What’s New update (1.4.A.0.0) removes shortcut when swiping up

by XB on 18th November 2014

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What's New 1.4.A.0.0Android users will be familiar with being able to access Google Now by swiping up from the bottom of the screen. Well Xperia users also have the option of accessing Sony’s “What’s New” app using the same gesture, whether they find What’s New useful or not.

That is now changing as Sony has launched a new update for What’s New that moves the build number from 1.3.A.0.3 to 1.4.A.0.0. The update removes the What’s New shortcut when swiping up from the bottom of the screen. The only other change is there is now more information on media in the detail view. Seems a very handy update for those that were irritated by the What’s New shortcut.

DOWNLOAD: What’s New (1.4.A.0.0)

What's New 1.4.A.0.0

Thanks Hassan!

  • Reen

    That’s great news! Thank you Sony. We all love you :D

  • DeadLover

    Any link to download it? I don’t receive updates from the Sony app. I’m in the latest version on a z1 any clues? :/

  • Raj Singh

    That’s awesome. I can’t stand seeing Google Now off to the right with the What’s New off to the left when I swipe up.

  • Ayman F. Herzallah

    Fucking finally! Hopefully in the next update we will be able to uninstall this useless app..

  • rubinaish

    Wahoo, it’s Christmas! No, seriously. Those are great news.

  • Anonymous

    Ugh, I’m pretty sure this way available since they first put the app on the phone….

  • David Hvatov

    Sony please make uninstaller for this useless app!

  • Finally!

  • Chris

    use titanium backup to unistall this crap

  • Rick N

    i can’t update without wifi, please fix that

  • rony

    please give apk ?

  • Kiwison

    USEFUL or NOT? “useful” lol

  • gmfady

    snx 4 this gd design upd.

  • thoughtd

    no need to be rude but yes lets have the choice to remove it

  • Raj Singh

    Why do you need to do that now that Sony has updated the software?

  • Shreyas

    Finally! Sony is stepping up their game. All of this points to a more cleaner, stock android! Let’s hope the L update is as stock as it gets!

  • IshuZ2

    anybody got this update in India?

  • Aiden Pearce

    damn i kinda strated liking it….my device unique due to that…now it will be all same

  • Revanth

    anyone link??

  • hansip

    As a developer, Sony Select helped me to promote my app :) Plus my app download traffic was increased because of this app. So even if you guys don’t like it, myself have some respect for Sony to promote apps freely with this Sony Select/What’s New.

  • rubinaish

    Eh, no? You want a stock Android, then download Cyanogenmod, AOSP or buy a Nexus device. I personally prefer the Sony UI, clean and elegant, but without bloat.

  • Ritwij

    Seriously. I stopped swiping up because of this app.

  • Mohamed Tharik

    Any Download Link for Apk’s??? @Xperiablog

  • Alaa Buhussaien


    We Hope in the next update we will be able to uninstall this app..

  • Chris

    I simply don’t need another advertising app

  • Ole Petter Hvesser

    I have one problem with this, as I am more and more using Google Apps. By rooting, I can’t have my bank’s app on my phone anymore. I won’t be able to pay with NFC.

    And with Sony apps with one style, and Google apps with a different style, there is an inconsistency in the aesthetics. I really don’t like that. Sony also uses a lot of different styles in the different apps. The calendar, SocialLife and the media apps are not the same style….

  • how to upload the apk of this app?
    I’m the one who uploaded the screenshot btw.

  • IshuZ2

    anybody got this update in India?

  • DeadLover

    Many thanks man!

  • jonyah

    Ya, it’s one of the apps that can’t be disabled. :(

  • srikanth

    Does anyone got any sony application updates after 4.4.4 update??

  • Adrian M

    Great, and now we want to choose, what apps we want instand of Whats new. for example walkman….

  • rubinaish

    I understand your problem with inconsistency in the aesthetics. But it’s impossible to keep an own style in the UI and make it fit to Google 100% at the same time. I personally like the Sony UI as it is, fitting well with the phone’s exterior appearance. And Sony is not trying to simplify everything even more, like Google is at the moment.
    I don’t see many differences in Sony’s own apps. Or perhaps I’m just not critical enough.

  • ShaunTheSheep

    If you install the android dev tools you can use adb to:

    pm block com.sonymobile.advancedwidget.entrance

    you can remove smallapps while you’re in there (com.sony.smallapp.launcher,

    No need to root, unlock the bootloader or flash recovery etc.

  • ShaunTheSheep

    What’s that supposed to mean?

  • ladams888

    At last! Sony finally listened to us.

  • rubinaish

    You mean like it’s possible with Xpertitions?

  • Adrian M

    What is this? Google didn’t find anything

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  • Angels

    I actually need to install it manulay, not from update center. 4.4.4 UPDATE for xperia z2 semes whit meny bugs

  • gmfady

    is it 2 hard 2 understand shaun!?
    am just thankin them 4 the good update!

  • rubinaish

    It’s an app to replace the What’s New shortcut with something more useful, like Chrome or Walkman. Also, it brings some kind of double tap to sleep for the older Z series.

  • rubinaish

    Forgot to mention, I found it on XDA some time ago.

  • robertkoa

    Wow so if you buy a Z3 or Z3 C you don’t have to do the “ADB shell command ” thing ?

  • robertkoa

    I know a guy that stopped waving at people ….

  • robertkoa

    Yeah !
    Now be a good boy SONY and put Gorilla Glass or Dragontrail on the back glass just
    before I get mine…lol.

  • Vitali

    I have Xperia Tablet Z and I can remove it! Am I the only one that can remove it? xD

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  • Hussain

    I’ve just picked a Z3 compact and it still has the whats new app on the swipe up. I’m not seeing any updates on the update centre. Is this normal?

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