problem is the 1,5 ampere charger Sony provides, I get 100 minutes on my z3c with sammy charger lol

  • Faisal Armand

    I am most impressed with your poor skills of reading and digesting words. Here, read and digest my words very carefully. If you still don’t get the point, I will be glad to help you:

    “then you start comparing xperia cameras against real cameras, which is downright OUTRAGEOUS because not even NOKIA LUMIAS with 1/1.5″ and 1/1.2″ 41MP SENSOR can match them”

    “Xperia Z2 & Z3 cameras killed any android cameraphones out there”

  • juan villalobos

    It’s so beautiful

  • Tasfique Enam

    from XDA

  • Hisham

    oh yeah i just checked thanks

  • Abu Saleq Rocky

    Missing the xloud. And camera algorithm should change completely. It’s shame that Samsung, iPhone, nexus all are using Sony sensor but there pictures are better then Sony mobile camera.

  • Haldi

    A: Z3c only has 2600mAh Battery and not 3200mAh
    B: even if you have a 10A Charger, the phone say how fast it will charge!
    If you want to charge faster you need a Qualcomm QuickCharge 2.0 Charger, they use 9V up to 4A

  • Feanor

    I have the same problem. Auto sleep and wake up are gone.

  • MR

    Sure. Many small but usefull thinks are added (like “mark as read” for SMS via notification menu). Good update.

  • milosz

    I have one question about why Xperia Z1 never didn’t get features from Z2 or Z3. Xperia Z got features from Z1, Z2 has features from Z3… Z1 is so alone :( Does anyone know?

  • Mido Sherif El-Mongi

    1- no x loud, so I miss all my notifications
    2- The big icons are extremely ugly!
    3- battery draining faster than before
    4- The black theme is gone!
    Sony, I really like this phone, that’s why I bought it.

    Can you give me an update where I can boost up the notification volume, like xloud?
    Can I have an option to make icons as small as they were before this “update “?
    And please do something about the battery?

  • Fempter

    Camera lag, higher battery drain. I wish next update will repair this issues. But… Why there is no ISO12800 like in Xperia Z3 camera?

  • Aaron

    Apparently a Sony Mobile support team member “” says X-Loud has been merged with Clear Audio +

  • Mido Sherif El-Mongi

    I tried it, and still lower than before. It is so low that I miss all my notifications and sms . Really really irritating spatially when I know that the Harware can handle it on the z2.
    If Sony don’t fix this, I will go back to Samsung galaxy S which is sad because I really liked my z2 before 4.4.4

  • Z2 User

    With all the opinions and comments below, I can say that I would not update and wait till Lollipop comes out XD. 98.5% Hates the New Update. Read Notable Changes = Sound Ridiculously Low, Icons Ridiculously Large, Minute improvements with Battery and Camera. One more thing, never compare cellphones and DSLRs. Should be happy whatever it is since you bought it on your liking or preference. No use in comparing other phones. Just be contented. I’m a Sony user since (SE w810 – Xperia S – Xperia Z2)

  • Jake Lew

    Now he change topic to qx10 when we talk about kzoom and droid turbo . Also he simply give a fact without knowing qx 10 having same sensor with z2 .

  • Faisal Armand

    Before Xperia Z2 has camera upgrade: “look at this phone, it has better camera than any xperia. Please sign this petition”

    After Z2 has camera upgrade: “all smartphone cameras are crap, i’m licking my qx 10 and real cameras now”

    Also he completely missed the point during previous arguments againts me and he also keep making obsolete statements, LOL

  • xperiance

    how about the AUTO mode in camera app? does the camera take better looking pictures compared to manual? or it is just as messed up as the auto in z3? Im planning to buy either Z3C OR Z2. guys help me decide woth this one.

  • Xiiao Bin Lai

    now my z2 already version 4.4.4, what is your mean update again to 4.4.4 via pc companion?

  • Abdul Ghani

    see a pure fanboy talk claiming without personal proof that lumia camera is weaker than xperia lol……… if u dont own a lumia dont say anything about it i own it i know its power so stfu and love ur shitty pictures while i enjoy all the details in my pictures

  • Boo

    Just use flashtool and change the firmware. I couldn’t wait for it and changed my Telstra branded one to the no brand firmware with the 4.4.4. Update

  • Wilshire

    Camera seems slightly laggy, not as fluid as it was previously. Nevertheless image quality is good. The new interactive AR camera apps simply heat up the phone, thus the inherit Z2 issue of the camera overheating during 4K or excessive use has not been resolved.

    Interface: It needs better page management, the ability to move and arrange pages on homescreen. Those gigantic app icons need to be taken care ASAP! It simply kills the elegance of the Z2.

    Battery life seems okay, no improvement there, but the Z2 always had superb battery life. And the ultra stamina mode is a great addition and comes in extremely handy.

