New update (23.0.1.A.5.73) lands on the Xperia Z3

by XB on 20th November 2014

in Firmware, Xperia Z3 series

Xperia Z3A new software update has unexpectedly landed on the Xperia Z3 (D6603) which moves the build number from version 23.0.A.2.93 to 23.0.1.A.5.73. This is for those on “Generic Global” firmware and has been arriving OTA (not via PC Companion). Users that have downloaded the update have not noticed any big changes, however if you have downloaded the update let us know your impressions below.

Xperia Z3

Thanks @smannstein!

  • Bobby

    This update made my phone lose the waterproof feature on

  • Matt

    if you dont have anything to comment just shut the hell up

  • Xperian
  • Denis Lourenço

    its for z3 compact too D5803, nothing different for me. But its updated.

  • PureView

    Can this update helps the Z3 from its lame camera???

  • Dave

    Thanks Matt.

  • I have the same model, but nothing over here in the US (yet).

  • Exodite


    “We” really, really don’t.

  • Seems to be that the recent update for the Z2 that got a newer version of the launcher, allowing you to fix (and hide) the Google search bar on each screen is now an option on the Z3 now.

    Until I get the OTA notification or the FTF is published, I can’t say anything more than that.

  • Rifqi Al Fariz

    Lol dude

  • Moonlight

    Any new updates for Z3 Dual? What I dislike in Sony is that providing updates for a “regular” version they don’t always provide updates for its dual “brother”….While they are technically the same (except the existence of the second sim-card slot)…

    P.S The only thing they need to update is Movies App…Since the very last update I missed all my bought movies in the Library. When I uninstall updates – it works fine!

  • Dan

    This update for me fixed touch screen issues, much snappier, has more than halved the memory usage leaving me 1.4GB free RAM, camera first launch now just above 1 second.

  • Dan

    No, still looks the same

  • Akira

    I want new beautiful live wallpapers as well

  • Wolf0491

    I think they had a dual update other week as well. Nothing isn’t working for me so I don’t see why they would update it

  • Rodney

    Z3’s camera is actually pretty amazing. It’s a lame point-and-shoot, but if you know how to take pictures – you can get pretty amazing shots. Just look at what professionals do with it… so sorry mate, it’s not the camera – but I do agree that Sony should work a bit more on their auto mode as this is what most of us are using.

  • Jachym Kokesh Lukes

    agree. When the SuperAuto is engaged, photos are crap most of the time. Once you go to manual, it gets awesome. I’ve got Z2, but it is the same camera, except different lens.

  • Blazing Mak

    Waterproof feature=Hardware
    Software update?Hardware update

    You said update made your phone lose the waterproof feature.
    It looks hilarious, wasn’t?

  • Rob

    Hopefully they will carry the theme engine over to their L release, so you can choose yourself how the buttons look.

  • Rob

    Some people are dumb enough to think it’s up to the software..

    Case and point:

  • Louie

    Try activating the setting that makes it take a picture when you quick-start with camera button. It takes a picture within a second from keypress, from suspend!

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  • Exodite

    The theme engine doesn’t affect the virtual buttons though, does it? Or is it just that none of the default themes do?

    Anyway, I don’t believe Sony will change the current button design. It’s very much “their” design and ignoring the fact that they’re much more intuitive than the L versions the latter really has no inherent tie to the new AOSP design principles anyway. Aside from being intentionally confusing I suppose.

  • iStyle

    Interesting! Something like motion lnk, waterfall, super storm, galaxies.

  • iStyle

    Why? I want Sonyness, this is a great idea!

  • Exodite

    A consistent and intuitive UI is a great idea.

    This would be neither of those things.

  • Exodite

    Meaning you can reclaim the space in a meaningful way?

    Because you could already hide it, you just couldn’t put anything else there.

  • Rob

    It can change the buttons for sure, I have been using an L-looking theme for ages :) If Sony doesn’t use the new design buttons it seems odd, they are the only manufacturers that actually have a connection to the shapes with PlayStation.

  • smannstein

    Jup, can confirm that.

  • Exodite

    This isn’t a PlayStation though.

  • Ediz I

    Does the top speaker issue is gone bcuz mine is crackling and I did not got yet this update, I’m in Germany,

  • Newbie

    How to update? When i went to Update Centre it show it was up to date

  • Newbie

    It was 23.0.A.2.93

  • Tommy Irianto

    What About D6653, when will it land?

  • Julie Wolf – Skype Trainer

    I saw your post on FileHippo re Skype. How is your 4.2 working now? I got 5.x and 6.x (older then 6.14) working ok but since Mid Aug 2014 cant get 3.8 or 4.2 to give a login page. Here is your comment (closed thread thus contacting you here): “Still rocking 4.2.187, the last version before the UI exploded.”

  • Julie Wolf – Skype Trainer

    sorry to intrude on this thread but the comments are closed on that FileHippo Skype version thread. Feel free to Skype me: Julie Wolf Skype Coach or id juliewolf

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