SoftBank launches Xperia Z3 (401SO) in Japan

by XB on 21st November 2014

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SoftBank Xperia Z3One of Sony’s big strategic objectives for its mobile division is wider carrier support. The company is making small inroads on this path, we have seen both T-Mobile and Verizon carry Xperia devices in the United States and now Japanese carrier SoftBank is offering a Sony Xperia handset for the first time.

The Xperia Z3 (401SO) for SoftBank has today launched in Japan in all four colours (black, white, copper and silver green). NTT DoCoMo and au by KDDI are already offering the Xperia Z3, but the SoftBank version is closest to the global model in terms of branding (you won’t notice any SoftBank logos on this Xperia Z3). Like the other Japanese models, it does carry 32GB of internal storage though (versus 16GB for global models). The list price is 69,120 Yen (£374, €468, $587) and is available via SoftBank right now.

  • Clarence Alvarado

    Now, do it with Sprint in the US.

  • Dexter X

    All japs choose iPhone 6 and 6+ …who cares this lame phone?

  • SandPanda

    I’m just gonna console myself by thinking that the Japanese got the Z3 over a month late that me…. (though having 32GB internal storage..)

  • FermentedDischarge

    Apparently you, since you went through all the trouble of coming to this site, opening an article specifically about this phone and sacrificing even more of your free time just to log in so you could shit out this childish and trollish propaganda.

  • Moonlight

    I’m not sure that adequate people will ever choose this iShit 6 and 6+…It’s all about the wish to be in a crowd i.e. like others (iIdiots spending money for nothing)!
    If you wish “value for money” you probably will buy Sony or HTC…I would like to test Meizu once in the future! I’d even buy “Samesong” instead of Apple’s bricks as I really like Android that gives its users THE FREEDOM to whatever they want with the phone they use…just unlike iShit 1, 3G, 3GS, 4, 4S, 5, 5C/S, 6, 6+, whatever offer…

  • Rifqi Al Fariz

    Now do 32gb on GLOBAL model

  • Dexter X

    Freedom? You’re calling for your freedom from your smartphone??? LOL so funny

    Don’t care you’re agree or not but this era people want the great ecosystem and Apple’s iDevices, iOS and their apps have proved that, lagdroid’s ecoshitems is nothing can compare to

  • Moonlight

    Hah dude…Probably next iShit will still have 8 Mpx Camera? Am I right? Oh, don’t want to upset you, but next year, cameras on our phones will be upgraded for 26+ Mpx…What i most like in Apple and why i do respect them is how they get your money every year by issuing new smartphones that are nearly similar to each other but still worse than even Sony’s first Z-generation phone… It’s a con game!

  • NidouXperia

    most of the japs bends.. is why they choose a bendable phones like iphone 6 and 6 Plus… to make their bent easier!

  • vigneshprince

    you are Right! My XperiaZ is better than Iphone 6 in terms of Specs!

  • SopNaw

    Just to annoy you (and because this is my opinion): This XZ3 phone is the best in this world, a thousand times better than iPhone 6! O_O

  • Dexter X

    Why don’t we talk about Lagdroid’s ecoshitems? Or you’ve excepted that it can’t compare to iOS? so now you changed the topic to camera story and show how hight pixels camera of Sony phones are…

    What’s next big brother?

    So you wanna talk about camera? Are you sure? Don’t forget that iPhone has used Sony sensor but in the final result, pictures that took by iphone’s 8 mpx are always much better than Z3’s 21 mpx, even samsung and some chinese brands still have better quality, especially Nokia, their PureView is much fucking better than Sony make Xperia Z series become just cheap toy lol,

    So sorry but the truth is hardware isn’t everything brother and more megapixels doesn’t mean more quality.

    Not just end-users but some reviewers around the world (sorry but don’t count the stupid bias fanboys here) have thought the same… Sony is pure shit! The worst smartphone in camera, that’s a real shame ever!

  • Battal Aljadei

    16gb for retailers & 32gb for carrier ?
    Another stupid marketing strategy from Sony !