    The audio quality is a real let down. It may sound crisp and clear but no matter how much i crank up the bass, it is still far from satisfying. Thats a real bummer. The inbuilt equaliser just makes subtle changes.

    Adding insult to injury is the volume limit. It is extremely dissatisfying when i feel the volume is low and i try to increase it, and find out it was already at full volume. When i plug it to my car stereo it feels very soft. It is so soft that i find myself trying to max out the volume and then find out it was always at maximum. A usb drive plugged into my car stereo delivers much louder and crisp audio.
    So there you have it, DSEE HX or not, the volume level is extremely dissatisfying. The update hasn’t taken care of the volume.
    To bring things into perspective, my Sony NWZ B173F Walkman delivers louder audio with evidently more bass and louder volume output.

    The smart rotate is an amazing addition. It comes in really handy at times. However when i attach my magnetic charger it detects it as a dock and goes into “ultra rotate mode” i can even hold the phone upside down and the phone orients itself accordingly. The thing is, why would you ever rotation your phone in those positions after you’ve docked it! So when i use the magnetic charger and lie down its quite hard to use the phone.

    Something that bothers me is whenever i deactivate stamina mode, the screen mode stays at off. It should go back to X-reality or Super Vivid.

    The camera lock feature is handy as well. All in all I’m pleased with the phone barring what I’ve spoken about above.

    Hopefully Sony fixes these issues in their future update with Lollipop 5.0

  • Faisal Armand

    “then you start comparing xperia cameras against real cameras, which is downright OUTRAGEOUS because not even NOKIA LUMIAS with 1/1.5″ and 1/1.2″ 41MP SENSOR can match them”

    What I meant as “them” here is the real cameras, what I meant here is.. Not even lumias can match the real cameras. Which is exemplifying the point of comparing cameraphone against a real cameras, is UNFAIR.. Because.. NOT EVEN LUMIAS CAN MATCH REAL CAMERAS! I wasn’t comparing lumias and xperias in the first place!

    Now fix your basic high school english again boy, then we can talk.

  • Steven Khoo Skkl

    Dude..He’s mentioning about Lumia vs DSLR.. Not Lumia vs Xperia..
    5 seconds makes a lot of difference between getting the perfect shot and missing the shot..That’s why I only use my QX10 for a landscape or scene shots..Imagine taking out your phone and camera from your bag or whatever and then pairing them..That’s a total of 10 seconds…at the most…Taking your Z series phone and pressing the shutter key while taking it out takes only 3 seconds..And the perfect shot is still there..

  • Steven Khoo Skkl

    You’ve been reading way too many bias comparison

  • Ahmed

    The new home luncher is awful icons are so big and u can’t change its size and the sliding on the old version was more smoother and dynamic than the new one

  • alex42

    Is anyone else getting headphone issues? I’m using the Sony MH410C headphones and since the update my z2 can’t detect them in the jack, and I’ve also tried other headphones

  • Faisal Armand

    The true words of a wise man right there, +1 for you there.

    Exactly, the best camera is the one that’s always with us all the time.

    I too can take excellent night shots with my Z2.

    Especially this shot where there was a shooting star. If I had to rush to my room and bring out a DSLR right out of the bag, I was most definitely going to miss the whole thing

  • SonyXperiaO


  • Abdul Ghani

    he is saying xperia beats lumia lol is he crazy or what i own both devices lumia 1520 and xperia z2 so i know z2 is still crap in front of lumia i have my own personal proof but qx10 destroys them both anytime

  • Abdul Ghani

    when i read your comment i see bla bla i am blind fanboy bla bla i am retarded wtf u still dont get it right lumia 1520 destroy xperia z2 anyday i told you i own them both and i have personal proof so stfu assface

  • Abdul Ghani

    ahahahahahah really u call them excelent shots they are only good for facebook have u ever done little cropping looks like hell u make fool of urself

  • Faisal Armand

    I thought you own the z1?

    Also, regarding my shots, even lumia junkies praised them. Then who the fu*k are you?

    Oh so you want crops from my night shots?

    Now, where is that detail blurring, oil painting or whatever that is?

  • Abdul Ghani

    this the shot i cannot get with any smarphone maybe with somewhat with 1020 but qx10 killed it ita juat wow the details the quality amazing

  • Emil Oskarsson

    Some of the goodies actually, like ultra stamina, the new launcher ui, ability to connect ps4 controller, Bluetooth unlock and more I can’t remember right now :p

  • Emil Oskarsson

    Look on niabocs page about existent 3.0.0 for Xperia z ;)

  • Abdul Ghani

    i see no detail i see blurred still looks like crap shot …….i am a lumia xperia and a qx owner who loves taking pictures u are a faggot who is a blind xperia camera fan boy so stfu

  • Faisal Armand

    LOLOL! Denial boy..

    See this, I can’t take you seriously because you deny everything that is completely truthful, You made a completely one sided comparison, you are unable to read and digest words from someone’s argument (showing you have poor linguistic skills, or huge denial factor) and.. when you get completely owned, you say something like faggot, idiot, whatever that is..

    So hard to take you seriously.

  • ?????

    ? ???? ????? ??? ????????? ?????????? ???????? ??? ???? ???????? ????????????! ? ?? ????? ?????, ??? ?????? ??? ????????? ?? ????????!

  • Carlos Smith

    The icons are too big and the Google bar can’t remove it.

  • Abdul Ghani

    still dosent change the fact that u are a blind fanboy faggot snd its you who are deniel mode all time claiming lumia is poor than xperia without owning them lol creep

  • Faisal Armand

    Good God, you said I claim lumia is poor in camera? I brought proof and the comparison is a DRAW for goodness’ sake! Do you know what DRAW means? It means they are EQUAL.

    Also, I said it again one more time, I never brought lumia vs xperia in the first place. I was saying “Not even a 41MP lumia camera can beat a real camera” then you foolishly thought that I was comparing lumia vs xperia and lumia is inferior.

    Well that shows you are the one ignorant and foolish here

  • Abdul Ghani

    have fun with your shitty pictures faggot say that to all those people who signed the petition i created all will slap u when u will say xperia camera is the best in android lol all 1033 slaps to ur assface because u live in the world of fanboy stage ull always ignore the truth that xperia pictures are still highly compressed what a moron thinks after using first smartphone of ur life thinks u know the world of camera users

  • Faisal Armand

    1033 people vs 98% of xperia users around the world, challenge accepted

  • Faisal Armand

    1033 people vs 98% of xperia users around the world, challenge accepted

  • Steven Khoo Skkl

    QX10 definitely beats them due to its superior one inch sensor, I know what it’s capable of. I own it too.
    But if you were able to comprehend his statement, he clearly states that he was referring to the DSLR and not Lumia. Stating that the Xperia can’t beat the DSLR if a Lumia can’t beat a DSLR.. Simply broken down..
    And, doesn’t Lumia’s oversamples their post processing? Stitching and overlaying to give the best results from very high MP,to low but good quality? In the same way as the Xperia does but of course, everyone knows the Xperia stitches the pics a bit terribly, thus the artifacts I presume

  • Steven Khoo Skkl

    You sir,take brilliant shot..manual setting? Seems like I can take my time and fiddle at home and then when I go out,I can change on the fly..Oh. BTW, I’m getting a Z3 by the end of the year,if this is from a Z2, I can’t wait for a Z3.. Coming from someone who takes decent shots in an XZ…

  • lstrdggy

    I would never OTA update my phone. That’s a one-way ticket to a negative Xperience ;). Always factory reset, flash on PC and then start from scratch unless you want lots of issues (and don’t use those app data restore tools either, just as poor).

  • Faisal Armand

    First of all, thanks for the praise :)

    Yes, I used manual settings for all of my pictures, my favourite is the manual night scene mode that enables long exposure and low ISO, making night shots quality identical to that of daylight shots.

    You know, before I changed to Z2 I owned Xperia Z too :D

    Coming from the Z, I really think that you should upgrade to Z2 instead of Z3, unless you value the Z3 design, that is. Because, spec wise, both Z2 & Z3 are identical. And the price of Z2 is a good deal cheaper. Feature wise, well before the 4.4.4 update Z2 has none of Z3 features but now after the update, Z2 has all of them except for that intelligent active steadyshot stabilization.

    Oh and camera quality of Z2 is also the same as Z3 after 4.4.4 update.

  • Steven Khoo Skkl

    Yeah..I’ve been considering that,but where I am,there’s only a 65$ difference between them..and since I don’t plan to change anymore after this,I’m fully prepared to spend the extra cash and get a nicer design wise and slightly better battery.. Heavy user..As for camera quality.. I have also been a strong believer that Sony camera is top among the rest..only reviews are paid to deny that..

  • Steven Khoo Skkl

    If I had the time,I would find the Web page I’ve found about a man who took some night shots with his Z3 in manual mode getting a picture quality as great as a DSLR.. Simply put,a shot with a lamp post? Yeah,everyone commented and said they can clearly see the bulb without light bleed..better yet..It was taken at ISO 50, which the commenter said they know no DSLR that can go that low to get the amazing shot.. So yeah..Low ISO, high exposure..Brilliant shot by Z3 and praised widely

  • Faisal Armand

    Well how about getting a Z4 next year, then? :D

    And as for the relations of xperia camera quality and paid reviewers: I can write a lot about this but believe me, I know which reviewers are fair and which are biased/paid.