  • Dickson

    Xperia Z4 Tempered Glass Front and Back and Dragontrail X better than Dragontrail front screen glass and Corning Gorillas Glass 4 special coating back glass better than Corning Gorilla Glass 3

  • Moonlight

    Well, if you don’t know how to set camera manually for best pics, my apologies…

  • mustafa

    Why is it so cheap in sterling?

  • poof

    well not sure but Apple only recently give their slaves the freedom of manual controls.

  • kj marway

    I sincerely hope you’re aware that ‘Jap’ is deemed an ethnic slur. Furthermore, you’re gravely mistaken – while Apple does command a healthy market share in Japan, Sony’s Xperia devices are also in a favourable position.

    If you’re genuinely calling the Xperia Z3 a ‘lame phone’, I’d suggest you compare it directly with the iPhone.

    It really is like comparing Apples and Oranges.

    #FeelTheBeauty #BeMoved (I know hashtags don’t work here, they’re purely for aesthetic gains).

  • Dickson

    Xperia Z4 accessories : Pen Tile Support( Z Ultra), Stand Cover , Flip Cover, Frame Cover , Sticker Casing Back, Smart Bluetooth , Smart Band Talk, SmartWatch 4, Smart Wear 2 , Smart Handset, Earpiece, and Camera Lens

  • Dickson

    XPERIA Z4 Camera Key Feature :Image Plane Phase Detection AF , Super HDR, Fast Auto Focus, Continuous Video, White Spot Correction, NR, and Brightness Image Detection and Night Image Detection

  • Dickson

    Xperia Z4 Design = OmniBalance, Solid One Piece , Metal Aluminium Frame, Tempered Glass, OptiContrast, Dragontrail X front, Corning Gorillas Glass 4 better than Gorilla Glass 3 , Shutter Film, Camera Shutter Lag, Shatterproof/Scratch Resistant
    Xperia Z4 Display = TRILUMINOS Display for mobile , X-Reality Engine for mobile , Super Vivid Mode, Sony Mobile BRAVIA Engine 3 for mobile , and Live Color LED+
    Xperia Z4 Screen Type = IPS LCD Digiterz Touchscreen Capactive 17 M
    Xperia Z4 Screen Size = 2560x1440p, 5, 5 inch ( 530ppi pixel density )
    Xperia Z4 Dimension = 147, 7mm x 74, 3mm x 7.0mm
    Xperia Z4 memory card slot 32GB/64GB and Internal 256GB, 4, 5GB RAM
    XPERA Z4 Camera 23, 7 MP Dual LED Flash and Front Camera 5, 2 MP
    XPERIA Z4 Android OS 5.2 Lollipop and CPU Quad-core 2, 8 Ghz /3, 0Ghz Krait 500
    Xperia Z4 Battery Life 3.500mAh up to 4 days , music playback up to 140 houra, and video playback up to 15 hours

  • gunboat_d

    i was in japan last week and i dropped my Lumia 1520 on the train and shattered the screen. Since SIM free is a rarity in Japan, i ran out and picked up a Z3 Tablet Compact with 32GB. I really wanted an Z3 after demoing them at Yodobashi, but i need the Exchange support of WP. I can always tether the Z3TC to my new HTC One. the new Z3 family is awesome.

  • K.

    plz dont waste ur time by posting unrealistic specs…..

  • gunboat_d

    Hey, Racist! How’s the racism this morning? Does apple offer a Smart Hood in their ecosystem? I bet it comes in white!

  • gunboat_d

    i hear the Z4 will also shit gold bricks and pee rainbows.

  • Matt

    well you´re either 12 years old or an internet troll :P why are you even here? everybody has its own choice of gadget . . , go adn take your i phone with you , just dont bend it on the way out ok? that shit is expensive

  • kapiish

    I was an Xperia Z owner who switch to the Note 3 after some disappointment with the original Sony device. Yesterday, I switched from the Note 3 to the Z3 and I’ve never been happier — I absolutely love this device. Keep up the great work, Sony!!

  • JHMBB2

    I like the names of Japanese wireless carriers. haha

  • Guest

    Not to burst your bubble of consolation, but the other 2 carriers in Japan had it before or around the same time the USA got it…

  • Danny

    hopefully, the upcoming z4 will start getting 32GB as standard.

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