    The bottomline is. The only way to find out the true quality of a cameraphone, one must do it himself. Even before 4.4.4 update, I believe Z2 is better all rounder performer than.. Let’s say.. Galaxy S5 or LG G3. I was once conducted a camera comparison against them, and believe me Z2 was better in most conditions

  • Hisham

    actually it’s not, i had z ultra for 10 months and when i bought the z2 i missed the ultra’s big screen, so i changed the z2’s dpi to the ultra’s, everything is perfect from the font to the size of the icons to the number of apps you can put in the app drawer, i feel like im holding a mini z ultra now, only one problem was the caller id it looked a little messed up but i got the ultra’s caller id so that fixed everything.
    ofc changing the dpi requires root but i didn’t use any xposed, not that “xposed modules” are something bad im actually using a lot of xposed modules and im happy with them.

  • Steven Khoo Skkl

    Well,about Z4, that’s my second dilemma.. Should I wait and get top notch specs? Or just get what I believe it’s the best with current technology.. Believe me,I don’t believe 2k should be in a’s not. Performance issue seeing it might come with S805/810 but I’m worried about battery and seeing as pixel density at that screen size does not matter at all..if the rumours so far are true, I will not get it and won’t hesitate to get a Z3.. And the 65$ price drop will be a huge +.. When the Z4 comes out that is..but if it ain’t true, I will go for the Z4.. All in all, as I’m only a student, I have discuss withy dad and he says it’s up to me.the budget of 800$ is always’s up to me to decide which phone I want..So I might wait till February..

    As for the camera,yes..I know I can trust you..when I decided on my Z,I compared it to S4.. Simpler camera layout and almost spot on colour are what drove me to buy my Z.. Of course,dad’s money,so have to choose wisely, despite the dealer secretly telling it’s not worth the asking price.. I said no and later I compared to my friends G2 and my..It was on equal footing in shade and better in handling light bleed than G2

  • Xperia Z2 for sure

  • Dmitry Perets

    Can you please show me a link to at least one comparison where Xperia Z3 camera outperforms LG G3 and iPhone 6?

  • Dmitry Perets

    The compared pictures look promising, because with 4.4.4-based software the exposure seems to be much better. And this was a serious issue with Sony smartphones – overexposured pics. Unfortunately, still no exposure by tap – like with iPhone, right?

  • Wan Azizan

    believe it or not , now it change to 1080 x 1920 not 1920×1080 camera less laggy still not smooth

  • Wan Azizan

    prove IF im wrong :)

  • Steven Khoo Skkl

    Haha..a screen resolution is hardware based, Cpu Z has been known to make mistakes, particularly with PPI…and screen res….Many time it would read 441 as 469 because the soft buttons underneath do not count as the display real estate but rather as a button..

  • Faisal Armand

    No, still no tap and exposure

    Vs LG G3:

    A comparison against iphone 6:

    Note: the reviewer declared the iphone 6 as the winner. But when I checked the pics myself it is a totally different story

  • Faisal Armand

    Well if you’re worried about the battery life then this:

    Quad HD phones like LG G3 and Oppo Find 7 has terrible to average battery life. But they have one thing in common, they both use Snapdragon 801 chipset which isn’t properly optimised for Quad HD screens.

    But if you look at Quad HD phones with snapdragon 805 such as Galaxy S5 Prime and Galaxy Note 4, it is a totally different story.

    – Galaxy S5 Prime has the same 2800mah battery as the regular S5 but their battery life is reported to be equal

    – Galaxy note 4 has only 20mah bump from note 3 and yet note 4’s battery life is close to Xperia Z3 & Z2.

    Sony this year is the definitive champ of battery life. All of their phones, starting from the entry level to flagship have best in the class battery life.

    With sony’s expertise in optimising the battery (most likely will be better next year) and better chipset coming, I think the chances of Xperia Z4 having outstanding battery life are quite high.

  • mustafa

    The camera’s not smooth :(

  • Daniel Hjort

    My camera went from Smooth to laggy. Sadly I havent found Any solution to it.

  • Steven Khoo Skkl

    Oh..that part I totally didn’t know..That’s for the heads up..Now I know I should wait..And by the time Z4 lands here,my Z will be sweet 2 years old..No seriously.. I would like to wait and see what Sony has up their sleeves this time for Z4.. I guess Waiting wouldn’t hurt..Since my Z still has the ability to surprise me in terms of smoothness.. Surprisingly..

  • Steven Khoo Skkl

    Haha..I was just looking at the exact same site, many people there agreed to it as well..And I having just a gander can clearly see pics where the iPhone lost..

  • Faisal Armand

    You are more loving to your Z than I was XD I sold my Z to my friend in may, a few days after I got my Z2.

  • Steven Khoo Skkl

    Haha.. Trusty Z..Brought out to more outdoor adventures and into river streams than anyone would..Drop more times than can be counted by fingers bending an iPhone 6..assuming you use just 3 fingers a side..And gotten more praise from my friends than any of the reviews.. I am not gonna sell it either..oh.and battery life is just as good as it was brand new..Not saying it’s great.. But I haven’t notice a dip in battery life..
    I heard from my Samsung friends that theirs have dipped after 6 months and needs either new battery,or apps to close unused background apps..

  • Faisal Armand

    See? That’s what I was talking about. There are truly paid reviewers that try to make xperia cameras look bad, is one example. But in this case, they failed quite miserably.

    Z3C was using 8MP for outdoor shot, and yet you don’t have to pixel peep to see Z3C’s superiority. Had Z3C used 20.7MP, iphone 6 would be totally murdered.

    Most of indoor shots are won by Z3C. And it didn’t even use manual mode

  • Steven Khoo Skkl

    Yup…I agree… It was almost too obvious.. Even to regular viewers as can be seen in the comments section.. No one dared say iPhone was the better one as it was almost too obvious.. I just scroll past each pics and the difference was definitely there.

  • Faisal Armand

    Oh when I changed to Z2 from Z the things that I immediately noticed that drastically improved is:
    – The camera
    – The battery
    – The screen
    – The noise cancelling headset

    Oh as the camera.. Z was roughly as good as note 3, S4, and G2 in terms of performance. Yeah well, Z isn’t as good as note 3 & S4 in daylight but in darker situations, Z would outperform them

    The Z2’s cam even before 4.4.4 was much much better than the original Z. And then came reviewers that say Z2’s camera isn’t even better than 13MP shooters, I was like.. “????!!!!!@$£%&$^^!!!!” then I compared my Z2 against competing android phones and.. I told you before

  • Steven Khoo Skkl

    Yeah. I know what you mean..While I do get equal daylight results as the aforementioned phones,dark or low light shots is where the Exmor R lenses truly excels..I mean..Decent night shots is what impressed me and my friends with competing phones..And my sis got a Z1c to replace her Go.. My her camera too had near true to life pics and some awesome details..But with a Z2 that I told her to test with..I saw the difference that was evidently in Z2 software.. A superior difference pretty 4.4.4

  • guest

    Hey dude, don’t waste your time with rhis faggot…

  • Faisal Armand

    Lol, I was interested just how far this deranged guy will go :)

    Okay, I try not to waste my time with him anymore XD

  • info

    OIS is for stabilizing the whole frame. Not moving objects. Are you saying that if two objects are moving in opposite directions both of them will come out without blur if OIS is available? Sure, if you follow one car OIS will help because you’re following with the whole frame.

  • Dmitry Perets

    Well, in my opinion, in the first link it is hard to say that Sony outperforms LG. First flowers are actually better on LG – as usual, Sony is overexposed. Then the situation somehow improves, and they show comparable quality. But I can’t agree with the author that Sony wins here – I can point maybe to one or two pictures where Sony is slightly better…

    Regarding the second test – you are right, there are some really terrible results done by iPhone 6. But then again, most pictures are crappy on both devices, and in general it is a bit strange, because iPhone looks different in other tests that I saw.

    I would be so assertive in stating that Sony outperforms iPhone or LG. I think that software-wise Sony has a lot to improve there, especially for the automatic mode (and comparing automatic iPhone/LG to manually tunned Sony is simply not fair and not practical for most users)

  • Shahab Sadegholvad

    The update was good and make Z2 better than before specialy in graphic speed.
    However I think here is a big problem that is not supported Application to SD again!! Even it was supported in android 2.3 in my old Xperia neo!!
    Moreover All volumes such as ringtone volume and notification volume and system volume change together AGAIN!! Like before.

  • Ali Al-Sooj

    ?? ??? ???. ?????? ???? ????? ?? ?? ???? ???? ???? ?? ????. ?????? ??

  • Xperia Z2

    This new android 4.4.4 is good as it is loaded with new interesting and useful features. But it also has disappointed me because after upgrading my Sony Xperia Z2 to kitkat 4.4.4 my Video quality has decreased. Screen resolution has become poor. All my HD video are showing slightly blur which is quite noticeable. Even photos are having blur effect. Screen brightness has also decreased. While playing music in speaker is also changed to less clear output. My phone battery also started draining faster then before even in stamina mode. I had made a mistake by upgrading to new version of android. I am just finding way to degrade my OS to previous version without using Reset Factory Setting option. So any one plz tell me that how can i instal previous os…. :-(

  • mark

    I’ve tested the screen resolution on my Z2 and found to still be full HD 1080×1920.

  • The Z2 was nice before and got some nice improvements. The ones I use most is the flashlight in Quick settings and the option to reboot on long press of powerbutton.

    I really don’t like that the homescreens got smaller with a forced space for google search. My phone my options, or I could just buy an iphone.

  • Nielsen

    The contacts photo unable to appear even after set.
    Xperia facebook unable link to contacts.
    Ultra STAMINA don’t feel ultra, it drain even faster than previous version.

  • Faisal Armand

    As for the sony vs lg.. On the first set of pic, yes sony is somewhat overexposed. But in all shots, sony has more details than LG, I think that’s why the author says sony is the clear winner.

    If sony has the same ISO & shutter speed selection as the iphone 6 in auto mode, sony would have a great camera just for that reasons only. In auto mode, sony has a habit of choosing ISO too high and shutter speed to fast -___-”

    Also sony has an aggresive processing in daylight shots, but not so aggresive indoors and night. That’s why sony tends to shine in night and indoor shots

    Per ISO performance wise, actually sony outperforms most of hi res cameraphone out there, except for the lumias

  • Jason

    The only thing I not satisfy is the sluggish laggy camera performance, not as good as 4.4.2, it lag like z3, will roll back to 4.4.2 , because for me the camera performance is the most important features.

  • Faisal Armand

    I know.. But as for the moving people, iphone 6+ uses somewhat of a multi shot method.

    The problem here, there was a deranged person that said ois for mobile is fake -___-“

  • AwoL

    I change the dpi to 320. best screen dpi for Z2.

  • AwoL

    can you provide link. thank you.

  • Jeremmy Palacios

    bajo audio en las notificaciones es lo unico que critico de mi celular.
    Ultra stamina….maaaalo.

  • Antonio

    Just bought my Z2 3 days ago and I noticed today that my device is draining the battery fast. It consumed 14% in just three hours of casual use and the first hour is on standby mode. is this normal?? my OS is 4.4.4 thanks

  • ashk29

    Absolutely hate the ginormous icons…. The 4.4.2 icons looked sleek and nice. Also the drop in camera viewfinder framerate wasn’t cool. I hate how choppy it looks now… It wasn’t sooooooo sensor heating previously that it needed change….. Battery life also feels lesser now… especially when lesser than 20%…

  • Ste

    I like it, but it has its quirks. Firstly, if I silenced my phone, and then later in the day try to remove a notification of an earlier alarm that I missed, it will still play music. It never did this before the update. Obviously, as I’m manually selecting the alarm notification, I don’t need the music. Secondly, and I’m guessing this is an android thing rather than an xperia thing, but OK Google no longer works from any screen with English (UK). I can choose English (US) if I want, but then the performance of OK google is rubbish if I do that. It did work before.

    Aside from that, it’s an update I’m happy with.

  • Steini Jónsson

    It totally fixed the wifi issues I was having.
    The update is absolutely worth it!!

  • Pedromull

    Sound quality for ringtones notifications unacceptably quiet, since removal of Xloud. nice to here when your being contacted SIMPLE THINGS. battery,camera lag, sort first things first!

  • yashwanth

    I updated my Z2 a week ago. So far the update is ok but not as expected from SONY. Additional features similar to Z3 are pretty good but there are issues with battery drain, horrible icon size, phone is a bit laggy now. Previous version is perfectly fine with awesome features. I have been using lifelog and smart band from the past 6 months but still waiting for an update that could work better and show my status accurately. It shows that im travelling while im sleeping actually and as walking wen im actually sitting idle doing nothing. I dont knw on wat basis it gonna work. Being a huge sony fan still unable to defend myself infront of my friends about SONY proprietary lifelog and SWR10.

    Please to the developers out at Sony request you to bring back the old icon and resolution size and may be because of “Super Vivid mode” the battery drain is much more. previously when I watch 1 hour of video battery used to drain around 5 % max.but now for 30 min it is more than 7-8%. Please please guys I dont want to go for other brands.. I want my Z2 working fine.

  • Abdul Ghani

    lol coming from the moron who bought his first smarphone ever .

    i would also slap u and peel out ur eye ball and take ur z2 and take a picture crop it and show how artistic the images but it would be a waste of my time blind fanboy faggot since u will be the same forever

  • jonyah

    PS4 remote play rocks. The huge icons are horrible. I actually installed a different launcher for the first time (ADW.EX). The sound is quieter, which really sucks as well. I haven’t noticed must of anything else though. In the end I went and bought a Z3 this weekend and will sell my Z2 now (well I bought them for the whole family, so I figured I’d get the same so our docks, etc could all be similar).

  • Faisal Armand

    Do it then, fantasy boy :p

  • james page

    My headphones don’t work arfter update any ideas?

  • jhon

    que debemos hacer los propietarios del z2 para que implementen en modo de inmersión en el terminar de fabrica o al menos lo implementen en el android 5.0 lollipop

  • Bernard Wong

    Couldn’t agree more with you..I also owned a Xperia Z.Z1.Z2.Z Ultra and a Lumia 1520…Lumia camera definitely beats the Z series camera. Sorry I m not against Z series..but it’s a fact.

  • Nick Phillips

    You can remove the Google search bar by hiding it.

  • Moustafa

    FM Radio App responding but no voice

  • Graham Milligan

    I’ve noticed that my battery life is shorter then usual, I could watch cupple of films and day now you will be lucky to watch one and abit without charging, I don’t run programs in background and have the power save functions enabled. Has anyone else noticed there battery life not lasting as long.. My phone is about 8month old.

  • mwhite5471 .

    Anyone have an ETA on when this reaches the US?

  • Louise

    Can I get the old version of Android back?
    Icons too big and comments not good about the battery life

  • lennon

    The overwhelming app logo’s are abit much and the new notification sounds for pretty much everything also a little irritating and too frequent however the rest of the updates such as the clock/alarm, calendar, lifelog and maps are great also not sure if it was 4.4.4 update or standalone but the album face tagging and facial recognition awesome oh yeah that reminds me the annoying default geotagging not so cool
    Great intrim update can’t wait for lollipop

  • Wan Azizan

    Suit urself :)

  • Wan Azizan

    Actually when did u test it? And when i said this thing hppen? Right after u get the new firmware. Now its solved so theres no point. Mine are 1080×1920

  • Steven Khoo Skkl

    You really can’t tell the difference between hardware and software?? If a screen resolution is based on software, wouldn’t every phone out there be running at least a 720p screen??Genius…..

  • Geordie69

    Call and notification volume is too low.

  • peltruquin

    When are we going to have this update in the USA!!! I need remote play for my z2 tablet ASAP going NUTS!!!!

  • peteyd1984

    Da fuq Sony?

    What the hell is with the large icons?

    Please fix this.

  • coconut

    I don’t understand why u guys still bother to reply to Abdul Ghani. It’s obvious that he lives in his own fantasy world. Don’t think he’ll come out of the rabbit hole any time soon. Trying to get him out will only make him cry.

  • Faisal Armand

    Because it’s fun to bully a person like that, Good God I’m so evil :(

  • Srajat Mathur

    Yes, the look is good and many things have been changed. The camera now performs better and the home screen is quite good too.
    The only thing that’s got worse is the battery life. Battery is draining very fast, even if you’re on the stamina mode it drains very fast. Before the 4.4.4 update i used to notice 2% drop in battery life in standby with data and other apps open for about 6 hours. It completely ran for 1 day 6hrs with still 25% of juice left in it. But now it got reducedby 4% in an hour with the same conditions and in stamina mode.
    Sony, please solve this issue related to battery life as many Z2 owners have discussed this problem with me.
    Also, the UI has become quite laggy, its not as butter smooth as it was before the 4.4.4 update. Rest all is fine.
    Thanks and hope you roll out an update soon with these issues solved.

  • emanuele

    Hello everyone, I have a sony z2 tablet (wifi only SGP511) upgraded to Android 444, with the new sony firmwere, and much better than before but now are of very big bugs regarding the mode ultre stamina that does not work! And also I have a sony original cover SCR12, and when I close the tablet should not be more automatic standby !! I hope that Sony knows how to fix the bugs!

  • Syed Muhammad Mehdi

    i am still using 17.1.a.2.55 on my xperia z2 D6503

  • Zivan

    me too, my DNC is not working..

  • Cariso Wind

    i feel uncomfortable with my camera when im moving while the camera is on, the display is delayed like im using a low quality camera.. pls make some update to fix my problem…

  • Dan The Dragon

    1st of all the new clock on the unlock screen is ugly, the icons are bigger and ugly, I don’t find it good at all, it’s all ugly now but the other changes are ok

  • Nir Aviry

    For those who did not tackle the problems with 4.4.4 – the hotspot does not work any more. Keying the t9 pad during calls lags. During the first few days the Z2 was draining battery like hell. Now it is OK. The top issue here is that Sony knows and admits the issue but… Instead of issuing an OTA fix, you need to hand the phone over to the lab. Have Sony went nuts?

  • Rui Filipe Bacelar de Oliveira

    Na boa, espero que gostes da página ;)

  • CopperStew

    Love the update, but I wait like fore ever to get any app update when rolling out via Xperia Update

  • Marek

    Hate it – looks like shit. PS4 remote is not really useful for me as I’m not into games. Icons are uglier than Stalin’s mustache and the clock is no better.
    The looks is completely ruined – it’s not fresh it’s clunky. The reason I never considered iphone is the design I find ugly. Now sony did… this.

  • Ritwij

    I’m an Xperia Z user and just now ordered Z2. Nice to see there are people like me :D I’m a photography lover too. Hoping for the best!

  • Faisal Armand

    Share me your shots after you bought your Z2 :D

    Before Z2, I owned Xperia Z too

  • Ritwij

    Yeah I read that! Will surely share my shots as soon as I get my Z2 delivered!

  • Ch’ng Eng Loon

    I updated to 4.4.4 since it release. The main issue it this version removed Facebook Xperia from contacts, so no high resolution photo attached to contacts.
    Also in my favorite contacts list, all photo link to FB does not appear during the call.
    The battery life is seems shorter than the previous version, old version I able to use for 12-14hours. With this new update I only get around 8-10hours of use.
    I have make factory reset for 3 times, and above issue are still there.

  • Estêvão Campos

    I don’t know.. Still don’t got it!

  • bundy

    The icons are so big it’s so ugly and made my z2 look cheap

  • peryfahmy

    I want to ask a question please, i just upgraded but the volume of my mobile is really low compared to the Z! Does anyone experience this with his phone??? :(

  • Faisal Armand

    Like you before I own Z2, I owned Xperia Z.

    As for the overall volume levels, Z2 is a lot better than Z. But the notification volume of Z2 after 4.4.4 update has gone very soft & low

  • yudhir

    Price cuts on Z2 means It is hot right noW! What should I do? Z2 or OPO ?

  • yudhir

    get rx 100 m3 If you like cameras!

  • Raiin__Bow

    Everything is great EXCEPT I can’t set default applications for actions.
    When making a call from the messaging application, I am asked to pick “Phone” or “Viber” I have selected “Phone” and “Always” several times, and it still asks every time, and when it takes me to the stock phone application, I then have to press on the contact again to make the call…

  • Santiago

    My xperia z2 tablet does not turn off with the official sony cover either, it was working fine before and since I havent dropped nor hit it I think it has to be the latest update that caused it. Also the tablet isnt as smooth as before, Chrome has crashed a couple of times and before the update it never did.

  • jack

    One of the reason that I bought the phone is the camera… especially the high iso mode…It used to be awesome! But after the 4.4.4 update. If you use high iso mode for dark scene, the picture will be in some kind of green color and much darker than before. The picture looks terrible…

    At the same time, camera surely laggy than before. Don’t know if sony will give a bug fix for 4.4.4 or move on to 5.0 in the future update… But really hope sony developers could bring the old firmware camera quality back in the next update. The old camera in low light and high iso mode was really awesome!!!!!

  • Yen Pan

    I can’t move my apps to my sd card anymore, is this a system error or on purpose? I would really like to move my apps to my sd card so that i can clear up some space for my phone storage.
    Otherwise, the rest is great! Love the ultra stamina mode, saves me from bringing a portable charger when i go out.

  • Angels

    Yeah i have the update to formy xperia z2. But only problem what i have that sound of notification is quieter and the stamina mode is somehow draining battery faster. Maybe i don’t know haw to use the stamina mode. But when it’s on and im using my phone it’s drains my battery faster then im turning off the stamina mode when i use it.

  • Antonio

    Since I’ve updated to 4.4.4 the battery drain is getting worst. Please see attached photo. Is this normal?

  • Antonio

    I draind 12% in less than 1 1/2 hour

  • Lanz

    GoodAfternoon Sir , was the update to 4.4.4 worth it?
    does it have it downsides? im reluctant to have this update till now. can you please tell me in detail. need help.

  • Lanz

    GoodAfternoon Sir , was the update to 4.4.4 worth it?
    does it have it downsides? im reluctant to have this update till now. can you please tell me in detail. need help!!

  • Faisal Armand

    overall, I love it. But the biggest downside is low notification volume, other than that the 4.4.4 is great.

    The camera is hugely improved (especially in 20.7MP)

    We get Z3 features (hi res audio, screen recording, etc)

  • Khanh

    After the update, I found that the battery drains HEAPS faster, even if I leave my phone in sleep mode with the wifi turned off it drains 6% of the battery in 1 hour? Even worse, sometimes under the same conditions it takes off 1% of the battery even though its in sleep mode for only 8 minutes.

    Normal use of the phone has me charging my phone at least 6 times per day, and my normal usage is me just surfing the web??

  • Moe Sat

    My Z1 camera improved in 20.7mp mode in latest firmware 157 but Sony need to change camera software.

  • SHR

    Assalam U Alaikum. I bought the new Z2 2 days back. Android version was 4.4.2 and the camera was running like a charm I was quite happy, but soon it upgraded to version 5.1.1 and after that camera got very very blurry. today I spoke to one of the agent from the support center he told me to upgrade the phone via SONY COMPANION i did the same but it was of no use.. plz need an advice now what should I have to do (quite depressed). As here in Pakistan there is no warranty given by the company… plz advise me how to rectify the problem. Thanks

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